Lone Wolf

Lone Wolf Ellison Rowe is a wolf Shifter who has embraced all things Texas He s a cowboy through and through complete with a Texas drawl cowboy hat and well worn cowboy boots He s also lonely though he feel

  • Title: Lone Wolf
  • Author: Jennifer Ashley
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 294
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Ellison Rowe is a wolf Shifter who has embraced all things Texas He s a cowboy through and through, complete with a Texas drawl, cowboy hat, and well worn cowboy boots He s also lonely, though he feels obligated to look after his sister who is recovering from a hit and run accident that has left her striving to control her feral tendencies.Enter Maria, a human woman takiEllison Rowe is a wolf Shifter who has embraced all things Texas He s a cowboy through and through, complete with a Texas drawl, cowboy hat, and well worn cowboy boots He s also lonely, though he feels obligated to look after his sister who is recovering from a hit and run accident that has left her striving to control her feral tendencies.Enter Maria, a human woman taking refuge with the Shifters, who volunteers to look after the cubs and help Ellison s sister Maria too is recovering from a haunted past she was kidnapped and held hostage by a rogue Shifter and then disowned by her family when she was set free Now she s on her own, but determined to put her life back together and leave Shiftertown for good.But someone is attempting to abduct Shifter cubs, and Maria and Ellison know they must stop him As Maria works with Ellison to track down the kidnapper, she finds her heart slowly awakening once And Ellison realizes that Maria may be just the one to bring light back into his life This 16 chapter, 43,000 word novella includes a preview of the Tiger Magic

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      Jennifer Ashley

    About Author

    1. NY Times Bestselling author Jennifer Ashley writes historical, contemporary, and paranormal romance, historical mysteries, and urban fantasy as Jennifer Ashley, Allyson James, and Ashley Gardner Jennifer s novels have won RWA s RITA and RT Reviewer s Choice awards, have been translated into many different languages, and earned starred reviews from Booklist and Publisher s Weekly More about her books at jenniferashley, allysonjames, and gardnermysteries.

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    1. Written October 28, 20143 1 2 Star Another interesting and lovely Shiftertown tale with amazing women and alpha menBook 4.6You may know by now that I love romances about cuddly hot shifters in adult PNR stories Both m f, as this one, and also M M Shifters Unbound , is a great paranormal m f series written by always delivering Ms Jennifer Ashley Good books to pick up now and then You always get interesting stories, thoughtful topics and sweet grand love Maybe my favorite Shifter PNR series Lone W [...]

    2. Ellison s story He pairs up with Maria, who was rescued by Diego and Cass in Wild Cat, and sent to live in the Austin Shiftertown The action of the series moves back to Austin for this one Read excerpts at jennifersromances

    3. 2.5 stars Hey allis was my lowest one yet I have to say that I felt the Texas cowboy shapeshifter EllisonI felt got shafted in his story This had a lot fighting and way less loving in it and for me that was a huge disappointment Ellison, who is a wolf shifter in the Austin Shifter town is known as the happy go lucky cowboy wolf, and he was always late to the party when it came to finding and claiming a mate He finally gets a mate and like I said the focus on the couple just wasn t what it shoul [...]

    4. We know Ellison He is the wolf shifter who dresses like he is from Texas,although he is from Colorado We have met him in several previous books flirting with girls, dancing with girl and always end up alone.We also met Maria before She was the girl who was saved from the ferals in Mexico and her family did not want her any because she was damaged.Two lonely people looking for happiness and they certainly find it in this book Happy ending as usual

    5. This was a fun, entertaining read Here we have Ellison a Lupine shifter and Maria a human Maria was previously captured by a feral shifters and is now trying to put her life back together in Austin Shiftertown Ellison is a wolf shifter who loves everything texas and is a tracker for Liam sigh Liam While Maria is working to put her life together all the unmated male shifters are trying to claim her, but it s Ellison that she trusts and I enjoyed watching their relationship blossom Also there is a [...]

    6. I m on a major reading binge I can t seem to get enough of Jennifer Ashley s Shifters Unbound series I was pretty excited to read Lone Wolf, because the hero is Ellison, a shifter that I really loved from previous books And I absolutely adored Lone Wolf, although it is as good as other books in the series What I Liked Ellison is sooo dreamy Again, Ashley has created a hero that I can so get behind Ellison is responsible, kind, caring, and once he commits to someone, he commits.Although it was sa [...]

    7. 3.5 starsThe okay romance plot is balanced out by the awesome actions near the end I read this novella in backwards, meaning that I read it after Tiger Magic, where I found Ellison to be quite entertaining character Unfortunately here, in his own romance story, I just found it, well, too smooth I never been a huge fan of smooth talking heroes I prefer my heroes to be rather stoic and calm So Ellison always calling Maria with sweetheart, darling, love, just made me roll my eyes Though he was inde [...]

    8. Ellison Rowe has been watching Maria since she was brought to the Austin Shiftertown He hasn t mate claimed her for himself, but he watches over her trying to keep the other shifters away from her He takes protecting her pretty serious.Maria has no intentions in getting involved with a shifter She has plans of going to school and getting out of the shiftertown she s in She suffered some pretty bad conditions with shifters that imprisoned her and took away things she could never get back To achie [...]

    9. This novella felt like filler The story was very similar to others in this series, nothing fresh or significant in terms of the overall arc I think Maria was supposed to be a feisty independent woman but she caved quicker than an ice cream on a summer footpath Ellison was TGTBT and a bit boring He s been desperate for a mate forever and has had his eye on every woman in past books but Maria was the first one to like him back So I didn t get that same Mate Mine feel that I ve got from previous bo [...]

    10. Review posted first on Demon Lover s Books More This is Ellison s story it s a novella, but a longish novella which is kind of a treat , and I really like Ellison He s a handsome wolf shifter who loves Texas, and likes to show it From his big belt buckles to his boots, he loves how everything s big in Texas It s part of his charm He has always helped the Morriseys out, and he s always in a good humor But he s also lonely.Maria was one of the women rescued from a horrible situation a few books ag [...]

    11. I missed a couple of books in this series but it s I just forgot about it with all the other books I ve been reading I will definitely go back and read the others because this one reminded me how much I enjoy this world and these characters.This book was about Maria, a human woman living in Shiftertown after having been sequested by a feral shifter pack in Mexico She was saved by Shiftertown shifters and now does odd jobs around the area while she tries to make some money Ellis is holding himse [...]

    12. Maria a young women traumatized by her torturous handling by a feral pack of shifters in Mexico is try hard to make a new life for herself She is living is a Shiftertown, a place where Shifters are segregated from humans and forced to wear shock collars She takes care of the cubs, learns english and tries to save for school Unfortunately, her fear of shifters is so deep that she does not trust them enough to feel safe She dreams of leaving She is gruff, argumentative, and just plan stubborn.Elli [...]

    13. I enjoyed this but it fell into the same downfall many shorts do lack of proper development I have always loved ellison It was a little heartbreaking watching him be jovial and joking while his closest friends found their mates I liked maria for him and they were a great couple but her magically getting over her ptsd didn t really work With a shorter book its better to have characters with less drama so their overcoming said drama is believable I also thought the big action scene had too much g [...]

    14. 3.5 starsReview LONE WOLF is the latest novella 150 pages in Jennifer Ashley s Shifter s Unbound series focusing on the shifters of Shiftertown, Austin Texas The storyline focus is on wolf shifter Ellison Rowe and the mate of his heart Maria, the young woman rescued in Wild Cat where she was held captive by a feral pack of shifters Ellison has always been protective of Maria and knew she would one day be his mate, but her history with the feral shifters meant Maria was off limits to everyone The [...]

    15. It is not often that an author can create secondary characters you grow to love just as much as the mains, but Jennifer Ashley does this flawlessly I have loved Ronan, Spike and Ellison just as much, if not , than the Morrissey boys Oh, that kind of hurt to write.I have been an Ellison fan since we first met him He has always been a lot of fun to read In Lone Wolf we see a complex and serious side of Ellison, while keeping with his usual humorous charm It was nice to see his interaction with fa [...]

    16. Ellison s wolf calls out for the lovely human Maria His instincts say to claim her but the man knows he must let her heal from her captivity by a group of ferals before she d ever be open to mating a shifter Maria appreciates the Austin Shiftertown for taking her in but she plans to work past the nightmares and fears and go out into the world to make something with her life She s not immune to Ellison s charm and when someone comes after the town s cub, Maria will show she s ready to fight back. [...]

    17. I ve been anxiously awaiting this book since I first read about Ellison in prior Shifters Unbound novels I mean, really Who can resist a smooth talking, sexy as sin, wolf shifter cowboy with a look of pure temptation in his eyes and that delicious slow Texas drawl Not me I ve wanted to know every detail possible about Ellison I ve wanted to see him finally get his life story jump into his world, head first Let me assure you that Jennifer Ashley hit her mark perfectly We learn on Ellison why he [...]

    18. Read for Fun Kindle Overall Rating 4.25Story Rating 4.00Character Rating 4.50First Thought when Finished Lone Wolf by Jennifer Ashley totally rocked for a novella Overall Thoughts Y all know I am not a fan of novellas but clearly Jennifer Ashley writes them in a way that makes me swoon I can t speak to how this would hold up if you hadn t read the series BUT if you are a fan of the series already THEY CAN T BE MISSED This was the perfect story for Ellison and even though I read it AFTER Tiger Ma [...]

    19. I ve loved Ellison since book 1 of the Shifters Unbound series He s the fun loving wolf who hasn t been able to get the girl first Ellison finally has his chance with Maria, a scared and scarred waitress who is determined to get her life together Even though the shifters of Shiftertown have been nothing but kind to her, she is determined to live her life away from shifters.Maria was introduced in Wild Cat, book 4 of the series I didn t read Wild Cat I have no idea how that happened but will rect [...]

    20. I have never read the Shifter s Unbound series before and that will soon change Lone Wolf is a novella between books four and five Don t let that detour you as it very much stands on its own You can sense feel a familiar ness with these characters that I am sure developed in previous books What that does is makes you want to go and grab the earlier ones and dive in.The write up boasts Ellison as the main focus but after reading I think it clearly is Maria Having been kidnapped, mistreated by fer [...]

    21. Ellison finally finds his mate in Maria, a human once captive of the ferals.Maria is determined to become independent and leave Shiftertown, but living and working with them has made her part of their community Ellison is being careful not to push her, both because of her traumatic past and because all unmated males are supposed to be careful with the women they d rescued from the ferals.The two are obviously attracted to each other and when something forces them together, their feelings deepen [...]

    22. I have to say that I m a huge fan of Jennifer Ashley s I love both her historical s and paranormal s Her Shifter Unbound series is one of my favorite paranormal series to date When her books come out I have to read them right away Lone Wolf is book 4.5 in the Shifters Unbound series We finally get to see who could possible be Ellison mate I was so happy when that turned out to be Maria Maria has gone through a lot in her life and if there was any man that she could trust, that man Wolf is Elliso [...]

    23. It was a short, interesting book Maria was one of the women saved by Eric and Dylan She was offered sanctuary in Dylan s shifter town since her family didn t want her back.After being a prisoner for three years, Maria s strongest desire was to be independent and far away from shifters or her family.Maria was viewed by the unmated shifters as a potential mate and one of them, Broderick, decided to claim her This is the point where Ellison steps in to protect her and challenge Broderick s claim.Ma [...]

    24. This lone wolf has been waiting for a while for this one lady to make a decision He was in no way going to allow the other dirty wolf make a claim or even get too close to Maria She came to them emotional scarred and very scared She never expected that she would willingly step back in to a relationship with another shifter This one showed her that he would protect her and cherish her There are lots of new things introduced and revelations made A killer tracked down Old frienemies bargained with [...]

    25. Little disapppointed in Ellison s story I didn t like Maria too much, I didn t feel that as a reader I really got to know her very much until the end I did enjoy the showdown with the bad guy at the end and the reintroduction of Pablo Marquez from Bodyguard but the actual ending was way too abrupt Spoiler The fight is over seriously, the bad guy is shot, and thats the end of the scene then scene switches to the fight club, fight is interrupted by Maria like none of the super crazy fast shifters [...]

    26. It was nice to read Ellison s story I really enjoyed him in the earlier books and was happy to finally see him get his heart mate I liked the relationship between Mara and Ellison It was not rushed and not the instal love you seam to get in some novella s If you have not read the other novella s or books in Jennifer Ashley s Shifters Unbound series before this I recommend you read them.

    27. Ellison is a wolf shifter who doesn t have a mate, so he spends his time as a fierce protector of all, especially those who can t stick up for themselves Maria is a human who has been around shifters for a long time, but part of that time was spent with feral shifters who locked her in a warehouse with other females She has become part of the shifter community and part of a family like she s never had A kidnapping scheme of the shifter cubs is discovered and Maria helps the guys to stop it, perm [...]

    28. I love these novella s My favourite was Spike s however this one wasn t as good I think Ellison deserved better, he has been featured in most of the shifter books and has such a stand personality but it didn t stand out in this one I didn t feel any chemistry between Ellison and Marie I was interested in Conner and Tiger whose book comes out next

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