The Daughters of Cain

The Daughters of Cain It was only the second time Inspector Morse had ever taken over a murder enquiry after the preliminary invariably dramatic discovery and sweep of the crime scene Secretly pleased to have missed the bl

  • Title: The Daughters of Cain
  • Author: Colin Dexter
  • ISBN: 9780330341639
  • Page: 330
  • Format: Paperback
  • It was only the second time Inspector Morse had ever taken over a murder enquiry after the preliminary invariably dramatic discovery and sweep of the crime scene Secretly pleased to have missed the blood and gore, Morse and the faithful Lewis go about finding the killer who stabbed Dr Felix McClure, late of Wolsey College.In another part of Oxford, three women a houseIt was only the second time Inspector Morse had ever taken over a murder enquiry after the preliminary invariably dramatic discovery and sweep of the crime scene Secretly pleased to have missed the blood and gore, Morse and the faithful Lewis go about finding the killer who stabbed Dr Felix McClure, late of Wolsey College.In another part of Oxford, three women a housecleaner, a schoolteacher, and a prostitute are playing out a drama that has long been unfolding It will take much brain work, many pints, and not a little anguish before Morse sees the startling connections between McClure s death and the daughters of Cain.

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      Colin Dexter

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    1. Norman Colin Dexter was an English crime writer, known for his Inspector Morse novels.He started writing mysteries in 1972 during a family holiday We were in a little guest house halfway between Caernarfon and Pwllheli It was a Saturday and it was raining it s not unknown for it to rain in North Wales The children were moaning I was sitting at the kitchen table with nothing else to do, and I wrote the first few paragraphs of a potential detective novel Last Bus to Woodstock was published in 1975 and introduced the world to the character of Inspector Morse, the irascible detective whose penchants for cryptic crosswords, English literature, cask ale and Wagner reflect Dexter s own enthusiasms Dexter s plots are notable for his use of false leads and other red herrings.The success of the 33 episodes of the TV series Inspector Morse, produced between 1987 and 2001, brought further acclaim for Dexter In the manner of Alfred Hitchcock, he also makes a cameo appearance in almost all episodes More recently, his character from the Morse series, the stalwart Sgt now Inspector Lewis features in 12 episodes of the new ITV series Lewis As with Morse, Dexter makes a cameo appearance in several episodes Dexter suggested the English poet A E Housman as his great life on the BBC Radio 4 programme of that name in May 2008 Dexter and Housman were both classicists who found a popular audience for another genre of writing.Dexter has been the recipient of several Crime Writers Association awards two Silver Daggers for Service of All the Dead in 1979 and The Dead of Jericho in 1981 two Gold Daggers for The Wench is Dead in 1989 and The Way Through the Woods in 1992 and a Cartier Diamond Dagger for lifetime achievement in 1997 In 1996 Dexter received a Macavity Award for his short story Evans Tries an O Level In 1980, he was elected a member of the by invitation only Detection Club.In 2000, Dexter was awarded the Officer of the Order of the British Empire for services to literature.From Series Inspector MorseAwards Crime Writers Association Silver Dagger 1979 Service of all the Dead 1981 The Dead of JerichoCrime Writers Association Gold Dagger 1989 The Wench is Dead 1992 The Way Through the Woods

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    1. Chief Inspector Morse s eleventh outing finds the brilliant, if unconventional, detective ailing, out of shape, and thinking about retirement and his own mortality He d be in a lot better health at this point if he d only give up cigarettes and cut back on the amount of alcohol that he consumes But of course, that s a lot easier said than done, and any long time reader of this series knows that it s not going to happen.As the book opens, Morse inherits a murder investigation from a colleague who [...]

    2. With The Daughters of Cain, Colin Dexter has created a different mood and a different style for this eleventh Inspector Morse novel from 1994 It is approaching the end of the series, two before the end to be exact, which it presages at various points We are told that, Morse himself was now within a couple of years of his retirement It is actually full of omens, and has a gloomy feel overall Colin Dexter is as erudite as ever, and each chapter begins in his chosen fashion with a quotation from a [...]

    3. Here s a paradox a Colin Dexter kind of word while I enjoyed each occasion that I picked up this novel, I didn t think it was so good, as a whole.Naturally, the Morse Lewis exchanges were like eavesdropping upon two old friends, at once amusing and exasperating but of course interpretation of their dialogue is so heavily informed by familiarity with the on screen characters.Indeed, the explanation for my discontent lies, I suspect, in the timing The Daughters of Cain was published 7 years after [...]

    4. Read by Terrence HardimanTotal Runtime 9 hours 53 minsDescription Inspector Morse is up against a baffling murder inherited from a colleague who left the bloodied trail cold and unsolved Morse along with his faithful, long suffering Sergeant Lewis must pick up the tangled threads and make some sense out of the sensless An Oxford Professor has been brutally stabbed to death and the trail leads to the brutal college handiman who may or may not have been dealing drugs When the prime suspect vanishe [...]

    5. Oh these novels are ever so much better than the screen adaptations with the obvious exception of the lack of John Thaw Loved the characters in this story, especially the lovelorn Morse and put upon Lewis, but also Ellie Smith Although I remembered much of the plot from the TV series, I was happily surprised by the differences, and several times I couldn t guess where the twists would lead Loved the solution, even if it things weren t necessarily tidy I only have one problem with this story Mors [...]

    6. Morse is aging now and getting a little nudge to consider retirement Still this and a hospital stay does not deter him from smoking, drinking and flirting He especially likes to flirt with witnesses from his murder investigations Where else is going to meet them This case involves an abused woman, her hooker daughter and her employer I thought it was just an OK plot You could see it coming from a mile off and there were no surprises What always surprises me is the number of women who like Morse [...]

    7. I think this is possibly the most enjoyable Morse mystery I have read thus far, probably because it wasn t super complicated I could actually follow it In terms of development of the characters, it was interesting because this is the third to the last title in the series and there are intimations of Morse s retiring or perhaps even expiring due to ill heath in the near future.As a constant, Morse is his usual prickly, slightly icky self I will never understand how women in the books are attracte [...]

    8. This book is yet another instalment in Colin Dexter s Inspector Morse series, and so to a certain extent, you know what to expect here I ve never watched the television adaptation of the series, and so I can t tell you how close the TV series and the books are in style and substance, but I will say that I ve had a lot of fun reading these.Now, I ve read the Morse books out of order, but I don t think it s necessarily important Certainly, this book works well as a standalone, and it s fascinating [...]

    9. The title holds the clue s , April 6, 2013 This review is from The Daughters of Cain Mass Market Paperback The author had started introducing the ongoing decline of Inspector Morse in the last book I read, The Wench is Dead The Inspector and hospitals are no longer strangers rather ambulance rides and hospitals are becoming ever present in Morses life Needless to say Morses drinking and smoking remain prevalent regardless of the consequences.The Inspector once again chooses to be attracted to t [...]

    10. I was sorely confused for a large part of this book, because the first murder seemed to matter so little in the great scheme of things And I must confess that I still don t completely understand why Felix McClure was killed, and what the incident on his old Stairwell had to do with things.The main crux of the book revolves around 3 women, Brenda Brooks cleaning lady and married to Edward Brooks, thoroughly unpleasant man and drug dealer , Julia Stevens teacher and dying from a brain tumour and E [...]

    11. My niece recently spent a semester at Oxford and I was lucky enough to visit her and the town for a week She suggested, if I was looking for a book, that I read some Morse, the well known Oxford detective Since I hadn t read any of Dexter s series in a LONG while, I thought I d give them a try again This is the third to last in the series, and I had not previously read it I had forgotten how irritating I find Dexter s writing at least in the Morse series, can t judge otherwise , so often abrupt [...]

    12. I think this will be the last Dexter Morse mystery I will read It seems to me that the author is using John Thaw s characterization of Morse to pad his novels with subplots of Morse s attraction to women but he doesn t build upon it with explaining this character flow And with this book in particular he wrapped up the ending in a very abrupt unsatisfactory fashion by coming out of the story and making reference to these pages and in a quick section detailing where are they now of the characters [...]

    13. Easily my favorite of the Inspector Morse series, we see development of the Morse character as he delves into a murder linked to three women one of which he finds himself very much attracted There s not much in the way of guessing the end of the book in advance or really, any of the books in this series and do look elsewhere if you d like a nice cozy mystery These novels are a bit gritty, yet very intelligent anything can pop up from English literature, history, the Classics, opera, and of cour [...]

    14. What fun I was sure I had read all the Inspector Morse mysteries but I stumbled across one that was new to me Occasionally I will begin a mystery that I had read years before and soon realize that I knew what was going to be happening as it happened in the novel not so much in advance but sufficiently contemporaneously that it spoiled the mystery aspect, having forgotten many of the details but somehow kept filed away all the clues that one should not necessarily figure out as they happen The us [...]

    15. Interesting characters you pretty much know who has done one of the murders but it is a matter of how all the threads tie together that makes it interesting Morse s ill health is becoming and evident and it is almost like he doesn t care he makes no or little effort to improve his health like he has a death wish which is actually quite sad to read I have never found Morse a particularly likeable character but then I think he pretty much doesn t care what any one thinks of him To be honest if a [...]

    16. I really enjoyed this above average even by the high standard of Dexter s other Morse novels, in my opinion The tone is unusually elegiac in the lives of the daughters of Cain, there is brokenness that Dexter mourns, even as he allows the reader and Morse to admire the women s strength and resilience All mystery novels strike some balance or hold some tension between the ugliness of injustice, cruelty, etc and the resolute efforts of the protagonists to combat this Those efforts always, inevitab [...]

    17. Inspector Morse has a high profile thanks to the Mystery Series of a few years ago This was my first book of the series An Oxford Don is found murdered in his apartment Morse and his assistant Lewis have a hunch that a man working at the University who lost his job is the murderer But they can t find the knife to prove it Morse has a feeling that this needs to be solved because another murder is may be immanent The pieces fall together, but to late to save the next victim What do these two have [...]

    18. Incredible.I ve been a great fan of the Morse BBC series for years I even own the complete series on DVD and have rewatched all episodes endlessly yet this is the first Morse book I ve ever purchased I think I was always afraid that the written word would be somehow less than Very happy to be so wrong I m still in love with the John Thaw portrayal of Morse but there are some things that you can have drawn out with the printed word that might be rushed through because of time constraints in telev [...]

    19. This is the stereotype of the British murder mystery sort of a murder investigated surrounded by a novel of manners often used to great effect , a brilliant but enigmatic Inspector, loyal side kick, and complete with awash in literary and classical references I thought it would drive me nuts, and it did, for a while But sure enough, I was sucked in A warning, though, is appropriate if you ve just quit cigarettes, as I had, this will be difficult Morse smokes damned near as much as he drinks And [...]

    20. This is not the type of book you read to figure out whodunnit that is no real surprise rather you keep reading to figure out why, how, and whether or not they get away with it This is also one where you are rooting for the killer to get away with it, because the victim is that much of a monster.

    21. This is my first Colin Dexter book, and of course I start way down the line and toward the end Very well done and it took me a while to remember the plot resolve from the tv series.

    22. I grew up watching Morse and Lewis on TV, and remember the show fondly This is the only book I ve read in the series picked it up in a used book store a long time ago , and I don t expect to read the rest of the series, despite the book being fairly well written Colin Dexter simply hits one of my major pet peeves from ageing, male writers with ageing, male protagonists Woman sees protagonist attraction is certain Three technically four, I think good looking, younger women appear in the character [...]

    23. Listened to this on Blackstone Audio, read by Frederick Davidson With all the fame of the PBS Inspector Morris , Inspector Lewis, Endeavour Series ,I wanted to go straight to their creator, Colin Dexter I am delighted with my first read and plan to read this 2018 Each chapter begins with a famous writer s sage quote setting the scene of how Morris thinks His mind is always working in proper English, of course on clues seen and unseen His knowledge of Greek, poetry, and attention to details neve [...]

    24. Stavolta il nostro Ispettore Capo Morse alle prese con un delitto apparentemente insolubile.Ma per una mente fuori dall ordinario come la sua sempre in grado di concepire pensieri cui nessun altro era capace di arrivare , l assenza di qualsiasi indizio non un problema.Certo, come ben sa il suo fido sergente Lewis, talvolta Morse tende a dare giudizi avventati che spesso si rivelavano essere solo tragici abbagli , eppure sempre tramite le sue associazioni mentali apparentemente sgangherate che an [...]

    25. Wonderful Morse is a flawed protagonist, which I always find disconcerting Holmes was flawed but in a reassuringly superhuman kind of way Morse is much less so, quite a specimen, in fact, but also a guy who d be infuriatingly fun to hang out with The mystery itself is strange Seems open and shut pretty soon, but the red herrings are wonderful and the final unraveling is unexpected and nicely twisted Erudite writing and some very clever turns of phrase that makes this a rewarding read I particula [...]

    26. A pleasant change from the earlier Morse novels The culprit is revealed mid book, but when he disappears, a whole new mystery evolves There was only one Morse flight of fancy taking him down an unlikely and fruitless path, which was a welcome change from the many confusing and irritating henny penny scenarios I put that word in specifically to irk Morse early books I m so glad a took another shot at Colin Dexter

    27. Morse la fa come al solito da padrone con i suoi vizi, la sua precaria salute, le sue contraddizioni e le sue associazioni mentali sempre pi azzardate e generanti confusione Lewis un po troppo solo spalla del capo Fra le righe trapela un inquietudine, forse dovuta ai malanni, forse all avvicinarsi del pensionamento, che penalizza un po il processo investigativo Ma ancora lui, il buon vecchio Morse, che, anche qui, riesce a far strage di cuori femminili.

    28. El inspector Morse es un at pico h roe de libros de intriga y misterio Est en mala condici n f sica, fuma, bebe y es algo extra o El asesinato de un profesor de Oxford tan solo es el primer misterio a resolver, el segundo asesinato conduce a un crucigrama m s dif cil.Un buen libro Buen escritor El final te deja una sensaci n de nostalgia y tristeza Lectura recomendable al 100%

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