It Had to Be Him

It Had to Be Him Even though Meg Anderson s hell raising days are over coming home to Anderson Butte isn t easy especially when her impossible to please dad is the mayor and her do gooder siblings run the place But

  • Title: It Had to Be Him
  • Author: Tamra Baumann
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 171
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Even though Meg Anderson s hell raising days are over, coming home to Anderson Butte isn t easy, especially when her impossible to please dad is the mayor and her do gooder siblings run the place But with another job lost and the gorgeous father of her daughter trying to make contact after disappearing three years ago, a break is definitely in order Hopefully the littleEven though Meg Anderson s hell raising days are over, coming home to Anderson Butte isn t easy, especially when her impossible to please dad is the mayor and her do gooder siblings run the place But with another job lost and the gorgeous father of her daughter trying to make contact after disappearing three years ago, a break is definitely in order Hopefully the little town filled with big, juicy secrets can help.After being off the grid for years, Josh Granger, a man with his own secrets, wants Meg and his daughter back But first he has to get past townspeople as protective as a pack of rottweilers He s not the man Meg thinks he is, but he can t tell her why not yet.As Meg slowly warms to Josh, it s clear the old spark is still there But when his secret is exposed along with Meg s own shocking revelation will it tear their family apart again, or bind them forever
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      Tamra Baumann

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    1. Tamra Baumann became hooked on writing the day she picked up her first Nora Roberts novel from her favorite bookstore Since then, she s dazzled readers of contemporary romance with her own lighthearted love stories She was a past Golden Heart winner for Contemporary Series Romance, and has also received the Golden Pen Award for Single Title Romance Born in Monterey, California, she led the nomadic life of a navy brat before finally putting down permanent roots during college When she s not attending annual Romance Writers of America meetings, this voracious reader can be found playing tennis, traveling, or scouting reality shows for potential character material She resides with her real life characters a husband of thirty years, two kids, and their allergy ridden dog in the sunny Southwest.

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    1. 3.75 StarsThis book was about second chances for 1 Love2 Trust3 Having a family 4 LifeMeg s family and town are not exactly fans of Meg Her sibling s may love her and wish her the best but her father certainly doesn t believe she can do anything worth while He doesn t think she can be responsible either Sure Meg gave the town heck with her attitude and pranks growing up, but she deserves a second chance Right Not everyone thinks she does Especially her father and The Three Amigos They all think [...]

    2. This book had it all it was a funny, emotional, heartwarming read with a strong heroine working hard to overcome her past and be a great mom to her adorable daughter, a hunky hero with a heart of gold, and enough crazy characters in the Colorado town of Anderson Butte to keep you laughing all the way Between the humor and the emotion and the twists and secrets and surprises, I honestly could not put this book down.The perfect book to forget all your troubles and get entrenched in the lives of th [...]

    3. Ehh, this type of story and writing just isn t my speed, style, nor taste It s a light, fluffy, ribbons and frills story set around a hefty dose of woe is me over mundane childish antics and the pulling of petals off the daisy He loves me, he loves me not Aside from being boring, it requires you to suspend logic examples Batshit crazy town with way too much unbelievable about it Hey, I ve known you a couple weeks but I think I ll just give you my business Three year absence between MCs where his [...]

    4. As an avid romance reader who starts at 3 stars when a book is average, it s saying something that this one rates a 4 for me The plot here is an interesting one At the outset, we know that Meg is a single mom who s returned to her hometown She is a free spirit whose antics gained her the disdain of most of her small town which is essentially owned and run by her family Her guy Josh has left her as soon as he found out she was pregnant and she s running from him so she won t lose her daughter The [...]

    5. It has to be familyGosh I don t normally read books about adults, tending to stick to NA and YA novels, but I m really glad I gave this one a try It was just so cute I picked it as one of my First Reads for this month and boy don t I love They got so many good books and for someone who travels a lot it s super convent Anyways, back to the review The writing was good It wasn t amazing, but I enjoyed the nice flow of it and the distinct voice of both Josh and Meg I was hooked from the very beginn [...]

    6. You know a book is gonna be great when you are introduced to a gun totting, orthopedic shoe wielding Granny in the first chapter It Had to Be Him is a great mix of romance, second chances, comedy, and a bit of suspense and intrigue thrown in I really enjoyed how the author set the stage from the beginning of the book with Meg s return to town Meg has some major obstacles to overcome with the town s and her family s perception of her due to her actions as a teen The reader is immediately introduc [...]

    7. Loved it First read of this author and fell absolutely in love I like that the heroine isn t perfect and when trouble came around she would run away I liked that she grew up in this book.

    8. Genre Contemporary RomanceStandalone series Stand alone, though I wouldn t be surprised if some of the side charaacters get their own books I sensed a sequel with the introduction of the town dentistCliffhanger view spoiler No hide spoiler Cursing Yes Descriptive Sex view spoiler YEs hide spoiler Descriptive Sex Between H h With OW OM view spoiler No hide spoiler Contains Cheating view spoiler No hide spoiler Amount of Sex In The Book view spoiler A couple of scenes hide spoiler Overall Chemistr [...]

    9. What a pleasure this book was It s the story of Meg, a young woman who raised hell in her youth and made some enemies with long memories in the Colorado resort town that was founded and is now run by her family She returns with her adorable toddler in tow because she s broke and has nowhere else to go Her powerful father pretty much bribes the entire town to make Meg pay for her past transgressions, except for her siblings, who mostly stand by her And yes, I smell sequels with these brothers and [...]

    10. It Had to Be Him was a great, fun and light read When small town gal Meg finds her way home, it s for one reason Not to reconnect with a family she never felt she fit into and certainly not to rebuild her mess of a life No, it s to hideout from the man who knocked her up and broke her heart However, sometimes when hiding from all the things you once wantedyou find all the things you never knew you needed I immediately fell in love with the small town of Anderson Butte The fierce protective atmos [...]

    11. I got this book for free with my Kindle First subscription Meg has a daughter with Josh, but Josh left her a few years ago Now he is looking for her so she goes home to hide, but Josh follows her there Unbeknownst to Meg, Josh is willing to leave his life behind to make their family work, or at least be a part of his daughters life I like Josh s characters, seems like a very stand up guy He does have his sketchy parts, but he has valid reasons for them I feel like Megs character grows a lot in t [...]

    12. Readers who love snappy dialogue, a fast pace, and humor will love this book There are so many funny, yet heartfelt characters, the book brims with their charm There s conflict, but the heroine faces it with self effacing optimism and determination and hope The hero is a charmer that you can t help but root for A book that sweeps the reader along on a fast paced, laugh out loud ride.I received a complimentary copy from the publisher in exchange for an honest review.

    13. Possible SPOILERSThis had a few good twists to it but I m not so sure I like the characters, any of them except Josh and two and a half year old Haley On the other hand I liked the characters a lot It was such a screwy story at times What it amounted to was Meg came back to town, her DICKWAD of a father told the whole town they were not to help Meg in any way, even Meg s brothers and sister, and everyone went for it because dear old dad ran the town Then Meg finds out the family, all of them, li [...]

    14. Darynda Jones meets small town romance And what a romance A secret FBI agent leaves the pregnant love of his life to keep her safe from danger, only to rile her beyond measure when he reappears in her life determined to make it up to her and their adorable two year old Abandonment is no stranger to the family black sheep heroine who grabs the reader s sympathy and keeps them firmly in her camp for the length of the novel She s got guts and courage to spare, and she s the kind of woman we d all l [...]

    15. What a fun book With a zany cast of characters including a gun toting granny, an old handyman named Zeke with a very large crush, a sexy silent sheriff, some catty old high school frenemies, and a diner waitress with quite a hairdo , we are welcomed into the town of Anderson Butte, Colorado, and into the lives of Meg and Josh.Anderson Butte is a good place to run for Meg and Josh, since it s a town that knows how to keep secrets as evident by the way they can pretend there aren t celebrities all [...]

    16. I knew this was going to be a fun story from the very beginning when Meg Anderson returns to Anderson Butte, Colorado, a small town filled with relatives, from the Mayor her father, to the sheriff her brother, and a gun toting grandmother who peppered Meg s behind with buckshot a time or two in the past, things are about to get interesting The best thing in Meg s life is her daughter, Haley Other than that, Meg has managed to make a mess out of just about everything she s touched including her r [...]

    17. Fun story, great narration by Kate Rudd audible review I really enjoyed this story quite a bit It was fast paced and and had some great characters.I really liked Meg and Josh They had some good chemistry together The story line and plot was good I really liked Josh s back story Not going to spoil it here It was good There was a lot of dialogue throughout the entire book Not full of filler nonsense at all There are some great secondary characters too The story flowed very well and was very easy t [...]

    18. It Had to Be Him is a definite Can t Put This One Down romance novel Meg and Josh are a couple you have to root for lovable, flawed, conflicted, believable, honorable, and then some.Baumann s novel packs a punch with unexpected twists, a cast of characters that make you wanna meet them in person the good ones or hope they get their come uppance the bad guys From Meg s grandma to the lovable and ornery Zeke to Meg and Josh s cute little girl Haley, Baumann weaves a tale of love, secrets and mista [...]

    19. Wow It has been a long time since I have picked up a book and couldn t put it down until I turned the last page, literally almost 7 straight hours It made me laugh, and made me cry, then laugh some I love each of the characters, and the subtle lessons throughout.

    20. A warm and interesting story that keeps you wanting to come back for .Every character has a unique personality and the small town atmosphere combined with a story about love and deceit make this a perfect vacation read.

    21. WowNew author for me to read Got this book free through kindle firsts So glad that I did.I thought the book started slow, but I kept with it and oh my, I m glad I did.I won t divulge the plot, but can t wait to read from this amazing author.

    22. This was another Kindle First reads And I don t read romances, but sadly this is the third one from Kindle First There has been very few Kindle First books that weren t Romance in nature, and I have wasted a few months worth of picks because of that This one is significantly better then the other two, however, its saving grace had to be the fact that its a town that sells privacy, serenity, and discretion to the uber wealthy of the world This is a town wide project that fuses capitalism and comm [...]

    23. It Had To Be Him is a small town story with big impact Tamara Baumann s debut novel is a moving tale that will make you laugh out loud and reach for the tissue box Meg is the kind of gal you d want to have a beer with and hang out with just for kicks She has a bad girl history her hometown won t let her live down and a chip on her shoulder as big as all of Colorado, in part due to the guy who knocked her up, then skipped out on her three years ago Swoon worthy Josh knows it s not going to be eas [...]

    24. Thia book was wonderful I cried, I laughed I felt this was a young women who made a lot of mistakes but the one good thing she had was Josh and he left her when she was pregnant, he didn t want to but because of his job he did not want to put her into danger, and when he finds her again she has gone back to her family to find the protection that she needs and her father has everybody that can t help her But she does find out about her grandparents leaving her a house that she can turn into prope [...]

    25. Fantastic debut novel This small town contemporary romance is chock full of secrets, lies, and chocolate mousse pie Anderson Butte is nestled in the Colorado mountains and is a hot spot getaway for some famous Hollywood types, but you won t hear a word of it whispered anywhere in this town A unique cast of townsfolk and their quirky ideas adds tremendous fun to the romantic comedy feel of this book A delightful series of plot twists and unexpected turns kept me guessing throughout this read Ther [...]

    26. What an enjoyable book It was full of such a diverse and interesting cast of characters that really captured small town USA The characters were well developed, as was the plot and setting, and left me yearning for a but of that small town closeness I am torn between giving this 3 or 4 stars although the characters and storyline were well developed, thought out, and relatable, I found the story to lack in the emotional journey The book read like teen fiction using a fake ID to pass as a young adu [...]

    27. I don t often read pure romance novels but this one was free from via BookBub and was set in Colorado I thoroughly enjoyed this book and surprisingly got very involved in the characters lives Of course it had a happy ending after many ups and downs in the relationship between Meg and Josh and followed the romance novel standard plot line So my 5 star rating is comparing it to other romances I ve read not great literature but a fun read in the genre Knowing there is a second book in this series, [...]

    28. Full of intrigue, romance, and a bossy Mayor.A great read Romantic, intriguing with an FBI file, heartache with family and boyfriend, and challenges abound And a wonderful little girl named Haley who would warm anyone s heart So questions are does Megan and Josh get back together for good What part does the FBI play in a small town How does Charlie fit into Josh s life And what about the bossy Mayor Finally whose parents are Megs Lots going on in such a small town Wonderful story.

    29. I died with the cuteness factor in a good way The characters weren t over the top and their insecurities were kept to a minimum I couldn t stop grinning how Josh made his first steps in town nor could I stop reading after that I was too curious about how he ll make his wrongs right One star deduction for the rather abrupt ending Felt like Ms Baumann wanted to move on desperately An epilogue definitely would ve helped avoid that feeling for me But I m definitely going to read of this author.

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