Economics (Great Courses, #550)

Economics Great Courses We are all economists when we work buy save invest pay taxes and vote It repays us many times over to be good economists Economic issues are active in our lives every day However when the subjec

  • Title: Economics (Great Courses, #550)
  • Author: Timothy Taylor
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 319
  • Format: Audio CD
  • We are all economists when we work, buy, save, invest, pay taxes, and vote It repays us many times over to be good economists Economic issues are active in our lives every day However, when the subject of economics comes up in conversation or on the news, we can find ourselves longing for a sophisticated understanding of the fundamentals of economics.Economics, 3rdWe are all economists when we work, buy, save, invest, pay taxes, and vote It repays us many times over to be good economists Economic issues are active in our lives every day However, when the subject of economics comes up in conversation or on the news, we can find ourselves longing for a sophisticated understanding of the fundamentals of economics.Economics, 3rd Edition, will help you think about and discuss these and other economic issues that affect you and the nation every day interest rates, unemployment, personal investing, budget deficits, globalization, and many with a greater level of knowledge and sophistication.These lectures require no special or advanced knowledge of mathematics Instead, you will learn economics through intuitive explanations and in plain English, from an instructor who has won teaching awards at Stanford and the University of Minnesota.

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    1. Timothy Taylor Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Economics (Great Courses, #550) book, this is one of the most wanted Timothy Taylor author readers around the world.

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    1. I enjoyed this full college level course on Economics as much as I have enjoyed my favorite books Taylor explains every concept of both micro and macroeconomics in a very clear and concise way and provides multiple examples that leave little room for misinterpretations I highly recommend this course to non economists looking for a better understanding of the world from an economic point of view.Tip get the audiobook on audible for around 10 instead of 50 on their website.

    2. This course was for the individual seeking a basic level of sophistication in economic matters I definitely fit that bill As with the many other Great Courses, this one delivered as promised It was well organized with each topic built on top of each other and the PDF provided proved to be an excellent pre read The 1st 18 lectures focused on microeconomics and the 2nd 18 focused on macroeconomics.I was particularly interested in topics of Labor Markets, Antitrust Policy, Poverty and Welfare, Fisc [...]

    3. I picked up these lectures as I was slogging my way through Capital in the 21st Century, this year s surprise best seller by award winning economist Thomas Piketty Where Capital was obtuse, hard to understand, rambling, these lectures were clear, focused, and enlightening After finishing these lectures, my understanding of Economics, from basic principles like supply and demand, to subtle issues, like government policy with regard to trade deficits, grew dramatically Not only does he present th [...]

    4. I don t know why people don t give this lecture series 5 stars I would give it 11 stars if I could.I have never studied economics formally, and I found this introduction to the subject absolutely fascinating So many concepts that I had some vague understanding of now make a lot of sense, and I now have a framework to think about these things interest rates, unemployment, tax cuts, supply and demand, antitrust laws, copyright the list goes on and on The lectures are filled with examples from his [...]

    5. Review the main ideas and personalities of 1 James Steuart2 Jean Baptiste Colbert3 Thomas Mun4 David Hume5 Adam Smith6 Karl Marx7 Thomas Malthus8 David Ricardo9 John Stewart Mill10 Alfred Marshall11 John Maynard Keynes12 Ludwig Von Mises13 Joseph Schumpeter14 Milton FriedmanI get the feeling like I am forgetting someone who else was covered Anyway, great overview of the highlights of the history of economic thought Really drives home how young economics is as a academic subject.Sounds like Adam [...]

    6. I liked this lecture series enough that I wish it was longer It provides a good, quick review of the progression of economic thought and provides a little, fun background on the economists to keep it interesting I ll probably listen to it a second time to make sure I got it all.

    7. Wow Professor Taylor is an excellent teacher He explains basic economic concepts clearly and keeps you engaged in the lecture He also makes you think critically and apply what you ve learned I will definitely listen to this lecture again.

    8. This lecture series, from 2005, spends a lot of time telling us how we have learned our lessons, and that a financial crisis is unlikely, and that it s all smooth sailing ahead

    9. This was my first book on Economics and I found it to be a very good introduction It met my expectations by providing a comprehensive look at economics and by providing a perspectives on issues that face economies today.I should note that this was an audible book The audible book is part of The Great Courses series and it was presented in 36 half hour chapters I was a little worried how that the audible format would work for such a dense subject and was pleasantly surprised at how well it worked [...]

    10. In my case, this course served as both refresher and introduction to micro and macroeconomics having taken both in college, years ago, I was looking for a systematic survey of the subjects This course fulfilled the task wonderfully.Timothy Taylor is excellent He does a great job presenting multiple points of view on the myriad concepts and difficulties contained in the course making everything accessible through clear definitions and many, many examples, but never over simplifying unnecessarily [...]

    11. I listened to three volumes of this basic introduction to economics In light of what is currently occurring with the economy, I thought it was a good choice If you are already familiar with economics you will not find it challenging, but I think most people would find it informative The instructor has an excellent delivery and manages to keep your attention He even tells a few jokes on his profession Regardless of your politics or whether you believe that economics is a field that needs some mat [...]

    12. In all, a well rounded lecture series, which covers economics to A Level Year 18 The lecturer is witty, repeats himself, an helps the learner understand the principals I learned a lot from this man My one criticism lies in his lack of understanding of the ecological impacts of the free market system Externalities, such as oil spills, are seen as a side effect of the economic system, which may be made better over time as in the US clean air initiatives since the 1970s The lecturer seems painfully [...]

    13. Though I thought Professor Taylor s investigation of Contemporary Economic Issues was fantastic, this theoretically in depth study of economic ideas is really undermined by the limitations of a half hour lecture format No topic seems adequately covered, and Taylor seems to rely on anecdote than facts Not really his fault so much as being silly to try to do a Great Courses course on straight economics.

    14. I listened to this book in audio mode as I was studying for the CFA exam Excellent Well organized, engaging and highly teachable It is best suited for readers with a business or economics backgroundough it is not so technical that you need an economics degree to understand I like the Great Coursesis one did not disappoint I highly recommend if you want a good understanding of the full range of economics basics.

    15. Some parts of the dismal science is boring And filled with indoctrination You can get confused as to what is the truth by listening to different economic ideas on the spectrum This book goes into the history of the economist, the times of the economist, and then the ideas I liked to understand what some of these great economists were like and I especially like the parts on Karl Marx and John Keynes.

    16. In one of the early lectures in this series Mr Taylor jokes that an economist is a person who likes numbers but did not have the personality to become an accountant The joke is a fair warning of what follows The lectures provide a clear, thorough refresh of undergraduate level micro and macroeconomics for anyone willing to endure them.

    17. Overall excellent course, one of the best TTC courses I have taken so far, and possibly the best one in terms of the amount of new things I learned Many times I became bored fed up with the material, especially when covering very dry topics, but I learned gained really useful insights, principles knowledges from this course

    18. Basic, fundamental micro and macro economics Great lecture by Timothy Taylor as always The last time I studied economics must have been about 10 years ago I will probably get back to this in 10 years.

    19. Started listening to this because I wanted to know about trade and economics in light of current political discussion and general knowledge Worked well for that, but will need something advanced to crystalize my opinions.

    20. A very informative lecture series which mainly used American examples but is still very interesting and helps give a basic understanding of economics.

    21. An excellent series of lectures detailing the fundamentals of economic thought and philosophy.Unbiased and easy to understand for any listener.

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