Live for a Living

Live for a Living Tender jarring and deeply human Live For A Living is a book of poetry that is pulsing with the same electricity and honesty found in Buddy s live performances Andrea Gibson International Poet Activi

  • Title: Live for a Living
  • Author: Buddy Wakefield
  • ISBN: 9780978998950
  • Page: 400
  • Format: Paperback
  • Tender, jarring and deeply human, Live For A Living is a book of poetry that is pulsing with the same electricity and honesty found in Buddy s live performances Andrea Gibson International Poet Activist

    • [E-Book] ✓ Live for a Living | by ↠ Buddy Wakefield
      Buddy Wakefield

    About Author

    1. BUDDY WAKEFIELD is the two time Individual World Poetry Slam Champion featured on NPR, the BBC, HBO s Def Poetry Jam, and most recently signed to Ani DiFranco s Righteous Babe Records In 2004 he won the Individual World Poetry Slam Finals thanks to the support of anthropologist and producer Norman Lear then successfully defended that title at the International Poetry Festival in Rotterdam, Netherlands against the national champions of seven European countries with works translated into Dutch.In 2005 he won the Individual World Poetry Slam Championship again and has gone on to share the stage with nearly every notable performance poet in the world in hundreds of venues internationally from The Great Lawn in Central Park and Scotland s Oran Mor to San Quentin State Penitentiary, House of Blues New Orleans and First Avenue.In the spring of 2001 Buddy left his position as the executive assistant at a biomedical firm in Gig Harbor, WA, sold or gave away everything he owned, moved to the small town of Honda Civic and set out to live for a living, touring North American poetry venues through 2003 He still tours full time and considers annual Revival tours with Derrick Brown and Anis Mojgani, as well as separate tours with Ani DiFranco, to be the highlight of his career thus far.Born in Shreveport, LA, mostly raised in Baytown, TX, now claiming Seattle, WA as home, Buddy has been a busker in Amsterdam, a lumberjack in Norway, a street vendor in Spain, a team leader in Singapore, a re delivery boy, a candy maker, a street sweeper, a bartender, a maid, a construction worker, a bull rider, a triathlete and a sucker for anything unfolding And for peanut butter And hygiene Wakefield is a writer, the elated son of a guitar repair woman, wingman of Giant Saint Everything, and remembers Kirkwood, NY Sanborn too.Buddy, a Board of Directors member with Youth Speaks Seattle, is honored to be published internationally in dozens of books with work used to win multiple national collegiate debate and forensics competitions An author of Write Bloody Publishing, Wakefield is known for delivering raw, rounded, high vibration performances of humor and heart.

    One thought on “Live for a Living

    1. i LOVE buddy wakefield s poetry but i really wasn t that interested in the journal entries which is why this is 4 stars and not 5

    2. Wakefield s other book of poetry, Gentleman Practice, is a better poetry book Most of this book was diary entries, rather than poetry These are clearly performance pieces and lose a little on the page, especially the group pieces.My appraisal stands on the second reading, but as an added note, I re read it because I got a copy of the book from my daughter s boyfriend for Christmas last year What it showed me is that there are outer textual elements that can strongly impact a reading of a book He [...]

    3. Enjoyable read with some great insight to Buddy s own life and though process between poems Although I enjoyed it, I really do believe his poetry comes off powerful when performed This is the case with most performance poets, I find Not to detract from the words found here You re just missing that extra dimension when you read it.

    4. One of my heroes, Buddy Wakefield Ani DiFranco, punk folk legend Monster of energy, Keeper of Hope Benjamin Morse, EasyReader I could not have enjoyed his work Norman Lear, Producer Princess Bride, Stand By Me, The Jefferson s Tender, jarring and deeply human, Live For A Living is a book of poetry that is pulsing with the same electricity and honesty found in Buddy s live performances Andrea Gibson International Poet Activist If you ve never been rocked back by the presence of purpose, then the [...]

    5. Performance poetry that does nothing on paper I ve never seen Buddy perform anything, so the poems might not even be good regardless of their medium.

    6. This is an excellent collection of Buddy Wakefield s poems and his thought processes that lead into his poetic work My favorite poem is Gandhi s Autobiography He prefaces this poem with an anecdote from his life and the sentiment of feeling like the work a writer does is never good enough But you can t sit down and expect to create a masterpiece every time The idea is you are writing, and eventually that will lead you to something great Action is better than inaction Plus, regardless of its impo [...]

    7. Some nuances may have been lost by reading this rather than listening to Buddy Wakefield perform the poems He has a way of growling at the right moments, of stepping back from the words when they need space, of improvising some humor when the words get too heavy for the room to hold But either way, the poems still resonate on a personal level Buddy speaks directly to each person reading and listening in such a way that you might feel a part of the poems If all you want is to feel that personal c [...]

    8. An unconventional, raw, and powerful collection from one of my favorite modern poets For being primarily a performance poet memorizes his work, reads theatrically , his poems work surprisingly well on the page He uses rather obscure language a lot of the time, a lot of combined metaphors and even words, which yield to close reading Gospelstitch and Human The Death Dance as well as it s follow up, The Art of Die Smilingly are probably my favorites of his The book is also laced with journal entrie [...]

    9. Buddy Wakefield has fast become my favourite writer He has a turn of phrase that s both witty and profound, and a way of exploring painful or awkward topics that finds beauty in the ugliness Live For A Living is a blend of poetry and personal stories, a way to explore the poetry and the worlds in which the poems were created For those with vivid memories of the boredom of poetry class, this is not your traditional poetry This is poetry with bite it s all the things that poetry should be, and a l [...]

    10. My favourite poem in this book is When The Train Came.I can t stop reading it, and like the caption before you read the book It doesn t speak or move or invade or deny or convince It just is, like air Exactly like air I needed this book It helped me breathe and I will forever keep it with me To ease my pain, and breathe.The best parts in the previously mentioned poem in my opinion is following They say laughter is the best medicineso I wrapped my arms up in swing set chainsjust to see if I still [...]

    11. Rating 4.80I wasn t expecting this book to be than just a collection of poems that the author accumulated over his years, but instead holding some short stories that at times were thought provoking than his poems obviously not saying that his poems were lacking.I really loved how he interwove his short stories into his poems and vise versa Everything felt like it had a specific purpose in this book However, the short stories, at first, were throwing me for a loop I didn t know if these were b [...]

    12. I give this book 4 stars instead of 5 only because I am reviewing it after having read Wakefield s newest book, Gentlemen Practice Don t let that dissuade you from checking this one out It is filled with Wakefield s ever inventive voice, and the poems virtually force you to read them out loud for friends Many of my favorite performance pieces appear in this book, and they stand up as well on page as they do on stage Live for a Living is an exciting move from Wakefield, leaps and bounds better th [...]

    13. I have read this over over again I fall in love with it each time Buddy is my favorite poet and is someone I admire as a writer poet I would recommend this collection to anyone and everyone because it is something I feel everyone should read at least once Some of my absolute favorite poems are from this collection My favorite poem is The Information Man im very fond of Healing Herman Hesse Other favorites that I would recommend are My Town , Giant Saint Everything , When The Train Came , Human [...]

    14. I meet Buddy Wakefield October 2011, crossing him off my Top People I need to Meet in my Lifetime List What he does with words is so incredibly complex that I read and listen to his words over and over just to feel alive with him Living for A Living is so brilliant He is a true poet with all the courage of the world to spill his heart on the page and walk away stronger Sometimes I miss you so badly, I beg for the plane to crash for just enough time in the free fall to call out your name.

    15. amazingamazingamazing i saw buddy wakefield read or, recite rather and couldn t get him out of my head for days, which in turn sparked a poem that i ve been working on for about a monthyways i would reccomend this book to anyone, just keep in mind that it s spoken word poetrywakefield is a genius, the kind you have to see for yourselfummmmmmy favorite poem from this book would have to be Gandhi s Autobiography it s subliminalp.

    16. There is no substitute for seeing Buddy Wakefield perform live However, the book is still excellent because it includes journal entries and a few explanations about his poems I m pretty sure this is one I ll read again and again If you ever get a chance to see him live I highly recommend it.

    17. This is brutally beautiful.So are we This is endless So are we.We can heal this.See me for who I am We got work to do.This is a wonderful collection of poems and journal entries from my personal favorite poet His words can strike a chord with anyone I highly recommend It s a pretty quick read but it will reverberate with you for long after you read it.

    18. Buddy Wakefield s poetry is a hollered Amen without the hellfire fear He writes two fistedly, if fists were made of hearts He s an EMT for language, wielding his shock paddles in love this ll hurt us than it ll hurt either of us, but we ll be ok Hang on.

    19. Powerful full of intrigue comfort I carry this book in my bag find moments where I need to be brought back I sit center myself read I saw Buddy perform live it was what I needed, his spoken word Phenomenal

    20. I found Buddy on youtube looking up clips of spoken word poetry and ended up buying this book in a bundle with his newest CD, Live at the Typer Cannon Grand His writing s every bit as lovely on the page, just honest and beautiful.

    21. Buddy Wakefield has the most powerful presence of any poet touring the great us of a this translates beautifully to the page you will be shook, slapped and revived all in one stanza an absolutely essential read for anyone buddy is of my top five poets.

    22. Buddy Wakefield s poetry constantly blows my mind with its honesty Buddy strikes me as a guy who is always on the watch, always looking for those scraps of meaning As someone who also does this, I appreciate and love Buddy.

    23. Excellent spoken word poetry by one of today s best performance poets If you ever read or heard the live performance of Cannonball Man you ll know what I m talking about Great stuff.

    24. Buddy Wakefield is a phenomenal performance poet with many International Individual Poetry awards to his name This book captures the energy and feel behind his work as you would expect.

    25. Beautifully written and truthfully spoken My emotions were on a roller coaster throughout reading this in a good way and no other book has really ever done that to me I am in awe of his pieces

    26. Such a good ride These will be words I revisit often for many years Ripping honesty and one hell of a dazzling smile.

    27. This is brutally beautiful.So are we This is endless So are we.We can heal this.See me for who I am We got work to do.

    28. This is the most opened book on my shelf If I m having a bad day or week, I open this up, read a bit of it and just feel incredible Inspired.

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