A Distant Music

A Distant Music In the first book of the Mountain Song Legacy series readers step into a small Kentucky coal mining town in the late s where hope is found in the hearts of two young girls the vib

  • Title: A Distant Music
  • Author: B.J. Hoff
  • ISBN: 9780736914048
  • Page: 162
  • Format: Paperback
  • In the first book of the Mountain Song Legacy series readers step into a small Kentucky coal mining town in the late 1800 s where hope is found in the hearts of two young girls the vib

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      B.J. Hoff

    About Author

    1. BJ Hoff s writing is known for her historical settings, her unforgettable characters, and her lyrical prose She is the bestselling author of numerous historical fiction series, including the Riverhaven Years, the Mountain Song Legacy, the Song of Erin saga, the American Anthem series, An Emerald Ballad series, and her newest book Harp on the Willow.Her five volume Emerald Ballad series was the first major work of fiction to bring the Irish immigration experience to the CBA marketplace, and the work that first brought BJ an international reading audience.Her readers know they can expect to meet some memorable people in her novels and also know that many of those people will be immigrants Irish immigrants particularly but not exclusively admits to a passion for building worlds Whether her characters move about in small country towns or metropolitan areas, reside in Amish settlements, secluded mansions, or coal company houses, she creates communities where people can form relationships, raise families, pursue their faith, and experience the mountains and valleys of life.She s intent on making her historical novels relevant to the present by developing characters and settings that, while staying true to the history and culture of their times, reflect many of the spiritual trials and social problems faced by contemporary readers Her novels are meant to be stories that build a bridge from the past to the present.Her literary awards include the Christianity Today s Critics Choice Book Award for fiction a Gold Medallion Award finalist and a number of Excellence in Media Silver Angel awards Her books have been translated into many foreign languages, and she frequently hears from her international readers in countries such as Ireland, England, Norway, and Germany.A former church music director and music teacher, BJ writes from her home in a small town in east central Ohio She and her husband share a love of music, books, and time spent with their family two daughters and three lively young grandsons.

    One thought on “A Distant Music

    1. I usually find books like this somewhat boring, but this one kept my attention all the way through I read it in one day

    2. I loved this book This story She understands grief She understands how music restores the soul How illness drags the spirit I see these characters No, than that I know these people I d award A Distant Music 6 stars if I could B.J Hoff you touched me and let me see a new song.

    3. First off, a list of things I did like 1 The characters were relatable and authentic 2 I could really feel the setting and see everything going on 3 Summer I really liked her, although her storyline was no surprise 4 And of course the teacher He s the one who made the book so worthwhile 5 It had a good Biblical message to it My thoughts This book didn t have anything necessarily wrong with it, but it just kinda fell flat for me I read it for the musical factor, and yet it only seemed like the fi [...]

    4. This story, based off the B J Hoff novella The Penny Whistle, is a story of hope amid darkness Jonathan Stuart, a young school teacher in a Kentucky coal mining town, cannot find his flute, and he fears that one of his students may have stolen it Maggie MacAuley decides to take a donation from the students and their families and surprise Mr Stuart with a new flute But the townspeople are hard up, and it seems they will never come up with enough money Maggie s best friend, Summer, is failing rapi [...]

    5. This is a story that takes place in the late 1800 s in a small coal mining town in Kentucky The story is very old fashioned but has good lessons for anyone who reads it A small group of children who live in the mining community decide that their teacher has lost his zest for life because of the loss of his flute As they try to replace the flute, life steps in and bad things happen to good people Of course, in the end, two childhood friends have an idea that saves the day I could see this as a Li [...]

    6. A Distant Music is a very touching story of childhood and gives great insight into the hardships faced by miners The story centers around Maggie and her Irish family It gave me great insight into the struggles of coal mining families and G J Hoff makes the characters os real you feel like you know each one I was sorry when it ended and looked forward to reading the next chapter of Maggie s life.

    7. This story reads at a much slower pace than many of the books I ve read in recent months but that is not a bad thing It may, however, diminished my enjoyment of this book a slight bit I discovered many quotes worth remembering in this book, especially on the theme of hope The author paints a very poignant picture of a small coal mining community in Kentucky before the turn of the twentieth century it s quite the setting for discourse on the topic of hope.

    8. This book describes the struggles of a mountain coal mine town A young girl was determined to raise funds to replace a flute stolen from the teacher of the one room school We learn about Penny Whistles, common to mountain music, family and community hardships, and Depression Era life I think it portrays accurate descriptions of the trials and dangers people in coal mine communities endured I highly recommend this Book One of The Mountain Song Legacy.

    9. musicMusic does so much for the soul It keeps a song in our heart and within the pages of this book it brings life, joy, and hope The Holy Bible tells us the that joy is connected to our strength David danced sang and played the harp to refreshment and brighten the day Try it.c that is d see if your step doesn t become lighter.

    10. A Distant Music is the 1st of 3 books that are a take off from The Penny Whistle written by B.J Hoff She expanded on The Penny Whistle in A Distant Music, details about the characters really let you get to know them I am anxiously waiting book two, The Wind Harp, to get here from the Library this afternoon These books are The Mountain Song Legacy with book three being The Song Weaver.

    11. Maggie is a remarkable twelve year old with maturity beyond her years What a sweet girl Set in a mining community, this book depicts all the hardships and poverty of a small community in 1894.

    12. amazing story about how much we gain from giving to others, and how God creates music within us, and through us.

    13. The three books in this series are a must They touch the heart with their simplicity yet deep love for one another

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