The Myth of the Spoiled Child: Challenging the Conventional Wisdom About Children and Parenting

The Myth of the Spoiled Child Challenging the Conventional Wisdom About Children and Parenting None

  • Title: The Myth of the Spoiled Child: Challenging the Conventional Wisdom About Children and Parenting
  • Author: Alfie Kohn
  • ISBN: 9780738217246
  • Page: 441
  • Format: Hardcover
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    • [E-Book] ☆ The Myth of the Spoiled Child: Challenging the Conventional Wisdom About Children and Parenting | By Á Alfie Kohn
      Alfie Kohn

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    1. Alfie Kohn writes and speaks widely on human behavior, education, and parenting The author of eleven books and scores of articles, he lectures at education conferences and universities as well as to parent groups and corporations.Kohn s criticisms of competition and rewards have been widely discussed and debated, and he has been described in Time magazine as perhaps the country s most outspoken critic of education s fixation on grades and test scores Kohn lives actually in the Boston area with his wife and two children, and virtually at alfiekohn.

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    1. This book is the application of Alfie Kohn s parenting philosophy, set out in his book Unconditional Parenting, to current fashions criticizing today s parenting as too indulgent, children as too lazy, and of course, children as too spoiled It turns out, Kohn argues, that being mean to children, having them compete against others, and controlling their behaviour down to the details isn t very good for their development It might seem obvious, but the book is full of evidence that it is very far f [...]

    2. I received a copy of this book for free through Giveaways I am of two completely opposing opinions in regard to this book On the one hand, I find much of the research the author cites to be accurate, agree with a number of the conclusions he comes to, and overall see the educational system and typical parenting methods as generally failing to help kids fully realize their potential On the other, Myth of the Spoiled Child is frustratingly ideological, frequently goes after opposing viewpoints in [...]

    3. Writing about what s wrong with the youngest generation, also known as Millennials, has been exhausted as a subject Mostly writers have come to blame bad parenting for all the ills of the world No matter which side of the political spectrum you fall on, you re likely to believe that strict parenting is the best way to go Alfie Kohn, author of Myth of the Spoiled Child, challenges these commonly held beliefs and calls for a balanced style of parenting.Kohn does an excellent job easing the worrie [...]

    4. Alfie Kohn s ideas are always radical and incendiary and this book is no exception I m a huge fan of all his writing, and find that his ideas crystallise concerns I have always had as a teacher and parent about the focus of contemporary education It s still confronting to read, though, as it forces the reader to examine the extent to which most of us rely on rewards, competition and unquestioning compliance to educate our children I believe this may be the best of his books so far as it synthesi [...]

    5. Originally posted here The Steadfast ReaderI received a copy of this book from the publisher in exchange for an honest review.Confession time I picked up this book as a hate read I opened it with the attitude, This is gonna be a crazy, liberal book on how we ought to be coddling out children and never setting in any boundaries Rather quickly, through citing studies, statistics, and history Kohn was able to draw me around to his point of view and I found myself in agreement with many of his asser [...]

    6. Title The Myth of the Spoiled ChildAuthor Alfie KohnPublisher Da Capo Lifelong BooksDate 2014Pages preview copy e book via netgalley 282Author Page Alfie Kohn You need to read this before you take another glance at this page the FCC wants you to know that it is imperative information that I received a free copy of this book in exchange for my unbiased review I m glad that s off my chest and I hope you feel better knowing it I was warned about Alfie Kohn when I was in graduate school I was warned [...]

    7. Pro Actual researched, scientific, statistical data to back up arguments against the accepted as truth claims of KIDS THESE DAYS being too narcissistic, their egos too tender, their parents too helicopter y and permissive, how these kids need to learn grit if they re going to succeed, and delaying gratification is a skill worth cultivating rull hard Turns out, a lot of it is based on what FEELS like should be true, but is often the exact opposite There are so many truisms that we simply take at [...]

    8. The money quote in this is probably We re told that parents push their children too hard to excel by ghostwriting their homework and hiring tutors, and demanding that they triumph over their peers , but also that parents try to protect kids from competition by giving trophies to everyone , that expectations have declined, that too much attention is paid to making children happy.Similarly, young adults are described as self satisfied twits pleased with themselves than their accomplishments merit [...]

    9. Heard a bit of an interview with him on NPR where he said timeouts were bad and only encouraged selfish behavior in kids and I got intrigued and never had a chance to finish listening to the segment However, as my first parenting book read, it was a total disappointment It s really just an effort to debunk popular themes in the media today I agree with many of the premises doesn t every generation think kids these days are getting off easy, have inflated grades , but Kohn takes many sensible not [...]

    10. In Kohn s typical style, he cites many studies to prove that every generation criticizes the next one for being spoiled, etc He is arguing for parents to raise kids to question, and he argues that most commentators, advice columnists and parent educators are actually quite conservative in promoting approaches and strategies that do not do this While I agree with his overall point, the book is long and tedious, and once again lacking in specific examples of how to put what he is advocating into p [...]

    11. Everybody seems to think millennials are terrible narcissistic, self absorbed, spoiled, entitled, who get trophies just for showing up and demand everything automatically work out for them But what if I told you the conventional wisdom was wrong You probably wouldn t believe me Which is why Kohn s book is so important He digs into the actual empirical evidence, the research, the studies, and the science to show that not only is there no evidence that kids are overprotected, that they are any na [...]

    12. Audiobook Great narration.Alfie Kohn is a proponent of progressive parenting, and many other books like Peaceful Parent, Happy Kids and How to Talk So Kids Will Listen Listen So Kids Will Talk are influenced by his writing I really enjoyed this book as I felt like I was getting a better explanation of the psychological studies behind the beliefs in so many other books I read this year.It s also just kind of fun to see someone unravel beliefs you have picked up in media and haven t really thought [...]

    13. I always enjoy reading Kohn s radically progressive ideas which challenge our views of children This book focuses largely on debunking myths about an existence of the good ole days when children knew their place it also examines popular buzzword phenomenons in education parenting, such as grit It s a great read, just don t expect it to be a parenting book It s of a social psychology book focusing on society s view of children Kohn is inspiring and makes a great case for working WITH children an [...]

    14. There certainly was a lot in this book to absorb I would say it deserves a re read, and it s the kind of book it would be worth having a copy of for that purpose, or to lend out The real tragedy is that the people who would pick up and read this book aren t the ones who need convincing, and the people who need convincing aren t the ones who will read this book Paying close attention to the material herein, and the scientific evidence cited supporting Kohn s position, will be a great resource for [...]

    15. As always, Kohn s insight is appreciated if a bit skewed I struggled with some confirmation bias reading it Being a homeschool mom, I ve made a lot of sacrifices for my son s well being This book confirmed that we ve done the right thing by him and in that in the long run, he can be a well rounded, kind and successful kid because of, not in spite of, his upbringing.

    16. This is not my favorite book by Kohn, but it makes good points and includes lots of research to support his position I would recommend Unconditional Parenting or Punished by Rewards before this one.

    17. Alfie debunks, debunks, debunks and gives the middle finger to conventional wisdom about parenting alfiekohnrules

    18. A thoughtful challenge to the conventional wisdom about parenting and spoiled children It shows that the criticism leveled at this generation are the same complaints of every decade previous, and are based on three assumptions rewards are necessary to motivate people these rewards should be made artificially scarce and given only to winners, and the best way to prepare children for future unhappiness and failure is to make them experience unhappiness and failure right now.Kohn examines each of t [...]

    19. 649.7 KOHeAudioMy review In this book, author heavily attack what he dubbed as epidemic traditionalists views children are spoiled, they are over indulgent, a sense of entitlement, less discipline, narcissism, high self esteem, regardless what political view Conservative vs liberal It is worth reading exactly because of author strong opposition of this current popular education trends p8 The sensible alternative to overparenting is not less parenting but better parenting The alternative to permi [...]

    20. Kitap,konusu itibariyle ok ilgimi ekti ama i eri i beni hayal k r kl na u ratt.Hayat m n son 15 y l nda ocuklarla vakit ge iren biriyim.Bu kitapta srarla,asla yle olmad klar s ylenen ocuklarla ve velilerle kar la yorum.Tam da bu nedenle e itimde ve do al olarak g n m z d nyas nda sorunlar o al yor.Ke ke her ey Alfie Kohn d nyas ndaki gibi olmayd ama benim ve evremdeki bir ok insana g re maalesef b yle de il.Kitab n bir di er eksisi,bo arg manlara dayand rd klar n s yledi i makaleler ya da kitapl [...]

    21. This book really surprised me It shock many of the tenements of my view of achievement psychology It does not provide as many answers as one might desire, but it asks the right questions Well worth reading I summarised it is a blog post here mrbystromflips.wordpress

    22. basically support for helicopter parenting has some good points but as in all parenting books, take it with a grain of salt.

    23. worth re listening many concepts included and beginning of book throws u off for the meat of the book but another thinker by kohn

    24. Everyone should read this book before having opinions on those spoiled kids Who knows, it might make them the opinionated people less obnoxious.

    25. Let s just get this out of the way I m at heart a social conservative and Alfie Kohn is a liberal rotter that people of my ilk sometimes refer to as Eloi It is hard to respect a man who is optimistic about the nature of humanity than Thomas Hobbes, and not to laugh cruelly at those who would build a kinder gentler world.Yet for all my puritanical misanthropy, I have to commend Mr Kohn For you see, it is very possible to be right in the lessons of one s instructions but wrong in it s spirit, to [...]

    26. pretty sure this is my first Alfie Kohn book Odd sense of deja vu in that I ve probably read a million 5 columns about education or parenting that allude to his work Sort of analogous to how I never saw an episode of The Sopranos, but for a number of years it was so much in the general media that I felt as though I had seen ityway, I liked the actual guy s writings much than the one liners about it had led me to believe Very funny for one thing as he takes down the logic and evidence base behin [...]

    27. Guess what there is no evidence that today s youth are going to hell in a handbasket In fact, adults have been harping about how terrible today s youth are since before the invention of hell or even handbaskets I bet cavemen were saying, Caves aren t good enough for this generation They just want to laze around in huts and plant grass Probably just planting it to smoke or make booze, the slackers REAL men hunt and gather None of this poking sticks into dirt nonsense Kohn s jist is that we should [...]

    28. Kohn s view of how adults should interact with children fits like a glove to my own His book, Punished By Rewards, was a timely read as I was forming my approach to teaching classrooms instead of working with just my own three children He put into words the very ideas that I was discovering worked best for me and he backed them up with data In a nutshell, he promotes working with children rather than doing to children In his book he does a good job distinguishing between guiding children helping [...]

    29. Kohn argues here that everything you hear about the current generation of children that they re spoiled, self centered, entitled, and lazy than the previous generations is baseless He also argues that theories you hear a lot in pop journalism everybody gets a trophy for participating makes children stop trying hard, grades and competition are necessary to toughen up kids, etc have no scientific evidence to back them up Kohn s main point is that there is no scientific data to back up these claim [...]

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