My Monster Farts

My Monster Farts Short chapter book ideal for kids age up to Zach has a pet monster called Lenny No one else can see or hear him He loves Lenny but there is one big problem Lenny loves to fart He farts at home and

  • Title: My Monster Farts
  • Author: Kate Clary
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 109
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Short chapter book ideal for kids age 5 up to 8.Zach has a pet monster called Lenny No one else can see or hear him.He loves Lenny but there is one big problem Lenny loves to fart He farts at home and at school and everyone thinks that it s Zach.Zach is tired of getting in trouble because of Lenny s farting.What will Zach do

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      Kate Clary

    About Author

    1. Kate Clary Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the My Monster Farts book, this is one of the most wanted Kate Clary author readers around the world.

    One thought on “My Monster Farts

    1. It s hard to read when you are laughing so hard my friend s daughters weren t terribly amused, but I sure was This would have been a hit in my 7th grade classroom

    2. Farts are funnyThis is a book about farts smelly farts My girls love it and it is quite entertaining A joy to read over and over and over again.

    3. Just right for real boys from a BoymomFunny, had my son s attention and he enjoyed it This is a good book for moms of boys to read to their little boys I know that some may think that this isn t good literature but in all reality, little boys fart Big boys fart And most of the time they think it might be funny to blame someone else This just shows us the funny side of it My little boy wants to read the next few books And if a book on monsters farting makes my little boy want read , then so be it [...]

    4. We have read this book twice in my class of 2nd graders They love it and are begging for 2 The farting incidences in class and shouting out about them when they do happen have stopped since reading this I so hate the word fart it was never allowed in my vocabulary as a kid However, my kiddos love this and I will read the others to them as a result.

    5. Farts and MarshmallowsThe monster was invisible to everyone but Zach But they could smell his farts That made Lenny the monster nosedetectable in a very unpleasant way Zach was able to train Lenny not to fart in front of people using marshmallows Is there anyone you know who should eat marshmallows

    6. GoodThis is just good because it s funny I love farts and marshmallows and I m Lenny these books have come to life the I m Lenny part is a joke and I think my sister would like it and I also don t think it s great because it is short.

    7. meh I thought it was ok, but my 4 year old and 5 year old liked it a lot My 5 year old gave it 3 stars Definitely kid humour, but I thought it could be better developed There are other 1st chapter books for kids that are better.

    8. Now I know this is not a book many people would buy for their kids, but my little boy is in love with monsters and he thinks farts are the funniest things ever so I purchased this three part series and he loved it.

    9. This is my summaryI love this book it is so good I recommend this book to ages 0 months to190 they will love it thanks for taking your time to read my summary

    10. Great for little boys to peak their interestMy son stayed very engaged in the book and wanted to help read it because he thought it was so funny.

    11. A really funny book about farting I love Lenny but sometimes he drives me crazy You see, Lenny likes to fart No, he LOVES to fart Small farts, medium farts and big farts They are usually smelly, too Have you ever smelled a really smelly fart If you have, you will understand why Lenny drives me crazy I wasn t 100% sure I should be reading this to a five year old at bedtime But bedtime ended up with 20 minutes of giggles and belly laughs Priceless

    12. Monsters Wyatt says it funny JT says it s great Zach tells a good story, sort of, says JT I liked Lenny the most He s so funny says Wyatt.

    13. So so funny I think I laughed then my kid did This was so funny I kept reading it after my Daughter went to sleep Lol

    14. Funny bookMy son laughed very hard through the whole book Good reading for young children They will stay smiling the whole time

    15. BRILLIANT so humourousBRILLIANT so humourous It was totally my sense of humour I too would love a farting monster as my best friend.

    16. Great Great read with my first grader Lots of laughs.looking forward to Carts are always funny I love this book

    17. Great short book for kidsThis was a short, fun book for my 7 year old boy I suggest it for anyone with young boys

    18. My kids loved thisMy kids 9 year old girl and 6 year old boy loved this book Can t wait to read the rest of the books.

    19. Good book Good book for kids who find these things funny My daughter loved it Not many pictures but she was listening intently.

    20. Very cute bookMy son loved this I thought it was cute as well Now my son is saying he has a farting monster Lol

    21. Super cute and a fun read Super fun book Has a lot of humor Makes you want to be a kid again Imagination, monsters and farts Hehe

    22. Safe to say this was a hit with the 6 year old, who thinks bodily functions are the funniest thing that ever happened Sure to please any kid who admires a good fart.I might have snickered once or twice myself, during this tale of woe featuring Zach and his farting monster Lenny Visit Scifi and Scary s Book Reviews for many other Science Fiction, Horror, Thriller, and Kids Books reviews.

    23. Gotta love children s books like this one My Granddaughter Erin is almost Seven, and I know she will enjoy reading this She s at the age and is in First Grade where she thinks its funny to fart or when someone else farts So if you have one of these type of kids at home, consider purchasing the little chapter book and either read it together, or have them read it and then discuss it with them I think you will enjoy it.

    24. A silly bookI honestly don t know what I expected It is simply a simple silly book with a simple silly story A young boy and his imaginary Monster friend who farts all the time and gets him in trouble But he solves his problem in a typically silly way And that s it I suppose young boys would get a laugh.

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