The Two Hotel Francforts: A Novel

The Two Hotel Francforts A Novel It is the summer of and Lisbon Portugal is the only neutral port left in Europe a city filled with spies crowned heads and refugees of every nationality tipping back absinthe to while away

  • Title: The Two Hotel Francforts: A Novel
  • Author: David Leavitt
  • ISBN: 9781596910430
  • Page: 395
  • Format: Paperback
  • It is the summer of 1940, and Lisbon, Portugal, is the only neutral port left in Europe a city filled with spies, crowned heads, and refugees of every nationality, tipping back absinthe to while away the time until their escape Awaiting safe passage to New York on the SS Manhattan, two couples meet Pete and Julia Winters, expatriate Americans fleeing their sedate life inIt is the summer of 1940, and Lisbon, Portugal, is the only neutral port left in Europe a city filled with spies, crowned heads, and refugees of every nationality, tipping back absinthe to while away the time until their escape Awaiting safe passage to New York on the SS Manhattan, two couples meet Pete and Julia Winters, expatriate Americans fleeing their sedate life in Paris and Edward and Iris Freleng, sophisticated, independently wealthy, bohemian, and beset by the social and sexual anxieties of their class As Portugal s neutrality, and the world s future, hang in the balance, the hidden threads in the lives of these four characters Julia s status as a Jew, Pete and Edward s improbable affair, Iris s increasingly desperate efforts to save her tenuous marriage begin to come loose.Gorgeously written, sexually and politically charged, David Leavitt s long awaited new novel is an extraordinary work.

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      David Leavitt

    About Author

    1. Leavitt is a graduate of Yale University and a professor at the University of Florida, where he is the co director of the creative writing program He is also the editor of Subtropics magazine, The University of Florida s literary review Leavitt, who is openly gay, has frequently explored gay issues in his work He divides his time between Florida and Tuscany, Italy.

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    1. 5 deliciously and delightfully deceiving stars This book is so multilayered and complex Two couples meet in Lisbon in 1940 and are waiting to board a ship to America to leave the Nazis behind They become fast friends but do they really Mr Leavitt is a master novelist and at first I thought I was reading a love story about an illicit passionate affair between two men while the wives drank tea Moment by moment though we are taken through the quartet s history through their own and others eyes and [...]

    2. As compulsively readable as this book was, I knew early one that I would be able to give it only a middling rating There are just some books that, though one zips through them, are lacking some element that makes them stand out On the surface, there is nothing very wrong with The Two Hotel Francforts at all, but there is also nothing very sparkly if I can call it that The plot revolves around two couples who meet in Lisbon in 1940 as they wait to leave a war ravaged Europe on a ship sailing for [...]

    3. I think I became aware of this book from my sidebar recommendations I thought it sounded good, and being set in Lisbon a place I want to know better was an added bonus Although quite readable, I have to say this book did not live up to its promise.Early on in WW2, two couples meet in Lisbon while awaiting repatriation to New York aboard the SS Manhattan One couple is staying at the Hotel Francfort, while the other has managed to secure a room at the nearby Francfort Hotel Unexpectedly, an affair [...]

    4. In the summer of 1940, as Hitler s troops were invading Europe, people fled to the neutrality of Lisbon, many hoping to get on one of the few ships sailing to America During this time, Lisbon is filled with spies and royalty and people in exile Leavitt s story primarily concerns two ex pat couples waiting for the S S Manhattan to come The novel is narrated by one of the main characters, Pete Winters.Pete and Julia Winters are Americans who have lived in Paris for over 15 years Julia insisted on [...]

    5. Pare che D Leavitt sia uno scrittore molto apprezzato e di qualit sar , ma in questo suo primo romanzo che leggo visto per caso sul sito della casa editrice mi ha piuttosto deluso.Gi dai primi capitoli commette tutti gli errori soliti che mi fanno indispettire a un personaggio che parla come e ci scarica addosso l immancabile infodump su Lisbona, il Portogallo e la situazione storico politicab al capitolo 2 pi o meno gi sappiamo vita, morte, miracoli, carattere e backstory del protagonista e di [...]

    6. I was very excited to read this book it seemed perfect for me World War II and a gay affair It s set in Portugal in 1940 as expats and refugees are converging on Lisbon, trying to get to America This is an aspect of World War II I haven t read much about, and Leavitt does a good job showing the different ways people are responding to the Nazi invasion of France But this is just the backdrop for the meeting of two couples waiting for a ship to New York.So this isn t really a World War II novel An [...]

    7. Non Conventions A study of loveReading The Two Hotel Francforts I was reminded of Ford Maddox Ford s The Good Soldier for many reasons but mostly because of the explicit exploration of sexuality within and without marriage though neither of these novels contains egregious sexual content but rather that they re about the role of sex in interpersonal and intimate relationships and the nature of love and how it s expressed Another similarity is the European setting when there is an expectation or t [...]

    8. I d rate this 3.5 stars.There comes a moment when your life changes For Pete Winters that moment came when Edward Freling stepped on his glasses in a crowded cafe in Lisbon, Portugal It s 1940 and the world is a chaotic place, with Hitler making his way across Europe Lisbon is the only neutral port left, and refugees from all over Europe have crowded into Portugal, hoping for sanctuary or at least a place to wait until finding passage somewhere else.Pete and his wife, Julia, are expatriate Ameri [...]

    9. I ve tried to write about this book a couple of times and can t seem to get it right What I liked about the book What I didn t It starts with the cover I absolutely loved the cover of this book And don t tell me that you can t judge a book by its cover The cover features a leather suitcase with stickers from two Hotels Francfort in Lisbon The suitcase is lying atop brightly colored tiles, like a floor Honestly, I knew I would like this book and I did, but I didn t love it.Here s part of the prob [...]

    10. This new historical novel from David Leavitt is immediately captivating as the setting is so well chosen It is Lisbon, in the summer of 1940, and the city remains the only neutral port left in Europe Naturally, the city is heaving with refugees of all nationalities and classes Many are awaiting safe passage to New York aboard the SS Manhattan others hustle for a visa, while some have no options remaining, their money slowly dwindling away It is against this backdrop that two couples meet Our nar [...]

    11. In un impeto di positivit I protagonisti sono 3 americani e un inglese, che si annoiano molto, trascorrono molto tempo al bar, intrecciano una relazione Sono deliziosamente nevrotici, vivono gravi problemi quali viaggiare da Parigi a Lisbona in un automobile di lusso potrebbero aver dovuto rinunciare a qualche capo del loro guardaroba non sicuro insomma, una tragedia che anticipa degnamente la seconda guerra mondiale Il loro passato contiene gravi delusioni, quali aver rinunciato a una carriera [...]

    12. Oh what a joy it is to read a great new novel from a favourite author David Leavitt has written another book that had me thinking that work was getting in the way of my reading time.Set in Portugal in 1940 it is the story of two couples, Peter and Julia, Edward and Iris, who meet at a caf and discover that they are staying in one of the two hotels with the name Francfort The Hotel Francfort and The Francfort Hotel to be specific They, like a huge number of refugees in the country are awaiting th [...]

    13. Dois casais e a cadelinha Daisy encontram se na pastelaria Su a, no Rossio, em Lisboa Descobrem que est o no Hotel Francfort, mas cada qual no seu Francfort, pois, fruto de desaven a familiar, existem dois hot is com o mesmo nome na cidade Ambos os casais v m de Fran a, fugindo das tropas nazis que, em 1940, chegaram a Paris e amea am invadir a Pen nsula Ib rica Ambos esperam embarcar dentro de uma semana no paquete Manhattan, enviado pelos americanos para resgatar os seus compatriotas refugiado [...]

    14. I have always been a fan of David Leavitt but each book makes me question my judgement The premise of two couples stranded in neutral Lisbon during the 2nd world war waiting for a boat out is interesting and new, so is the idea of two seemingly heterosexual men having an affair although I found one of their wives contrivance unconvincing The problem is that you don t really engage with the story or really care what four spoiled people get up to and there is no real jeopardy because with America [...]

    15. The summer of letting go.Set in the Summer of 1940 in Lisbon, Portugal, two expatriate couples meet after fleeing as Germany invades France and waiting to board the SS Manhattan for the trip back to the States.With time on their hands having to deal with leaving the place they called home , awaiting repatriation back to the States, not to mention the impending war, what could possibly happen In a week s time, this historical fiction presents another unique perspective on the impact of WWII An in [...]

    16. In the summer of 1940, Lisbon is the only neutral port in Europe It is here, at the Caf Suica that two married couples meet Peter Winters and his wife Julia have fled Paris after living there for fifteen years Edward and Iris Freleng an independently wealthy American and British couple, and their dog Daisy are authors of a detective series and have been traveling around Europe for years and living a rather debauched lifestyle The borders to escape France and enter Spain then Portugal are all but [...]

    17. The Two Hotel Francforts tells a story readers may never consider when thinking of World War II It tells the story of the people you never think about, not the soldiers or their families, not the Jews, not the Nazis, but those so uninvolved, it makes you wonder how many stories have gone untold.The story is an interesting take on the part we never think of during a war, the waiting period Here we have two couples who, by happenstance or serendipity, meet while waiting for transport back to Ameri [...]

    18. Complice una Convention in cui ho dovuto lavorare un ora sola, e una stanza d hotel veramente confortevole leggi con poltrona, frigobar e aria condizionata, mentre fuori c l inferno , mi sono finita questo romanzo in un pomeriggio.Ho letto giusto un paio di romanzi di Leavitt, non mi ha mai impressionato molto Poi io lo confondo con Cameron Per me scrivono in modo identico Temi, ambientazioni, personaggi, dialoghi Comunque questo romanzo scorre veloce e piacevole come una lettura da ombrellone S [...]

    19. A dalliance of sexual relationship between two men, frothy 1940 s dialogue quipped by hat wearing characters and enough page turning World War II details to keep it interesting makes the Two Hotel Francforts an enjoyable read At it s best, the book is like a literary version of one of those romantic old war films like Waterloo Bridge Tortured yet snappy Intriguing yet fast moving Familiar in spots and surprising in others I tore through it in two days so clearly the author was doing something ri [...]

    20. I enjoyed this, but I can see why others might not I will continue to read Leavitt, both in spite of and because of I ll read him in spite of his including gay sex There is only one scene, which is not graphic However, in the spectrum of implicit to explicit is probably closer to the latter This scene establishes the relationship between the two and, although the sex is never mentioned again, the reader can assume it continues.I ll read him because of his prose and his complex characters His pro [...]

    21. The atmosphere of Lisbon at the time of WWII is the best part of this book Ex pats, waiting for visas, lots of drinking and smoking all these contribute to the dreamy quality of the book, and I suppose that suspended time when waiting becomes the theme of nearly everyone s existence The two couples begin a friendship, and over perhaps two weeks time events conspire to change the lives of at least two of them forever As much as I have admired Mr Leavitt s writing in the past especially liking The [...]

    22. Romance complexo e intenso sobre dois casais de refugiados da II Grande Guerra, durante as poucas semanas que passam em Lisboa, enquanto aguardam o barco para a Am rica.

    23. My review from my blog myshelfspace.wordpress 201David Leavitt s newest novel, a New York Times notable book for 2013, is an absorbing read I picked up the book last night, or rather I downloaded an electronic copy, and found much needed respite from the holiday crowds in its engrossing pages After reading until I could no longer keep my eyes open last night, I woke up and finished off the last quarter of the novel this morning over an espresso perhaps not unlike the bicas, a sort of Portuguese [...]

    24. Uiteindelijk toch een onverwacht mooi boek Twee Amerikaanse echtparen ontmoeten elkaar in Lissabon 1940, wachtend op de aankomst van de Manhattan , waarmee naar New York zullen varen om de oorlog te ontvluchten In Lissabon, de enige neutrale haven in Europa, is de sfeer losbandig, living on the edge is er het parool, feesten en drank zijn er in overvloed De verteller Pete Winters, die met zijn vrouw Julia uit Parijs gevlucht is beschrijft de weken die zij wachtend in Lissabon doorbrengen, de ont [...]

    25. shelfnotesDear Reader,I got this book as a Netgalley offering a while back, and had entirely forgotten how the little blurb described it So I again went in cold, and I find I really enjoy those books about which I have very little expectation The story centers around a couple of weeks relatively early in World War II, when residents from all over Europe were attempting to flee the continent and the Nazi persecution Many ended up in Lisbon, as Portugal was neutral at the time, and there was a por [...]

    26. I must admit I did have high hopes for The Two Hotel Francforts Lisbon 1940, two couples trying to get home, one of the women a Jew, the threat of the Nazis not far away The Winters Julia and Pete are middle class expatriate Americans fleeing their sedate life in Paris the Frelengs, Edward and Iris are elegant, independently wealthy, bohemian Both couples are beset by the social and sexual anxieties of their age Very early on the narrator, Pete Winters has our sympathy as we begin to find out ju [...]

    27. I enjoyed the backdrop to this book in terms of both history and location It was obvious that the author had done his research very thoroughly and I felt that wartime Portugal came to life which is than can be said for the characters, unfortunately In particular, I found it totally implausible that the 40 year old main character who had never been attracted to a man before in his life , would start an affair with Edward whom he hardly knew , without the slightest surprise, doubt or self examina [...]

    28. Leavitt s prose is characteristically pleasant and smooth here, but this novel is not nearly as strong as The Language of Cranes, which provided my introduction to his work Everything is a bit too bourgeois and light to feel like it matters, even though these characters have fled their homes in the midst of a brewing international conflict, even though two of them are having an illicit, taboo affair, even though their futures are unbearably uncertain and view spoiler one of them kills herself to [...]

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