Seconds The highly anticipated new stand alone full colour graphic novel from Bryan Lee O Malley author and artist of the hugely bestselling and Toronto set Scott Pilgrim graphic novel series Seconds is a c

  • Title: Seconds
  • Author: Bryan Lee O'Malley Nathan Fairbairn
  • ISBN: 9780307363060
  • Page: 206
  • Format: Hardcover
  • The highly anticipated new stand alone, full colour graphic novel from Bryan Lee O Malley, author and artist of the hugely bestselling and Toronto set Scott Pilgrim graphic novel series Seconds is a complex and novelistic stand alone story about a young restaurant owner named Katie who, after being visited by a magical apparition, is given a second chance at love aThe highly anticipated new stand alone, full colour graphic novel from Bryan Lee O Malley, author and artist of the hugely bestselling and Toronto set Scott Pilgrim graphic novel series Seconds is a complex and novelistic stand alone story about a young restaurant owner named Katie who, after being visited by a magical apparition, is given a second chance at love and to undo her wrongs Fans new and old will love O Malley s bold and quirky style infused with his subtle, playful humour.
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      Bryan Lee O'Malley Nathan Fairbairn

    About Author

    1. Bryan Lee O Malley is a Canadian cartoonist His first original graphic novel was Lost at Sea 2003 , and he is best known for the six volume Scott Pilgrim series 2004 to 2010 All of his Scott Pilgrim graphic novels were published by Portland, Oregon based Oni Press In July 2014 his graphic novel Seconds was released by Ballantine Books He is also a songwriter and musician as Kupek and formerly in several short lived Toronto bands.

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    1. This was so great One of the best graphic novels I ve read I wasn t expecting the dark turn it took there towards the end I would definitely recommend this for those who are wanting to get into graphic novels.

    2. Hilarious and charming and relatable I absolutely LOVED the art style and the humor it s a beautiful book that had me laughing out loud throughout The dynamic between the narrator and the main character was something I d never seen before, but it thought it was brilliant There were some aspects of the plot worldbuilding that weren t fully developed, but if you can just go along with it, this is pretty close to perfect Great art, great story, great characters, great humor.So, to recap THIS WAS GR [...]

    3. THIS BOOK IS SOLID GOLD.The illustrations ADORABLE The theme Old but done relevantly The story Compelling The characters Loveable Sequel Doesn t exist but I want one so bad Everything about the story and characters had me flipping through this gorgeous graphic novel late into the night The moment I finished it I wanted to start it again 3

    4. This follows Katie, a talented young chef She runs a successful restaurant, and has big plans to open an even better one.This review contains spoilers.Then, all at once, progress on the new location bogs down, her charming ex boyfriend pops up, her fling with another chef goes sour, and her best waitress Hazel gets badly hurt And just like that, Katie s life goes from pretty good to not so much What she needs is a second chance Katie has been given a second chance And it seems like she was the o [...]

    5. Katie is a chef that is doing well She has built a reputation as a great cook and is opening her own restaurant One night her ex comes into the restaurant and then her best waitress gets horribly burned Then that night she finds a box in her dresser left by the house elf BAM Instant redo.The thing is Katie keeps wanting to change things Why not have that instant redo So easyJust write it in the book and have a mushroom.Lis the house elf is not happy with Katie Only one redo was allowed Katie beg [...]

    6. Find all of my reviews at 52bookminimum What could possibly go wrong with eating a random mushroom left for you with those instructions Katie should have probably asked Alice about that Actually, in Katie s case the magic shroom simply gives her a chance at a re do And boy could she use one in order to get the renovations on her dream restaurant back on track and stop just being the chef at Seconds Unfortunately, when a waitress gets badly burned Katie uses her do over in order to prevent that [...]

    7. Kinda shits the bed in end, its one of those books, but the two hundred pages leading up to the reveal are nearly perfect What struck me reading this was that the conversation about Seconds will always only ever be about its relationship with Scott Pilgrim and and not about the fact that this book does the thing all good YA does it gets really fucked up, really fast.When O Malley wants it to get dark, it gets fucking dark People will talk about the time travel and the in jokes, cute art style, c [...]

    8. One of the most original graphic novels I ve ever read Around the Year in 52 Books Challenge Notes 10 A book you feel you should ve read by now

    9. This graphic novel is just cool.It s the story of Katie, a chef who wants to open her own restaurant, and she also wishes she could get back with her ex boyfriend, Max Katie lives in an apartment above a restaurant named Seconds, and one night she meets Lis, the spirit of the house Katie finds some mushrooms and a notebook in an old dresser, and by writing down a mistake and eating the mushroom, the past will be changed.Katie quickly gets addicted trying to fix all of her mistakes, and each revi [...]

    10. I thought this would be si fi ish kind of novel,but anyway it was awesome.One of the best graphic novels I have read in a while.

    11. INCR VEL.Eu estou apaixonado por esse quadrinho Mais um pra lista S rio, foi uma leitura perfeita pro momento Amei os personagens, a hist ria, a narrativa, tudo Ele tem um senso de humor timo, que n o impede a seriedade ou deixa bobinho Tamb m achei um quadrinho bem imersivo, os desenhos passam MUITA coisa, dentre elas, movimento e express o.Adorei a parte m gica da hist ria foi o toque perfeito Achei bem criativo e diferente A utiliza o desses elementos pra passar a mensagem E QUE MENSAGEM foi [...]

    12. Antes que nada gracias, novelas gr ficas, por existir y sacarme de mis reading slumps ocasionales Seconds es una historia rar sima Katie trabaja en un restaurante, pero su sue o es abrir uno propio, as que desde hace tiempo est trabajando en ello, aunque eso le ha costado much simo dinero, una que otra amistad e incluso su novio Sin embargo, un d a, Katie encontrar a una especie de esp ritu que la gu a hacia una libreta y una seta m gica, muy al estilo de Alicia en el Pa s de las Maravillas Cada [...]

    13. This new self contained story from Bryan Lee O Malley swaps the geeky pyrotechnics of his SCOTT PILGRIM series for the sedate story of Katie, a restaurateur who gains the ability to magically undo her own mistakes.I really wanted to like this It s a tremendously handsome volume, and the colouring is gorgeous I just couldn t get past the one dimensional and unengaging main character That s not necessarily a deal breaker after all, Scott Pilgrim is also incredibly shallow and unsympathetic but he [...]

    14. WOAH The colouring and illustrations in this graphic novel are the most beautiful that I have ever read, and unlike most graphic novels where I struggle to form any real connection with the characters, in this everyone feels so real The plot is really quite meaningful too and is a lot darker than you think it will be at the start I loved it

    15. Amazing This was a fun, hilarious, and at times very dark graphic novel I ll read anything Bryan Lee O Malley writes

    16. I loved this so much, it was the perfect balance of and utterly bizarre and utterly brilliant It was funny, creepy, suspenseful, intense, adorable and impossible to put down literally I was reading it at 4am The artwork was gorgeous and the unique concept had me hooked from the first page until the last I absolutely loved that it followed a cast of characters in their twenties and the fact that it centred around a restaurant was so much fun It had a diverse cast of characters, all of which I ins [...]

    17. This was a trip I ve never read anything by Bryan Lee O Malley, but I love the Scott Pilgrim movie And the humor in this was very similar The artwork was adorable it s like little chibi characters And one of my favorite things was the interactions between Katie, the main character, and the third person narrator of the story It was fun to have her directly respond to the narration with snide remarks or contradictions I also really enjoyed the use of slang and like and literally, because it made i [...]

    18. As que esta es b sicamente la historia de Katie, una chica no tan chica que abri junto con sus amigos un restaurante llamado Seconds , que mas temprano que tarde obtuvo popularidad y en el lapso, vio muchas cosas pasar El tiempo ha transcurrido y Katie lo que quiere es abrir un nuevo restaurante, uno que le pertenezca y la aleje de aquello que ocurri en el anterior En una serie de eventos que involucran a un adorable esp ritu, Katie se ve envuelta en un misterio que le permitir cambiar su presen [...]

    19. Voc j imaginou o que aconteceria se o esp rito de uma loira misteriosa aparecesse no seu quarto com um cogumelo m gico que te permite mudar os seus erros e te dar uma segunda chance O Bryan Lee O Malley imaginou e escreveu uma hist ria incr vel Seconds tem um ritmo muito constante, um senso de humor muito divertido e me trouxe uma reflex o muito interessante sobre todas as vezes que eu tentei mudar alguma coisa pra agradar algu m, achando que aquilo seria bom pra mim e no meio disso tudo eu acab [...]

    20. Seconds is a successful restaurant, thanks in large part to Katie s cooking and dedication but she doesn t own the place So she s been scrimping and saving to buy her own restaurant, move out of Seconds, and live happily ever after Except there are delays in the renovation of the dump she bought with her business partner Oh, and the house spirit of Seconds has issues with Katie Katie dreams about a strange girl crouching atop her cabinet and, after a disastrous night in the kitchen, she looks in [...]

    21. Fun, funny, but also dark Katie messes with things she doesn t understand and ends up whizzing through different realities, making her realise what really matters and other such deep messages.Katie s one of those characters that I both like and dislike, but she did make me laugh Her little banter with the narrator herself was fun, breaking down the fourth wall a little I like the artwork, but what I liked was the PRESENTATION of the artwork Switching between standard cell work or full page illu [...]

    22. Una novela gr fica muy entretenida y original Esta es la historia de Katie, una chef de 29 a os que trabaja como jefa de cocina en un restaurante llamado Seconds El sue o de la protagonista es abrir un restaurante propio, y hace cuatro a os que pone todo su tiempo y dinero en hacer que esto ocurra Pero sus esfuerzos parecen no ser suficientes, as que para lograrlo, decide tratar de corregir sus errores con ayuda de unas setas m gicas que le ha dejado un esp ritu en su casa Es muy loco, tiene par [...]

    23. What a nice story I just really, really enjoyed this story about second or third or fourth or chances and trying to fix something whether or not it s broken It has a magical element to it, house spirits, which I really liked It played into the story very nicely One thing that I loved was how the main character, Katie, could hear and interact with the narrator, I thought that was really cute This is just a really nice story I think you guys should read it

    24. A fantastic morality tale a bunch of twenty something characters designed to be entertaining rather than believable crisp and bright manga esque cartooning Nothing terribly original or deep, but competently executed and enjoyable enough.

    25. Time travel, 29 year old quarter life crisis, magic mushrooms, and amazing illustrations What could you ask for from a graphic novel.Even I, a person who doesn t really like graphic novels, settle down for an exciting romp every time I pick up a B Lee O Malley book.So much I could talk about, but I don t have a copy So I ll come back later and flesh this out.

    26. I finally read SECONDS this weekend, and I really enjoyed it I love the cartooning style O Malley used in this book, and I thought the coloring was very beautiful And the concept of house spirits and the world building around them was fresh and interesting and drove the story along at a great clip Very curious to see what Mal has up his sleeve for his next project.

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