With Justice for All: A Strategy for Community Development

With Justice for All A Strategy for Community Development I am persuaded that the Church as the steward of this gospel holds the key to justice in our society Either justice will come through us or it will not come at all John Perkins s optimistic view of

  • Title: With Justice for All: A Strategy for Community Development
  • Author: John M. Perkins
  • ISBN: 9780830744954
  • Page: 307
  • Format: Hardcover
  • I am persuaded that the Church, as the steward of this gospel, holds the key to justice in our society Either justice will come through us or it will not come at all John Perkins s optimistic view of justice becoming a reality starts and ends with the Church With Justice for All is Perkins s invitation to live out the gospel in a way that brings good news to the poor I am persuaded that the Church, as the steward of this gospel, holds the key to justice in our society Either justice will come through us or it will not come at all John Perkins s optimistic view of justice becoming a reality starts and ends with the Church With Justice for All is Perkins s invitation to live out the gospel in a way that brings good news to the poor and liberty to the oppressed from Luke 4 18 This invitation is extended to every racial and ethnic group to be reconciled to one another, to work together to make our land all God wants it to be And it is a blueprint a practical strategy for the work of biblical justice in our time In an age of changing demographics where the need to break the cycle of poverty is staring many of us in the face, Perkins offers hope through practical ministry principles that work This outstanding resource includes Reflection questions for personal or group study as well as Interaction sessions for groups to participate in activities together.

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      John M. Perkins

    About Author

    1. John M Perkins is a sharecropper s son who grew up in New Hebron, Mississippi amidst dire poverty Fleeing to California at age 17 after his older brother s murder at the hands of a town marshal, he vowed never to return However after converting to Christianity in 1960 he returned to Mendenhall, Mississippi to share the gospel of Christ While in Mississippi, his outspoken nature and support and leadership in civil rights demonstrations resulted in repeated harassment, beatings and imprisonment He again was arrested in 2005 year while protesting in Washington D.C against U S Government defunding of programs aiding the poor.In Mendenhall, Perkins and his wife, Vera Mae, founded Voice of Calvary Ministries This Christian community development ministry started a church, health center, leadership development program, thrift store, low income housing development, and training center From this ministry, other development projects started in the neighboring towns of Canton, New Hebron and Edwards Philip K Reed, the previous pastor of Voice of Calvary Fellowship, has assumed the leadership of this dynamic ministry.In 1982, the Perkins family returned to California and lived in the city of Pasadena where Perkins and his wife founded Harambee Christian Family Center in Northwest Pasadena, a neighborhood that had one of the highest daytime crime rates in California Harambee is yet standing, running numerous programs including after school tutoring, Good News Bible Clubs, an award winning technology center, summer day camp, youth internship programs, and a college scholarship program.In 1983, while yet in California, Perkins and his wife, along with a few friends and other major supporters, established the John M Perkins Foundation for Reconciliation Development, Inc for the sole purpose of supporting their mission of advancing the principles of Christian community development and racial reconciliation throughout the world Biography from the John M Perkins Foundation for Reconciliation Development

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    1. Excellent book that will confront you with a scriptural reality of how God desires the church to respond to the injustice of the poor and oppressed, and how the body of Christ particularly black white must find unity and partnership in this endeavor.

    2. I ve personally been involved in long term community development initiatives in rural settings overseas It is also currently a significant focus of my ministry in the US So John Perkins is a name that I hear referenced often He is considered a pioneer in Gospel centered community development Speaking with over fifty years of experience, Perkins describes what he regards as the three primary components in establishing lasting community transformation.1 Relocation It used to be taken for granted t [...]

    3. Excellent read that not only illustrates the story and ministry of John Perkins, but also the original philosophy for CCDA work Relocate, Reconcile, and Redistribute This book was incredibly helpful and affirming Highly recommended for those needing a follow up to Making Neighborhoods Whole for a in depth analysis of CCD principles and practice

    4. An excellent work with a sound theological and practical discussion of ministering in the name of Christ to those who have needs Perkins deals with the reality of what faces us, sharing much from his own life and ministry A solid work that all need to consider as we seek to be ambassadors for Christ in our community, region and world.

    5. While it is an older book on Christian community development, written in 1982 after all, the strategy it gives out on how to pull poor and disenfranchised communities out of poverty is still applicable today The strategy focuses on three steps, the three R s.1 Relocation In order to be an effective community developer, one must relocate into the community they seek to develop None of these throw money at the poor, hope it works strategies where we sit in our suburbs and gated communities while t [...]

    6. This book may be a little dated, having been published in the early 80s, but so many of the principles are still quite relevant today John Perkins is a Christian community developer and civil rights activist, and he has outlined here many of the stories and principles that have guided him in his years of work.He discusses racial reconciliation, and challenges our lack of commitment to helping the poor, outlining the ways in which many of our helpful programs actually create dependency In some wa [...]

    7. I really do not read a lot of social justice books I think the reason I don t is due to a lack of theological correctness that tends to permeate those books.However, I decided to read this book partially out of curiosity and partially because I got it in my Relevant network pack.This book takes everything that I do not like about social justice books and throws it out the window You do not have to move away from good theology to preach a holistic gospel that is concerned with the whole person.Pe [...]

    8. This book addresses poverty and how to change it It is a how to on Christian Community Development The author, John Perkins, is co founder of Christian Community Development Association CCDA I think you will be shocked to read his take on different issues, from social action to free enterprise to racial reconciliation He takes no political sides, actually straddles the fence nearly perfectly in my opinion The book is centered around poor black communities but the information can applied to nearl [...]

    9. I was cleaning out old files and came across an excerpt from this book that someone had given me not long after its original publication date, 1982 I decided to re read the 1982 version from the library It is a thoughtful call to action to live out Christian faith by seeking justice He strongly endorses living in areas where injustice is felt the most because he believes it s the only way to get the work done effectively, i.e in community It s sobering because so much of what he s talking about [...]

    10. This book has the potential to change my life Maybe not anytime soon, but I think some day it will significantly shape what I do I also need to have my wife read the book as we are kind of in it together from this point out.To clarify, Perkins casts a vision for reconciliation, redistribution, and relocation For some reason I feel like Tomi and I might some day relocate to one of the poor urban areas in our country maybe even in NYC but I should not even write this yet because I have not talked [...]

    11. Some very applicable things if you are creative coming from the dark mouth of segregation Perkins gives powerful testimony to the survival of the civil rights movement and the shaping of true Christian culture in the face of social and economic hardship Some blatant and in my opinion falsely accusatory statements coupled with a near legal dogmatism leave this book lacking in a few points Give me a reason to believe what you are saying,Perkins, and not just because Jesus tells me to.

    12. John Perkins writes about the three R s Relocation, Reconciliation, and Redistribution as a strategy for community development The entire book is centered around the three R s as Perkins explains and elaborates Perkins speaks from his experience with his community and church, yet it applies through various contexts concerning issues of justice and the poor Personally it has impacted me and this is something that I am looking forward to applying in my own life and context.

    13. Quotes 3 R s To be an effective community developer I must Relocate into the community of need I must live among those I am serving Reconciliation between white and blacks.RedistributionJustice is achieved by working with God to share His resources with the disenfranchised of the earth John also discusses the failure of government social welfare programs As a note, John Perkins, Martin Luther King vintage, is one of the fathers of racial reconciliation.

    14. John is one of 20th century evangelical community developers to be modeled His story is inspirational testimony to the transforming power of God s love His ministry focus on the three Rs of transformation of impoverished communities relocate, redistribute, reconcile His work to bring about healing between blacks and whites in America.

    15. More autobiographical than I expected Perkins has a similar, familiar voice in all his books But many need to see the world through his eyes The sight humbles us and makes us confess, then come together.

    16. Perkins has a valuable perspective as someone who developed community extensively before there was any buzz about the idea.

    17. Great book for learning about community development ministry John Perkins has had many experiences that others can learn from.

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