Home the Hard Way

Home the Hard Way Dare Buckley has come home or at least he s come back to Palladian the small town he left as a teenager After a major lapse in judgment forced him to resign from the Seattle PD Palladian is the onl

  • Title: Home the Hard Way
  • Author: Z.A. Maxfield
  • ISBN: 9781626491458
  • Page: 347
  • Format: ebook
  • Dare Buckley has come home or at least, he s come back to Palladian, the small town he left as a teenager After a major lapse in judgment forced him to resign from the Seattle PD, Palladian is the only place that ll hire him There s one benefit to hitting rock bottom, though the chance to investigate the mystery of his father s suicide.Dare also gets to reacquaint himseDare Buckley has come home or at least, he s come back to Palladian, the small town he left as a teenager After a major lapse in judgment forced him to resign from the Seattle PD, Palladian is the only place that ll hire him There s one benefit to hitting rock bottom, though the chance to investigate the mystery of his father s suicide.Dare also gets to reacquaint himself with Finn Fowler, whose childhood hero worship ended in uncomfortable silence when Dare moved away But Finn isn t the same little kid Dare once protected He s grown into an attractive, enigmatic stranger who neither wants nor needs what Dare has to offer.In fact, Dare soon realizes that Finn s keeping secrets his own and the town s And he doesn t seem to care that Dare needs answers The atmosphere in Palladian, like its namesake river, appears placid, but dark currents churn underneath When danger closes in, Dare must pit his ingenuity against his heart, and find his way home the hard way.

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    1. Z.A. Maxfield Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Home the Hard Way book, this is one of the most wanted Z.A. Maxfield author readers around the world.

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    1. Home the Hard Way started out so well I was reading along enjoying the novel with that oooh, this one s gonna be good feeling when suddenly I hit a wall There was a major change in one of the characters and after that I was so blindsided I spent the rest of the book wondering what the hell happened instead of involving myself in the story Frankly, I m not quite sure if the problem is me or the book Probably it s me Possibly it s both I still can t decide.The plot of the book is practically a cli [...]

    2. I ve come to realize that sometimes Z.A Maxfield s version of flawed men just speaks to me like they have an express tunnel to my heart They can go straight there and squeeze the hell out of it This is one of those times I m not saying that I don t have issues about this book let me get to that later but overall, it is another story coming from Z.A Maxfield that I ended up loving.Dare touched my heart because of his struggle with alcoholism and his realization that the kid that used to look up a [...]

    3. 3.5I m having a hard time deciding how I feel about this book I finished it last night, with time to review it, but waited until today in order to consider my own response to it You see, I can t decide if I didn t like certain aspects of the story full stop or if I just didn t like that it wasn t the story I wanted it to be if that distinction makes any sense outside of my head Before I talk about that let me add here that I like erotica Not that I would qualify this as erotica, there isn t tha [...]

    4. Okay, so I really liked this book I liked Finn and Dare I got lotsa good feels outta this one.But all of this was overshadowed by my desperate need for Bill s story.So, Z.A Maxfield, this is a plea Won t you pretty please with sugar on top write Bill s story It really needs to be told.Please.I m begging here.Please

    5. I think I d forgotten how much I enjoy reading Z.A MaxfieldIt s been a long time since I ve read a book by this author So when I stumbled across this one sitting on my e reader I couldn t resist the temptation Home the Hard Way is a mystery with a definite romance thrown in and I love this combination The story is set in a small town called Palladian Small towns are another weakness of mine I grew up in the country and lived about 5 miles outside of a small town and have spent much of my life li [...]

    6. You are my beginning and my end You are my journey and my destination Barely having a social life and managing two different jobs and additionally a leather fetish workshop Finn is living with his deathly ill aunt Lyddie in Palladian, a little hick town Everything he craves is to belong, to belong to a family, to belong to his childhood hero Dare, who left 15 years ago and never looked behind Finn is a handsome guy, with his dark curls and his different coloured eyes Nostalgic, melancholy, mourn [...]

    7. First, I want to thank Shari Amor for this gift 3.5 stars.Dare and Finn were good friends during their childhood but Dare left town after Finn s mom was found drown in a river and Dare s father committed suicide Decades after, Dare comes back in town as a police officer Some things haven t changed, like the gossips, the unanswered questions about Dare s father suicide, the bullying Finn has to endure But Dare and Finn have now men and Dare realizes that he can t any take anything at face value A [...]

    8. 4.5 starsDare and Finn are two complex and struggling characters who haven t seen each other in years When Dare returns to town the two old friends struggle to reconnect as adults Dare is trying to restart his career as a cop in his old hometown, determined to find out what was behind his father s suicide 15 years before, while Finn is caring for his dying aunt in a town that holds a grudge stemming from the behavior of his long dead mother ZAM s writing, as always, was very good The relationshi [...]

    9. Not your grandma s ZA Maxfield.Okay now to be fair, my grandmother read old school Harlequins And there s nothing wrong with that If that s what you re into That however, is SO not this book.Dare and Finn are complicated Their relationship has secrets and folds without ending Theirs is a multi layered, deeply constructed romance ZA Maxfield brings home possibly the greatest book she s ever written with this tale of lovers, desires and secrets She goes to dark places and layered mysteries I can t [...]

    10. 4.5 stars This was a great story and I enjoyed it immensely So why not 5 stars Well The end was a bit disappointing One chapter or an epilogue would have been great I needed a tiny bit to see how Dare and Finn make a life together.I enjoyed Shannon Gunn s narration He s a new to me narrator and I think he did a really good job Sometimes he sounded a bit too forceful or aggressive during the sex scenes but overall, he put a lot of emotions into his voice to portray what the characters were feel [...]

    11. Who says you can t go home Ok we re going to see how short and sweet I can keep this because I m revisiting a few favorites on audio at the moment So here goesI first read this book back in May of 2016 and I really, really enjoyed it Here s the link to my original review because hey, who needs to reinvent the wheel right Original Review Home the Hard WayAll that I m going to add here is that the narrator for this audio book was Shannon Gunn, who happens to be a new to me narrator If this is any [...]

    12. This book has a different feel from most of this author s other stories complex, darker, and full of flawed characters There are no knights in shining armor here other than perhaps Finn s Aunt Lyddie Every character has made major mistakes in their life Every one has dark places inside them, regrets, blind spots about themselves, others, and the past I loved that about this book I enjoy heroes, but I often identify most with the flawed main character who has to fight himself as well as life for [...]

    13. DNF at 60%What started as an emotional, sweet loving story about two childhood friends who reconnect after years apart, turned into a rhapsody on the magical powers of D S relationships.It might be the fact that I m currently reading yet another book that shows how a D S relationship can help people who suffer from severe OCD that s Dirty Laundry for those who are interested but if I read one romance about the healing powers of BDSM or D S relationships, I swear I m gonna scream If these storie [...]

    14. I ve been a fan of Z.A Maxfield s work since I stumbled upon her books a few years ago but had been underwhelmed with her past few efforts and I m happy to say that I really enjoyed Home The Hard Way Edit after looking at my past ratings I realized I was thinking of a certain other author My bad.This book captured my attention right from the beginning and I ended up staying awake all hours of the night, unwilling to put my reader down to go to sleep It had me energized and wanting to know , whic [...]

    15. When Dare and Finn were kids, Finn used to follow Dare around with hero worship in his eyes Finn was an outcast even as a child, as the newcomer to a small close knit town, and also as the son of the town prostitute One day on the playground, Dare defends Finn from a bully and they were inseparable from that moment on When Dare s father shocks the town and commits suicide, his mother moves them away and he cuts all ties with Finn and doesn t respond to any of his letters or phone calls Years lat [...]

    16. A review by The Blogger Girls.This story took its time sucking me in There is a lot going on here with people dying and mysteries to be solved, both old and new.It starts out with Dare coming back to town with his tail between his legs He is still determined to find out why his father killed himself all those years ago In the middle of everything is Finn, a young guy who has basically been bullied his whole life by just about everyone in town Most of it stems from his whoring mother, but he is a [...]

    17. Okay, this is a hard book for me to review I really really love Zam s writing I love the way she evokes setting I smelled the river, the tannery, the weed, and the ammonia in the hair salon I saw Lyddie s wallpaper and every piece of art in Finn s workshop.I love her characters Lyddie alone was worth reading this story Finn was a brilliant, interesting protagonist, and Dare was a unique foil for him Bill, with his raw pain and his secrets, oh he was fascinating.The mystery was well told, and whe [...]

    18. You can read this and other reviews at Things I Find While Shelving I received a free ARC of this book via NetGalley This fact has no bearing on my review I was with this until about halfway through, when Dare shows up drunk at the beauty parlor and Finn goes into full on Dom mode Not because there s anything wrong with it hell, I love how it s portrayed so, so much Finn is focused on Dare s consent and being comfortable with giving up control to Finn and he constantly reminds Dare of how to say [...]

    19. DNF at 53%.I didn t like where this story went view spoiler It went to kink and I didn t find it believable at all Guy went from bicurious to gay curious to D s curious in matter of pages, but I didn t buy it.It also felt disjointed with other parts of story like there were 3 guys one investigating death in beauty salon, another one trying to find out truth about his father and third one goes through trysexual phase hide spoiler

    20. Oh, I could read way of these two guys In this rainy, murky small town.This is so delicious in how it sucks you in, revolving around a slow burn, latent attraction between its two main characters that evolves from childhood hero worship to very adult games As a murder mystery unfolds around them Maxfield has done this before taken two troubled men and brought them together through conflict and dysfunction, shown them working through the hard shell of hurt and pain The Long Way Home comes to imm [...]

    21. Z.A Maxfield has created a gem of literary goodness with Home the Hard Way She has expertly blended romantic suspense, a little friends to lovers romance, a small bit of rekindle, a slice of a super sweet love story, with a dash of bdsm kinkery She does this in a way that it works It works so good in fact that this is one of those books where I will think about the main characters for a long time to come Dare Buckley left childhood home fifteen years ago His mother left the home where the horror [...]

    22. REVIEWED FOR PRISM BOOK ALLIANCEThis was an absolute gem Way than a romance story Dare Buckley made a momentous cock up as Detective in Seattle so is returning home to Palladian with his tail between his legs The very town he left with his mother all those years ago after his father committed suicide Never understanding why his father killed himself he figures he will be able to poke around and look into the circumstances to see if he can discover the reason once and for all.Finn Fowler idolise [...]

    23. This is rather spoilery, and I didn t use spoiler tags, so read at your own risk I don t flat out say exactly what happened, but you ll get an idea from the review Okay, I m readyI think I honestly don t know what to say or how to rate it It started out five star fantastic I was doing updates constantly because I wanted to share just how much love I had for this book, but then changed At first, I didn t realize just how big a change was happening, and although bothered I was like, okay, I can de [...]

    24. I really enjoyed Home The Hard Way It was a solid 4 stars and I would have rounded up except that it needed an epilogue A solid HEA is implied so perhaps is didn t so much NEED an epilogue as I really wanted an epilogue.Dare does anyone really name their child Dare Is it a demographic thing I have never met a Dare in my life Buckley befriends the 5 year old Finn Fowler on the playground when Finn is 5 Dare is 10 but he doesn t like the older kids picking on Finn just cause his mom his the town f [...]

    25. This was a good book that I read for a challenge Dare Buckley befriends the 5 year old Finn Fowler on the playground when he was 10 Finn was being bullied because his mother is a slut so he takes him under his wing When Dare s father kills himself his mother moves them away and although Finn wants to stay in touch he blows him off Fast forward Dare is just screwed his job up as a detective in Seattle he is back in his hometown Dare has problems drinking too much and whoring around so he has deci [...]

    26. Dare Buckley and Finn Fowler were close when they were growing up in the town of Palladin It was hero worship on Finn s part Finn wanted so badly to have a family, a father, to belong Dare treated Finn like a little brother, protecting him from bullies in school Their friendship suffered when Dare s father committed suicide Dare and his family move away, leaving Finn to face life alone in the small town Fifteen years later, Dare returns a disgraced detective, finding Palladin the only place that [...]

    27. OK Wow Was not expecting that I borrowed this book I m going to have to go buy it now Wow If you like to be warned ahead of time check out Riptide s site, they are good at giving out appropriate labels.If you are adventurous be surprised 8 This is for people who like the unexpected and are ok with stories taking an uncharted path This book combines standard elements in an utterly unique way Not a happy romp romance Not an angst fest, either Ok, Wow This is a book for people who like books that a [...]

    28. Hurt comfort to the max and such a jumbled mess of angst But uplifting and powerful too Beautiful and engrossing.

    29. I ve read several books by this author and thoroughly enjoyed every single one This was no exception ZA Maxfield does it again.At first glance this is a friends to lovers story While that may be true in a sense, it becomes clear that it s so much The author gives us a murder mystery, some BDSM, and romantic suspense set in the small town of Palladian, Oregon A town in which some dark secrets are kept Secrets that were never to see the light of day.From the first page to the last, I was captivat [...]

    30. My Review I had another reviewer tell me a few weeks ago that I was going to love this one and she was so right I LOVED this book I m normally a fan of romantic suspense and this one does it really well I had NO IDEA who the bad guy or what was going on until it was revealed And there were so many twists in the middle of this story that just made it an awesome read.This book is about Finn and Dare Growing up, Dare was always Finn s champion From kindergarten, the kids knew that something was a b [...]

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