Blackness Within

Blackness Within Fighting to find his worthy place in life This is the story of a woman that has worked tirelessly to build her own life from nothing While the task has been exhaustive it s been worth every drop of s

  • Title: Blackness Within
  • Author: Norma Jeanne Karlsson
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  • Page: 147
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  • Fighting to find his worthy place in life This is the story of a woman that has worked tirelessly to build her own life from nothing While the task has been exhaustive, it s been worth every drop of sweat to earn her own slice of normal Natasha Reynolds has built a life beyond an absent mother and a drug addict brother to become a home owning, dog loving nurse But noFighting to find his worthy place in life This is the story of a woman that has worked tirelessly to build her own life from nothing While the task has been exhaustive, it s been worth every drop of sweat to earn her own slice of normal Natasha Reynolds has built a life beyond an absent mother and a drug addict brother to become a home owning, dog loving nurse But no matter how much distance she puts between the present and her past, she always finds herself dealing with the messes of those she loves Once again, a hasty decision to save her beloved brother s life has put Natasha in peril With nowhere to turn, she goes to the only place she has left.Brian O Sullivan.He s an attorney, a ladies man and nothing but trouble Natasha has spent two and a half years avoiding Brian s smoldering grin and his smooth pickup lines While he spends his days in courtrooms and suits, Brian would much rather be bloodying his knuckles and relishing in the crushing of bones In order to help Natasha, he will have to be both the professional and the fighter As Brian demolishes opponents, Natasha will struggle to hang onto her life They will be ripped apart by the evil underbelly of the crime world and wage a war to escape the blackness within it that threatens to swallow them whole.

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      Norma Jeanne Karlsson

    About Author

    1. Originally from Kansas City, Missouri, Norma Jeanne recently found herself relocating to the United Kingdom Now living in Belfast, she took hold of the opportunity to kick the 9 5 job for a chance to become an author The best part working from her home office, she gets to spend time with her cast of crazy characters written and real In her free time Norma Jeanne is a voracious reader and consumes books as readily as meals She is a people watcher by nature and uses her experiences in life, observed or otherwise, to build the worlds and characters that thrive in her books A believer in the strength of the human spirit, Norma Jeanne writes the stories of people that persevere when all appears to be lost.

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    1. I have to go read the rest of the books that I bought so I ll do a full review later, I loved it

    2. I was graciously gifted a copy for a review.This series is a MUST READ Keeps getting better with each one.Natasha has always puts others before herself Growing up thru hell, she s grown into the woman she is today She welcomes babies into the world and worked hard to get where she s at.Having Blake as her only family, she d give her life for his.However Blake s been causing mayhem, digging his own grave.Sully is tender, sweet and loves with his whole heart.A lawyer by day and a sexy, street figh [...]

    3. Bit disappointedSo, through the first 70% of this book I was so utterly disappointed The heroines in this series are usually really strong, Badass Independent women I get that Nat is that AS Well to a point but to me sige just reminded me of the typical heroine in every other romance Novel And Can I just say HATE the f Stockholm Syndrome That s just don t fly Well with me.The Reason Why this gets 3 Stars instead of 2 is because of all the other characters, cause this was by far the weakest book [...]

    4. WOW This series has everything a story should have I laughed, I cried, I loved with every one of the characters in this series Emotions will have a roller coaster ride Shannon, Kid , has what every girl dreams of, family that love her, protect her, hold her, sleep with her, support her, give her everything she needs with out asking This unconventional family will draw you right into their lives There s suspense, mystery, love, grief and a lot of laughs Love comes knocking at the door, along with [...]

    5. Um this book was alright I didn t read the other books in the series so I m not sure if each book is a standalone or not To me it seemed like there was a love triangle going on and I seriously hate those, there s Sully, I noticed you were admiring my hardwood I start to compliment his floors when I get his joke Then there s Roman, would you like Doctor Hassan to administer another I would like to have a baby with you The idea of you carrying my childI like the image of your body growing with my [...]

    6. Another awesome must read from the riveting Blackness Series as were the first 4 books Contemporary romantic suspense fiction at it s best Prepare to become addicted like I am This amazing author creates the best characters you will love others you ll love to hate There are hot sexy scenes, tons of action and plenty of twists turns that will keep you guessing, enthralled turning pages

    7. Since reading Into the Blackness and Blackness Awaits, the first two books in The Blackness series, I was addicted to the characters and the storyline I couldn t read the pages fast enough and hated to put my Kindle down The characters stayed on my mind for days, and I couldn t help but think about the story I loved books 3 and 4 also, but now with Blackness Within, I get to know about Brian O Sullivan s story He has fascinated me from the beginning and I was happy to see if his man whoring way [...]

    8. I fell in love with this author and series a while back Each time I pick up the latest book in this series, I prepare myself for an epic journey with these characters You will find a family made by life circumstance and by choice Some will be connected by blood, others by marriage but all will be loyal and devoted to each other out of love and they find themselves in situations that could kill damage or destroy what they have created, but you will never find them turning their backs on each othe [...]

    9. Brian O Sullivan is by day a lawyer and at when not working anything but the perfect guy He loves to fight, loves to be with many women and is not looking for anything long term He has never had a woman he wanted to keep When he meets Natasha he wants her but she turns him down For years he has spent trying to get close to her She keeps him intrigued like no other has When her dope addicted brother lands her in a mess she turns for help and he is there to help her Natasha has tried to stay out o [...]

    10. I received this book free from the author in exchange for an honest review The Blackness Series is incredible The stories are layered so it s like you get multiple books in one and you can t help but be glued to the pages There s action and suspense with a mixture of family and love You get the mob style hold your breath moments that ll have you on the edge of your seat But better yet you get the love so deep he ll do anything to get her back moments that warm your heart.Natasha just wanted a si [...]

    11. I got this book as a Advance Copy For a Honest review I have to say that this surprised me As, fight, mobsters books are something I rarely read, it was a slow start I struggled to start reading this, but once I past the history part, which made me feel like it was stifled, just something off I wanted to shut the book and forget it.Then I got into the guts of the story it started to make sense To draw me into the book so I felt like I was right there watching every single thing happen It gives a [...]

    12. This was a great book Natasha is a woman whom has been fighting to make her own way in the world while being tied down by her drug addict brother and dysfunctional mother Just by chance she meets Brian O Sullivan at the hospital she works in as a labor delivery nurse He is there with members of his tight nit family He is everything she knows she needs to avoid cocky, dominate, and womanizing Each time they meet she avoids the temptation that he awakens within her by reminding herself how much sh [...]

    13. This book was awesome as the whole Blackness series is Book 5 takes it up a notch if that s even possible I can not even BEGIN to tell you how excited I am for Blackness Within This is Sully s story One of the three major men that have been in Kid s life And Sully doesn t disappoint.As with all stories in the series, this one intensifies the heat and blackness that surrounds Sully.Sully has been trying to make Natasha one of his randoms for about three years She always rejects him with grace, no [...]

    14. This has to be both the worst and the best book in the series view spoiler The worst because while in all the stories there is a sickeningly horrible event that our h or H has to suffer through, and often than once in the book, in this one the sickeningly horrible event was probably the worst I have ever read I think what got me the most was that her own body and mind betray her, it was to save her life of course, I don t think she would have survived if it hadn t nearly convinced her that she [...]

    15. Will O Sullivan and Natasha Find Each Other in The Blackness Within The Blackness Within is Norma Jeanne Karlsson s 5th book in her The Blackness Series This was my first read in the series hey, you have to start somewhere and after experiencing some initial confusion about who was who and what was going on, I came to really appreciate this extended family of blood and non blood relatives who care deeply for and take care of one another.The Blackness Within is the story of Brian O Sullivan, a la [...]

    16. Can I just start by saying, Wow I totally didn t expect this book I spotted it on Net Galley as a newly added book available for request I though it sounded interesting but was afraid to request it since it was book 5 in a series I checked out the series and decided to try the first book I was completely hooked and read the first four books this past weekend I should probably say devoured rather than read, because that s what I truly did Every single book had aspects which really threw me for a [...]

    17. ARC courtesy of Netgalleyi must admit that I did not read the first 4 books in this series While it is not really necessary, I regret it because now I want to know the background of the other members of the family I am sold on this series and will without doubt get the previous books I was really surprised with the storyline It was not predictable at all The characters did not react the way I thought they would Especially Natasha I do not want to give away the plot but, her character was amazing [...]

    18. I spent a life being fed violent dreams I am no longer being fed violent dreams I m now surviving a nightmare At the beginning of the book til about 50% in I really liked where the character development was heading Though to be honest I was a little annoyed with both Natasha and Brian, but never enough that it took away from the book I definitely think I liked how the other female characters were badass, but Natasha was amazing in her own right I loved how adaptable she was to any situations an [...]

    19. I was gifted this book for an honest review by author Norma Jeanne Karlsson This is book 5 of the Blackness series by the author Natasha Reynolds has had a hard life always doing whatever it took to get through things and try to make her life better for herself Brian O Sullivan is a hard hitting lawyer and a ladies man who loves to fight He finds Natasha intriguing and wants to get to know her better but she shoots him down and will not give into her feelings to easily.I have read the other 4 bo [...]

    20. Loved this book This book is absolutely amazing This book is so unpredictable, honestly all of the books in this series is unpredictable and that is what I love most about this series It took a while for it to all come together but once Sully officially claimed Natasha his love was so unconditional I wasn t sure if he had it in him Natasha is strong she completely different from Kid Kat and Quinn but she s a survivor and she s loyal I will say Roman and Natasha s relationship surprised me, but h [...]

    21. Another great read about Kid and her protectors I am happy to see some of the bachelor s for life finding true love and settling down I was on the same emotional roller coaster as the characters It was a ride I did not expect the villain to be who it was though, which was nice When I was reading near the end I did not realize I was almost done and yelled at the book for being over I cannot wait to read about this unconventional and unconditional family.

    22. I m not exactly sure what to write for this review I will start out by saying that I love this series and this author This book was especially dark, which is to be expected with the theme of the series To put it plainly, this book had a lot of fucked up parts Like really fucked up But I m hoping that I will enjoy the next installments , because I m dying to read them I m hoping to read both Aidan s and Sawyer and Mia s stories in the near future.

    23. 5 stars I read this series as a whole and must say each book gets truly better you feel for each character and you truly need and I can t wait Each character and all the secondary characters come to mean something and they also are entwined within this family I loved it and I will recommend it to all

    24. Worth Fighting ForYupThis is another well written story The series is excellent The read is action packed from start to finish You get pulled into the story, you find yourself laughing and crying with the characters Hoping that things work out the way you want them to be If you like thrilling hot reads then this is the book for you Enjoy, I did.

    25. I LOVE THIS FAMILY They all pull together with no questions and back each other up This one was a bit darker than the others but Sully is awesome The depth of his feelings and his desire to save Natasha is inspiring I really like the potential for stories about this family in the younger kids and Im still waiting for Kav and Cal to meet their matches.

    26. Love it I absolutely love this series I can not wait to read the rest of the series that goes into the Cooper Brothers Norma Jeanne Karlsson just became one of my favorite authors

    27. Yet another rollercoaster ride Norma Jeanne Karlsson doesn t disappoint I was so pulled into this book, I laughed, had tears, even cursed a few times Great addition to the series.

    28. Loved this series I enjoyed being able to hear the story of all the fascinating characters you are introduced to Such an amazing unconventional family that no matter what life hands them they stick by each other Must read.

    29. This book was grittier than the others in the series but that s great as didn t follow a defined pattern as sometimes happens by book 5 in a series I loved this couple and can t wait to read

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