Viking: The Norse Warrior's [Unofficial] Manual

Viking The Norse Warrior s Unofficial Manual Combines the latest research and discoveries with a humorous eye to take us inside the Viking world So you want to be a Viking Vikings are the lords of the northern seas Fame glory and wealth await

  • Title: Viking: The Norse Warrior's [Unofficial] Manual
  • Author: John Haywood
  • ISBN: 9780500251942
  • Page: 484
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Combines the latest research and discoveries with a humorous eye to take us inside the Viking world.So you want to be a Viking Vikings are the lords of the northern seas Fame, glory, and wealth await those who brave storms and enemy spears to plunder far and wide in foreign lands Who wouldn t like to come home laden with silver, earning a reputation that will live on lonCombines the latest research and discoveries with a humorous eye to take us inside the Viking world.So you want to be a Viking Vikings are the lords of the northern seas Fame, glory, and wealth await those who brave storms and enemy spears to plunder far and wide in foreign lands Who wouldn t like to come home laden with silver, earning a reputation that will live on long after lesser men have been forgotten This book tells you everything you need to know to become a successful Viking warrior in the tenth century How to join a Viking war band What to look for in a good Viking leader How to behave at a feast How to choose the right weapons and armor How to plunder a monastery and ransom a monk How to navigate at sea135 illustrations, 29 in color.

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      John Haywood

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    1. John Haywood Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Viking: The Norse Warrior's [Unofficial] Manual book, this is one of the most wanted John Haywood author readers around the world.

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    1. This book focuses on the cultural and social aspects of the Vikings rather than their history The content is solid and detailed especially when it comes to the military topics, such as weapons and battle tactics It contains many interesting illustrations too.What brings my rating down is the humour, that it is a bit overdone for me, and the unnecessary and annoying repetitions in text sometimes a phrase reappears only a few lines down the page I think that it may be appealing to YA audience for [...]

    2. Iffy on this resource It seems like a pretty good basic overview of the war like efforts of Vikings, but that s it It s pretty condescending to women and doesn t even entertain the idea of female warriors and I refuse to believe there were absolutely none of them at any point in Viking times There s not a lot of references given and under Further Reading it just lists translations of sagas, which is well and good, but there s not a lot of actual books I m not sure if he did scholarly research [...]

    3. This was the fist book in the Unofficial Manual Series I picked up Originally, I checked it out from the library in order to see if it would make a suitable present for one or of my Viking obsessed friends An evening later, I had finished a humorous narrative that gave a solid introduction to these notorious sea faring raiders.John Haywood adopts the perspective of a fictional Viking who somehow knows how to speak and write in Modern English This narrative voice acts as a tour guide to the geog [...]

    4. This was an amusing read The history in it is accurate but pedestrian It is a tongue in cheek look at what it takes to become a Viking warrior None of it is truly in depth, but there are still some interesting tidbits thrown in there Not for anyone serious about viking history, but if you are looking for a primer or a brief survey of the warrior class of vikings then this is a fun book It never truly becomes a serious history book, but neither does it fail to accurately portray important feature [...]

    5. Exceedingly interesting, enlightening and even entertaining Fabulous content and detail Great images and historical examples from sagas and international history If you have an interest in vikings and even if you think you know your stuff this is highly recommended It covers so many aspects of the Viking world from social position, national politics, rulers and leaders, types of ships, armour and weapons, joining an army or going o a Strandhogg and even what to do with the loot you earn and thos [...]

    6. An interesting concept of writing about the Norse Warrior culture It doesn t come off as well as The Time Traveler s Guide To Medieval England by Ian Mortimer, but it is still informative and enjoyable Just be careful of where the facts end and the authors pithy comments take over.

    7. It takes skill to present so much information in such an entertaining way There s norway this book could be any better

    8. A good enough info dump about the Vikings, but expect to have to find in depth books for serious research The good part It was a fun read.

    9. It seemed like a handy little book for people interested in things Norse and Norse reenacting It had many book resources.

    10. This was hilarious and very informative Wrgotten in the form of a friendly advice giving guide or manual, it is chock full of legit historical, archeological and anthropological information Using mostly modern voice, it playfully sets itself in the 10th century, offering advice to Scandinavian by birth or capture, from all levels of social status would be Vikings from the perspective of a knowledgeable Viking expert within Scandanavian society I was particularly amused by how the rating and rev [...]

    11. This was a pretty decent overview of the culture of seagoing raiders It was pretty obviously directed at an audience who was not already familiar with Viking history or culture, and probably the target audience was a bit younger than me too Some of the biases in the work are weird, and because the book is ostensibly written from a Viking perspective, it s hard to say if they re the author s, or the narrators But I m pretty sure the historical record shows that there were women warriors among the [...]

    12. Not quite as good as the Knight version of the series, but still an amusing and enjoyable treatment of what life as a Viking was probably like.I honestly don t understand the complaints about the humor and or tone Granted, humor is subjective, but did you think a book called The Norse Warrior s Unofficial Manual was going to be a strict, buttoned down, just the facts ma am history book

    13. I read John Haywood s Nonfiction book Viking the Norse warrior s manual This book tells you how to be a good Viking warrior by telling how to act at feast where to sit and what good qualities to look for in your warband leader The book tells you how Viking men and children train People who are rich are usually the best warriors cause they don t have to farm like everyone else Children are mostly taught how to use a sword and shield at a very young age but by the age of sic they are taught how to [...]

    14. Unlike a lot of books of this type, this is not only great fun but very highly informative Haywood has done his homework on subjects related to Vikings and their lives from food to what to wear and where to raid, and since a lot of the material is pretty Dark Ages generic, anyone interested in the period, not only in the Vikings, will find the information useful Bullet points, Tips which range from useful to hilarious Throw spare shields over wounded men to protect them from further injury is an [...]

    15. A fascinating if shallow introduction to Vikings Kudos to the author for picking a viewpoint and sticking to it if you were a young upstart looking to get started as a Viking, this book would make a great campaign planner If you re looking for something a little deeper about Norse culture, you d be better served reading the sagas themselves Njal s Saga, for example, is eminently readable even to the modern reader and gives great insights into how people spent their time when not a viking.Also, y [...]

    16. What a great book Viking history and description of life framed as a tongue in cheek manual like So you want to be a Viking Fun to read, learn and imagine what it would be like to live back then Great introduction to the Vikings in an entertaining package.I hadn t known that there are very few written sources we have to rely on that Chronicled the Vikings and that they were all written hundreds of years after the event, by Christians or by Vikings converted to Christianity this is mentioned brie [...]

    17. I loved this book educational yet fun This book is everything you d want to know about Vikings I got this book because I ve watched the tv series Vikings and wanted to know what they really were and were like This book involves actual history of the Vikings i.e their battles both within and without The book talks about the different classes and their likelihood of becoming a Viking as well as why someone would become a Viking And the book talks about so much This is a great book if you re curio [...]

    18. This book was excellent Witty and informative, one of the leaders of Norse history puts it in a easy to follow, plausible reconstruction of viking society It s a bit on the conservative side of viking research in some places, but not bad at all for a beginning look to get the feel of the time period.

    19. Mixed feelings about this one The information within was extremely useful, especially regarding weapons, campaigning, and battle but parts of it have an aftertaste of sexism that while arguably accurate to the time and subject matter eventually went from ignorable to unacceptable.That aside, well researched and generally appealingly presented information on Viking warrior life.

    20. Stumbled across the unofficial manuals series and this is the first one I read in a couple of days A good breezy read which answers some the questions I had about who travelled and who stayed at home in Scandinavia The author does cover exploration to the east in some detail, so than some writers.He does down play the role of trading unfortunately.

    21. The flippant tone in this was sometimes irritating to me, but I m not taking a star off for that since it is consistent with the framing device of imagining that we are cocky Vikings living in the year 991 This is a good introduction, with really excellent illustrations.

    22. There s some good information here, but mainly it s collected from other sources, and I would have liked to see quotes from the original sagas and lore Also, the book tries to maintain a jocular tone, but given the subject matter, can t really pull it off.

    23. Amazing One of the most in depth, amazingly good manuals to Viking Times I was stunned with many facts and new words, but one tiny problem I had was the Viking money was not explained very thoroughly But, despite that tiny flaw, AMAZING

    24. Entertaining and informativeVery enjoyable read, written from the perspective of the new warrior recruit Overall an entertaining look at how the Vikings lived and fought.

    25. AwesomenessLoved every minute of this book Insightful, descriptive and funny all at the same time Want to become a Viking Read this book

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