George W. Bush

George W Bush The controversial president whose time in office was defined by the September attacks and the war on terrorGeorge W Bush stirred powerful feelings on both sides of the aisle Republicans viewed him

  • Title: George W. Bush
  • Author: James Mann Arthur M. Schlesinger Jr. Sean Wilentz
  • ISBN: 9780805093971
  • Page: 217
  • Format: Hardcover
  • The controversial president whose time in office was defined by the September 11 attacks and the war on terrorGeorge W Bush stirred powerful feelings on both sides of the aisle Republicans viewed him as a resolute leader who guided America through the September 11 attacks and retaliated in Afghanistan and Iraq, while Democrats saw him as an overmatched president who ledThe controversial president whose time in office was defined by the September 11 attacks and the war on terrorGeorge W Bush stirred powerful feelings on both sides of the aisle Republicans viewed him as a resolute leader who guided America through the September 11 attacks and retaliated in Afghanistan and Iraq, while Democrats saw him as an overmatched president who led America into two inconclusive wars that sapped the nation s resources and diminished its stature When Bush left office amid a growing financial crisis, both parties were eager to move on.In this assessment of the nation s forty third president, James Mann sheds light on why George W Bush made the decisions that shaped his presidency, what went wrong, and how the internal debates and fissures within his administration played out in such a charged atmosphere He shows how and why Bush became such a polarizing figure in both domestic and foreign affairs, and he examines the origins and enduring impact of Bush s most consequential actions including Iraq, the tax cuts, and the war on terror In this way, Mann points the way to a complete understanding of George W Bush and his times.

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    1. James Mann Arthur M. Schlesinger Jr. Sean Wilentz says:

      James Mann is the author of six books on American politics and national security issues, including Rise of the Vulcans The History of Bush s War Cabinet and The Obamians The Struggle Inside the White House to Redefine American Power A longtime correspondent for the Los Angeles Times, he is currently a fellow in residence at the Johns Hopkins University School of Advanced International Studies He lives in Washington, D.C.

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    1. I think that it is a difficult task to write a biography of an American president so soon after his term in office is done, as per George W Bush It takes a certain period of time to make sense of contributions and things that went wrong Some presidents see their ratings rise, as history looks kindly of the person later on one thinks of Harry Truman Others tend to be rated less positively with time perhaps John F Kennedy fits here as his biography in this series is rather restrained in its exami [...]

    2. I won a copy of this from a giveaway I haven t read many history books that chronicle something that happened so recently, and it was fun to read about a period that I remember well I m not a fan of W s presidency, but the book gave me a bit of tragic sympathy for the reasons that The Decider decided what he decided I also appreciated that he did seem to learn from some of his mistakes For example, he seemed to be less open to doing Dick Cheney s bidding toward the end of his second term It s a [...]

    3. My first exposure to GWB after his presidency was Will Farrell s one man show on Broadway, You re Welcome America That may have made me a little biased against the President.Mr Mann s biography is well written and provides a good start into GWB s life Maybe we need to be separated by a little time to grasp the full ramifications of President Bush s tenure but I find myself disliking GWB just a little less after this book I m even interested in reading Bush s memoirs to see what he thought of hi [...]

    4. Not a fan of George Bush, but this was well written and a nice summary overview of his life If you re looking for in depth scholarship on this president, this is not the work for you If, however, you re looking for that quick overview to remind you of the events of his time and to familiarize yourself with his presidency this book is a great start.

    5. George W Bush In The American Presidents SeriesWith all the turmoil of the current presidential campaign, I was moved to return to the history of the American presidency and to think about the different characters and achievements of our presidents I have read many of the short biographies in the American Presidents Series edited by the late Arthur Schlesinger Jr and his successor, Sean Wilentz These volumes provide good studies of the presidents, their lives and leadership styles, and their acc [...]

    6. George W Bush was one of the most controversial Presidents of all time There really doesn t seem to be much middle ground with his eight years in the White Houseyou either respect him for the tough decisions he made or completely and utterly vilify him for his failures As with most things in life, however, things are usually not that black and white, and in this case author James Mann does a great job of fairly examining both the successes and failures of the two Bush administrations.If you are [...]

    7. I ve always enjoyed this series for its ability to distill and compact complex presidencies into approachable, digestible pieces This work is no different Most of the work could be gleaned by reading the accounts of the principles Mann faces a unenviable task of presenting a history of a presidency so recently ended He addresses this in his afterward saying while some things defy judgement for some time others are plainly obvious Of course he has to say this Conclusions must be made or else why [...]

    8. In this short but profound biography, Mann writes George Walker Bush was one of the most consequential presidents in American history Like Lincoln and FDR before him, Bush was confronted by calamity Yet he managed at least initially take the bull of events by the horns and quell fear But unlike his two illustrious predecessors, Bush didn t earn the salida en hombros in the end In many ways, he was a stubborn reactionary he listened to his gut than he did to other people This anatomical auditory [...]

    9. Thanks to first reads and MacMillan for the book, in exchange for a review I would like to say that I got this book for my mom, she likes these I voted for Bush in the elections I thought he was the right person after all that went on with Clinton I felt safe in my country up until 9 11 and then not so much, but we went and kicked butt in the other countries and I felt safe until 6 years ago Mr Bush did not take no shit off anybody while he was in office I liked it, that he was so down to earth [...]

    10. I was going to conclude my self inflicted survey of American Presidents at the end of the last millennium, because the closer I got to current events, the bios seemed to be hysterical than historical But this biography popped up in Arthur Schlesinger s series and I thought, what the heck, I ll have just one read for the road.Anyone who paid much attention to Democrats and media reports at the time might ask themselves how such a dolt got elected President twice Well, this book answers that que [...]

    11. James Mann s insight on the George W Bush presidency in such a short volume is truly outstanding His approval on Bush s handling is slightly negative based on the tone he delivers in slight slimmers periodically throughout the book But he does himself acknowledge his achievements with AIDS relief in Africa and the Afghanistan War What he believes to be downfalls of his presidency were the Iraqi War, obviously, and his tax cuts What he respects of Mr Bush was that he was able to extend partisan l [...]

    12. I fully admit that I chose this relatively short biography of George W Bush so that I could simply check the box in my list of Presidential biographies Less than 150 pages, this will not stand the test of time as a comprehensive biography of GWB It is simply too soon for any real scholarship or insight.However, I was surprised by the balanced treatment of W s presidency I am not a G.W Bush fan on any level, but I did find myself reconsidering some aspects of his presidency based on the presentat [...]

    13. I wanted to read this particular book since Sean Wilentz, the general editor of the American Presidents series, asked James Mann to write the book I thought it would be an independent view of President Bush I thought it cut through the political jargon and went right to the center of the decision making on issues during his presidency What a turnaround in his politics reasoning from when he was first elected to his end of his presidency Good history lesson especially about the tax cuts and Iraq. [...]

    14. This was an excellently written book quite short 146 pages on the George W Bush presidency It highlighted his major blunders of the Iraq war, the two major tax cuts one during a war which favored the rich and turned a budget surplus into the highest deficit recorded, and of course the financial meltdown I do agree with the author that Bush did learn from his mistakes and late in his second term became a better president But, he still ranks as the worst president, that I have had during my life s [...]

    15. James Mann does an admirable job distilling the tumultuous period of George W Bush s two terms into a slim, highly readable volume One can feel the struggle between the author s attempt to accurately portray the disastrous consequences of Bush s policies without casting a summary judgment so close after the events in question took place I was struck by how much of the Bush White House I had forgotten over the last eight years.

    16. George W Bush The American Presidents Series The 43rd President, 2001 2009 was interesting, concise, informative and well written While I m not a fan of presidential biographies, the author was able to give a well studied analysis, and provided me with an interesting new reading experience This book was received for free through First Reads.

    17. This book was incredibly lucid, and read like a novel The only reason I give this book 4 stars is that there were several moment where I felt the author was a little biased against Dubya However, I will say, it must be difficult to write about something that happened so recently and about one of the most controversial presidents of recent decades.

    18. Easy read Rehash of mostly already known information A slight view of Bush s personality Would have like to known about the decision making and the conflicting voices of President Bush s cabinet members.

    19. It s hard to write a full and expansive bio of a presidency so recent, but I thought this was fairly well done 3.5 stars, rounded up.

    20. Another good read in this series It s surprising how much we can forget in 8 years The author was able to consult lots of memoirs from members of the Bush administration for background.

    21. The rating is for the book, which is succinctly written and approaches the subject in a balanced manner.

    22. LOVED READING about our 43rd President quite interesting and informative Want my children to also read this book.

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