Currawong Creek

Currawong Creek Brisbane lawyer Clare Mitchell has a structured orderly life That is until she finds herself the unlikely guardian of a small troubled boy In desperation Clare takes Jack to stay at Currawong Cree

  • Title: Currawong Creek
  • Author: Jennifer Scoullar
  • ISBN: 9781921901560
  • Page: 246
  • Format: Paperback
  • Brisbane lawyer Clare Mitchell has a structured, orderly life That is, until she finds herself the unlikely guardian of a small, troubled boy In desperation, Clare takes Jack to stay at Currawong Creek, her grandfather s horse stud in the foothills of the beautiful Bunya Mountains.Currawong feels like home and Clare relaxes for the first time in years Her grandad adoresBrisbane lawyer Clare Mitchell has a structured, orderly life That is, until she finds herself the unlikely guardian of a small, troubled boy In desperation, Clare takes Jack to stay at Currawong Creek, her grandfather s horse stud in the foothills of the beautiful Bunya Mountains.Currawong feels like home and Clare relaxes for the first time in years Her grandad adores having them there Jack loves the animals And Clare finds herself falling hard for the handsome local vet.But trouble is coming The Pyramid Mining Company threatens to destroy the land Clare loves and with it, her newfound happiness

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      Jennifer Scoullar

    About Author

    1. Jennifer Scoullar BioJennifer has always harboured a deep appreciation and respect for the natural world Her house is on a hill top, overlooking valleys of messmate and mountain ash A pair of old eagles live there too Black shouldered wallabies graze by the creek Eastern Spinebills hover among the callistemon Jennifer lives with her family on a beautiful property in the mountains, that was left to her by her father Horses have always been her passion She grew up on the books of Elyne Mitchell, and all her life she s ridden and bred horses, in particular Australian Stock Horses She has five published novels Wasp Season Sid Harta 2008 Brumby s Run Penguin 2012 Currawong Creek Penguin 2013 Billabong Bend Penguin 2014 Turtle Reef Penguin 2015 and Journey s End Penguin 2016

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    1. Clare Mitchell was an ambitious lawyer, working her way up the ladder the day she saw young four year old Jack and his mother Taylor was a day which would see Clare s life change forever With the courts deciding Jack s future, Clare volunteered to care for Jack for a short time how hard could it be Jack was violent, didn t talk, and for all intents and purposes a disabled child So the hurricane which hit her apartment should have been expected Samson, her dog, was a saviour Jack idolised him ins [...]

    2. I really enjoyed this book very likeable characters especially grandad The storyline revolved around Clare and her struggles finding her way raising a 4yo autistic boy who she became temporary carer for on the spur of the moment.The reader was given an insight into the inadequacies of the foster care system and especially the lack of care available for children with special needs The reader was also given an insight into coal seam gas exploration, along with the threat and disastrous consequence [...]

    3. Clare Mitchell is a Brisbane lawyer working for legal aid.She finds herself being a temporary carer of a four year old boy named Jack.Jack s mother and boyfriend who are clients of Clare s nick out for a cigarette one day and never return.Jack is autistic and quite high on the spectrum and there is no disability placement available.So Clare decides to care for Jack until his mother returns.Life becomes hectic as Clare not only has Jack to looks after but she also has Samson Samson is a German Sh [...]

    4. Currawong Creek is Jennifer Scoullar s second successful foray into the rural fiction market Set primarily in Queensland s Darling Downs, and its beautiful Bunya Mountains, this lovely novel sees Brisbane lawyer, Clare Mitchell, seeking refuge at her grandparent s property when she unexpectedly becomes a temporary foster parent to a troubled, young boy, Jack While Jack thrives in the company of Clare s grandfather and the animals at Merriang, Clare begins to envision a new future a life on the l [...]

    5. 3.5 The setting Brisbane and the Bunya Mountains was great I enjoyed the story of Jack and Clare It was very readable, the romance was fairly well done, although a bit overdone at times.

    6. One of the aspects of rural fiction I love the most is the deep appreciation of the land that shines through much of the writing in this genre Currawong Creek, the latest of Jennifer Scoullar s novels and the first I ve read, is an excellent example of a book in which the beauty of Australia s landscape serves as a magnificent backdrop for a story about love, family, choices, self discovery and coming home.It s funny how lives can change in the blink of an eye whether by chance, fate or grand de [...]

    7. When Brisbane based legal aid lawyer Clare Mitchell is left holding the baby so to speak, in this case four year old Jack who has been deserted by his mother, Taylor, when she walks out of a consultation under the pretence of going for a cigarette, Clare s life is thrown into turmoil.After the Department of Human Services arranges for Jack to be placed in a Contingency Unit due to the lack of available foster carers and once Jack takes an instinctive dislike to everyone bar Clare, she makes an i [...]

    8. I am trying to think of whether I ve ever read any Aussie rural romance type of books prior to Currawong Creek and I can t think of even one title I think I ve a number of them on my to read list on GR but for one reason or another I ve not read any of them I have to thank Anna from The Reading Room for her generous offers to date , including this book Sometimes, I decided to take the plunge like this time and enjoyed the read enormously.The appeal was twofolds The cover which depicts a woman in [...]

    9. Closer to a 4 1 2 from me i really enjoyed Currawong Creek by Jennifer Scoullar I sometimes avoid the Aussie Country reads as i live in the country and often feel a bit put down by some of the language and colloquialisms in them, but this book was recommended to me and i m glad it was Loved the characters, the storyline, and the environmental issues really touched home because we have been going through the same issues with coal seam gas companies here on the land where i live i loved how the au [...]

    10. An emotional and engaging rural fiction that delves into many important issues and packs a massive punch.Clare Mitchell is a driven and passionate Brisbane lawyer working for legal aid, she has a sophisticated ambitious lawyer boyfriend and lives in a suburban apartment She is focused on her goals and aims to be a trail lawyer Working for legal aid sees her representing many cases involving drug abuse, theft, alcohol abuse, domestic violence and at times fighting for a second chance for parents [...]

    11. I WON CURRAWONG CREEK FROM JENNIFER SCOULLAR, VIA AN AUSTRALIA DAY BLOG HOP An amazing story of the varied battles faced by many in their lives This beautiful, heart wrenching story had the perfect combination of love, loss, laughter, frustration and many other emotions.The I read Currawong Creek, the I found myself longing for the peace and beauty of the Australian outback, and small town community spirit.Beautifully written, Currawong Creek is a book I would thoroughly recommend.

    12. Brisbane lawyer Clare Mitchell is cutting her teeth in Legal Aid, knowing that the time she puts in here will be rewarded down the track She does have a habit of getting a bit close to her clients, of getting a bit involved but Clare also gets results When one of her clients Taylor disappears out the front for a cigarette, Clare is happy to watch Taylor s 4yo son Jack for a few minutes But then Taylor doesn t come back A suitable place cannot be found for Jack, who is believed to be severely aut [...]

    13. I was first intrigued by the lovely cover of Currawong Creek I know the old saying, but the winding road, low cloud and mysterious mountains got to me This book is so much than I expected there s broken families, environmental issues and a romance The beautiful descriptions of the Queensland bush put my mind back there in an instant.Despite the cover, Currawong Creek doesn t start in the country It starts in Brisbane, the capital city of Queensland, Australia Clare is a lawyer working for Legal [...]

    14. Currawong Creek is Australian author Jennifer Scoullar s second novel to be released with Penguin and while it might be a little less in the style of rural fiction as Brumby s Run, her latest novel introduces heroine Clare Mitchell who is caught between the authentic country lifestyle of her childhood and the fast paced urban life she s created in her adulthood.Clare is a Brisbane based lawyer representing the disadvantaged with a range of social issues Eager to rise the ranks, Clare is hard wor [...]

    15. 4.5 starsMuch than just a sweet rural romance, Currawong Creek offers the reader heartfelt insight into a number story elements It is about suburban vs country life, personal discovery, finding your roots and the importance of family Claire, the main protagonist, is a passionate and successful legal aid lawyer based in Brisbane Her life is suddenly turned upside down when a client of the legal aid centre where she works, one day simply ups and leaves her 4 year old boy Consequently, Claire offe [...]

    16. 4.5 stars There s just something about a beautifully written story set in a location you re intimately familiar with it s a vivid nostalgic trip down memory lane Currawong Creek tugs on the heartstrings not just for location but for characters that were as real to me as friends next door Currawong Creek opens in Brisbane where I live with legal aid lawyer Clare Mitchell feverishly balancing a career and heavy work load with a large dog and city apartment living When Clare takes on guardianship o [...]

    17. I thought it was a great read I could not put it down It is the story of Clare an up and coming lawyer who meets Taylor Browm a young mother of a four year old Autistic boy named Jack Clare becomes his foster carer and soon learns that Jack can speak but also throws tantrums, amongst other things Jack then seems to like animals as Clare discovers with her dads dog Samson As Clare struggles to work and care for Jack she soon finds herself back to Currawong Creek on her grandfather s farm where sh [...]

    18. Currawong Creek takes us on a journey of self discovery and sacrifice when Clare finds herself in a situation that she never thought she would see herself in With her career being her main focus for so many years, Clare follows her heart and takes a step back to help little Jack Little does she realize, she helps herself too.Jennifer did a great job with the storyline I found it heart warming, touching and intense in some places It was dramatic in all the right places and had a wonderfully writt [...]

    19. This book was an interesting read, nothing like Brumby s Run, but still insightful and interesting.Set first in Brisbane spot on descriptions and locations and then later outback at Currawong Creek it was well researched discussing both coal steam gas mining and its impact on both people and environment on the Darling Downs and other areas.I also found the story of Jack and his condition which varies greatly considering who your talking to or what your reading, it smacks clearly of an overloaded [...]

    20. Jennifer Scoullar s writing is stunning With just a few perfect words she creates a scene that flies from the pages and acts out before you in vivid, 3 dimensional colour But that s not the only reason I loved CURRAWONG CREEK It was the sweetness of the romance, the beauty of the setting and its depiction, the skill of the author in her characterisation, the importance of the message and power in its portrayal Its authenticity across the board And I loved the horses, the snake, the yabby, the do [...]

    21. Badly copy edited and a bit fluffy, but the political dimension made this a bit interesting than it would have otherwise been There were a lot of dramatic shifts in characters perspectives which seemed unexplained and unexplored, and I would have liked to read about them in depth, rather than just taking it as a given that someone s entire world view changes suddenly.

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