The Death and Life of Charlie St. Cloud

The Death and Life of Charlie St Cloud The Death and Life of Charlie St Cloud tells the haunting story of a young man who narrowly survives a terrible car wreck that kills his little brother Years later the brothers bond remains so strong

  • Title: The Death and Life of Charlie St. Cloud
  • Author: Ben Sherwood
  • ISBN: 9780553802207
  • Page: 199
  • Format: Hardcover
  • The Death and Life of Charlie St Cloud tells the haunting story of a young man who narrowly survives a terrible car wreck that kills his little brother Years later, the brothers bond remains so strong that it transcends the normal boundaries separating life and death Charlie St Cloud lives in a snug New England fishing village By day he tends the lawns and monumentsThe Death and Life of Charlie St Cloud tells the haunting story of a young man who narrowly survives a terrible car wreck that kills his little brother Years later, the brothers bond remains so strong that it transcends the normal boundaries separating life and death Charlie St Cloud lives in a snug New England fishing village By day he tends the lawns and monuments of the ancient cemetery where his younger brother, Sam, is buried Graced with an extraordinary gift after surviving the accident, he can still see, talk, and even play catch with Sam s spirit But townsfolk whisper that Charlie has never recovered from his loss.Into his carefully ordered life comes Tess Carroll, a captivating, adventuresome woman training for a solo sailing trip around the globe Fate steers her boat into a treacherous storm that blows her back to harbor, to a charged encounter with Charlie, and to a surprise overwhelming than the violent sea itself Charlie and Tess discover a beautiful and uncommon connection that leads to a race against time and a desperate choice between death and life, between the past and the future, between holding on and letting go.Luminous, soulful, and filled with unforgettable characters, The Death and Life of Charlie St Cloud is one of those rare, wise books that reveal the mysteries of the unseen world around us, gently transforming the worst pain of loss into hope, healing, and even laughter Suspenseful and deeply moving, its startling climax reminds us that sometimes tragedies can bring about miracles if we simply open our hearts.From the Hardcover edition.

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    About Author

    1. Ben Sherwood is a bestselling author, award winning journalist and founder of TheSurvivorsClub From 2004 to 2006, he worked as executive producer of ABC s Good Morning America during the two most successful seasons in the program s history Sherwood guided prize winning coverage of the tsunami in Southeast Asia, the devastation of hurricane Katrina, and the presidential election of 2004From 1997 to 2001, Sherwood served as senior broadcast producer and senior producer of NBC Nightly News with Tom Brokaw.From 1989 to 1993, he worked as a producer and associate producer at ABC News PrimeTime Live with Diane Sawyer and Sam Donaldson.Sherwood is the author of two critically acclaimed best selling novels The Man Who Ate the 747 and The Death and Life of Charlie St Cloud Sherwood s books have been published around the world in 15 languages.Charlie St Cloud has been adapted as a feature film starring Zac Efron and was released by Universal Pictures in July 2010 The Man Who Ate the 747 is also being developed as a major motion picture and Broadway musical.Sherwood s latest book, The Survivors Club, is a non fiction exploration of the science and secrets of who bounces back from everyday adversity and who doesn t who beats life threatening disease and who succumbs and who triumphs after economic hardship and who surrenders.In January 2009, Sherwood founded TheSurvivorsClub, an online resource center and support network for people surviving and thriving in the face of all kinds of adversity.A Phi Beta Kappa graduate of Harvard College and a Rhodes Scholar, Sherwood earned masters degrees in history and development economics at Oxford University.He lives in Los Angeles with his wife Karen Kehela Sherwood and their sons Will and Charlie.

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    1. I thought this book was pretty terrible It was like if Nicholas Sparks and that guy who wrote The 5 People you Meet In Heaven got drunk, had a baby, and made the baby write a book That being said, this baby, or author sure knows how to write for the masses Its like he gathered every trite description of the afterlife ghostly time spent on earth and crammed it into one book But, I am sure that a lot of people would actually enjoy this book It s an easy read, and the author does know how to keep t [...]

    2. Last Friday, I was in NBS Centerpoint checking their 75% cutdown sale I bought some P99 previously US library books, some brand new ones like Tinkers and Sh t My Father Says reviewed previous to this Then I saw this book It had been a while since I read a current Movie Tie In book so I checked this out This edition was published in June 2010 and still sitting there in the New Arrivals gondola I checked the blurbs and all the famous current bestselling authors are saying something good about the [...]

    3. Never, until I opened Charlie St Cloud, has a book interrupted my life I stayed up late reading page after page, and once I gave in to sleep, I awoke early and snuck some pages in before MommyHood called me to duty I ignored the laundry and forgot about the dishes because I needed to know what happen to Charlie, Sam and Tess I was sucked into the world Ben Sherwood created and I loved every minute of it.Okay, Zac Efron s face on the cover made me pick up the book, but the story inside than sati [...]

    4. A small coastal town in Massachusetts, two brothers who share a love of baseball and mischief, an infamous bridge where the brothers lives change forever Charlie looses everything closest to him, and he leaves his life behind to take a job working at the local cemetery, and realizes he was given a gift A gift where he sees ghosts as they cross over He makes a promise to his little brother that they will always be together, and keeps this promise by meeting him in the clearing every dusk to play [...]

    5. When Charlie St Cloud was fifteen years old, a tragic accident that involved borrowing a neighbor s car, a trip to a ballgame, and an encounter with a semi trailer on a bridge led to the death of his three years younger brother, Sam In fact, Charlie was technically dead for minutes before his heart started beating again no one knows for sure, but this might be why Charlie lives the life he does For Charlie, now twenty eight, taking care of Waterside Cemetery is than just a job He s able to help [...]

    6. Opening Line Charlie St Cloud wasn t the best or brightest boy in Essex County, but he was surely the most promising I read this a few years ago but after recently seeing the movie I was reminded of how much I d liked this story and decided I had to revisit Charlie St Cloud and his little brother Sam Even though I knew the big reveal this time through I was still able to immerse myself completely in this magical, moving journey from death back to life With a story and writing style reminiscent o [...]

    7. The Death and Life of Charlie St Cloud, by Ben Sherwood is a story of loss, grief, love, and the afterlife It follows protagonist Charlie St Cloud after a tragic accident in which his younger brother, Sam, is killed Charlie was fifteen at the time and the aftermath of the tragedy falls heavily on his shoulders Thirteen years later he is working at the town cemetery when he meets Tess, a young sailor and adventurer But Charlie has not moved on with his life since Sam s death Meeting Tess causes C [...]

    8. Once I got passed the fabulousness of the book cover, I was immediately captivated by the story of Charlie St Cloud This was a great book about the possibilities of finding your soul mate when you least expect it and about an unbreakable bond between two brothers The author presented a perfect blend of love and devotion balanced with tragedy and ultimate hope It has everything I love in a good story, including a splash of paranormal delivered with events and possibilities that make you wonder wh [...]

    9. i read this book really fast because i had to know what was going to happen next i actually cried towards the end it s like the sixth sense without being creepy i really want to see this movie

    10. Description The Death and Life of Charlie St Cloud tells the haunting story of a young man who narrowly survives a terrible car wreck that kills his little brother Years later, the brothers bond remains so strong that it transcends the normal boundaries separating life and death Charlie St Cloud lives in a snug New England fishing village By day he tends the lawns and monuments of the ancient cemetery where his younger brother, Sam, is buried Graced with an extraordinary gift after surviving the [...]

    11. I originally bought this book only because the movie adaptation had just been released I had seen the previews and knew it was something I d want to watch Knowing that the movie was first a book, like always, I felt that I needed to read before renting I ended up scooping it from the check out aisle at Wal Mart late one night and upon getting home, throwing it in my bedside table drawer, forgetting about it until just a few days ago Since then, Charlie St Cloud by Ben Sherwood had ruled my life [...]

    12. There s a reason for everything, you said, and though it s a mystery to me now, I know it won t always be so You know those books that just scream weekend binge read This was one of those It was short under 300 pages , with an interesting plot, and an adorable MC It completely immerses you in the New England mind set, complete with sail boats, lush foliage, pretty people with deep pockets, and clam bakes Honestly, it left me yearning for some time up north For those who missed the movie with Zac [...]

    13. I really wanted to like this book, the premise was exciting and I was ready to be swept away to a world of fantasy, mystery and romance.I was disappointed though, I found the characters stereotypical and the plot predictable and cheesy The whole book felt like a set up for a Hollywood movie The book promises ghosts, intrigue and a unique point of view, but delivers the same old romantic comedy that s been done a million times over.

    14. I loved this story It was very sweet and sad I absolutely adored the movie I m a huge Zac Efron fan and though he s not as old as the character of Charlie in the book, I think they made the right decision in casting him He s one of the very few young actors who can do romance seriously In fact I can only think of three, Zac, Leonardo DiCaprio, and Heath Ledger If you haven t seen 17 again I highly encourage you to I was actually disappointed when Chandler showed up again.

    15. FULL REVIEW HERE mythoughtsareablog 2018 0Trust your heart if the seas catch fire and live by love though the stars walk backwards Ben Sherwood, The Death and Life of Charlie St CloudOkay back to book reviews we go This is my first review of 2018 and it s for the last book I read in 2017 My reason for reading The Death and Life of Charlie St Cloud or just Charlie St Cloud was a very simple one.I had set my goal for 50 books and I had read 49 by December 30th and I needed JUST ONE MORE So, instea [...]

    16. This book was lent to me by a friend on recommendation We d been discussing the book The Time Traveller s Wife and she mentionned I might like this book as a result.Reading the synopsis I didn t know how to interpret the part about he is faced with a choice between life and death, the past and the present, holding on and letting go I guessed the story might have a quirky point of view or twist to the plot, but was a little bit worried that the book may go out on a far fetched angle.This soon bec [...]

    17. Read this review and others on my blog,Shady Tree ReadsI admit I picked this up after seeing the preview for the movie Since I decided I had to see the movie, My little sister and I love to drool over Zac Efron of course I had to read the book first.The book starts out with a car accident that takes Charlies little brother sam from this world but keeps him in it Becuase of this near death experience, he is able to see his brother every day at sundown, and keep a promise to play catch with him.So [...]

    18. I read The death and life of Charlie St Cloudbecause a friend encouraged me to read it and go see the movie with her The book deals with what happens whe a loved one dies, and the choices that those left behind have to make, between holding onto them and letting go Charlie St Cloud looses his brother Sam in an accident, but is still able to see him and play ball with him every night, because of a promise he made to his brother But then he meets Tess Caroll and everything changes, forcing Charlie [...]

    19. This was a sad and heartfelt story I enjoyed reading it The plot was one that almost made you believe it was real Charlie St Cloud the troubled guy who always felt responsible for the death of his little brother and never let go I had guessed early on that Tess was a ghost but I wasn t fully sure of my guess until it was confirmed later in the book I thought the characters were good and that she made Charlie into the guy that everybody would want to know, the only problem was that he wasn t lett [...]

    20. This was a good one I became intrigued by the movie trailer, then found out about the book It was enjoyable, but not necessarily a book that I couldn t put down.

    21. The Death and Life of Charlie St Cloud.Author Ben SherwoodMain Characters Tess, Sam and CharlieTWO STARS It s been a long time since I read because of my schedule and consecutive examinations To be exact it has been a month I stopped reading The Death and Life of Charlie St Cloud and left it undone two months ago until yesterday comes, when I feel my hangover drained my body So I started to read from page one again which I dreaded most I repeat it because of misinterpreting a line that leads me [...]

    22. My journey reading The Death and Life of Charlie St Cloud was a little bit bumpy At first, I was unsure of whether or not I would stick to it Those first 50 pages were just so slow going But after that it started moving a little bit faster Of course, then I had another issue which was the fact that this was first and foremost something that completely threw me off since I had no idea it was going to be that much a romance And I m not a big romance fan However, the book seemed like it had potenti [...]

    23. I m so happy no one told me this was life changing That one statement almost ruined The Shack for me I read this mostly because it looked and sounded interesting to me And also because of the hype surrounding it I don t always fall for the hyped up books in fact, unless it does interest me in some way I couldn t make myself read it Twilight and the rest No can do This was borderline for me It seemed also to be borderline light fantasy and fantasy is something I ve always tended to shy away from, [...]

    24. This was a quick and easy read If I hadn t already seen movies like The Sixth Sense and Just Like Heaven, this book might have blown me away As it was, it was still a nice little read Occasionally it felt like it should have just been a movie rather than a book I haven t actually seen the movie, although I would like to , mostly because I get annoyed when someone is described, for example, as charming don t tell me, SHOW me them being charming and let me grow to like that character for myself Th [...]

    25. Charlie St Cloud is a gentle soul of a man who works as a caretaker in his town s cemetary Ever since his little brother, Sam, passed away from a horrible car accident in which Charlie feels at fault, he has punished himself and kept his promise to his brother that he would always look out for him This promise has given him the ability to see the dead walk among the living as they head to the beyond He is also able to see his brother, whom he meets every night at a secret baseball field in the w [...]

    26. Unfortunately, I couldn t find the cover with Zac Efron s picture on it Before they decided to make this book into a movie, The name of the book originally was The Death And Life Of Charlie St.Cloud So I guess they shorten the title when they decided to make the movie.I really liked this book It makes you wonder if it s really possible to actually talk and interact with the dead I know I would like a chance to sit and talk with my dad So that is definitely something that would be amazing.So Char [...]

    27. I really didn t like this book I had watched the movie before I read the book, and didn t enjoy it very much, but I thought that the book would be better It wasn t I think that it was worse actually.I think it depends on your preferences, when it comes to genre, and, though I like the supernatural area, I don t prefer the ghost realm Even with that, it just wasn t good The romance wasn t very well formed, and the plot with the romance was too vague Sometimes, vague tones to novels works, but it [...]

    28. Oh my goodness What a great book I was initially attracted to this book because the movie is coming out later this week and we have a Chick Night planned for the girls and I to go see it Then I started reading First of all, I was absolutely amazed at Ben Sherwood s writing style He s one of those writers who packs SO MUCH in a paragraphI read a couple of them to Maddi as we were driving around one day and she was shocked You knew so much without a lot of details, lot of words, etc but you KNEW w [...]

    29. This isn t a good read it s a great read I was engaged with the story from the first page to the last.Charlie St Cloud is a good teenage boy, gets good grades, good at sports, loves his younger brother Until he makes one bad decision and everything changes.The characters in the story seem very realistic I could see a teenage boy making all the choices Charlie made and sticking to his promise because it s all he has left to do I felt for Charlie and Sam.I don t want to say and give spoilers beca [...]

    30. Okay sure so I was able to figure out how this was going to end before I got there, but that did not surprisingly change my opinion of the book I still really enjoyed the story and the characters I would in a way compare this somewhat to a Nicholas Sparks novel, but then in a way I wouldn t Nicholas Sparks does not always give a happy ending Ben Sherwood at least in this novel does This novel however does give you the happy ending Charlie will save the day Tess will somehow magically survive her [...]

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