Say You Love Satan

Say You Love Satan Ricky Kasso Jimmy Trolano and Gary Lauwers were three kids from good homes But by the time they hit high school they were bad boys Cutting class smoking marijuana taking LSD and angel dust Everyon

  • Title: Say You Love Satan
  • Author: David St. Clair
  • ISBN: 9780552135320
  • Page: 184
  • Format: None
  • Ricky Kasso, Jimmy Trolano, and Gary Lauwers were three kids from good homes But by the time they hit high school they were bad boys.Cutting class, smoking marijuana, taking LSD and angel dust Everyone knew they were headed for trouble, but no guessed that they were also getting into Satan Until one dark night in the chic town of Northport, Satan said to kill

    • [E-Book] ð Say You Love Satan | BY ç David St. Clair
      David St. Clair

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    1. David St. Clair Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Say You Love Satan book, this is one of the most wanted David St. Clair author readers around the world.

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    1. This is an exploitation paperback written about a teenage metalhead who killed another teenage metalhead in my hometown on Long Island in 1984, when I was 5 years old I wouldn t necessarily recommend it to anybody not from Northport, NY, but I really, really enjoyed reading it Though terribly researched St Clair claims Kerouac was from Northport he wasn t, just lived there later and hopelessly square drugs are referred to unilaterally as dope, all equally addictive , it was enthralling for me to [...]

    2. Read this in my late teens, solely because The Dead Milkmen reference in their song Bad Party shut your mouth, get in the car cause Ricky Kasso wants to drivewhen we get there, we ll say we love Satan cause Ricky always thinks that s funny Probably the worst reason for reading a book, ever.

    3. Being a dark rebellious youth, I read this book because Satan was in the title Surprisingly enough, I remember it being a pretty good read.Based on a true story about a kid named Ricky Kasso sp this guy persuades a group of youth to worship Satan and listen to Ozzy Even in my impressionable years I could tell this guy was full of shit Sure they may have listened to Bark at the Moon, But he wrote as if Ricky swallowed acid and saw Ozzy pop out of the speakers and hand him a knife One night things [...]

    4. I wasn t really sure how to rate this book My motivation for reading it was that I grew up in Northport where evil dwells Although I was only four years old when the murder took place, I ve obviously heard many things about it over the years Subsequently, reading this book was sort of an anthropological study for me On a purely personal level, it was very strange to read about my childhood town in this context After all, when you re four years old, you re not aware of the problems that plague a [...]

    5. You except for the stabbing his friend to death this book reminded me alot of my teen years with Ozzy, and worshipping the devil stuff.When we were younger we d draw pentagrams not that we worshipped the devil but it would get the locals all stirred up.Reminded me of a lot of the pettiness that goes on when your younger and the stupidity and hate some of my friends would show to the weaker ones who we grew up with but didn t protect.

    6. Don t mind my high rating of this book Like a previous reviewer, this book was well liked by me as a young teen As an adult I read this and quickly discovered it was a load of shite It s an interesting story nonetheless but poorly poorly written and obviously fabricated in many bits.

    7. I found this book very fast paced and well written.I remember seeing this on the news and reading about it when it happened in 1984 So sad to see so many lives destroyed by drugs.

    8. Written in a completely fictitious manner similar to Jay Anson s, The Amityville Horror This book is the answer to anyone who ever wondered what R.L Stine would sound like writing true crime Was it fun Sure Was it a good read No I find the claims that the author is an occult expert highly suspect The whole piece is written in the voice of a true outsider Basic Satanic Panic nonsense in the vein of Linda Blood s, The New Satanists.

    9. Read this back in High School in the 80 s at the time was dating a girl from NY, and she had heard about Ricky Kasso and the murders, but she didn t really know anything about them.t that there is any relevance to this review I really enjoyed this when I read it, because it involved Heavy Metal , Satan drugs.everything I was interested at the time.It was a well written book, and sucked me in immediately if I recall Sad story really about a kid fucked up on drugs.

    10. Picked this up from a flea market years ago while away on a vacation just to have something to read And with a title like that, it was a done deal.Especially for a former teenager who used to get a real kick out of listening to metal music Even back then it saved my day pretty much every time when fogies, squares or just loonies saw fit to associate just about any loud music as something that s probably satanic and evil.Yup, I grew up in one of those towns where some retarded folks will see it n [...]

    11. This is a true story that took place in my hometown I lived there when this happened, I was 7 years old I read this after I moved from there and had no idea this kind of thing happened in my quiet town Very good read, but very gruesome as eye witnesses detail the events I was intrigued because this is the place I lived for 15 years and knew all the places and some of the people in the book Below is a description I copied Ricky Kasso was involved in Satanism and a group of like minded teens calle [...]

    12. This is one of the first books I remember finishing outside of school required text Pretty creepy All I recall is the guy getting called to the satanic books in the library while on LSD Later on he killed a kid and kept telling him to say he loved satan Murder on the north shore of long island.

    13. Hmmmmm I think the author may have added a little of his own theories to the story I don t believe this was entirely researched properly, and I think he just filled in the blanks I remember when this happened, and after I read the book, it seemed like a totally different chain of events I do thank the author for entertaining me with his added story telling.

    14. I spent months searching for a copy of this book, only to find it for 40 cents at the bottom of an book bin in an alleyway bookstore And it s hard to imagine why David St Clair does an outstanding job of reporting the true story of Ricky Kasso s life Essentially, it can be summed up as fucking sad But great.

    15. I found this book at a thrift store and bought it as a kind of joke It really hooked me in I found it well detailed and creepy as hell I remember the eighties and how metalheads were the boogiemen of that era PMRC anyone It comes of as sensationalistic but down deep it shows a town with estranged families and lost teens.

    16. this was the first true crime book i have ever read my best friend and u used to take turns reading it to each other until wee hours of the morning this was before audio books i wish i stlll had my copy since it happened in my neighborhood it was also part of the history of my town not far from where the amittyville horror took place

    17. Read as a teenager and liked it curious if my review would be the same as an adult.i actually think i still have a copyt exactly from northport but not too far from the area, i guess is what drew me originally to the book back then.

    18. What led Ricky Kasso, the self professed Acid King, to murder I m guessing it was the acid It has been a long time since I read this book, but I could not put it down Real life crimes suck, but real life crime books, not so much

    19. Talk about bad writing But I was interested in the story, soIt s weird how something like this happened in such a seemingly normal place and it s even weirder how no adults seemed to take notce of what was going on right under their noses.

    20. read this in high school as a misguided youth Also because in high school i would have been the one with a big ol crush on Ricky Kasso Obviously a lot of it is flagrantly embellished for a better read, research the Rolling Stone article.

    21. Bought it because the title is hilarious I have no idea what went on in this book, but I just think 1980s Satanic Panic.

    22. Shakespeare has nothing to worry about from this author, but the book makes its point teens on Satan, on drugs, and especially teens on Satan AND drugs can be extremely bad news.

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