Death Layer

Death Layer One day she s an innocent young girl the next she s the sexual property of the Death Layer ClubWhen recently unemployed year old Ava Clark lands her dream job working for one of the most prestigio

  • Title: Death Layer
  • Author: Celia Loren Colleen Masters
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 441
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • One day she s an innocent young girl, the next she s the sexual property of the Death Layer ClubWhen recently unemployed 24 year old Ava Clark lands her dream job working for one of the most prestigious multi national corporations on the planet, her enigmatic and incredibly handsome boss Vincent King seems to be icing on the cake However, despite his superficial charmOne day she s an innocent young girl, the next she s the sexual property of the Death Layer ClubWhen recently unemployed 24 year old Ava Clark lands her dream job working for one of the most prestigious multi national corporations on the planet, her enigmatic and incredibly handsome boss Vincent King seems to be icing on the cake However, despite his superficial charm and intimidating good looks, Mr King s facade quickly crumbles revealing a heartless sociopath intent on selling Ava into sexual slavery to cover a gambling debt The depraved, sadistic bikers of the Death Layer Motorcycle Club know just what to do with such an impeccable young beauty sacrifice her to the notoriously violent Bane The Beast Harme as a peace offering He s a hardened killer, a ruthless bastard100% tattoos and testosterone And he s the best fucking thing that s ever happened to her.Welcome to The Depraved Club series This is a standalone contemporary romance novel No cliffhanger Content suitable for adults only, contains violence, and graphic sexual content.

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      Celia Loren Colleen Masters

    About Author

    1. Celia Loren is an author of gritty Contemporary Romance She s always been an avid reader and growing up she devoured books by the truckload Now she spends her time working toward finishing her MFA and penning the romance stories she always wanted to read Excited to be a member of the Hearts Collective Publishing team, she brings her incredible imagination, unparalleled work ethic, and sassy personality into the mix

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    1. Book Basics Genre Contemporary Romance Series First in a yet to be completed series I assume the series is to be completed Writing First person POVMain Characters.Ava Clark lands what she thinks is her perfect job, but within days her life as she knows is it over.Bane The Beast Harme is given Ava He is not popular in the MC club due to disagreeing on how things should be, so is non to happy to be dumped with Ava.Love triangle view spoiler No hide spoiler Cheating view spoiler No hide spoiler HEA [...]

    2. I was excited to read this I ve been in a MC biker mood and this was right up my alley Unfortunately, at some point, I stopped enjoying it I enjoyed the beginning There was great set up for the predicament that Ava found herself in But once she was there and she had Bane s attention things shifted and moved too quickly It was just hard to go from her being scared for her life to jumping his bones And there were holes in the plot Nothing ever happened to the sweetbutts that harassed her or abused [...]

    3. I have to say that this book took me totally by surprise I had read Masters previous series about Formula One and although I thought the male was written amazing, the I had trouble with her female lead I have NEVER read anything by Celia Loren before, so this was me diving in face first with no one to catch me But I am a big girl, I can swim So dive in I did, and let me tell you I couldn t put the book down I loved this whole story I loved the dark, I loved the characters, I loved the fluff mome [...]

    4. Solo dir que este libro es de infarto Hubo momentos en que tuve que hacer una pausa y dejarlo a un lado la prota logra transmitirte su miedo

    5. Dark, hard, and just what I like Another amazing one from the ladies at Hearts Collective This MC story is very different from what I usually readank goodness Not a thank goodness because the others weren t great, but an OMG this book is over the top freaking intensed I love it I never give a review that contains a summary of the book or spoiler, so don t look for one I will tell you why I rated it 5 stars and how freaking fantastic it is This MC book is very different from all the others, yet s [...]

    6. Porque Porque os empe is en estropear historias tan buenas haci ndolas TAN BREVES Con todo lo que Ava ha pasado me fastidia much simo que os lo hay is soplado asi como as en tan pocas p ginas El hecho de dejar a su hermana, que pasa con el presidente de DL y todo lo dem s simplemente lo dejasteis as ME JODE MUCH SIMO Era muy buen libro he incluso conseguisteis que me gustase Bane por su amor con su perrita Jenny cagada monumental hab is hecho.

    7. Wild and dirty MC.k Sweet unsuspecting young woman.k A pompous rich business man with no conscience and a cold heart.k And so begins this really different and unexpected storyline Sure I ve read books where some innocent woman is thrust into the world of an MC and is forced to work as a sex slave or held as leverage against another club But this book started off with a bange prologue got my attention right awayd then after I started reading the first chapters I almost thought I had the wrong boo [...]

    8. A copy was provided by the Hearts Collective for an honest review.I was really surprised in how dark Death Layer was Don t get me wrong, I enjoy reading darker romance books, I was just surprised my lovely girls Colleen and Celia were able to unleash such a group of depraved individuals I read the synopsis and thought it would be similar to the recent MC books they have done, it was much darker The MC was a little mafia to me but made a believable villain The timeline seemed too short for every [...]

    9. I didn t receive this book in exchange for an honest review I bought this book while it was on sale for.99 I am glad that is all that I paid for it SPOILERS IN REVIEW The story started off very intriguing but I had to immediately suspend disbelief Ava applies on line think kraigslist very late one night for her dream job working for one of the most prestigious multi national corporations on the planet Within minutes keep in mind it is way after hours she has landed an interview for the next morn [...]

    10. Human trafficking Drugs Sex Death matches Dog fights Slavery It all boils down to this sadistic MC called Death Layers And it would appear that only two members aren t complete fans of how their club is now being run.Ava lands a new job that unfortunately places her in the end at this crazy club There she s sold for a debt that doesn t make a dent into the owed amount She s then given to Bane, The Beast Except, Bane s not really that bad of a beast He gives her his protection and ends up having [...]

    11. Shwew This was a very DARK disturbing MC read At first, I wasn t sure I could finish it Then, I wasn t sure I liked what I was reading But thenenI something sucked me in and I couldn t put it down.The H, while Alpha and possessive, doesn t really show too much care for the h in the beginning The h suffers because of this See, she was kidnapped and given to the H Even though he was a sort of good guy in the MC, he was still bad He didn t want her, because he doesn t deal in the sex traffic stuff [...]

    12. Copy exchanged for honest review Ava, a 24 year old, red head, thinks she has landed the perfect job Big Corporate America job, consisting of fine suits, a handsome boss and international travel Unfortunately, Ava has no idea that her dream job is going to be her own personal nightmare Thrown into the dirty world of human trafficking, Eva is donated to Bane, the Beast Tattooed, large and threatening, Eva risks her life on than one occasion trying to get away Unsuccessful, she is in the burly Be [...]

    13. When you start this book it doesn t seem like it is a dark and gritty biker book but hang on Ava is in for a wild ride with her new boss, who ends up being a cold hearted pompous a causing Ava to end up in a bad MC club that deals in multiple illegal things Bane is the man who saves her This story moves fast and is dark in places but you keep turning the pages to see what trouble Ava gets herself into next This is another great biker book from Celia and Colleen It involves plenty of violence, in [...]

    14. A dark and intense mc story which handles all kinds of issues Depraved is definitely a good name for them At first I wasn t sure about any hero who could be part of this club, thankfully Jenny redeemed him in my eyes as I was struggling to feel any love for him It did take me a while to get into the story, too much was going on too quickly but I persevered and I m glad I did as things improved resulting in a fast paced, hot and heavy read.Sadly I didn t fall in love with any of the supporting ch [...]

    15. Bane aka the Beast sure has a soft side when it comes to Ava, shhh, he whispers, rocking me You re ok It s ok I feel his lips press into my hair You re ok You re a crazy, suicidal, stubborn pain in the a But you re ok He says the sweetest things, I would have died for you, baby, he murmurs But I m awful glad I lived long enough to eff you To me this was a good read I mean I had a few questions at the end of the book so it could have gone on a bit longer or just answered the questions.

    16. Wow what can I say about this book I read it in one sitting, Anyone that knows me knows I love MC books but this one was so different from what I m used too, and I loved it This book was very intense as I was reading it felt like I was at the edge of my chair wanting to know what was happening next This book is dark and not for the faint hearted I love Bane aka the beast there was something about him from the start that I loved.

    17. Received a free copy for a honest review I loved it Storyline had unexpected twists and kept me on the edge of my seat Badass Bane the Beast receives Ava as a peace offering from his club President Ava was a little too trusting of her new boss and ended up sold as a sex slave Bane may be raw, gritty and a killer but there are some lines even he doesn t cross He goes out of his way to protect Ava Loved the chemistry and interaction between Bane and Ava Definitely am OMG book

    18. Not for the faint of heartI usually don t read biker books but this one compelled me The first few chapters had me hooked Ava is a sweet girl who gets thrown into the big bad city life I felt bad for about two seconds until I realized just how strong she is No matter the situation she kept her strength Bane is the big bad wolf but his heart is pure You can t help but root for them The scenes are hard but you know they are real some where Great read.

    19. Somewhere between straight up porn and erotic romance, Death Layer was a better read than I expected Not great, but I was able to read the whole thing with minimal eye rolling.Ava is too stupid to live in the beginning, then all of a sudden she flips her switch and gets her act together.The bikers except for Bane are over the top depraved as the name suggests.

    20. Intriguing spontaneousI love college master s books so when I saw she had this book out I bought right away we have death,love,kidnapping,slavery.I loved the book and can t wait until the next book this book is not for faint of heart

    21. I was gifted a copy in exchange for honest review This was a fast paced intense read I wasn t thrilled with Ava s actions or words at a few points especially the stairway escape Bane was amazing and loved how within all the dark, intense things that were happening around them, he was always a great guy All in all, I enjoyed it and it kept me interested and reading to see what happens next.

    22. Depraved indeed This book started with an idea of a romance between a CEO and a sweet, young assistant, but then you get an unexpected twist I really didn t see it coming I must confess I expected of a bad guy from Bane, but instead got a good, decent man with principles that you don t see often in a MC book Even expecting from the story, I liked this book.

    23. 3 estrellas hasta donde el juicio a partir de ah , fue taaaaan terrible Los detalles tan nal cuidados, se supone que es un libro de MC y la verdad es que no sent defiinida una trama La sinopsis me llam , pero en reslidad no est tan bueno

    24. Good readGood readThis book was a good read It was a little dark for me in the beginning, but I really enjoyed it It was well written and edited I couldn t put it down I can t wait for the next book in this series

    25. Dark powerful story that drew me right into unimaginable horrors brilliant So much action packed into 3 days Looking forward to further collaboration between Masters Loren Great stuff, ladies Bring it on

    26. This was so not was I was expecting It was really gritty, full of suspense, dark and dirty I loved every minute of it

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