Pirates of Bollywood

Pirates of Bollywood A Tale of Piracy and Conspiracy Kill Piracy Save Creativity Shan the biggest film producer in Bollywood launches a first of its kind revolutionary offensive against pirates It echoes all over India

  • Title: Pirates of Bollywood
  • Author: Kalyan C. Kankanala
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 206
  • Format: Paperback
  • A Tale of Piracy and Conspiracy Kill Piracy, Save Creativity Shan, the biggest film producer in Bollywood, launches a first of its kind revolutionary offensive against pirates It echoes all over India and begins to gain momentum The pirates are pushed against the wall and brought to their knees everywhere, from courts to streets Inspired by the overwhelming start, ShaA Tale of Piracy and Conspiracy Kill Piracy, Save Creativity Shan, the biggest film producer in Bollywood, launches a first of its kind revolutionary offensive against pirates It echoes all over India and begins to gain momentum The pirates are pushed against the wall and brought to their knees everywhere, from courts to streets Inspired by the overwhelming start, Shan presses ahead for the kill, but the pirates swiftly re group and launch a vicious counter attack.Arjun, a gifted and socially conscious Intellectual Property lawyer, acclaimed for his single handed victory in a highly publicized pharma patent case, visits Bombay to represent the Copyleft Foundation, a non profit organisation founded to promote creative freedom While fighting the top entertainment lawyer in India, Arjun unwittingly pierces the piracy veil, and finds himself in the midst of Shan s war Motivated to crack the piracy puzzle, Arjun joins forces with Helen, a young, driven officer with the IP Cell of Bombay police, and sets off on a voyage into the dark, dangerous world of piracy.Set in Bombay, the seat of Bollywood, the novel zooms in on the tussle between film producers, who use copyright as a money making machine, and pirates, who thrive on slavish copying, defiance of copyright law at the core of their business Court room drama, thrilling sequences, legal insights, and enriching encounters, paint a picture of Bollywood piracy, not too far removed from reality Adding imagination to experience, Pirates of Bollywood gives wings to a conspiracy theory that underlies the seemingly unstoppable piracy racket.Advance Review This copyright law fiction has project piracy as its lodestar, and this book indeed has all the makings of dare I say a BollywoodMasala movie, albeit with the only difference that the author casts his mojo by interweaving the legal aspects of the copyright law debate within its theatrical setting of Bollywood in Mumbai Shalini Bengani, IP Kat.

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    About Author

    1. Dr Kalyan is a storyteller and scribbler from Bangalore, India He writes legal thrillers, crime mysteries and short stories All his novels have blind protagonists and are well researched.Professionally, Dr Kalyan is an Intellectual Property Attorney He works extensively with technology driven companies, film music production houses and creative upstarts Dr Kalyan also teaches at premier institutes such as IIM, Bangalore and NLSIU, Bangalore He earlier served as the national expert on IP for United Nations Industrial Development Organization, and was the member of animal ethics committee of Astra Zeneca.Select Reviews of Dr Kalyan s Novels There is suspense, violence, heroism, love, social commitment, humanism, poverty, law, legal analysis, arguments and much in this novel which makes it a pleasurable reading The novel has professional value which recommends itself to be read by lawmen law teachers, law students and advocates and entertainment value which recommends itself to be read by all Professor CS Patil, Director, KSLU, Writing in Journal of Entertainment and Sports Law For Pirates of Bollywood A blind lawyer, a virus outbreak, a dog that dreams and a patent infringement case Dr Kalyan Kankanala s debut fiction, Road Humps and Sidewalks The Path less travelled is an engrossing fast paced legal thriller Deepa Padmanabhan, The Hindu For Road Humps and Sidewalks But one thing is sure you simply can t take a coffee break while enjoying the read addictive than caffeine Jayashree Roy, Renowned Book Reviewer For Pirates of Bollywood Finished it in one sitting Just couldn t put it down This IP law thriller has all the hallmarks of a winner corporate espionage, attempted kidnapping, foiled hits, court room romance, a corrupt Chief Justice and a David v Goliath battle over patents for a life saving drug Dr Caroline Ncube, IP KAT For Road Humps and Sidewalks.

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    1. I m giving this book two stars on GR, and three stars on , since these are how to indicate that the book was ok for the respective sites I received a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest, non reciprocal review.While the author of Pirates of Bollywood is an expert in the field of intellectual property, in this novel he has the unenviable task of trying to make copyright law interesting to the average reader Although he tries very hard, he does not succeed In fact, part of the problem [...]

    2. Piracy is a growing concern for the thriving Indian film industry According to one recent report by Earnest Young, Indian film industry lost 959 million and around six lakh jobs thanks to piracy Otherwise speaking the piracy rate is estimated to be at 60% According to two independent reports, India is placed among the top ten countries in respect of P 2 P infringement To the outside world, such types of image of India dubbed it as a country with no respect of copyright at all To a community of i [...]

    3. Just finished reading Pirates of Bollywood and found the novel absolutely interesting and gripping Having read the earlier work in the series, Road Humps and Sidewalks, I was familiar with the protagonist Arjun Mamidi, and being a dog lover, was happy to note the appearance of his dog Neo in a few chapters.Except for Arjun and his comic assistant Jose, all other characters in this novel are new The story rotates around Helen Joseph, Assistant Commissioner of Police, Anti Terrorist Squad, Mumbai [...]

    4. I read only two novels in my life so far Both are written by Dr Kalyan Kankanala First, Road Humps and Sidewalks, and recently, Pirates of Bollywood I started reading several novels earlier, but just could not finish any of them How these books were different for me Both the books were written in very simple english An average Indian can read them easily without a dictionary on hand, andBoth books were suspense thrillers around law, on topics that we see daily in news Being an Indian you connect [...]

    5. I pre ordered this book and received it on 1st January, but could not read it until yesterday This novel starts with a series of crimes in Mumbai, revolving around copyright issues It then goes through a series of twists and turns before climaxing in an unbelievable finish I just could not believe, who the fall guy is at the end The author is unorthodox, and this did not feel like an Indian work Other than Arjun and Helen, the protagonists, I loved some of the characters in the novel Especially, [...]

    6. Read Dr Kalyan s Pirates of Bollywood over this weekend and absolutely enjoyed the read Although I am not a big fan of legal fiction, I found this book to be very entertaining and utterly gripping The pace is swift but did not seem hurried and author has done justice to every twist in the tale He has dealt with the legal concepts with such ease that at no point did the book seem pedantic or boring Every character the author introduced had life in them and he seems to have mastered the art of fil [...]

    7. I think the book is very informative about copyright law I m reminded of the law subjects I took back in college The author sounds like some of my law professors I do wish it had a better title though, as I do not think the title is catchy enough I like how the author introduces the reader into the world of Bollywood and its copyright issues There were times in the book when I felt that the language was a bit too formal that it was kind of hard to relate to But then, the subject matter is copyri [...]

    8. This book had a great premise and is one of the best legal thrillers I had come across till date An Indian novel which is in par with works of Grisham and Baldacci What I liked the best about the book is the Perfect balance between action and story line Rare is a storyteller who can provide a compelling plot and character development to have you turn pages long into the night.

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