Flying At Night: Poems 1965-1985

Flying At Night Poems Named U S Poet Laureate for Ted Kooser is one of America s masters of the short metaphorical poem Dana Gioia has remarked that Kooser has written perfect poems than any poet of his generati

  • Title: Flying At Night: Poems 1965-1985
  • Author: Ted Kooser
  • ISBN: 9780822958772
  • Page: 226
  • Format: Paperback
  • Named U.S Poet Laureate for 2004 2006, Ted Kooser is one of America s masters of the short metaphorical poem Dana Gioia has remarked that Kooser has written perfect poems than any poet of his generation.In Flying at Night Poems 1965 1985, Kooser has selected poems from two of his earlier works, Sure Signs and One World at a Time 1985 Taken together or read one aNamed U.S Poet Laureate for 2004 2006, Ted Kooser is one of America s masters of the short metaphorical poem Dana Gioia has remarked that Kooser has written perfect poems than any poet of his generation.In Flying at Night Poems 1965 1985, Kooser has selected poems from two of his earlier works, Sure Signs and One World at a Time 1985 Taken together or read one at a time, these poems clearly show why William Cole, writing in the Saturday Review, called Ted Kooser a wonderful poet, and why Peter Stitt, writing in the Georgia Review, proclaimed him a skilled and cunning writer An authentic poet of the American people.

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    1. Ted Kooser lives in rural Nebraska with his wife, Kathleen, and three dogs He is one of America s most noted poets, having served two terms as U S Poet Laureate and, during the second term, he won the Pulitzer Prize for Poetry for his collection, DELIGHTS SHADOWS He is a retired life insurance executive who now teaches part time at the University of Nebraska in Lincoln The school board in Lincoln, Nebraska, recently opened Ted Kooser Elementary School, which Ted says is his greatest honor, among many awards and distinctions He has published twelve collections of poetry and three nonfiction books Two of the latter are books on writing, THE POETRY HOME REPAIR MANUAL and WRITING BRAVE AND FREE, and a memoir, LIGHTS ON A GROUND OF DARKNESS all from University of Nebraska Press BAG IN THE WIND from Candlewick is his first children s book, with which he is delighted It s wonderful, Ted said, to be writing for young people I am reinventing myself at age 70.

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    1. Abandoned FarmhouseTed KooserHe was a big man, says the size of his shoeson a pile of broken dishes by the house a tall man too, says the length of the bedin an upstairs room and a good, God fearing man,says the Bible with a broken backon the floor below the window, dusty with sun but not a man for farming, say the fieldscluttered with boulders and the leaky barn.A woman lived with him, says the bedroom wallpapered with lilacs and the kitchen shelvescovered with oilcloth, and they had a child,sa [...]

    2. Rereading the poems of Ted Kooser is always a pleasure Deceptively simple, they are loaded with implication Kooser is a master of the surprising metaphor and simile that always seem inevitable.Another reread Kooser is a master of the brief poem and the amazing simile and metaphor Reading his work is a joy.

    3. Kooser is something of a similar poet to Billy Collins for me in that I d definitely say he is a talented and eloquent, but as far as interesting goes, it s only half of the time Long story short because my last review didn t save apparently Kooser needs to improve on subject matter The man s imagery is superb and I ll give props to anyone that can write a short poem without making it feel like a collection of unfinished fragments or open ended nonsense, but his writing doesn t quite soar when h [...]

    4. like the thin gray scarves of immigrants standing in line, hands in their pockets, cold fingers pinching the lint of their stories Thus Ted Kooser interweaves metaphor within metaphor, image within image, in this fine selection of poetry from 20 years of writing His writing is lucid and simple, but beautiful and evocative There are no sour notes, no tones of presumption or artificial distancing through obfuscation here The dog gets stiffly up and limps away, seeking a quiet spot at the heart of [...]

    5. I d read a few of Kooser s poems in collections and his craft focused poetry writing book The Poetry Home Repair Manual Practical Advice for Beginning Poets I highly recommend the writing book So I came to this collection with high expectations of that kind that can leave a person quite disappointed But not this time Kooser clearly takes his own advice to write a poem as a way of communicating as clearly as possible, to write poems as invited guests of their readers Clarity and earnestness are e [...]

    6. The poet is a master of the short poem Often, in other poets, I would liked to have them go long instead of short But not this poet, he gets it said in the short form.

    7. Kooser is my kind of poet one you can slow dance to He also seems to have a rather likeable obsession with moths Here is I think the best poem in this collection There is only one line I don t like Hint it is not that it is a bad line, it is just that it is too explicit about an idea that is already obvious from the rest of the poem Better hint it is near the end In the Basement of the Goodwill StoreIn musty light, in the thin brown airof damp carpet, doll heads and rust,beneath long rows of sha [...]

    8. Ted Kooser, Flying at Night University of Pittsburgh, 2005 For the first quarter of this book, it seemed to me something was missing I m still not entirely sure what it was, but then things smoothed out a bit, presumably as Kooser got older I m assuming rough chronological order here From that point on, it s the same sort of stuff Ted Kooser has written for the past thirty odd years, and it s all quite good Behind each garage a laddersleeps in the leaves, its handsfolded across its lean belly.Th [...]

    9. Kooser s poems evoke for me the dank smell of my grandfather s garage uncannily comforting but they also make me feel like a stranger who doesn t really belong where I find myself and feeling vaguely like an intruder Roethke s ordnung, ordnung Papa s coming better captures my real feeling of love and terror at the very rural, masculine world Kooser writes from and I couldn t imagine Kooser ever writing like that I realize this probably says about my psychology than it does Kooser s poetry, but [...]

    10. If I were going to a place where I could take only one book with me, then please make it book of Ted Kooser s poems This book would do nicely Unlike many contemporary poets, Kooser writes about what he observes and not about what he does He writes for the reader, to show us what he sees by how it relates to an idea or to a feeling He has a gift for making comparisons that catch the exact nature of his subject I find myself in awe at how his mind works and will reread each poem again and again be [...]

    11. I liked many of the poems in this collection While there were only a few that knocked me out, than usual left me smiling or thinking I like his understated style He writes like Nebraska Here is my favorite LaundryA pink house trailer,scuffed and rusted, sunkenin weeds On the line,five pale blue workshirtsup to their elbowsin raspberry canes a good, clean crewof pickers, out early,sleeves wet with dew,and near them, a pairof bright yellow pantiesurging them on.

    12. Much of Kooser s poetry is accessible, sometimes deceivingly homely, folksy, and simple But the feelings and intelligence often shimmer through the plain cloth of his language like a silken thread of tempered gold Much is about life life s sorrow and disappointment, the unfortunate loss or inevitable passing of loved ones, the moments of sparkling beauty and truth in unsuspected mundanity and also about the transcending consciousness of living such as The Man with the Hearing Aid , Sleeping Cat [...]

    13. I love poetry I find it similar to wine The best kind is to be sipped at and enjoyed in spars amounts The low quality can be downed three glasses at a time I always find Ted Kooser to be among the best so it s no surprise to me that this book has taken me two years to finish Reading my favorite passages over and over, like going back to your favorite drink I found certain poems pairing perfectly with my different moods The imagery is delightfuly delicious

    14. I would read anything by Ted Kooser This book is early Kooser, 1965 1985 It s not my favorite work of his, he honed refined his observational style over the years, but there is some great work here I love The Goldfish floats to the top of his life which speaks to so many of us trapped in the corporate world, and Abandoned Farmhouse which he also references in The Poetry Home Repair Manual.

    15. Poems that have dignity, but are not dignified Except for the poem on the urine sample, which neither has dignity nor is dignified, and worse still, is not humorous.

    16. While I am reading these poems, I think, yes, this is what America is, this man is the voice of America, the voice of the emptiness and farmland heartland of the Midwest But then I think, no, there is so much to America, and I wish he went there too I am not sure, but I think these represent the technical academic poetry most poets seem to need to perform for their status and well, job I am sure they are technically talented, but didn t move me I think exactly 3 did, which is not my usual exper [...]

    17. A nice collection of poems by a former poet laureate of the U.S Rather heavily focused on scenes from the Midwest, though some poems are less about location than mood, or personal experiences I think The Urine Specimen struck me as one of the odder poems, not just because of the reaction I initially had ewho would write a poem about THAT , but so because of the reaction I had after I read it wow Why wouldn t someone write about such a common experience Much here about human frailty and failure, [...]

    18. Kooser s imagery is amazing at times, and I enjoyed the poetry for its compactness and accessibility Kooser unfortunately does not seem to be able to bring his poems to a proper end or conclusion for the most part, the endings are lackluster, without the turn or strong imagery I expected Still, though, an enjoyable read, and I will probably seek out some of his stuff, since I very much like the plain nature of the poetry.

    19. It is refreshing to read poetry that one can understand Also being a Midwesterner helps with appreciating his crisp, lovely descriptions.Loved from So this is Nebraska On either side, those dear old ladies, the loosening barns, their little windows dulled by cataracts of hay and cobwebs hide broken tractors under their skirts

    20. I ve decided that Kooser is the Norman Rockwell of poetry folksy scenes of Americana garage sales, funeral luncheons, canning fruit, nursing homes His character sketches sort of ennoble the plain, modest lives of his fellow mid westerners If you re looking for inscrutable, multi layered poems with verbal pyro technics, look elsewhere If you re the kind of person who enjoys your weekly update on the News From Lake Wobegone, Kooser might be just your brand of avuncular storyteller.

    21. Ted Kooser is one of the finest poets we have I enjoy his poems than any other poet I ve read in the last 15 years He helps me connect with other people, places, and emotions The poems remind you that other minds are roaming out there, looking for company, and feeling the same way you do This book is a voice in the dark saying you are not alone.

    22. Ted Kooser is delightful in a similar way to Billy Collins I don t think I like him as much, because he s not as whimsical and consistently funny, but he does have a remarkable view of the world that he shares well Also very easy to read and grasp, I recommend him to anyone at all interested in poetry.

    23. Kooser provides the reader glimpses of the day to day while at the same time elevating one moment to something much greater He can be complex in his simplicity, and some of the poems seem like fillers, but very few of them I have certainly dog eared several pages

    24. Poet Laureate of the US, Ted Kooser is easy to read and understand Bedtime friendly for those of us who like to sleep on a poem.

    25. I enjoy reading a bit of poetry almost everyday, and Ted Kooser is charming and wise This book of selected poems is what one woman in my book discussion group likes to call accessible.

    26. swallowed this one whole so many things in ordinary old daily life, and they are every one of them magic I had to save a couple on my laptop.Voyager II Satellite, and also Geronimo s Mirror

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