Sparrow Rock - Der schleichende Tod

Sparrow Rock Der schleichende Tod Eigentlich will Sue mit ihren Schulfreunden nur eine wilde Party im Bunker ihres paranoiden Gro vaters feiern Doch dann erhellen Pilze einer Atomexplosion die Nacht Ist es wirklich nur Zufall dass si

  • Title: Sparrow Rock - Der schleichende Tod
  • Author: Nate Kenyon
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 130
  • Format: Paperback
  • Eigentlich will Sue mit ihren Schulfreunden nur eine wilde Party im Bunker ihres paranoiden Gro vaters feiern Doch dann erhellen Pilze einer Atomexplosion die Nacht Ist es wirklich nur Zufall, dass sie sich zum Zeitpunkt der Katastrophe ausgerechnet in einem Bunker aufhalten Und was lauert in der Dunkelheit der alten Felsen auf sie Schrittweise kommen die Freunde der WEigentlich will Sue mit ihren Schulfreunden nur eine wilde Party im Bunker ihres paranoiden Gro vaters feiern Doch dann erhellen Pilze einer Atomexplosion die Nacht Ist es wirklich nur Zufall, dass sie sich zum Zeitpunkt der Katastrophe ausgerechnet in einem Bunker aufhalten Und was lauert in der Dunkelheit der alten Felsen auf sie Schrittweise kommen die Freunde der Wahrheit n her Die wahre Katastrophe hat schon viel fr her begonnen Horrorreview Sparrow Rock ist ein Buch, das wirklich in deinen Kopf eindringt Kenyon gelingt mit Romanen, was Hitchcock mit Filmen schafft Ein unvergleichlicher Endzeit Thriller Shroud Magazine Kenyon baut nicht nur gekonnt Spannung auf, sondern schafft auch Figuren, mit denen der Leser wirklich mitfiebert.

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    1. Nate Kenyon s latest novel is the techno thriller Day One Thomas Dunne St Martins Press Booklist gave it a starred review, calling it exciting and inventive Library Journal called it a must and Kenyon s scariest to date Kenyon grew up in a small town in Maine His first novel, Bloodstone, received raves from places as varied as Library Journal, Fangoria, Publishers Weekly, about, Cemetery Dance and The Romance Studio, and praise from authors such as Brian Keene, Tim Lebbon, Douglas Clegg, Mort Castle and Rick Hautala Bloodstone was a Bram Stoker Award finalist and and PE Novel of the Year Award winner It was released in paperback from Leisure Books.Nate s second novel, The Reach, received a starred review from Publishers Weekly, which called it superb The Reach is in development as a major motion picture His third novel, The Bone Factory, and his science fiction novella, Prime, were released in 2009 The Bone Factory was called masterful by Booklist, and Shroud Magazine called Prime a blistering, fast paced tale Nate s fourth novel SPARROW ROCK was also optioned for film He has written the novel StarCraft Ghost Spectres, based on the bestselling videogame by Blizzard and published by Pocket Books, and Diablo The Order, also based on a Blizzard game and published by Gallery Books.Nate is one of four authors featured in the Dark Arts Books anthology When the Night Comes Down, March 2010.Nate s dark fiction stories have appeared in various magazines such as Shroud and The Belletrist Review, and in the horror anthologies Terminal Frights, Northern Haunts, Legends of the Mountain State, and Monstrous, among others Kenyon has worked at the Brookline Public Library in Brookline, Mass and the Boston College Law School as their Director of Marketing Communications He is a member of the Horror Writers Association and International Thriller Writers.

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    1. When I first started this novel, I thought it was just going to be another apocalyptic novel like Domain by James Herbert This is absolutely not a bad thing I love apocalyptic stuff, but Kenyon takes the apocalypse to a new level of horror The nuclear blasts are just the beginning For a group of friends in their late teens, luck could not have been kinder to them, for they had decided to get high in a bomb shelter when all hell breaks loose Then, things start to get very strange and unexpected T [...]

    2. This was an amazing book Post apocalyptic fiction at its finest and horror at its most terrifying There was just an intense unstoppable dread throughout the whole story as it sped toward its inevitable resolution Terrific character development, great pacing Couldn t put this book down and as a result now I m out of Kenyon books to read This is an immensely talented writer, I highly recommend his work in general and this book in particular.

    3. OH MY GOD I wouldn t lessen this book by using only the short hand version I received my free book what else Sparrow Rock , earlier this evening and just got finished with it It was phenomenal to say the least Except for stopping for supper which I ate at my computer and a bathroom break, I couldn t stop reading it I absolutely LOVED it The plot line only stopped long enough for you to catch your breath before it hit you with another surprise I kept my hand over my open mouth the majority of the [...]

    4. WOW, what can I say I enjoyed this book, it was a super read Good characters, good plot, original, scary, shocking.I love this genre and I love Nate Kenyon If you crave good horror, read this book Funny, scary, thoughtful, tight You want to read this book

    5. SPOILERS Summary Review Sparrow Rock is a mixture of horror combined with a coming of age story To me, the central theme is Peter s personal growth, in the backdrop of the massive destruction of mankind by a Nazi type group seeking human cleansing in order to rebuild the superior race This involves using nanotechnology to create smart insects that takes over bodies I was expecting one horrifying event after another in this postapocalyptic horror As a pleasant surprise, I find that it is mainly a [...]

    6. First off let me say that I really wanted to love this book because I got it free from the author like a lot of other people.That said I have to say that I only thought it OK.I have a hard time caring for characters who I don t really like very much and I didn t like the main character much.Yes,at times,I did feel compassion for him because of what he went through with his family before the big event but that doesn t mean that I thought he was a very worthwhile individual.And the big Oh.So that [...]

    7. Pete and his high school friends are looking for a place to party One of he girls in the group, Sue, suggests that they use her grandpa s newly built bomb shelter She knows the code to get in Once inside, a thunderous noise from the outside shakes the shelter As Pete looks out of the hatch to see what the commotion is, mushroom clouds fill the horizon and the nightmare begins Sparrow Rock is an emotionally charged entertaining read It s strength is its realistic and flawed characters that are de [...]

    8. Sparrow Rock, in this age where dystopian novels are popping up every day, isn t very original, but it s still a very entertaining and intriguing novel for the most part.

    9. Sparrow Rock is a post apocalyptic tale that incorporates a nuclear attack and a biologically enhanced second wave I ve read a few post apocalyptic books and this one seems to capture the essence of what it would be like given the circumstances.The characters are teens who go off to get stoned in the newly finished bomb shelter The parents of one of the teens had it built If fate was a lottery, these kids hit big at least to begin with They close the hatch and wait it out for a month In that tim [...]

    10. I read and enjoyed Nate Kenyon s Sparrow Rock Maybe after reading John Ajvide Lindqvist s Let the Right One In, and Mark Z Danielewski s House of Leaves, I have come to expect much from the horror genre than another horror pulp I do find them addictive like Brian Greene and could see the appeal of being told what to feel and think in books like his and Nate s Right now, it seems that he relies on the side twist plot of the narrator s mental illness and hallucinations, and the fear of the return [...]

    11. I was lucky enough to be offered a free copy of this author s book and I m pleased to say I ve enjoyed it Sparrow Rock is the story of a group of teens suddenly facing first a nuclear blast and then a terrible second wave while living in a bomb shelter Suddenly faced with a post apocalyptic world literal minutes or hours after settling into one of the girls grandfathers shelter the group goes through a great deal of stress and anxiety as they attempt to understand what s going on Unaware of the [...]

    12. Pete, Jimmie, Dan Tessa, Big Sue and Jay are good friends They all take off in Jimmie s car for Sparrow Island They arrive at Big Sue s Grandpa s cabin Suddenly out of no where the building shakes In the sky are bright lights The gang thinks it is a nuclear blast They seal themselves down in the basement Days go by Then when the gang thinks it might be safe, they hear a starching noise There is a tunnel and inside the tunnel are rats One of the rats attacks Jimmie Jay was scratched during his an [...]

    13. After reading the first view pages I was not very enthusiastic to continue reading The plot sounded too familiar and used to me But, as a rule, I read every book to its end, and Sparrow Rock is one of those books that reward the effort and get better with every turned page Step by step, the story reveals depth and complexity and proves that it is far than your average day after monster horror scenario As we get familiar and sympathetic with the narrator, his background, his thoughts and feeli [...]

    14. Very quick, enjoyable read left me wanting Is there going to be a sequel I certainly hope so My only gripe is that the cast of characters are teenagers, but that s a personal bias of mine and has nothing to do with the author Very well written, I never suspected the twist at the end, which was quite refreshing With a little meat I would have rated this higher I give it a 3.5 stars I highly recommend this author and look forward to reading his other books.

    15. Spooky, Creepy and Surprising end of the world horror read I thoroughly enjoyed reading this story from an author I have never read It had everything you can think of in a horror book and then some It was an actual story with a past, present and future mixed in with it I had to put it down at 2 in the morning only because the benadryl I took earlier wiped me out Horror fans will love this book A

    16. Sparrow Rock is a tale of survival with some creepy twists and turns A group of high school friends have survived nuclear war in a high tech bomb shelter and encounter many surprises along the way I thought I had this book figured out but then the story took a twist that was unexpected This is a really good, highly suspenseful horror novel.

    17. I really, really enjoyed this book I love the apocalyptic genre and Sparrow Rock exceeded my expectations It has everything deep characters, believable dialogue, a great story line, a nice surprise, a sprinkling of horror elements, and the perfect ending.

    18. Eclipse Limited Hardcover 7 from Bad Moon Books.100 numbered hardcover copies26 Lettered copies All Signed by the author.Cover and Illustrations by Zach McCain.This is copy number 2.

    19. As a Scotsman I love a freebie So it was with the same gusto as an Aberdonian at a wedding scramble that I picked up Sparrow Rock the fourth leisure release by Nate Kenyon He was giving away free PDF s of this book to stir up interest in it, by asking those who took a copy to publish a review Hopefully for him this has paid off and brought in may new readers, certainly the buzz doing the rounds on the message boards I frequent is very positive and the review from my favourite and most trusted bl [...]

    20. 4 AND 1 2 STARS Sparrow Rock is one of top releases in horror for 2010 It has crawled its way into my top 5 books for the year and is, so far, the crowning achievement of author Nate Kenyon While Kenyon s past work was always technically well written, I always thought his weakness was the story, which for me, is the most important I was thrilled to discover that the story of Sparrow Rock succeeded on almost every level With tremendous conviction, originality, and chock full of scares, author Ken [...]

    21. Post apocalyptic novels have come a long ways since the 50s and 60s The writer can no longer get away with just one of two nuclear bombs In the early 60s we were naive The schools were still teaching duck and cover when On The Beach, Fail Safe and Alas Babylon were published Nowadays those novels seems as naive as duck and cover Little did we know that we really should be worrying about zombie epidemics, bio chemical holocausts, and mind controlling insects.Nat Kenyon s Sparrow Rock starts out l [...]

    22. Sparrow Rock was a fascinating read Much of the brilliance of it comes undeniably from the gung ho writing style Without hesitation, Nate Kenyon manages to pull readers into the story from the first sentence, creating a sense of intrigue and mystery right from the start.As the story unfolds, Kenyon keeps throwing new little tidbits in the mix the become increasingly creepier, creating a brooding atmosphere of doom and inevitability that will give you chills.With characters that are tangible and [...]

    23. This was a very good and fast read As you have seen from other reviews and the cover synopsis, this is about a group of teens looking for a place to party and end up in one of their grandfather s bomb shelter.As luck would have it, nuclear war wipes out North America and it seems these kids are the lone survivors There are other dangers besides fallout, though, as we soon discover.Kenyon shows he s got it There s tension and the storyline is strung along through chapters that end with forecasts [...]

    24. This is an excellent story of the dystopian future from the point of view of a young survivor.The tale of survival and goal setting is fantastic The characters are well drawn, especially the central character This character has than their share of flaws, and dramatic events to bring out a true nature.The mechanism of the apocalyptic events is very interesting I liked the problems that it posed for will enjoy this story if you like stories about zombies, dystopian future, survival, [...]

    25. Sparrow Rock is one part Stephen King s Stand By Me, one part Nevil Shute s On the Beach, and definitely a haunted house story for the Apocalypse This is a must read that surely will be added to the lists of the best Post Apocalypse novels.Whether download or print, this is a book for that great summer read at the beach.

    26. WOW Thank you for bringing the thriller genre back I greately enjoyed this book, Fantstic Awesome characters and plot, well developed Thank you Nate for resorting my faith in thrillers, can t wait to read other books by you

    27. This was a really good story Was not what I was expecting which was a nice surprise I loved the suspense and gore The twist at the end.I did not see coming I really liked Tessa too All the bugs were a little over the top Hence a 4 star rating versus a 5 star rating.

    28. Wow My favorite Nate Kenyon book had been The Reach As I said, had been Sparrow Rock is amazing It is one of those books you wish would never end.

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