Elizabeth I and Her Circle

Elizabeth I and Her Circle This is the inside story of Elizabeth I s inner circle and the crucial human relationships which lay at the heart of her personal and political life Using a wide range of original sources including pr

  • Title: Elizabeth I and Her Circle
  • Author: Susan Doran
  • ISBN: 9780199574957
  • Page: 269
  • Format: Hardcover
  • This is the inside story of Elizabeth I s inner circle and the crucial human relationships which lay at the heart of her personal and political life Using a wide range of original sources including private letters, portraits, verse, drama, and state papers Susan Doran provides a vivid and often dramatic account of political life in Elizabethan England and the queen atThis is the inside story of Elizabeth I s inner circle and the crucial human relationships which lay at the heart of her personal and political life Using a wide range of original sources including private letters, portraits, verse, drama, and state papers Susan Doran provides a vivid and often dramatic account of political life in Elizabethan England and the queen at its centre, offering a deeper insight into Elizabeth s emotional and political conduct and challenging many of the popular myths that have grown up around her It is a story replete with fascinating questions What was the true nature of Elizabeth s relationship with her father, Henry VIII, especially after his execution of her mother What was the influence of her step mothers on Elizabeth s education and religious beliefs How close was she really to her half brother Edward VI and were relations with her half sister Mary really as poisonous as is popularly assumed And what of her relationship with her Stewart cousins, most famously with Mary Queen of Scots, executed on Elizabeth s orders in 1587, but also with Mary s son James VI of Scotland, later to succeed Elizabeth as her chosen successor Elizabeth s relations with her family were crucial, but almost as crucial were her relations with her courtiers and her councillors her men of business Here again, the story unravels a host of fascinating questions Was the queen really sexually jealous of her maids of honour What does her long and intimate relationship with the Earl of Leicester reveal about her character, personality, and attitude to marriage What can the fall of Essex tell us about Elizabeth s political management in the final years of her reign And what was the true nature of her personal and political relationship with influential and long serving councillors such as the Cecils and Sir Francis Walsingham

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    1. Dr Susan Doran is a British historian whose primary studies surround the reign of Elizabeth I, in particular the theme of marriage and succession She has published and edited sixteen books, most notably Elizabeth I and Religion, 1558 1603, Monarchy and Matrimony and Queen Elizabeth I, part of the British Library s Historic Lives series.She is currently a tutor and member of the history faculty at Christ Church, Oxford University where her specific area of interest is stated as being Early Modern British and European history Previously, Doran was a reader in history, Senior Lecturer in History and Teaching Studies and Director of the History Programme at St Mary s College, Strawberry Hill, part of the University of Surrey.She is also a Director of Studies for history at Regent s Park College and Senior Research Fellow for History at Jesus College

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    1. Disclaimer ARC via Netgalley Dorman s book looks at Elizabeth though the great Queen s relationships with various people of her court and family Dorman s approach is to divide the book up into Family, Courtiers, Women servants and councilors The first and last sections of the book are the best The most disappointing section is the one about Elizabeth s women It is the shortest section, grouping all the women into one chapter as opposed to an individual chapter per important person as in the othe [...]

    2. This non fiction book which focuses on Elizabeth I and the people that had close personal relationships with her is easy to follow and an interesting read Rather than offer a chronological history, Doran presents a thematic structure focusing each chapter on a key individual or group or individuals who were key to Elizabeth s life Below I discuss my favorite relationships.1 Chapter one focuses on Elizabeth s relationship with her parents, King Henry VIII and Queen Anne Boleyn also her relationsh [...]

    3. I received an ARC of this book from NetGalley.Behind every great queen The Tudor Monarchs are endlessly fascinating to many people There are countless books devoted to them and their lives are perfect for richly colourful yet often gruesome screen portrayals But do we get the full picture of their reigns by focusing merely on the head that wears the crown In Elizabeth I s case we certainly don t which is what makes this book so interesting and relevant Susan Doran uses her depth of knowledge and [...]

    4. My copy courtesy of Oxford University Press Net Galley much thanks Probably about 3.5 stars Recommended for those already interested in the Tudor period.For a further review susannagoklikes post 12.

    5. I have always loved period movies and ones about Queen Elizabeth I in particular These films contribute to a collision of thoughts about some of the factoids stated or implied Was Elizabeth raised by The Other Boleyn Girl as implied by the ending scene of that movie In the movie, Elizabeth, starring Cate Blanchett, did she really take the risk of telling Bloody Queen Mary that she would use her conscience in matters of religion Seemed a foolhardy thing to say And how did she feel about her mothe [...]

    6. To a modern eye, early modern courts seem lousy with favorites, nepotism and cronies The actual workings of the system are far complicated than personal inclination at least if you wanted the government to work Doran meticulously reconstructs the ways in which Elizabeth I contrasted to Henry VIII and Mary I carefully and consistently manipulated her courtiers playing the chivalry card to allow men to serve a female ruler, allowing dangerous people she personally disliked into the inner circle s [...]

    7. This is a well written and meticulously documented account of Elizabeth I I confess I didn t read it straight through I think you would have to be extremely interested in the subject to be able to do that , but I read through parts and compared them to a novel on Elizabeth I I was reading concurrently.

    8. I received this as an ARC via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.I must first disclose that I am no particular fan of Elizabeth I She was a spoiled, manipulative, whiny brat who made everyone around her suffer with her tantrums and outbursts She could not stand to see her favorites happy with anyone but her, yet would or could not ever commit to any of them due to their varying statuses in society However, that being said, I find the Tudor dynasty truly fascinating, and even Elizabeth s [...]

    9. This was an extremely detailed account of Elizabeth I and those who surrounded her during her reign This is a period I have a great deal of interest in, and so I was very pleased to be able to read this book Unfortunately, because of the density of the subject and how it was presented, it was one that took me many months to get through As a tome for research, I think it will be useful, but for general reading, it was a bit much I definitely appreciated the work that went into it and wish I could [...]

    10. Doran s factual knowledge and research is evident throughout the text however her choice of layout severely hinders the depth of her analysis She goes to great lengths in her introduction to justify her decision not to write the book chronologically, instead splitting it into sections by the relationship to the queen which the subjects of the book held e.g family, courtiers, privy council members This had great potential I ve seen it work in the past and welcomed it with celebration in my underg [...]

    11. Although I ve read a fair number of books about the Tudors, they are all of the popular history variety, Alison Weir, Tracy Borman, David Starkey, and others Susan Doran is a scholarly writer, and the only book I d read of her before this one is her excellent short biography of Elizabeth I for the British Library Historic Lives series Elizabeth and Her Circle zeroes in on the people around the Queen and their relationships with her Doran concentrates on the period of Elizabeth s reign, so we do [...]

    12. This book is a must read for anyone who wants to learn about Elizabeth I, daughter to Henry VIII and Anne Boleyn It s a rather quick paced read, and ends at 416 pages It s well researched, and the author has made it as easy to get through as slicing a piece of cake, IF you are academically driven That is very unusual to say, because most books that include sources in the passages take a bit of dedication to muddle through, and even then, you may have to read through it again to catch everything [...]

    13. I didn t learn much new from this book, but it was a good review of who was who and what went on at court I especially liked the structure of the book It is divided into three parts Kin, Courtiers, and Councillors, and each section is divided into chapters focused on small groups or specific persons Kin has chapter on Parents Siblings, The Suffolk Cousins, Mary Queen of Scots, and James VI of Scotland her eventual heir to the English throne Three favorites are the chapter subjects of Courtiers R [...]

    14. I strongly believe, and it can be argued as such, that Elizabeth I was one of Britain s greatest rulers, and that the Tudor period was one of the most richest and fascinating periods in British History So it was no surprise that I was eager to read Doran s Elizabeth I and Her Circle, and learn about this fascinating Matriarch I ve read many history books about Elizabeth I and the Tudors, and was very pleased to read and enjoyed Doran s insights and accounts of Elizabeth I and the people that f [...]

    15. Disclaimer I received this book from a giveaway Also the amount of time it took me to finish this book is no reflection on the book, but that I was busy with other study This is a 4 book, rather than a 5 book due to the plates being entirely in black and white If you are going to talk about the symbolism in portraits of Elizabeth I, they really need to be reproduced in colour, or a lot of the detail is lost Otherwise this is an excellent book It is a really interesting way of looking at the reig [...]

    16. This was an interesting look at the people that surrounded Elizabeth I from her first to last days as Queen It does not concentrate on them as merely political figures but gives a human touch to the people who were on an intimate footing with her Elizabeth is shown to have been an extraordinary woman who could be ruled by her faults at times, her quick temper and stubbornness could prove dangerous obstacles to her councilors and many felt the sting of her anger But just as she was proud and vai [...]

    17. I received this through NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.I have always had a fascination with the Tudors so I was very eager to read this new account of Elizabeth I s life So many times these books can be dull and lackluster but Susan Doran s writing brought history to life in this new book There were so many new things I learned One of the things that interested me the most in her account was Elizabeth s relationship with Henry VIII In most accounts, Elizabeth is always shown to great [...]

    18. The inner circle of courtiers who surrounded Elizabeth I during her momentous reign is the focus of this beautifully written book, which aims to put the personal into the myth and legend which all too often surrounds this charismatic Queen of England.Not only does the book look at Elizabeth s personal relationships with her limited family, namely her father and elder sister, but it also shines the spotlight on the interactions Elizabeth had with those courtiers who have come to symbolise the fir [...]

    19. From Netgalley for a review It is no surprise that I immediately grabbed this book and promptly could not put it down, I am a long time fan of the Tudors, especially Elizabeth I, one of the few people from history who I greatly admire I say few because even though I love history and studying people s lives, I do not admire many, there are many I respect and even that I find interesting, but it takes a lot for me to admire I also admire this book It is very much so a history book and looks at ho [...]

    20. A big thank you to First Reads and Oxford University Press for sending me a copy of this book Elizabeth I and her Circle describes the various people who came in regular contact with this strong willed Tudor queen Divided into three sections, the book deals with family members including Mary, Queen of Scots,some of Elizabeth s courtiers and, in the final part, her most famous councillors.This is a well written book with a very readable style that can be enjoyed by serious historians and the gene [...]

    21. Most biographies of Elizabeth I describe her life from birth in 1533 to death in 1603, covering the events of her path to the throne and reign in chronological order In Elizabeth I and Her Circle, Susan Doran, a Senior Research Fellow at Jesus College, Oxford, co editor of The Elizabethan World and Mary Tudor Old and New Perspectives, and author of Mary Queen of Scots An Illustrated Life and numerous books on Tudor England, instead devotes a chapter to each of the key relationships in the Queen [...]

    22. I received this through NetGalley in exchange for an honest reviewDoran s work really expanded my knowledge of the people surrounding Elizabeth I I had read quite a bit about the Tudors before, but never realized what her relationship with her father and sister was really like The section involving the courtiers wasn t as interesting for me as the other sections as it rehashed information that I had read before Still not quite sure how I felt about Doran arranging this book by what function peop [...]

    23. I received a free copy in a First Reads giveaway.I m fascinated by Tudor history and have read plenty of books about Elizabeth, but I think that using a thematic rather than a chronological approach worked really well to mark this out as different It does make it slightly difficult in places to keep track of relationships between the courtiers themselves but Doran has tried to cross reference in most cases to keep these in context A very well written and researched book, I would definitely reco [...]

    24. Review of an ARC CopyI had already read The Tudor Chronicles by the same author and am a fan of the Tudor period so already had a good chronological knowledge of the period and the main actors I found the approach Susan Doran chose for Elizabeth I and her circle extremely interesting, especially the structure of the book, which goes through Elizabeth s relatioships with the composants of the circle, being individuals or interest groups This book is, imho, a must read for those who already know t [...]

    25. Review A very new and original way of looking at Elizabeth I through the eyes of those around her Including excellent sections on William Cecil, Mary Queen of Scots, Robert Dudley and the Earl of Essex in particular, this book also looks at Elizabeth s relationships with her parents and siblings as well as her wider family like the Greys and the Scottish side Definitely well worth a read I do wish, however, that the book had focused wider as well, looking for example, at Cecil s building project [...]

    26. I ve previously read and enjoyed the work of Susan Doran on Elizabeth I, mainly when I was writing my BA thesis on religion under Elizabeth I The great thing about Doran s work is that it manages to do what many other books in the field of history fail to do, namely to be informative, entertaining and well written at the same time This book is no exception and I strongly recommend it to anyone who has taken an interest in Tudor or Early Modern history in general Thanks to the publishers and NetG [...]

    27. Elizabeth 1 and Her Circle is a well written and professionally edited biography.Rather than a chronological review of her life, Elizabeth s reign is described by her relationships with different classes of people i.e family, courtiers I can see that if you haven t already studied Elizabeth s life it could seem disordered and confusing.I can recommend this book to readers with a previous knowledge of the reign of Elizabeth I, but not as a first biography of her lifeC provided by the publisher vi [...]

    28. Doran s nonfiction look at Elizabeth I s court doesn t reveal anything earth shattering, but it is cleanly written and easy to follow If you re just getting into the history of this period, this is an excellent entry book The footnotes are welcome but not obtrusive At first I thought it was odd that several events were treated multiple times in the book, but I came to appreciate that this layering approach brought depth to Doran s analysis I would read this author s other work.

    29. I enjoyed this Tudor history and look at Elizabeth and her surrounding people influences I liked the way the book was arranged with you looking at the different people Good overview of the people and influences in her life Elizabeth is not my favourite person in English history, but this look at her life brought her circumstances and story out in a much better way than most books I received a copy from the publisher and Netgalley in exchange for a review

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