After We Fall

After We Fall After winning raves for Take the Fall crackling with tension intrigue and romance Katy Evans and When We Fall sexy emotional heartfelt Monica Murphy Marquita Valentine ratchets up the tension as

  • Title: After We Fall
  • Author: Marquita Valentine
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 480
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • After winning raves for Take the Fall crackling with tension, intrigue, and romance Katy Evans and When We Fall sexy, emotional, heartfelt Monica Murphy , Marquita Valentine ratchets up the tension as new beginnings lead to undeniable passion.A tough cop with an even tougher past, Hunter Sloan has never let anyone stop him from getting what he wants and he wants EvaAfter winning raves for Take the Fall crackling with tension, intrigue, and romance Katy Evans and When We Fall sexy, emotional, heartfelt Monica Murphy , Marquita Valentine ratchets up the tension as new beginnings lead to undeniable passion.A tough cop with an even tougher past, Hunter Sloan has never let anyone stop him from getting what he wants and he wants Evangeline Ambrose bad With her gentle curves and raw vulnerability, Hunter s beautiful, mysterious new neighbor awakens his protective side Determined to do right by a woman who s gone through hell and back, Hunter could be the one to take away the pain so long as his own secrets don t sink their relationship before it begins.Having escaped an abusive marriage, Evangeline simply wants to start over in the small, quiet town of Forrestville She s also avoiding all contact with the opposite sex, because she just can t trust her instincts when it comes to men not even with the sinfully sexy cop next door So why can t she stop thinking about him Hunter has darkness in his soul, and yet no one ever made her feel so safe For all her best laid plans, Evangeline didn t count on choices this hard or temptation this hot.

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    1. New York Times Bestselling Author, Marquita Valentine, writes sexy heroes that make you swoon and sassy heroines that make you laugh She s the author of the bestselling contemporary romance series, Holland Springs, and the new adult romance series, Boys of the South.Marquita met her husband aka Hot Builder at Sonic when they were in high school She suggests this location to all of her single friends in search of a good man and if that doesn t work, they can console themselves with cheesy tatertots She lives in North Carolina in a very, very small town with Hot Builder and their two children.

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    1. Totally enjoyed Hunter and Evangeline s story Hunter met the heroine after a particularly bad beating from her husband For months, he couldn t stop thinking about her Then, he gets a new neighbor who is none other than the woman he couldn t forget She pretends not to remember and in the process finds a little of her once sassy self Their exchanges are very meaningful and work towards her rebuilding herself Hunter is patient and sweet with her After their initial meeting he avoided OW and after r [...]

    2. I really enjoyed this book Hunter was so sweet and attentive to Evangeline She recently got out of an abusive marriage and Hunter was the cop that rescued her on the side of the road For the last 6 months, Hunter has been unable to stop thinking about Evangeline view spoiler so much so that he hasn t even thought about touching another woman since the moment he first met her swoon hide spoiler When they end up neighbors, sparks fly between them but Evangeline is afraid after everything she went [...]

    3. 5 learning to trust yourself stars WOW What a powerful story Ms Valentine beautifully wrote a story about a woman who was in an abusive relationship with her husband for six years and survived.Evangeline s healing journey included learning to first trust herself, and then open herself to others.Hunter is the police officer who found her six months ago after a beating by her husband that almost killed her, and he knows first hand what it s like to be at the hands of an abuser.He can t get her out [...]

    4. AVAILABLE April 26, 2016Take The Fall seriesTake the Fall Book 1 When We Fall Book 2 REVIEW HEREAfter We Fall Book 3 After We Fall is the third book in Marquita Valentine s Take the Fall series I have read the previous book When We Fall , but it wasn t necessary in order to read this one And while I LOVED When We Fall, this book just felt a little rushed and forced in a way.It has been six months since Evangeline Ambrose was found walking along the side of the road after finally finding the stre [...]

    5. Evangeline Eva escaped an abusive marriage and has started over Leaving everything behind, she now has a job at an animal shelter and is moving into a new apartment She s come a long way but still has trust issues and doesn t let people get close to her Hunter has not forgot the woman he found on the side of the road, beaten and afraid He did what he could and took her to a women s shelter As a cop it s his job to protect those in need and move on to the next call, but even after six months he c [...]

    6. Marquita Valentine s Take the Fall series keeps going from strength to strength After the Fall focuses on Hunter and Evangeline, a couple who we met in book two, under circumstances you would never wish upon anyone I hate the way I m scared of opening up to people, of letting them in and attempting to have a life This couple each have tragic pasts and their journey is one paced perfectly based on their situation Evangeline has escaped an abusive marriage and Hunter was the officer who helped her [...]

    7. 4 starsI really enjoyed After We Fall I fell in love with both Hunter and Evangeline, they were likable, complex and relatable characters My heart went out to Evangeline, after coming out of an abusive relationship she was left with trust and insecurities issues Hunter knew he had to be patient if he was ever going to win her love and trust He was a total sweetheart and the perfect man for Evangeline.After We Fall was a heartfelt and emotional read with wonderful characters that will touch your [...]

    8. ARC provided via Netgalley.Hunter Sloan can than help the people he works with as a cop, he can sympathize With his childhood in an abusive family behind him, he s centered his life around helping others There s just one girl he can t forget, even with her broken spirit and painful bruises, she stood out to him When new to town Evangeline moves in across the street he can t believe it s the same woman and he d do anything to have her Evangeline wants nothing to do with relationships, especially [...]

    9. A charmingly sweet and sexy story about survival and love These are the sounds of my heart, the sounds of my future and the sounds of my home Hunter Sloan didn t have to wait to join the police force to know what physical and mental abuse looks like He was subjected to it as a boy and has been witness to it countless times since becoming a cop But when he saw the telltale signs on Evangeline, not only did his protective instincts awaken, so did his desire for her He knows how much she s suffered [...]

    10. Autry s review posted at Guilty Pleasures Book ReviewsAfter We Fall is a must read It is crammed full of heartbreaking emotions that blossom into a beautiful love story Evangeline and Hunter are a couple that will forever hold a place in my heart they have both overcome some very ugly history and learn to trust again, starting with each other I felt such heartbreak for Evangeline, I was hoping she would find some strength inside herself to take a small risk, let Hunter prove to her, he s a man w [...]

    11. After the Fall is one of the many books I ve read by Marquita Valentine It can be read as a standalone, it does have an HEA and no cliffhanger It is also the third book of the Take the Fall series but doesn t need to be read in any order.Time and time again I come back to this author s books They are fantastic, for lack of a better word After the Fall, in particular, hits some topics that don t usually come up in romance novels For that reason alone, I loved the plot It is moving, engaging, well [...]

    12. Evangeline has a tough marriage and now she wants to take a step by step yet there is a hot cop next door who maybe wants to shake her life a little bit Hunter had an abusive father and understand and give space o Eva even when he can t because he is already falling in love with her.I like the h H they are a good couple Evangeline likes every female wants Hunter really bad yet she wants to goes slowly because her marriage ex husband was an abuser The book is short still the relationship between [...]

    13. ARC provided by publisher in exchange for an honest reviewMarquita Valentine continues to deliver a story with charm, love, hope, strength, and new beginnings And in her newest release, After We Fall, Marquita beautifully weaves and layers this story with raw emotions as she brings forth a tale of a young woman getting her second chance at life and love I can t protest because it s true I do want him I do trust him to take care of me, too It s almost like it s a natural thing with us, something [...]

    14. My Rating 4.5Favorite Quotes There s a fire in her eyes that I would love to get burned by They have money than God and less common sense than He gave rocks He s not an impatient kisser, not at all Hunter has a mouth made for sinning and the skills to make me want to skip dinner and go straight to dessert Did I ever tell you about the time that I answered a personal ad and it turned out the guy was a professional cuddler I had to pay him for hugging me good night These are the sounds of my hear [...]

    15. Normally I love Valentine s storylines but this story just fell flat for me It starts off pretty interesting when Evangeline is escaping her abusive husband and is trying to move on with her life She doesn t want to fall for another man that is until she sees the man who helped her when she was at her worst It just so happens that he is her new neighbor But the Evangeline tries to stay away from Hunter the harder she starts to fall Being a police officer comes with seeing the good, bad and the [...]

    16. Sweet and sexy, hot, swoony and a little emotional that about sums up my experience with After We Fall Which, in case it isn t obvious, I really, really enjoyed This is the first book in Marquita Valentine s Take the Fall series I have read although I am the proud owner of the first two and will be dipping into them before too long , and I was sucked into Hunter and Evangeline s story from the get go A total standalone, I never once felt like I was missing something, and easily connected with th [...]

    17. 3,5 stars from me ARC kindly provided via NetGalley in exchange for an honest reviewAfter we fall it s the third story of the series Take the fall and can be read as a standalone but you should definitely read the previous because are great stories.In this installment we have Evangeline s and Hunter s story, Evangeline has suffered by the hand of an abusive husband and after years she decides to end things with him and stay far away from men Hunter is a cop who also has a dark past filled with p [...]

    18. Cop, Hunter Sloan, has not been able to get the abused woman he rescued out of his head It has been six months and he still feels like she was meant to be something in his life, when he finds her moving in next door in his apartment building he can finally breathe again.Evangeline Ambrose remembers Hunter, even if she doesn t want to look back to that day where her rescued her and she actually began to have a life again Hunter takes baby steps with Evangeline, hoping to gain her trust He knows s [...]

    19. ARC received for reviewGreat romance We met Hunter and Evangeline in the previous book He s a cop and she s a domestic abuse victim that he helps get to Piper s half way home You might also recognize her from the Holland Springs series Hunter was perfect for her, and she is amazing in starting over but not being dragged down by previous baggage.Here s hoping the next book is his buddy, Hayden, with her friend, Saylor.

    20. If you want swoon worthy romance, Valentine is a go to author After We Fall was another great contemporary romance low on the angst and heavy on the romance Full review The Book Disciple

    21. Evangeline has been a victim of sever spousal abuse The night that her husband almost kills her, she ends up escaping and being rescued by a cop named Hunter Hunter takes Evangelina to a shelter where she can heal Hunter can t get her out of his mind though There is just something about her.When we meet Evangelina in the present, she is mostly healed physically, but mentally there is still a lot of work to do Evangelina is mad at herself for even letting it get so bad with her ex Now she is alwa [...]

    22. 3.5 StarsI am not sure if I am rounding up or down yetOk, so I have to admit I am reading this out of order But, in my defence it works as standalone So I think I got away with it I love Valentine s writing style and After We Fall was just written the way I like my cute fluffies Cute, intense and captivating I did expect this to be way fluffy than it actually is In fact, Valentine tackled the heavy subject of domestic abuse But while she managed to add the depth and seriousness of it, it isn t [...]

    23. Link collectorofbookboyfriends Ralou s Review 4 Angel stars This book is definitely all about the emotions Not only the ones the characters are going through, but also the ones it evokes in the reader These are the sounds of my heart, the sounds of my future, and the sounds of my home Once again, my attention focused on the female character, Evangeline I was watching closely every one of her thoughts, reactions and feelings because when you have a woman that has gone through severe domestic viol [...]

    24. Rating 4.5 StarsI read this the moment it was up on my Kindle Thank goodness for ARCs, I don t have to wait that long and suffer the anticipation of getting the next book in this series.Hunter Sloane had wanted Evangeline Ambrose ever since he saw her imperfections, and all Now that they are neighbors, he knew he needed to go slow with her and make her see and feel that she s safe with him He wanted to prove to her that she can trust him, that he won t do anything to hurt her But what if she dis [...]

    25. 4 4.5 stars After the fall is third book in Take the fall series To read reviews of previous two books 1 Take the fall review show2 When we fall review show follow the links or for this and reviews visit me on my Facebook page Bookmantic I have to tell you, I was big fan of Marquita s Boys of south Holland Springs series, not so big of her The Lawson brothers, and The Brides of Holland Springs Seducing the billionaire were okay The first book of Take the fall was okay ish, but with second and n [...]

    26. This book hit on every single one of my emotions One of the best ever from Marquita Valentine.Review copy provided by publisherI m a huge fan of Marquita Valentine and was so excited to see there was a new story in her Take the Fall Series We first met both Hunter and Evangeline in the second book in the series, and it was absolutely the worst time in Evangeline s life I would like to issue a trigger warning to all readers, After We Fall deals with the recovery from an abusive marriage, though M [...]

    27. You ve probably heard me say this before but the reason I read romance is not only as a means of escapism but it gives me hope that there is someone perfect for everyone No matter what you ve been through in life, there is a person who will understand you support you and love you no matter Hunter and Evangeline represent that ideal beautifully, with all the negative experiences they have had to undergo, there isn t a single person capable of relating to them as they do to each other that makes [...]

    28. I received an advanced copy of the book in exchange for an honest review We were first introduced to Evangeline in When We Fall She was a resident in the women s shelter where Piper worked and Hunter was the police officer that brought her there It is now six months later and Evangeline is transitioning out of the shelter and into her own apartment And that apartment just happens to be right across the way from Hunter She tries to play off the fact that they have met before, but Hunter isn t hav [...]

    29. I received an ARC from NetGalley Wow, this is definitely my favorite book so far in the series The main characters are Hunter and Evangeline both characters have traumatic pasts Hunter is a cop, while Evangeline gets a job at an animal shelter In this book, we get to meet Hunter s friends Dwight and Hayden and Evangeline s new friend Saylor I really liked the secondary characters, and Saylor has become one of my favorites view spoiler I definitely have a feeling that Saylor and Hayden will have [...]

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