M Is for Magic

M Is for Magic Master storyteller Neil Gaiman presents a breathtaking collection of tales for younger readers that may chill or amuse but that always embrace the unexpected Humpty Dumpty s sister hires a private de

  • Title: M Is for Magic
  • Author: Neil Gaiman Teddy Kristiansen
  • ISBN: 9780061186479
  • Page: 114
  • Format: Paperback
  • Master storyteller Neil Gaiman presents a breathtaking collection of tales for younger readers that may chill or amuse, but that always embrace the unexpected Humpty Dumpty s sister hires a private detective to investigate her brother s death.A teenage boy who has trouble talking to girls finds himself at a rather unusual party.A boy raised in a graveyard makes a discoverMaster storyteller Neil Gaiman presents a breathtaking collection of tales for younger readers that may chill or amuse, but that always embrace the unexpected Humpty Dumpty s sister hires a private detective to investigate her brother s death.A teenage boy who has trouble talking to girls finds himself at a rather unusual party.A boy raised in a graveyard makes a discovery, and confronts the much troubling world of the living.

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      Neil Gaiman Teddy Kristiansen

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    1. Neil Gaiman Teddy Kristiansen Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the M Is for Magic book, this is one of the most wanted Neil Gaiman Teddy Kristiansen author readers around the world.

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    1. Oh Good Lord, do not buy this one for your kidsDespite the cutesy title, this is soooooo not appropriate for anyone under preteens There are no rainbows and there are no unicornsd because it s Gaiman, it s weirdly sexual though, not hardcore, at least YOU have been warned Additional warning Several of these stories appear elsewhere.I get that short stories are often published on their own before becoming part of anthology, but what I m referring to is that the short stories are already in a shor [...]

    2. M is for the many things I always hope to get out of reading a Neil Gaiman book Then the usual happensSome of these stories Sunbird , October in the Chair , and How to Talk to Girls at Parties appear in his excellent short story collection Fragile Things, and apparently others also appear elsewhere, mostly Smoke and Mirrors Add to that, The Witch s Headstone is the precursor to The Graveyard Book So, M is for Magic is really just a repackaging of old material That s been a running theme in my Ga [...]

    3. I am not a fan of short stories Once I get my teeth into a good book I want it to go on and on which is why I read a lot of series However if I am going to read short stories then ones written by one of my favourite authors is the only way to go This book contains some absolute treasures A few of the stories use nursery rhymes as their source, a couple are almost science fiction and of course there is a lot of Gaiman s trade mark fantasy Pure entertainment

    4. The problem with assigning a star rating to this book is that, like any book of short stories, it is a mixed bag Especially considering that this particular book of stories is by Neil Gaiman who can pen novles that are original enough that the only resemblance they bear to one another is the name on the front cover.What I gather from this book intended for a YA audience is that Gaiman allows himself to get experimental with stories than perhaps with his novel As always, the writing is superb So [...]

    5. , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , M is for Magic, , M is for mirrors you ll stare in forever The Dangerous Alphabet , , , , , , , , , .

    6. R is for Recycled.Seriously, I thought these stories were good enough, many of them, the first THREE times they were published Five times, in at least one case, and possibly two But there is not a single new story in this collection, folks I almost titled this review R is for Ripoff So, no original work Maybe that would be okay if there were a good theme tying these together.The problem is the anthology s premise somebody got to Neil Gaiman and said hey, you should publish an anthology of your s [...]

    7. I am kind of annoyed I had hoped for a nice collection of short stories to sink my teeth into But instead I ended up skipping over a lot of stories I had previously read in this one So I ended up only taking a few short hours on this one I think it took me around 2 to finish up For the really new to me stories I thought some were just okay, and others didn t make a lick of sense and did not appeal to me The only really one I enjoyed was The Price and that featured a black cat For those who are s [...]

    8. C un verme nel cuore della torre ecco il motivo per cui crolla.Quando raggiungerai la casetta,il luogo da cui era cominciato il tuo viaggio,la riconoscerai, anche se ti parr molto pi piccoladi come la ricordavi Uno sfoggio neanche troppo sottile delle abilit tecniche dell autore, non affiancate purtroppo da qualcosa di realmente sostanzioso Legger un suo romanzo per vedere se qualcosa cambia dalle raccolte di racconti.Visto che sono racconti di qualit molto diverse, ho preferito valutarli singol [...]

    9. I was impressed with Neil Gaiman for doing a great job narrating his own stories He s one of the few authors that can get away with it Unfortunately I didn t enjoy the material quite as much While I ve never been a fan of twisted nursery rhymes translation I hate them if you can t come up with original material you shouldn t be writing Gaiman did a reasonably good job of making the Humpty Dumpty parody palatable but just When I got to the completely pointless second story about a troll, I was t [...]

    10. The Case of the Four and Twenty Blackbirds a detective investigates Humpty Dumpty s death 3 stars Troll Bridge a boy makes a deal with a troll 3 stars Don t Ask Jack a never used, always waiting Jack in the box 2 stars How to Sell the Ponti Bridge a master con 3 stars Chivalry an elderly English lady finds the Holy Grail and gets an unexpected guest 4 stars The Price a lovely homage to black cats everywhere 3 stars The Witch s Headstone a vignette about Bod from The Graveyard Book 3 stars Instru [...]

    11. A disappointing collection of stories, most of which I ve read before I did enjoy Chivalry in which a sweet old lady finds some interesting objects at her local charity shop, and The Price which is about a cat who keeps a family safe from harm I ll donate it to the library to see if younger readers are enad.

    12. Four stars to this book, which would have been five with a touch of black pronounced Eleven stories, to be exact, in between the fantastic and visionary, bizarre and fascinating The Witch s Headstone it is a story that also appears in the book The Graveyard Book A young man, raised in a graveyard by ghosts, struggling with an adventure that will bring him in contact with the outside world Enjoyable and exciting Troll Bridge it is not a story for children and leaves the reader with a sense of me [...]

    13. When I read a novel, I go through the author s introductory part where he mentions why he wrote this novel or what inspired him or who are the intended readers etc This time too, I started with Gaiman s own views on this collection of short stories It was very enjoyable to read what he has to say about loving short stories but he also mentioned that this collection is for children, a point I strongly disagree to.First of all, as Gaiman predicted already, I didn t like all the stories The stories [...]

    14. Otro que dejo en la 48 de 147 , junto con el de M Ende, tambi n de relatos cortos.No quiero empezar el a o con tantos libros empezados y este, al igual que el otro, dudo mucho que los vaya a coger para el a o que entra.Este, al contrario que el de Ende, es que tampoco me est gustando la forma en que est n narrados.Esta es mi primera lectura de Gaiman y puede que fuera con las expectativas demasiado altas, pero la verdad es que, ni las historias me est n pareciendo nada del otro jueves, ni el est [...]

    15. I have no words to describe how masterfully these stories were put together Gaiman never lets me downn t believe I only read this now

    16. 3 stars I read this and followed along with the audiobook at the same time because Neil Gaiman narrates it It was a pretty great decision on my part if I do say so myself When I picked this up, I thought for sure that this was a children s short story collection but it is absolutely not It dealt with a lot darker themes in some of the stories than I was expecting which was awesome.This collection includes 11 short stories, but unfortunately for me I only enjoyed four of them The Case of the Fou [...]

    17. Clive Barker tells us Gaiman is a star, but he sure is not shining in this book Granted, some of the stories are entertaining I especially liked Sunbird, the tale about the Epicurean club that had sampled every taste imaginable and have nothing left to try I also thoroughly enjoyedThe Witches Headstone which Gaiman introduces as, a story that will be part of my next children s book, The Graveyard Book, about a boy who lives in a graveyard and is brought up by dead people I imagine that book will [...]

    18. Pleasant fun I love short stories and Neil Gaiman is a master of short fiction His flowery, artsy writing has always enthralled me and I am extremely envious of his talent and imagination.His prose has a cozy feel to it like you re sitting in an armchair at home by the hearth, but oftentimes the stories come with a bite to them that I quite enjoy It s like you re being lulled into a dream full of wonder and magic only to find that you re not the one actually dreaming at all Surreal, spooky and d [...]

    19. A great collection of short stories Gaiman has such a wonderful gift for words, and it shown through in Troll Bridge and October in the Chair Lovely, and I highly recommend If you re starting to read his work this should be one of the first on your list.

    20. I m trying out audio again , this time during my commute to work My commute isn t bad, about 30 minutes, so a collection of short stories, written and read by Neil Gaiman no less, seemed like a good place to start I was right I ll say first of all that I love Gaiman s voice I could listen to the man all day I don t really have any other narrators to compare him to, but just the fact that I actually finished this audio book should be a testament to his greatness I ve read a lot of these stories i [...]

    21. M Is For Magic is a collection of short stories, including a story lifted from Neil Gaiman s award winning children s novel, The Graveyard Book I enjoyed this book immensely.My personal favorite would be The Case of the Four and Twenty Blackbirds, a retelling of children s nursery rhymes, but which mainly told of the mystery of who murdered Humpty Dumpty Okay, I ll give you just a few seconds here to recite the nursery rhyme to yourself Indeed, the nursery rhyme merely said Humpty Dumpty had a g [...]

    22. I read this persian translation of M is for magic by Farzad Farbod and i like 3stories of 9 stories on it Don t Ask Jack , Chivalry , The Price 1 3 .

    23. DNF Read up until 38%.I kept reading in hope for a short story that will impress me or that I ll at least care for or like but I don t have the patience any This should seriously be titled M is for Meh instead of M is for Magic because I just don t see the magic.This is my second attempt at a Gaiman book my first being Fortunately, the Milk and I m still not impressed I liked none of the stories, all of them bored me to no end and I just don t have it in me to read on in hope of finding one I li [...]

    24. anaslair.wordpress 2016 0I had read 5 of these stories in other Gaiman books but even those were a pleasure to reread Gaiman has such a way with words At times I was a bit frustrated because a lot was left unsaid and I need resolution to feel fully satisfied but I can admit it is part of the magic They are short stories, little snippets of magical worlds spun from a mind I cannot help but admire.Admitedly, I did not find all of them enjoyable Sunbird in particular seemed to stretch on and on for [...]

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