Off Your Rocker

Off Your Rocker This book is for mature audiences It contains explicit language drug use and sexual content When Delia Lia Norman meets Rock Royalty Colter Colt Slade unexpectedly after her boyfriend of years b

  • Title: Off Your Rocker
  • Author: K.E. Osborn
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 212
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • This book is for mature audiences 18 It contains explicit language, drug use and sexual content When Delia Lia Norman meets Rock Royalty Colter Colt Slade unexpectedly after her boyfriend of 4 years breaks up with her, sparks fly immediately Lia s ex always told her she was dull and boring, she was no fun at all, and he was right Colt tells Lia to do something exciThis book is for mature audiences 18 It contains explicit language, drug use and sexual content When Delia Lia Norman meets Rock Royalty Colter Colt Slade unexpectedly after her boyfriend of 4 years breaks up with her, sparks fly immediately Lia s ex always told her she was dull and boring, she was no fun at all, and he was right Colt tells Lia to do something exciting be spontaneous So she moves out of her comfort zone and goes on tour with the most famous rock group in the world Slayed.How will Lia deal with being pushed out of her comfortable life and into a world of chaos, paparazzi, screaming evil minion fans and most of all the idea that maybe there is love just around the corner THIS IS BOOK ONE OF A TWO BOOK SERIES
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      K.E. Osborn

    About Author

    1. Australian author K E Osborn was born and raised in Adelaide, South Australia With a background in graphic design and a flair for all things creative, she felt compelled to write the story brewing in her mind Writing gives her life purpose It makes her feel, laugh, cry, and get completely enveloped with the characters and their story lines She feels completely at home when writing and wouldn t consider doing anything else.

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    1. dnf 1 I just wanted something super easy and light I was not looking for quality I wanted candy floss and instead got a rotten apple.I knew right from the note to readers that her writing was not particularly good She warns the reader that the spelling and words are those of the UK In two paragraphs she repeats the phrase this book has been written in UK English twice I should have realised she needed to repeat it because you would need the retention span of a gnat to enjoy her writing It is har [...]

    2. GOT OFF MY ROCKERLia and Colt met by chance, he was staying at a hotel after a concert and she was also staying in the room next door, crying over her recent split with her boyfriend when Colt heard her lia is from money a spoilt little rich girl who only knows afternoon teas and high society events and has been so sheltered, Colt is the lead singer of a band from a lower class background, drug using parent and the two are worlds apart Lia wants to be different doesn t want her life any and agre [...]

    3. OMG, from the moment I started this book I was HOOKED I had only intended to read a few chapters before bed and ended up staying up all night finishing this book just to see how things would go with Delia and Colt Good girl Delia Norman has just been dumped and thrown out of her home by her long time boyfriend Having no where else to go she ends up checking herself into her fathers hotel for the night to cry it out, literally She cries so loud and so long that eventually her neighbor comes beati [...]

    4. 3 Rock and Roll Stars Ok I have to be brutally honest, I had major issues with the book early on I couldn t connect with any of the characters Lia was just a spoilt, socialite, Daddys little rich girl and that made it difficult to warm to her and the fact was, I just didn t think anything could make me like her Delia Lia Norman is cruelly dumped by her boyfriend on Valentine s Day and decides to drown her sorrows in the suite at Daddy s Hotel in London She soon realises that the Penthouse next d [...]

    5. This book for me had the shock factor in that the moment you think you have the storyline pegged, and you think you can guess where it will go BAM It completely turns itself on its head and takes you by surprise It is this factor that made me LOVE this book I do like the books where you can guess what happens, but the fact that this book kept me guessing throughout had me hooked from the offset I needed to know where it would go next and how it would play out Colt and Delia Lia meet in less than [...]


    7. Until the end of timeDamn, K.E Osborn, way to cause a nail biting, sighing, gasping, melting, page turning, sleep deprived reader to swear at her kindle Not only because it was awesome, and not only because you left me hanging, but because I know what swearing does to Colt wink wink You made me fall in love with all the Slayed band members, yes, even THAT oneh You made me yell at Lia because she was such a Little Bean, but then you made me proud of her as she started sprouting and acting like a [...]

    8. view spoiler A bloody cliffhanger woman Your killing me hide spoiler lolThis book is so full of OMG moments that I m not sure I can give a full review without soiling it for others lolI loved this freaking book The characters were all strong and had their purposes throughout the novel The lead characters are Rocker Bad Boy from Slayed Colter Slade Miss Prim Proper Delia Norman lia Have you ever fell into a book and fell in love with the characters from the get go and feel like your actually righ [...]

    9. OMG.what can I say.I read a lot and this is one of the best books ever The story of Colt and Lia completely took over every emotion The rock star lifestyle and the love story mixed together awesome and that ending I went from the last word to instantly one clicking the next book in this amazing series Thank you K.E Osborn for creating this Rock God for us to fall in love with

    10. As soon as Lia opens the door to a sexy, delicious Colter Slade I was hooked This book is about a girl who leads a boring life and a guy who wants to show her how to live life to the fullest and possibly show her what love truly is Lia and Colt s story isn t always happy go lucky and they have plenty of lows but the love that they share seems to always find a way to shine through.Delia Norman has just had her heart crushed by her boyfriend of 4 years, with no warning he just breaks it off with h [...]

    11. 3.5 CupcakesI ll be honest I hated Colt almost from the beginning of the book and it only intensified as the story continued I finished the book but I still hate him and have no respect for him in the end sorry but no He was on the verge or tipping right off the edge of being verbal, mentally and physically abusive towards Lia He had of a codependency towards her then anything He used all kinds of excuses for the way he acted and then when he screwed up, he would turn it around and make her fe [...]

    12. This is one of the BEST rock star romance books I ve ever read First of all, I love how long it is It is 391 pages long The entire book had me reading as fast as I could just to see what happened next I was addicted to this story and didn t even put it down when I was making dinner for my family I read the entire book in one day it was so good I like how the main couple have an instant attraction but then actually grew to know each other better and eventually fell in love The love scenes were ve [...]

    13. Where to start with my review WellWhat can I say I even spent a few days trying to get my head around it, but here goes KE Osborn has done an amazing job with this book, she had me drawn in and I wish I had time to spend just reading because I really did not want to put this book down KE Osborn has made the characters REAL Ok, so you may not like them but I don t think you are supposed to Lia at times annoyed the hell out of me with her prim and proper ways but this is just Lia, KE Osborn didn [...]

    14. Holy Moly I was off my rocker for not reading this book earlier What happens when you mix a spoilt, rich daddy s girl with a partying rock star You get a book that keeps you entertained for many hours and leaves you happy to buy book two A meeting of chance, between Lia and Colt, took me into a world that left me emotionally drained Love is hard but I don t think the author could have made it any harder for Colter and Lia Their situations had me crying and the ending left me bawling be warned th [...]

    15. I loved this book from the moment I started reading the first page Lia, daddy s little girl and rock God Colter Slade are a combination that you would absolutely not put together But KE Osborn has made this combination work so well that you have trouble putting the book down even for a moment It s a page turner that has you on a roller coaster ride from the beginning to the end I love Colt, he s hot and dominant and everything a girl would want in a guy, and Lia, although spoiled is learning how [...]

    16. I was truly surprise in this one I wanted to read this due to my book friend recommendation I m glad I did I really enjoyed this read Yes, the heroin drove me nuts with her frequent crying fits and her way of coping skills were questionable self injurious behavior was a bit disturbing This story was an emotional rollercoaster Full of twists and turns that make your tummy ache I would have wanted background story about Colt s previous serious relationship and his aversion in saying the L word Ho [...]

    17. Wow, OMG, amazing, not enough word to say how I ve enjoyed this book it, drags you as always with this author, fun and laughter as well as tears and sadness and oh my a bit steamy, left on the edge of cliff waiting on second instalment, I don t do spoilers, I don t give away the plot either, but if your looking for a darn good read, this is the series for you Now left wondering how long for second book, oh my best be soon

    18. ok so lets just aay Lia and Colt s story is like a rollor coster ride i found myself crying during the heart break its a must read.

    19. Rock n Roll It took my a little while to get into this book but once it starts getting interesting it just grabs you and pulls you in.Colt is such a typical hot, manwhore rock star but he s so loving in his own way Lia is cute as a button, she s hard a totally sheltered, privileged life and so needs to be shaken up Colt turns her world upside down and Lia makes Colt fall hard for her.Like any good book there is some crap that happens, very angsty stuff, there are times when you want to smack the [...]

    20. On the eve of one of the worst days of her life, and it is Valentine s Day no less, Lia meets the super sexy stranger from the hotel suite next to hers Apparently, her sobbing from her broken heart has disturbed him trying to get some sleep He claims to be Colter Slade, a singer for a very popular rock and roll band Slayed, but Lia only vaguely recognizes the name of the group While trying to talk to her to calm her down, he begins to hum to her and sing softly, instantly relaxing her They conti [...]

    21. Firstly I want to give a HUGE thanks to K E Osborn for kindly providing me with a copy of Off Your Rocker to read and review 3This book certainly put a smile on my faceat was of course until I read the ending.If you ve read other books that have been written by K E Osborn then you ll know just how amazing her writing can be, how engrossed we become within her storylines, and how attached we get to characters, only to have our hearts ripped out.This book certainly keeps you guessing throughout , [...]

    22. I received an ebook in exchange for an honest review I have read the Trust Me Trilogy by this author and I loved that series, this book however, doubles that love I didn t think that K.E Osborn would be able to top her previous books, but this has and did I love the characters, the realness that I feel from them, the vibe that I get from each and every one of them as well as the situation that the characters find themselves in throughout the story The plot is smooth flowing, attention grabbing a [...]

    23. Favorite Lines or Quotes He has a look in his eyes of pure unadulterated lust and it completely unravels me NADBB was asked to review Off Your Rocker, and was excited We were new to Ms Osburn, and that s always a plus when reviewingNOPSIS BLURB When Delia Lia Norman meets Rock Royalty Colter Colt Slade unexpectedly after her boyfriend of 4 years breaks up with her, sparks fly immediately Lia s ex always told her she was dull and boring, she was no fun at all, and he was right Colt tells Lia to d [...]

    24. There are not enough words in the English Language to describe how much I LOVED this book, nor enough stars to rate it I started the book at night intending on reading a couple of chapters and before I knew it, I was finished with it at 4 30 a.m because a fire couldn t have made me put it down.Delia Norman is a sweet, naive, boring girl that has let her rich, snobby Daddy run her life She wants for nothing but has never opened her wings to fly Colter Slade is the wild, hot, lead singer of the ba [...]

    25. 4.5 STARS I received an ARC from the author for an honest review Well, holy hell this book will leave you reeling I am just going to jump right in with the reason why I didn t give five full stars and it is simply because I fell that there is just too much angst in this book Just so much drama and not enough other stuff to balance it out Now don t get me wrong I really enjoyed this book and I really like the characters All except that Jessi I am hoping that she does not make an appearance in boo [...]

    26. Lia Norman has lived a very sheltered, privileged life, until suddenly, she finds herself boyfriendless and homeless in the blink of an eye Lia heads to one of her family s hotels to try to regroup and figure out what she s going to do with her life Colt Slade, rock god, can t sleep due to the incessant crying coming through the walls of the suite next door Colt meet Lia, Lia meet Colt This chance encounter sets up the whirlwind romance between Lia and Colt Lia has been stuck in life doing thing [...]

    27. 5 Star Review K E Osborn has gone and deliver one heck of a book Off Your Rocker will leave you panting and wanting .This is one of the best books with hot rock stars that I have read by far Colt Slade is a rock God, being the lead singer for Slayed one of the hot bands that are out there, he has all the groupies willing to spend one night with him His reputation is true use them and leave them One night while trying to rest he comes to the rescue of Lia, a girl that is not familiar with his sta [...]

    28. Delia Norman was dumped by her boyfriend on Valentines day With out warning he tells her I have never loved you And your moving out tonight So Delia goes the one her daddy s hotels And get a room for the night Then she is crying so loud her neighbor knocks on the door Finally she answers it and was very surprised what was at the door a total Rock god asking her to be quiet because he needed sleep due to a gig tomorrow She meets Colt Slade the lead singer of a this band From the get go Colt is dr [...]

    29. 4.5 Stars I was gifted a copy for the release Day Blitz tour on my Blog katsbookpromotions C L Until the end of time I would like to say that the end of this book had me tearing up but then when I was feeling the warm and fuzzys THEN Ms Osborn dumped a bucket of CliffhangerFrustration all over me So Be warned you will get hooked into this book, fall for the characters hate them love them cry for them OMG this was a roller coaster ride of changing my opinion of these characters At first this book [...]

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