Harold et Maude

Harold et Maude Nineteen year old Harold Chasen is obsessed with death He fakes suicides to shock his self obsessed mother drives a customized Jaguar hearse and attends funerals of complete strangers Seventy nine y

  • Title: Harold et Maude
  • Author: Colin Higgins
  • ISBN: 9782070376117
  • Page: 113
  • Format: Paperback
  • Nineteen year old Harold Chasen is obsessed with death He fakes suicides to shock his self obsessed mother, drives a customized Jaguar hearse, and attends funerals of complete strangers Seventy nine year old Maude Chardin, on the other hand, adores life She liberates trees from city sidewalks and transplants them to the forest, paints smiles on the faces of church statuNineteen year old Harold Chasen is obsessed with death He fakes suicides to shock his self obsessed mother, drives a customized Jaguar hearse, and attends funerals of complete strangers Seventy nine year old Maude Chardin, on the other hand, adores life She liberates trees from city sidewalks and transplants them to the forest, paints smiles on the faces of church statues, and borrows cars to remind their owners that life is fleeting here today, gone tomorrow A chance meeting between the two turns into a madcap, whirlwind romance, and Harold learns that life is worth living Harold and Maude started as Colin Higgins master s thesis at UCLA Film School, and the script was purchased by Paramount The film, directed by Hal Ashby, was released in 1971 and it bombed But soon this quirky, dark comedy began being shown on college campuses and at midnight movie theaters, and it gained a loyal cult following This novelization was written by Higgins and published shortly after the film s release but has been out of print for than 30 years Even fans who have seen the movie dozens of times will find this companion valuable, as it gives fresh elements to watch for and answers many of the film s unresolved questions.

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    1. Hollywood screenwriter, director, producer, Colin Patrick Higgins was born on July 28th, 1941 in Nemea, New Caledonia, a French territorial island in the South Pacific His mother was Australian and his father American Colin spent his childhood in a suburb of Sydney Australia The Higgins family grew to six sons, including a set of twins As Colin s father, a purser on the Matson Steam Ship Lines, was at sea for months at a time, Colin s mother had her hands full She often took the boys to live musicals and American movies Colin often said the seeds of his film career were planted then In the late Fifties, the Higgins family moved to Redwood City, California Colin won an English scholarship to attend nearby Stanford University.In the fall of 1959, his freshmen year, Colin performed in a student written musical comedy show and was such a hit, he became a star on campus overnight Being an English major, he had always thought writing would be a natural goal But now he was drawn to acting as well Colin dropped out of Stanford in his sopho year He hitchhiked across the country to New York and studied acting at the Actor s Studio for a few months With the Vietnam war heating up and facing the draft, Colin volunteered for service in the U.S Army In 1967, Colin received his Bachelor of Arts degree in English from Stanford Colin signed on for a six month hitch as a merchant seaman on a freighter bound for the Orient Fired in Guam for laughing at something while the Captain was speaking, Colin had to pay his own way back to the States Broke, unsure of what he wanted to do with his life, he hitchhiked to Montreal, Canada for the Exposition World s Fair There the imaginative films presented at several of the pavilions inspired him He decided to become a filmmaker.In the fall of 1968, he entered U.C.L.A Film School Three years later, Colin s Master s thesis script was Harold and Maude Over a weekend, it was sold to Paramount Colin was supposed to have directed but ended up being one of the producers With no stars, or advance publicity, Colin s debut film bombed at the box office and was quickly yanked from distribution Colin, however, wrote a novel version for Lippincott.In August of 1988, shortly after his 47th birthday, Colin passed away from AIDS related illnesses His legacies, however, will be lasting the laughter of his films, plus his on going charitable Foundation These alone will insure that Colin Higgins will long be remembered, not just for his heart warming films, but also for his extraordinary humanitylinhiggins colin hig

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    1. Well, this book was different.Harold is a tad different than most 19 year olds He is fascinated by death, goes to funerals for fun and loves to fake his own death.His mom decides it s time he got married so that he will shape up and start acting normally She enters him into the dating scene and well that works out fineMrs Chasen smiled Behind her on the lawn Harold was pouring the contents of the can of kerosene all over himself Candy looked a little nonplused I think I should mention, Candy, sa [...]

    2. The manic pixie dream girl who wheedles and cajoles a straight laced male into enjoying and appreciating life is nothing new She s been plying her girlish wiles in films for decades now Once played by the likes of Audrey Hepburn and Goldie Hawn, these plum roles now go to Hawn s daughter, Kate Hudson, and Zooey Deschanel.The twist in Harold and Maude is that the dream spinning pixie is played by Ruth Gordon, a nymphet nearing 80 By being wacky and perky and just so damned lovable, she convinces [...]

    3. Find all of my reviews at 52bookminimum It s been my experience that it s kindness that matters, and kindness is what the world sorely lacks Harold isn t what you d call your average 19 year old He spends his free time a little differently than most young men When he s not faking his own suicide, he attends funerals in order to pass the time It s there that he meets Maude, a soon to be 80 year old with a real zest for life As their friendship grows, Maude teaches Harold how to leave his idealiz [...]

    4. If the irrepressible Maude came speeding by in her stolen car and ran me off the road while I was biking, I m fairly sure I would not give two shits about her heedless bliss and would want her ass locked up.That scene, like many in the book, seems calculated for cinematic slapstick easy laughs, and it was Higgins wrote this book in college as a precursor to a screenplay that became a long beloved cult film.But here we have a zeitgeist book a typically 60s follow your bliss wisp about nonconformi [...]

    5. Harold, giovane triste ragazzo, inscena continuamente finti suicidi per una sorta di dispetto polemico alla madre classica borghese mediocre e consuma il proprio tempo fra centri di demolizione dei rifiuti e funerali, proprio ad uno di questi funerali incontra Maude, il suo polo opposto Maude la classica nonna sprint si lancia a nuove esperienze ogni giorno, guida come una pazza che evidentemente non crede nelle patenti per davvero, ama le cose vive, tanto da essere disposta a prendere deliberat [...]

    6. This book and film franchise was way ahead of its time, truly amazing and an excellent story of two unlikely friends doing what they enjoy together, fighting the system and somberly watching society, having fun on their own and interacting with the world around them no matter what anyone else says Harold, setting the trend for emos before emo was even a trendy phrase, is rich, handsome, sophisticated eccentric gloomy a little bit dead He s obsessed with death and enjoys going to funerals, factor [...]

    7. Offbeat Dark humor Quirky characters Morbid What s not to like I read this as a teenager, sometime in the mid 70s My tastes were vaired back then and pretty much picked up any book I enjoyed it immensely Centering on death, and ironically, life, it intrigued me Harold is a young rich lonely young man obsessed with death He stages mock suicides to shock his mother, goes to funerals for fun He meets Maude, an 80 yr old woman with a Devil may care attitude, at a funeral Thus begins a deep friendsh [...]

    8. Oh for fuck.Very rarely, in fact I cant recall another example of where i read a book, or whatever, flicked my kindle screen off, and said, Oh the movie was so much better Like, who says that, right For those who dont know about this storyapshot.Harold, psychotic, tortures his mother with his preoccupation of suicide.His mom is wealthy, in that bloated way that Ivanka Trump acts.The uncle is some sort of lunatic that, even though Harold s mom pushed him onto the uncle because of behavior Ie my s [...]

    9. Harold, everyone has the right to make an ass out of themselves You just can t let the world judge you too much How does one review the book to their favorite movie It s easy to say the movie was better in this case, yet in most all other book made into movie circumstances the opposite is true, but this is Harold and Maude Ruth Gordon and Bud Cort are iconic and perfect in the leading roles and it was impossible not to imagine their faces as I read the book Colin Higgins wrote the Harold and Mau [...]

    10. Thoroughly enjoyable and heartfelt It is pretty much a novelization of the film script in this case the novel was written by the screenwriter Colin Higgins I love these characters These two people found each other at just right moment each fulfilling a service for the other that allowed them to move forward on life s journey My story is not the same and yet elements are similar I had a couple of Maude s in my life older and wiser and terrifically generous of spirit they changed the direction of [...]

    11. Ugh I know this is a classic, and I have a couple friends that absolutely loved it Maybe it also doesn t help my opinion that I ve never seen the movie Not sure, but for some reason I m not at all a fan of this one It was okay, but overall un inspiring for me personally.I found it to be kind of similar to Love Story, in the fact that you can totally tell it was written to be a screenplay It was never written to just be a book and for me personally, that hurt my enjoyment of it There was no real [...]

    12. I first experienced the film by reading this book, although my copy came from the first printing when it was actually titled Share the Joy This book and the film quickly became one of the most important things in my life, and it actually turned me around a great deal At first, I was a really bad student in junior high bad with my grades, bad with girls, bad with taking chances Everything After reading this, though, my overall perspective on the world completely changed, and I really started to t [...]

    13. Absolutely gorgeous It s like a director s cut, said Noel, when he loaned me the book That s exactly what it read like Ashby kept almost every line as Higgins wrote it, every scene as described, every motion EVERY MOTION Wonderful But there was Did these shots and scenes end up on the cutting room floor Some of them entirely gone sad, sad Glaucus what an unexpectedly beautiful character he was , some simply truncated into beautiful but odd and unexplained shots The novel gave new life to two ch [...]

    14. Seems silly to read this book, especially considering that much of it is a word for word textual version of the movie But hey, I love every word of that movie, so I am not complaining.Of the parts that were new to me, I felt that they added a lot They developed the character of Maude so much in the book making her less of a manic pixie dream granny and of a well developed character who embraced the good parts of life because she had lived through so much of the bad Also portrayed a lot of Har [...]

    15. BOOKREVIEW HAROLD AND MAUDE Do you like romantic, humorous books about friendship If so, than this book is a fantastic book for you This book is about a young boy called Harold, he lives in a house with his mother in the USA His live is strangely empty, he doesn t go to school and his hobbies are going to funerals, visiting junkyards and watching demolition teams knocking down houses Harold doesn t love life very much But.When he meets Maude at a funeral, everything will change Maude is a almost [...]

    16. I know Harold and Maude is a very popular movie but I have to admit, I haven t watched it yet But I read the book last weekend and it was awesome Story Young Harold has nothing to do in his life but go to funerals and fake his suicides When he meets 79 year old Maude, his life changes completely She steals cars, poses as a nude model and has an adventurous life Unfortunately, Harold s mother wants him to get married and already has made plans for Internet dates Only this is not the life Harold w [...]

    17. Harold Chasen is a young man of nineteen years from a wealthy family and suffocated by her mother Countess Mathilda Chardin , called Maude , is an old lady soon eighty years He likes to stage his suicide, she steals cars He is fascinated by the destruction of things, she loves life madness.Both regularly travel to unknown burials Inevitably they will meet Thus is born a friendship evolve into something bigger.The designs of the old woman on life and things, they meet at the back of the church Th [...]

    18. I would give this a 4.5 I saw the movie many times just love the movie with Bud Cort,and Ruth Gordon Just finished reading the novel that became the movie Harold and Maude is about the friendship between Harold who is about 20 and Maude who is about to turn 80 Harold is obsessed with suicide and dying Maude is a eccentric old lady, who likes to attend funerals, steals people s cars when she needs to drive and has a unique outlook on life Both Harold and Maude like to attend funerals of people th [...]

    19. I was first introduced to the story when I saw the Broadway play in early 1980 It starred film Legend Janet Gaynor as Maude and the gorgeous Keith McDermott as Harold I knew nothing about it and so laughed my sides off for 2 hours Then I found this book and laughed till I almost wet myself I love it and have read it over and over many times I ve sent copies to friends over the years and got the film for myself and my nephew, who couldn t stop laughing either, he enjoyed it so much This book is a [...]

    20. Harold and Maude is my most favorite movie so when I found it as a written play, I had to read it The screenplay was actually written before the play and both were written by Colin Higgins, and as a result, I don t really find either better than the other They have basically the same plot with slight difference and both were extremely hilarious, sad, and clever I laughed aloud and I had tears streaming down my face during my reading and I felt very satisfied afterward I definitely recommend it.

    21. Harold and Maude is one of my favorite films I was delighted to see this film as a play and read the Samuel French play in two acts version Higgins wrote the play in French, after the film, then released an English version of the play in 1983 The cast includes parts for about 15 actors Maude is still a glorious free spirit, Harold an odd and lost young adult This film translates nicely into a charming and sweet black comedy existentialist drama.

    22. To correct a few of the comments here The book is a novelization of the film The book was written during and after the film was made Higgins was on set much during much of the film production The original script for the film is quite different from both the film and the book Although the book retains dialogue from the original script that was not used in the film.

    23. Just read that many think this was a better movie but when I was a youngster I adored this book the ultimate romance with plenty of laughs When I was old enough to see the movie, I didn t hate it and I loved the actor choices but it could never match up to the book.

    24. Travis Hill turned me on to this movie in high school I watch it once in a while to enjoy the soundtrack all Cat Stevens and to remember to enjoy simple pleasures like eating carrots while watching trash get repositioned at dumps.

    25. 4,5 ok ho tu bana papatyalar hat rlatt okurken neden bilmiyorum ama sanki papatyalar n aras nda oturuyomu um gibi hissettirdi.

    26. Carpe Diem is not a complex message, but this book delivers it with a lot of humor and verve, which makes it to my taste than Dead Poet s Society, which I thought took itself too seriously.I saw and enjoyed the movie decades ago The story began as a screenplay, and the screenwriter, Higgins, developed it into a novel that was published the same year the movie came out A little like 2001 A Space Odyssey, I guess.The book and the my memory are very similar There were times that I was glad I was r [...]

    27. I m going to begin by assuming that anyone reading this blog has seen the film Harold and Maude, the happy tragic story of love between a disaffected teenager and an elderly Holocaust survivor Really that one sentence summary doesn t begin to do the film justice It s a tour de force of the unexpected Just go watch it.The script for Harold and Maude began began as author Colin Higgins MA thesis at UCLA Film School It wasn t a hit when the film was first released, but has now become the quintessen [...]

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