Organized for Homicide

Organized for Homicide USA TODAY bestselling series Organization expert Kate McKenzie is looking forward to her newest consignment organize the cross country move for a divorced father and his two children But when a dead b

  • Title: Organized for Homicide
  • Author: Ritter Ames
  • ISBN: 9781940371368
  • Page: 342
  • Format: ebook
  • USA TODAY bestselling series Organization expert Kate McKenzie is looking forward to her newest consignment organize the cross country move for a divorced father and his two children But when a dead body turns up, Kate s carefully organized plans are thrown into chaos Was it an accident Or murder Kate aims to find out and ends up falling emotionally involved thanUSA TODAY bestselling series Organization expert Kate McKenzie is looking forward to her newest consignment organize the cross country move for a divorced father and his two children But when a dead body turns up, Kate s carefully organized plans are thrown into chaos Was it an accident Or murder Kate aims to find out and ends up falling emotionally involved than she d expected when the victim s teenaged daughter becomes the police s lead suspect As a mother herself, she just can t let the girl not only lose a mother but possibly lose her freedom and future as well While the police follow the chain of evidence, Kate follows her gut, leading her on a dangerous investigation that could result in than one death if she doesn t watch her step

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    About Author

    1. Ritter Ames is the USA Today Bestselling author of the Organized Mysteries series and the Bodies of Art Mysteries series When she s not writing or brainstorming new mysteries Ritter is usually trying to get her favorite yellow lab to stay out of the pond, or keep her grouchy black cat from trying to give the dog away on Freecycle Ritter would love to live on a boat and write from far flung locations around the globe, but the dog would constantly have to be fished from the water, and her husband and cat would just complain endlessly about the dog s smell, so staying on land seems to be the only good option to keep her sanity and not get sidetracked from writing.Ritter tries to blog regularly at ritterames and subscribe there to get the latest news about upcoming releases, and inside scoops on her characters and series She uses her Pinterest boards at pinterest ritterames to capture great places and ideas she wants to use in both series Go to her website to subscribe to her newsletter and get the first alert about new books in her series.

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    1. FTC As a member of Ritter Ames Street Team , I received this ARC from the authir in hopes of a good review In no way did it influence my opinions, which are 100% my own Kate and Meg are back And are we ever glad they returned Organized for Homicide is the second in a series that not only gives you a good escapist read, but is peppered with decluttering and organizing tips that everyone can use Our story begins a few weeks after the first book ends.Kate and Meg have been hired to prepare a family [...]

    2. Another great cozy mystery in the organized series This book has really good moving tips and of course I highlighted those tips Kate and Meg are at it again This time they are packing up a mansion to move the family to CA Of course, they get themselves in the middle of another murder And the antics they do to solve it against the police s better judgment Funny in parts and some twist and turns too Didn t expect the ending of who done it

    3. This is the sequel to Organized for Muder, and I loved it just as much Kate and Meg are busy packing up a family to move, the husband to one place, and the ex wife to another When the ex is found murdered, Kate finds herself trying to find the killer Kate and Meg are so much fun, and I love all of the organizing tips throughout the book I actually use some of them myself This is a fun cozy read, and I am looking forward to the next book

    4. Kate McKenzie is looking forward to her latest job, that of organizing the Collier family home in preparation for relocation However, an added twist is that while Blaine, the divorced father, and two of his children will be moving cross country from Vermont to the California west coast, his ex wife Lila is remaining in a new two bedroom condo in Hazelton Their teen aged daughter, Sydney, will be staying only temporarily with the mother while she finishes high school But despite this confusion, K [...]

    5. Organized for Homicide is book 2 in what we hope will be a long series.While preparing a family for a cross country move Kate and Meg witness a murder.When the daughter of the family is arrested, Kate can t believe she is guilty,so with Meg s help they set out to prove her innocence In between raising a family, donating time at the library fundraiser, and continuing the job they were hired to do, Kate and Meg still manage to find the killer As usual, Ritter Ames gives us a nice cozy mystery with [...]

    6. Ritter Ames has fast become my favorite author lately Her Counterfeit Conspiracies got me out of a reading block and Organized for Homicide was just as good I wish I had read this book before all the moves I ve just kind of bumbled through The ideas and suggestions are fantastic and I love Kate and Meg Now of course we must add a murder and of course Kate and Meg find themselves in the middle of it No, I won t tell you what happens, you ve got to read that for yourself but I was surprised I just [...]

    7. I received an ARC of this book in exchange for my honest review, however that in no way influenced my review of this book This is a very fun book The quirkiness of of the characters made me laugh out loud often I love how Ritter adds organizing tips into each chapter and often within each chapter I totally didn t see it coming when the true killer was relieved I am usually really good at figuring it out prior to the reveal, but this time I was totally not expecting it to be who it was I hope the [...]

    8. This is a fun sequel to Organized for Murder not necessary to read in order I learned some handy organizing tips while reading a delightful cozy mystery I was even inspired to organize that junk drawer and I will also start using mason jars for my smoothies This book is really entertaining and I enjoy the two spunky soccer mom characters solving crimes

    9. A FABULOUS follow up to Organized For Murder I was so sure I knew who the killer was and I surprised when I got it wrong Not only is it a great story but there are also alot of really useful tips to make life a little easier.

    10. Another winner in the organized series Again, I adore the tips, my brain just can t get organized so Kate s insight is invaluable, making a winning mystery into a fantastic 2 for 1 kind of deal and I m ready for book 3

    11. I received an ARC from the publisher in exchange for an honest review.This is the second book in Ritter Ames Organized series I don t think it s necessary to read them in order, but I m glad I did Certain main and recurring character nuances and reactions seemed a bit easier to understand I loved all the organizational tidbits dispersed throughout the book I definitely wish this book had come out before I made my most recent move, it would have made the unpacking much easier And I am definitely [...]

    12. I love Kate, Keith, Meg and Gil They are awesome people and feel like family to me This was a great plot, with great characters and a wonderful ending.The addition of the cat was awesome, HE is awesome Can t wait to read about him.The tips at the back for organizing, moving and cleaning are wonderful.I received a free book in exchange for an honest review This book is definitely 5 stars

    13. I seriously love this series I did guess the killer this time but I promise it wasn t due to any good sleuthing on my part I simply took s random guess in the beginning then read to see how it really played and it was awesome I really loved the addition of the cat and am anxious to read and see what they named this little guy I was happy to see that at least there seemed to be plans for a third book More great organizing tips can be found in is book too Super job Ms Ames

    14. Nothing better than reading a book with a fun set of characters you who you could see as your best friends and watching them grow and develop Also I love the endless tips to help organize my home Each chapter had great tips on how to organize yourself for a big move Which I plan to use if I ever move again I hope not Organized for Homicide is the second book in Ritter Ames cozy organized mysteries series It is set in a small town in Vermont with the Kate McKenzie and her business partner Meg Ber [...]

    15. I ll be honest any book that includes regular tips, tricks, and ideas about event planning and or organizing is automatically going to be a winner in my eyes No matter what else is happening in the story or with the characters, I ll seek out and store all of those nuggets of golden information Luckily for me, Organized for Homicide has wonderful tips and tricks, warm and memorable characters, and great storytelling I m a blessed book gal for sure.Organized for Homicide is the second cozy in Ritt [...]

    16. I read and enjoyed the first book so when the author contacted me about reviewing this one, I said yes It took me a while to get to it, but once I did I enjoyed it Organized for Homicide blends useful tips on planning and packing for a move with a mystery around the death of an ex wife of a client The client and his kids are moving across the country and have hired Kate and Meg to pack the house and make all of the moving arrangements Even before the murder Kate and Meg find themselves being dra [...]

    17. so this is book 2 of the organizational experts kate and meg and the company stacked in your favor this time around they are packing up and moving out a family caught up in a bitter divorce seems dad blaine and 2 children are moving to california while mom lila and daughter sydney are staying in vermont so a complicated move that starts off with a visit by the ex wife a fight between the owner a realtor with a restraining order against her and the police it no wonder that meg accidently leaves h [...]

    18. As a member of Ritter Ames Street Team, I received a free e copy of this book from the author in exchange for an honest review.This is the sequel to Organized for Murder but I did not read that before reading this so I do not believe it is necessary to read in order to fully enjoy Organized for Homicide.OfH continues the stories of Kate McKenzie and Meg Berman, organizers extraordinare This time, they re organizing a move from Vermont to Malibu, CA, for the Collier family Things all go swimmingl [...]

    19. This is a wonderful series Organized for Homicide is a totally engaging cozy mystery In this book, Kate and Meg are organizing a cross country move for a family when a murder occurs at the house they re working at Because of this, Kate and Meg are in the middle of the investigation One unique thing about this book is that each chapter begins with an organizational or moving tip One of them was an absolutely brilliant packing tip that had never occurred to me If you like cozy mysteries, this book [...]

    20. This is the second in a series of books about a women who can organize anything and give great ideas that I have borrowed from her But the important part is she can t help but fall into murders She and her best friend and associate have to solve these before another murder happens Very good fun read and leaves you ready for the next.

    21. I did enjoy this book.I was very engrossed in the story, this book really held my interest.Very well written I look forward to

    22. 3 1 2 stars a well written, entertaining cozy mystery with lots of helpful hints a little heavy on the hint, however.

    23. I love it when a series adds a unique touch of its own In this case the personal touch would be the organization tips throughout the book It s an added extra that makes quite the difference, as does the dynamic between the characters within.

    24. One of the best cozy mysteries I have ever read I love these characters Ritter Ames creates such amazingly real people for her books that I can imagine them as people I know or would love to get to know She is an awesome author all round, and this series of delightful cozy mysteries has something special that will keep drawing readers back.In Organized for Homicide, Kate and Meg are packing up the home of a wealthy client who has taken a job on the west coast after divorcing his wife Once again [...]

    25. I really enjoyed the 2nd installment of this organizational themed mystery series The mystery portion was good enough to keep me guessing who the killer was up until about 3 4ths of the way through I really like the way the main character has grown since the first book AndI love how the author weaves in all the normal day to day responsibilities of being a mom and all of the varying duties that go along with taking care of a home, raising a young family and trying to work have a careerI could ab [...]

    26. This is a great follow up to Ritter s first book, Organized to Death I think the first book the author was finding her footing, but this book exceeded my expectations I m happy that I figured out whodoneit, but not because of any clues left behind by the author, but just by this feeling that I had while reading There is no shortage of bad characters that I wouldn t have mind being the killer just because I didn t like them I love all the organizing tips at the beginning of each chapter, very use [...]

    27. I m Not sure what it is about the two Organized books I ve read that makes them so appealing I guess it s at least in part because the characters are appealing and credible I like the hints on organization and packing for a move Not great literature, but fun.

    28. Another great book I loved all the tips and the main characters are wonderful Will be looking forward to reading .

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