An Amish Harvest

An Amish Harvest Nursing His Heart When Amish carpenter Samuel Bowman is injured in an accident he fears he ll never see again He s always provided for his family and now that it s harvest season the Bowmans are nee

  • Title: An Amish Harvest
  • Author: Patricia Davids
  • ISBN: 9780373818464
  • Page: 234
  • Format: Paperback
  • Nursing His Heart When Amish carpenter Samuel Bowman is injured in an accident, he fears he ll never see again He s always provided for his family and now that it s harvest season, the Bowmans are needed in the fields, not at his bedside So when a young Amish widow becomes his nurse, Samuel expects Rebecca Miller to make his life easier But his caregiver is bossy, outspNursing His Heart When Amish carpenter Samuel Bowman is injured in an accident, he fears he ll never see again He s always provided for his family and now that it s harvest season, the Bowmans are needed in the fields, not at his bedside So when a young Amish widow becomes his nurse, Samuel expects Rebecca Miller to make his life easier But his caregiver is bossy, outspoken and challenges him to move on with his life Though Samuel s sight is in question, he can plainly see the woman he s come to care for won t let herself love again Now it s Samuel s turn to heal her heart.

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      Patricia Davids

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    1. I was born and raised in Northcentral Kansas I m a farmer s daughter, but I now make my home in the city of Wichita I m an RN Neonatal nursing has been the main focus of my career What can I say I love babies I was invited to the highschool graduation of a baby I took care of Talk about making me feel old In June of 2011 I became a widow after my husband of 36 years and 11 months died from multiple brain tumors It was a very sad time, but thanks to the three f s, my faith, my family and my friends, life is moving forward I have four brothers, one daughter and two grandchildren who all work at making me feel loved.I m the author of than 30 books and I m currently writing a series called The Brides of Amish Country for Love Inspired.

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    1. Will he be badly scarred Rebecca asked, thinking of Samuel s rare smiles He wasn t known for his sense of humor Samuel was always a serious fellow, one who seemed to study others rather than try to entertain them She always thought his dark brown eyes looked deeply into things than most other men.I can t say I really liked this Samuel scars himself while working, he has burned face and hands, and he can t see Rebecca, a 25 year old widow, comes to nurse himE GOODRebecca has a sharp and fast ton [...]

    2. I did not want AN AMISH HARVEST to end The conversations between Rebecca and Samuel were so humorous and I love how Rebecca does not allow Samuel s bitterness discourage her from taking care of him This story is filled with humor, lost love, forgiveness, and second chances I found myself cheering for Rebecca while she tried to help Samuel heal Rebecca s humor is hysterical and it feeds off of Samuel s crabbiness Patricia Davids is going to pull you right in from the very beginning and having you [...]

    3. I didn t want this book to end, what a delightful read, the banter that goes on between Samuel and Rebecca is so funny Yes there are serious moments here and we weather them along with some joy.Rebecca has lost her husband the love of her life, and her brother in law appears to be courting her as the book opens Then there is a serious injury, and that ends up being Samuel He feels he is entirely responsible for their families furniture business, and when he is injured he takes the blame for ever [...]

    4. This is a good hearted story of a man who is injured at his woodworking and a young widow who is asked to care for him while the family gets in the harvest Anyone interested in the care of persons with reduced mobility, injured hands or visual impairment will find the tips and situations helpful The positive, can do attitude of the practical young woman is encouraging to us all, while the despair felt by the injured woodworker is entirely understandable and could mirror the thoughts of many peop [...]

    5. I really enjoyed this book, and I hope we will hear from the Bowman family as Patricia Davids writes in the series Being blind myself, I like how the author portrayed Samuel s blindness this was the first book I ve read by Patricia Davids, but it won t be the last I really enjoyed how Rebecca never allowed Samuel s negativity and perceived helplessness to dissuade her from encouraging him to do all that he could for himself, and I enjoyed watching as he encouraged her as well to get past her f [...]

    6. I love Patricia David s I just devoured this book I couldn t stop reading it I tried staying up all night but I fell asleep so I finished it in a couple of hours I have fallen in love with love Inspired Amish romance because they are so very pure and simple They take you into a world of innocence and peace Patricia is a great writer She fleshed out her characters in a short amount of time and you as the reader gets caught up in their lives A must read.

    7. This is the first Amish book series I ve ever read and I very much enjoyed it I liked how Samuel didn t come across as a jerk like many other Harlequin men do seem to

    8. This was a fascinating story of the recovery of a burn victim and it s implications.Has some comical aspects too.

    9. Okay this took me totally by surprise as I had made fun of this genre but this was a cute, sweet love story with witty dialogue.

    10. An Amish Harvest is book one in the Amish Bachelors series by Patricia Davids It is a Christian inspired story and is also love inspired Does one get a second chance Will one recognize it when it comes Samuel Bowman is an Amish carpenter who makes wonderful furniture He hopes the man he has been in touch with about the furniture will like his creations and agree to sell the Bowman furniture through his online stores However, he must finish the table he is working on before the man comes He needs [...]

    11. Patricia Davids really did a great job with her two main characters Samuel and Rebecca for An Amish Harvest Samuel Bowman has always been hard on myself and his brothers, which we the readers find out why later on in the book, and Rebecca Miller takes life and it s events as they come at her Samuel Bowman is a skilled Amish carpenter, who in the beginning of the book gets injured in an accident, that may or may not leave him blind for life He blames himself for his blindness, but someone else is [...]

    12. This is the first book in the Amish Bachelor series and I enjoyed this book very much Normally I would stay away from religious themed novels because I feel I wouldn t understand them However, this novel piqued my curiosity and I m glad I followed my intuition.This is a really good novel no matter what your religious background is or even if you have no religion like I do Why Because this is a novel about love lost, guilt and learning to accept the hand that fate or God deals you It is a novel o [...]

    13. I love Amish stories I love the simplicity of the lives they lead This story was very unique it touched on domestic abuse every story has so much richness in the characters, and the lives the lead The choice to live a simple God fearing life I admire that soo much.

    14. An Amish Harvest by Patricia Davids The Amish Bachelors 1 4 STARSGood Amish romance Lots of drama, Amish life and characters that I liked and wanted to know about there lives It is a clean read It is also not afraid to mention prayer and trusting in God s love and plan for us.Samuel Bowman is a wood worker and worries about his family all having enough work He has a accident with generator and fire his hands and face are burned badly He can t see and they don t know if it will be permanent.Rebe [...]

    15. I popped my Amish romance cherry I ve always seen these romance covers with the beautiful Amish maid or an Amish man working on the farm I just never picked one up to read So last year when I received a Patricia David s novel in a book box I was curious I noticed it was part of a series so I went to the library to find the first book, An Amish Harvest It is a small book at 220 pages, and it took me two days to read However, if I had a whole day free I could have finished it easily It would make [...]

    16. 3.5 out of 5 stars A spin off from Ms Davids Amish Redemption book 13 in her Brides of Amish Country follows Joshua s oldest brother Samuel who is determined to work hard by expanding his family s furniture business in hopes of keeping his brothers and their own families when they get them living in their community of Bowmans Crossing However, a detrimental accident leaves Samuel temperately blind and has second third degree burns on his hands and face As harvest time approaches Rebecca, a young [...]

    17. You know that urban myth about men making the worst patients Well Samuel confirms that it s no myth He s a take charge, has everything covered, it s my way or the highway kind of guy Which can be endearing in a annoyingly macho way But now an accident has left him helpless and he has to learn to let others carry the load That chafes and makes Samuel cranky And grumpy And depressed All his mother s coddling is only making things worse Enter nurse Rebecca a force to be reckoned with and she won t [...]

    18. I LOVED this book Rebecca is hysterical I adored her sense of humor and how well her character played off of Samuel s grumpiness On many occasions I laughed out loud, and I m pretty sure I had a smile on my face the entire time I was reading An Amish Harvest The romance was breathless, the Bowman family a delight, and Samuel and Rebecca became one of my favorite couples I ve read about this year Fantastic start to a new series I almost didn t miss Hope Springs at all I won a copy of this book in [...]

    19. A refreshing tale, well written with careful attention to detail The characters feel real, and I could not put this book down until I knew the outcome Others readers give detailed descriptions of what the oil is about, so my comment won t repeat what has already been said If you are a fan of books set in Amish communities, you will not be disappointed Ms Davids writes from her heart and it shows romantic without being sappy, clean without being overly simplistic, and I will be looking for of my [...]

    20. An Amish Harvest by Patricia Davids Amish Samuel Bowman is a Carpenter He makes furniture and other items He had an accident that burned his hands and face He can t see His workshop burned down That was the families main income He has brothers who all live at home with their parents They are in the harvest season and his mom runs a gift shop on their place They hire widow Rebecca Miller to take care of Samuel He is not an easy man to take care of She won t let him just lay in bed A good book

    21. This was a really good book I really enjoyed it I fell in love with the characters, and could identify with Rebecca in certain aspects of her personality It was not a real long book, so it s a good one to pick up if you want a fairly short read If you love to read about the Lord s love for us, and how he brings about things to help us realize and fulfill that plan, this is a book you should enjoy This was the first in the series she is planning to write one for each brother I look forward to tha [...]

    22. Another fantastic book by Patricia Davids Patricia has a way of pulling the reader into her books from the first page I thoroughly enjoyed the story of Samuel and Rebecca Samuel must learn to accept help and restore his faith in God s healing Rebecca learns that she is able to move on since her husbands death and taking care of people is the joy in her life While taking care of Samuel they both learn new things and the love they have for each other A must read.

    23. This was a little irritating to read Very repetitive emotional thoughts through out Just got plain tired of reading over and over these two main characters struggles There wasn t enough going on to carry me through the constant uncertainness that plagued Rebecca I have a hard time finding interesting Love Inspired books most of the ones I have read are very romance driven Just a little disappointed.

    24. I really enjoyed this title Patricia Davids is one of my many favorites, She does a fantastic job of teaching threw her words Samuel learned some hard lessons with his blindness, he came out of it with a better understanding of what he should do Rebecca learned to trust again I recommend this book to everyone You will enjoy it.

    25. I enjoyed this novel as I have enjoyed other books Patricia Davids has written I enjoyed seeing the relationship between Samuel and Rebecca develop and grow I enjoyed reading about the Amish family and their lifestyle And, of course, I love happy endings after the troubles some of the characters have to go through before they find true love and happiness.

    26. This started off as such a sad story, but I m glad that it started looking up for the characters and things started working out I was nervous about it at 1st and it really had my attention It was so hardtop take a break from reading because I really wanted to see if everything turned out ok in the end It did, and it didn t disappoint I really enjoyed this one.

    27. This is a sweet book that is highly enjoyable When Samuel Bowman is seriously injured in an accident, feisty widow Rebecca Miller is hired by his family to help care for him Samuel does not want a stranger to help him and refuses to cooperate with Rebecca She pushes and banters with Samuel to get him to rejoin the world Will a miracle help them both to see what they really want

    28. This Amish Bachelors novel shows the comical rapport between hard edged, determined and stubborn characters They demonstrate that regrets are useless and remind readers we see with faith and not our eyes RT Book Reviews, 4 1 2 stars.Miniseries The Amish Bachelors

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