Secret Wars #3

Secret Wars All the devils dance

  • Title: Secret Wars #3
  • Author: Jonathan Hickman Esad Ribic Alex Ross
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 495
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • All the devils dance

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      Jonathan Hickman Esad Ribic Alex Ross

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    One thought on “Secret Wars #3

    1. There he is, there s the lil bugger Miles Morales, stowing away on Thanos ship and another ship survived carrying lots of 616 characters too rayyyy Those are the only major things that happen in this issue which is otherwise chock full of blah exposition Doom and Strange talk affairs of state yawn , Doom and Sue talk about their relationship and we see Doom without his mask ulk , and Strange reveals how Battleworld came about I prefer dialogue to superhero action but not when the dialogue is thi [...]

    2. The Cabal has survived the ending of the world in their spacecraft and have already managed to kill someone More information is revealed about the world.I m really indifferent about this series Three issues in and haven t found anything to really enjoy about it Plus the likely direction it s heading in is uninteresting Good to see Miles made it through the end of the world.Secret Wars has so far been a crossover at it s worst A massive convoluted event that will likely mean next to nothing in th [...]

    3. The most funny thing in this Game of Thrones style Marvel event is that Dr Strange really seems Petyr Baelish Dr Littlefinger XD

    4. At least we get some semblance of how the world began Sort of We continue on our journey of learning about this world And I m anxious to see a certain someone s reactions to this world.

    5. This mini series has a real fantasy feel about it.I am very impressed with the cast of characters and the overall storyline.Cant wait to start book 4.

    6. Estamos uniendo cada pieza de esta historia con lo que dio inicio a este desastre El resultado ha sido bastante extra o y sera m s extra o despu s de aqu.Ahora se siente m s el avance de la trama y no hay tanta carga, se puede seguir el ritmo y tomar nota de cada pista sin tanto esfuerzo, se puede empezar a sacar conclusiones facilmente Espero que mantenga esta forma porque por ahora es m s de lo que esperaba.

    7. Now this is the issue were things kick back into high gear Characters survived issue one are found and react to the hellish things that happened to all life Doom an his conflicts with his realms get flushed out some And you find out how battle world was made If politics Romance an Adventure plus fantasy are your thing you ll get even hooked.

    8. This was a decent issue where we discover the origin of the Battleworld, its sun, it s God, and that both ships made it.Overall, not a bad issue, but apart from the sun myth, it was very much a setup issue.

    9. A very exceptional transitional issue I almost like Battle World than I liked the old Marvel Universe, AKA New York City Wait a minute I do like Battle World better than 616 MU.

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