Catch Me

Catch Me A terrifying serial killer who just targets couples and leaves taunting notes for the NYPD signed CATCH ME At a loss police request the help of doctors Jill Raney and David Levine police friends an

  • Title: Catch Me
  • Author: J.A. Schneider
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 345
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • A terrifying serial killer who just targets couples, and leaves taunting notes for the NYPD signed CATCH ME At a loss, police request the help of doctors Jill Raney and David Levine, police friends and detectives on their own Both have helped when cops hands are tied, or in ways that even police forensics never imagined.But this killer, a sharp shooter, is always a stA terrifying serial killer who just targets couples, and leaves taunting notes for the NYPD signed CATCH ME At a loss, police request the help of doctors Jill Raney and David Levine, police friends and detectives on their own Both have helped when cops hands are tied, or in ways that even police forensics never imagined.But this killer, a sharp shooter, is always a step ahead He wears gloves and disguises, shoots victim pairs at random with an unregistered gun, and leaves no physical evidence or eyewitnesses He s enraged to hear that David is also a crack shot, and intrigued with the couple s adopted little son, Jesse, almost one year old, dubbed by the media the miracle baby, and already showing signs that he is as intuitive as his motherThe killer draws closer, gripping New York City and the entire nation in horror, pulling Jill and David into the worst terror they have yet encountered.

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    1. Wheaton College, Norton MA French Lit Major, unofficial minor in Spanish to annoy the French Dept squeezed in Russian SorbonneExchange student in Soviet Union where I got arrested for spreading anti Soviet propaganda ha Caught with friends laughing at their pea green colored water that was the offense four of us arrested Weeks later landed in a Soviet hospital because I fell down a ravine during a hike in the Caucasus Mts near Sochi It wasn t bad Docs in Sochi were nice Former Staffer at Newsweek Magazine Author of Detective Kerri Blasco Police Psychological Thrillers FEAR DREAMS a sensitive woman fears insanity HER LAST BREATH A woman wakes to horror next to a murdered man and can t remember the night before WATCHING YOU A serial killer texts his victims first but how does he get their phone numbers Detective Kerri vows revengehe comes after her SHOELESS CHILD A little boy has seen a horrific murder but is too traumatized to speak Detective Kerri Blasco struggles to connect with himAlso author of the EMBRYO medical thriller series, 6 books Love reading writing especially thrillers Facebook facebook joycehneiTwitter twitter JoyceSchneider1

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    1. The terrified toddler ran whimpering through the bushes in Central Park, covered in blood, hysterical the two police on horseback who spotted him were shocked but even so when they discovered what he was running from The Couples Killer had struck again, but one of the victims was still alive and was transported immediately to Madison Memorial Hospital in the company of her distraught little boy Doctors Jill Raney and David Levine were busy with the usual rush of delivering babies, coping with t [...]

    2. This is the 4th book in the Embryo series It carried on from where book 3 left off Ms Schneider doesn t disappoint with book 4 and makes your heart race from the 1st page to the last.This time someone is killing couples What has it got to do with Jill Raney and David Levine Is there any cause to be concerned for baby Jesse You will find out all the characters are still in this wonderful intriguing and fast paced book.Can t wait to read book 5 Silver Girl and see what antics and heart racing thi [...]

    3. Title Embryo 4 Catch MeAuthor J.A SchneiderPublisher J.A.S R.G.S.Series Embryo 4Reviewed By Arlena DeanRating 5Review Embryo 4 Catch Me by J.A Schneider.Book Description A terrifying serial killer who just targets couples, and leaves taunting notes for the NYPD signed CATCH ME At a loss, police request the help of doctors Jill Raney and David Levine, police friends and detectives on their own Both have helped when cops hands are tied, or in ways that even police forensics never imagined.But this [...]

    4. I saw this book on Twitter, the unusual covers in the Embryo series caught my eye Even though I don t normally read thrillers, the reviews were fantastic, so I thought what have I got to lose Just sleep.This book kept me up past midnight, the action is non stop and the story intense from the first pages Loved the characters but what really struck me was the skillful juxtaposition of good and evil throughout the book, embodied in doctors Jill Raney and David Levine, their amazing son Jesse and a [...]

    5. Jill and David are back Just about time for Jesse s first birthday and the media are at it again They want to see how Jesse is doing after his first year He is advanced in some areas and quite normal in others Jill is worried trouble will start again She and David have done everything they can to keep life normal Someone else has other ideas though A man is killing couples and trying to entice Jill and David to get involved What can they do when a patient is part of the killers plans I am such a [...]

    6. Sometimes a book is a five star read because you start reading and just can t put it down It may not go down in history, but it took you for a ride, got your adrenalin flowing, and left you satisfied at the end That s how I would describe the Embryo series by J A Schneider All the clich s come to mind can t look away train wreck accident waiting to happen These books are quick reads because everything about them, except the story, is known We all watch television we all read books We re hip to t [...]

    7. I purchased my copy of Embryo 4 Catch Me the minute that I received notification that it was available, started reading it that night and finished it within 24 hours I LOVED it This is such a brilliant series I have followed the characters from the beginning and feel like they re old friends now.The author writes in a fast paced, fun, intriguing way that pulls the reader right into the story Chapters are short which makes you keen to keep on reading until you reach the conclusion.I loved watchin [...]

    8. Hard to put this one down The Couples Killer was deviating from his previous murders He shot and killed a man and only wounded the woman with him Then he changed his m.o again Why What changed Now he s stalking David and Jill Who was this man What set him off and what did he want Thrilling and action packed.

    9. EnjoyableI have read this series through and have enjoyed them all Looking forward to seeing Jesse grow up and what his future holds.

    10. I liked this book until I got to the end It was too predictable that it would happen that way I have seen it too often in various tv programs Now this was the first Embryo book I read, so I was not aware of the main characters, their capabilities and relationships, nor the baby who obviously has an unusual development There was a lot of background information missing that I am sure would have helped a lot in understanding how two doctors had such firearm capabilities that they could aid in the a [...]

    11. Excellent written book.Very well written book about how things work in the hospital The characters just get better as the goes on.

    12. Embryo 4 Catch Me is probably my favorite out of the four books in the series I have read so far.David and Jill have adopted the embryo baby Jesse and it s almost his first birthday The hospital is planning a special conference to have the doctors who reacted with Jesse while he was still in his artificial womb explain all the ways he responded And those who met Jesse shortly after he was born will get to see him again.David and Jill are very protective of him David wants the public to know that [...]

    13. Embryo 4 continues the story of Jill and David and is just as action packed and thrilling as the first three There is a new killer out there, the couples killer as he strikes down couples Jill and David get pulled into the case when a pregnant woman, and victim of the couple s killer survives I continue to be impressed at the unique story line and the amazing character development I remember reading the first book and watching Jill and David s relationship just developing and now here they are, [...]

    14. This is the first one in this series that makes me classify it as slightly scifi Although the circumstances of Jesse s existence were always a bit scifi ish, they weren t so far beyond the scope of what science can do today view spoiler in fact, I wouldn t be surprised to find out that research is being done into ways for embryos to be grown in a fake womb And up until now, the claims of the crazy doctor who created Jesse regarding how he manipulated Jesse s genes to make him immune to disease a [...]

    15. I have been privileged to have been asked to review all 4 of the Embryo books Book 4 continues the action Jill and David once again help the police catch a killer This time the killer is taunting David to Catch Me Little Jesse is turning one during all this We have watched him grow Ms Schneiders writing draws you into the action You can imagine yourself as a bystander watching Jill and David play with Jesse, just itching to get your hands on him You feel David s tension as Jill is out on the str [...]

    16. Jesse the baby that was grown and farmed in a fake womb is about to celebrate his birthday with a big conference and party with doctor s coming from around the world Jill and David are not happy about it, but they know scientifically necessary to parade Jesse in front of the world before they can celebrate his birthday in their little family The reader sees of Jesse s development Their hospital jobs as doctors bring them in to the sphere of a killer The Couple killer sees David and Jill and wan [...]

    17. Catch Me Embryo A Raney Levine Thriller, Book 4 by J.A Schneider Catch Me Embryo A Raney Levine Thriller, Book 4 by J.A Schneider is about the Couples Killer as the press called a serial killer who taunted the police with notes left at the scene David Levine Jill Raney are well developed characters They have helped when the police have been at a loss They have been targeted by this disguised killer it s a race against time to catch him before he kills one of them This is an intense suspense fill [...]

    18. A sniper is killing couples and leaving taunting notes for the NYPD saying, Catch Me The killer then focuses on Doctors Jill Raney and David Levine, and their adopted son Jesse, the Miracle Baby.When the killer shoots a pregnant Iraq war vet, killing her unborn child, the case becomes personal for Jill and David, and they are determined to get him But, will he get them first Embryo 4 Catch Me by J A Schneider is a horrific tale of a demented man who kills for sport, and a family determined to en [...]

    19. Ms Schneider doesn t disappoint with the fourth book in the Embryo series A killer is targeting couples and one of the victims becomes their patient As the police are trying to solve the case, they ask Jill and David to help Next thing they know the killer wants to play a game of Catch Me with them As their adopted son, Jesse s first birthday approaches, the media is anxiously waiting to see him and how he is growing Being in the spotlight again only adds to the game for the killer An exciting r [...]

    20. Embryo 4 reminded me a lot of Embryo 2 Psychotic serial murderer takes aim at Jill and David We hear too much about what he is thinking, which is basically disturbed ravings Some of the characters residents McIntyre, Greenberg, and Chitara as well as some of the cops are not well developed and are basically indistinguishable from one another Jill, David, Jesse, and Beth the primary victim du jour are superb, however Schneider is a phenomenal writer and this book was definitely worth a few hours [...]

    21. Drs Raney and Levine are back in action They have been thrust into the Couples Killer s sites when an intended victim is sent to their hospital Jesse s first birthday is rapidly approaching with much anticipation and fanfare.An exciting, action packed narrative drives readers and characters through multi layered mysteries and interpersonal relationships Colorful descriptions allow scenes and interactions to be pictured.Characters continue to develop individually and with each other in this story [...]

    22. FantasticI have read all of the Embryo books so far and love them them all Reasons it s very medical, meaning, you go into detail on procedures and surgeries which is great for those of us with med backgrounds, and yet not boring for those without the character building is excellent to the point that you feel as if you ve known the main one s as friends As a result, you have a marvelous book once again Thank you.

    23. This book did not disappoint It didn t go into medical procedures as much as the initial books but focused on the story of a man on a mission The Couples Killer bent on becoming a media sensation the world would not forget However, things did not turn out as he had hoped which provides the basis for the story.I lost sleep again reading this book and will be reading the fifth book of the series in the very near future I look forward to reading other stories by this author as well.

    24. Just keeps getting better.In book 4 you meet an interactive Jessie who is still the Apple of everyone s eye David and Jill are now married and the adoptive parents of Jessie They find themselves drawn into another race to find a serial killer who seems to have made David his focus Tight and fast paced race against time to solve another puzzle for these 2 physicians detective duo.I am looking forward to Book 5.

    25. Reading this book was like visiting old friends The main characters in this series are so well developed Jill and David are young doctors and the parents of miracle baby Jesse The perfect beautiful family, until once again, Jill and David find themselves in the scope of a crazed killer.I definitely recommend this series to anyone looking for a great read Can t wait to read from this author.

    26. I must say I enjoyed this one much than book 1 My review of the first was a bit scathing, sorry about that BUT I loved Embryo 4 so much real edge of your seat action I didn t bother with 2 or 3 but I will definitely be getting 5, after reading the first part at the end of this one Looks amazing Other reviewers say you must read all books in order I disagree no disconnects for me.

    27. My reviewWithout a doubt the best book in the series thus farMore malice, evil, better character formation due to natural time progression.A fast pace, a nice twist and tension enought to carry you through a thunderstorm with no powerI am a big fan of this author and getting to be a bigger and bigger fan after every completed book.WaAr

    28. Killer who constantly changed his identityA very fast paced intriguing book Killer involved doctors and police Their lives interrupted not knowing when he would kill again In constant fear for their lives and their children He was determined to kill these people as he had a sick mind Kept me in suspense Highly recommend this book.

    29. Good lightweight thrillerI haven t come across Raney and Levine before so went into book 4 cold turkey A lot of characters to keep track off and it stretched my belief that the police would let hospital staff interfere so much The final attack was telegraphed so much that it spoilt any element of surprise.


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