Don't Want to Miss a Thing

Don t Want to Miss a Thing Dexter Yates loves his fun care free London life he has money looks and girlfriends galore But everything changes overnight when his sister dies leaving him in charge of her eight month old daughte

  • Title: Don't Want to Miss a Thing
  • Author: Jill Mansell
  • ISBN: 9780755355877
  • Page: 396
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Dexter Yates loves his fun, care free London life he has money, looks and girlfriends galore But everything changes overnight when his sister dies, leaving him in charge of her eight month old daughter Delphi How is he ever going to cope Comic strip artist Molly Hayes lives in the beautiful Cotswold village of Briarwood When it comes to relationships, she has a historyDexter Yates loves his fun, care free London life he has money, looks and girlfriends galore But everything changes overnight when his sister dies, leaving him in charge of her eight month old daughter Delphi How is he ever going to cope Comic strip artist Molly Hayes lives in the beautiful Cotswold village of Briarwood When it comes to relationships, she has a history of choosing all the wrong men Leaving the city behind, Dex moves to Briarwood a much better place to work on his parenting skills and he and Molly become neighbours There s an undeniable connection between them But if Dexter s going to adapt, he first has a lot to learn about Molly, about other people s secretsd about himself.

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      Jill Mansell

    About Author

    1. Jill Mansell lives with her partner and children in Bristol, and writes full time Actually that s not true she watches TV, eats fruit gums, admires the rugby players training in the sports field behind her house, and spends hours on the internet marvelling at how many other writers have blogs Only when she s completely run out of displacement activities does she write.Jill Mansell s books have sold over ten million copies and her titles include Making your Mind up, Fast Friends, Good at Games, Sheer Mischief and Solo, among many others.

    One thought on “Don't Want to Miss a Thing

    1. Enjoyed this light entertaining story from Jill Mansell and well narrated by Clare Corbett Life in a small town in England with a lot going on.

    2. Firstly I d like to thank Helena from Headline Publishing Group for sending me this novel to read and give an honest review Obviously I have heard of Jill Mansell and seen her books in the shops but I ve never actually read one I m hanging my head in shame now , this meant that I wasn t sure what to expect from it Now I ve finished I have just one question why have I not read any of her books before It really was my kind of book, it felt so natural and comfortable to read and right from the very [...]

    3. To me, reading a Jill Mansell novel is like that first satisfying sip of tea after a hard day and this one was, thankfully, no different I settled down, started to read and just thought Ahhhhhh You quickly get to know the characters, which immediately enables you to become fully absorbed into their lives Molly is a quirky artist living in a village where everyone knows your business and after a hilarious meet up between her and Dex they quickly form a will they won t they friendship with many am [...]

    4. Ik ben dit boek it begonnen, 4 jaar geleden ofzo, omdat ik een engels boek wilde lezen Het ging me alleen niet snel genoeg ik was 14 en heb het boek weer teruggebracht naar de bieb Toch heb ik altijd onthouden dat dit mijn eerste vrijwillige engelse boek was Binnenkort ga ik hem eens cht lezen En ja, weer in het engels, want ondertussen gaat me dat gemakkelijk af.

    5. Once I let go of my romance expectations, this went a lot smoother Mansell hops perspectives a lot and there are a lot of romantic threads going with three foregrounded There are two main characters, and the story centers on them mostly, but they make a bare majority of page space and the story is correspondingly fragmented.That said, I liked all the side characters and their perspectives didn t suck And all the romances ended up being uniquely touching in one way or another, and I was engaged t [...]

    6. Sometimes you are just in the mood for a light, funny, improbable, quick read These books fit the bill for that 100% There is an added bonus that there is an almost stream of consciousness style to the storytelling so that you are never sure sometimes where the plot is going to lead or even who the next chapter is going to be about.In this one we meet our fun loving, well off bachelor Dex He is a playboy the type who has slept with women whose names he can t precisely recall Normally I hate this [...]

    7. Dit was echt een geweldig boek Toen ik de titel las had ik inderdaad wel verwacht dat iemand zich ging settelen, maar op deze manier, dat had ik totaal niet verwacht Wat Dex heeft gedaan is zo n mooi gebaar naar zijn zus toe Dat Dex het aan zou kunnen daar had ik niet aan getwijfeld, het is niet voor niets een boek, maar dat het op deze manier zou verlopen had ik ook niet verwacht Ik vond het trouwens ook super leuk dat het niet echt n verhaal was, er waren meerdere verhalen die allemaal met elk [...]

    8. Rounding up to 4 StarsThis audiobook is all these things smiley, cozy, small town, and narrated with British accents I got you with that last one, eh When I wasn t listening to it, I wanted to be Completely satisfying.

    9. Pludmalei oti piem rots gabals Nu jau es zinu, ka Mensela savos rom nos savij vair kas si eta l nijas un visas ar pabeidz T k beig s las t js dab nevis vienas laim g s beig s, bet pat 4 5 Uz beig m visa cukurot lieta s k ist p rsp l ta, ne visi st sti ir pietiekami ticami, tom r visum j saka, ka vi a ir piedom jusi, lai person i un vi u st sti neb tu viendimension li Vien gi t st sta da a par gadu veco b rnu iet izrauta pa taisno no pasakas neesmu b rnkop bas eksperts, bet esmu redz jusi pietiek [...]

    10. What I love about Jill Mansell, is that you are always guaranteed a good book and I was definitely not disappointed with Don t Want To Miss A Thing It was everything that you want and need in a chick lit novel witty, fun, well written and pure escapism.Dexter Yates is the guy who gets all the girls but should be avoided at all costs He works hard but plays hard However this all changes after the sudden death of his elder sister Laura who leaves behind an eight month old baby, Delphi In the after [...]

    11. I don t read chick lit, of course I wouldn t which is why Jill Mansell is one of my guiltiest pleasures Unrealistically gorgeous rich witty and just plain nice characters that you just wish were your friends, check star crossed lovers, check improbable plot lines keeping the aforesaid star crossed lovers, well, star crossed, check effortless reading, check and of course happy endings at least four , check And a huge happy sigh.I think this is probably the best Jill Mansell I ve thus far read Man [...]

    12. Another fun, quirky, light hearted novel from Jill Mansell I love the quintessential British feel to her books They are a great escape and never well almost never fail to entertain This particular one has really great side stories too so that helped me to bump up the rating I was interested in all the villagers lives and how they would all end up I m not going to rehash the book blurb as you can clearly read it on the book page As I ve said before in reviewing her books, the morals are a little [...]

    13. Honestly, this was a fine book but some things put me off it I didn t really care for the cheating husband and all the people affected by it If you re going to throw that bomb, at least address it No one really confronts him on how scummy he was for cheating on her for twenty years He had the audacity to justify his actions when he knows full well that he did something wrong He justifies it to make himself a good guy, telling himself that love just happens You know what wold have been nice was t [...]

    14. I have only read a couple of books by Jill Mansell, the covers always appeal to me and although I enjoyed her previous books they have never seemed to leave a lasting impression on me.I loved the synopsis of the book it sounded like my kind of read and again the cover of Don t Want to Miss a Thing is one that would reach out to me from the shelves.Dexter Yates loves his fun, care free London life he has money, looks and girlfriends galore But everything changes overnight when his sister dies, le [...]

    15. 3.5 stars Jill Mansell is an author who s been repeatedly recommended to me, particularly as I love British Women s Fiction I was so excited to begin Don t Want to Miss a Thing That excitement was immediately rewarded Don t Want to Miss a Thing was sweet, and sad, funny, and exceeding charming story of a circle of friends whose lives are all thrown into a much different path than they expected For me, I found this to be a story of embracing the unexpected journey If that doesn t convince you tha [...]

    16. I thought this book was an okay read Not great, but okay You can guess what was going to happen from the beginning, but this is a Jill Mansell book we know what s going to happen, we just want to know HOW it will happen The main characters in the book, Dex and Molly I thought were great The way they met was funny and quirky as usual but I think I would have liked to see a bit of their relationship building before Amanda came along One minute there were friends, next minute they wanted to fall o [...]

    17. I think everyone has an author that becomes the comfy joggers and blankie of their reading habits and Jill Mansell is mine This latest offering from her doesn t disappoint on any level It has sentences of lovely imagery that I think sometimes get lost in the pace of the characters lives and her story telling but they are there like little hidden gems or the free gift in the cereal box Her characters in this book have a lovely mix of the gorgeous and the real, and gorgeous ones get nice doses of [...]

    18. Life is too short to read bad books I got about two thirds of the way through this book and decided my time was too valuable to continue reading it Poor writing, too many unnecessary characters, no real character development and a plot that defies reality I am not a fan of chic lit and this book is just too much air and no substance.

    19. Een leuk verhaal met een voorspelbaar einde Wat ik wel goed vond is dat Jill bepaalde onderwerpen niet uit de weg gaat wat ik wel weer een meerwaarde vond geven aan het boek Ik voelde me wel verbonden met de hoofdpersonen dus all in all toch wel een leuk verhaal

    20. This was my first Jill Mansell Nothing special but it was a nice cosy story with likeable characters Will definitely try from this author Well read by one of my favourite narrators.

    21. There were moments of hilarity in this book I will give credit Delphi Yates, the baby, was by far my most favorite character in this book She s the best storm pooper on anyone who crosses her path and you ll go home in slobbery spit when you re near her if you re lucky Babies can sometimes make people turn over a new leaf I ve seen it happen in real life with one of my cousins He found out eight months later after his son was born from the woman he had a one night stand They aren t together, but [...]

    22. The things that go on in this quiet little village Welcome to Briarwood A sleepy little village, hidden away from the strains and stresses of the everyday life of the city Dexter Yates is the typical ladies man, leap frogging from woman to woman, spending nights in bars clubs with his mates, and generally just living the perfectly sculpted bachelor lifestyle Whilst spending some quality time in bed with his latest lady friend, Dexter s phone rings After checking the screen, he answers the phone [...]

    23. Jill Mansell is a Chick Lit stalwart You open up one of her books and the list of her previous books is massive You can t be a Chick Lit fan unless you ve read at least one of Jill s books She s one of the most consistent writers around, although I will admit it s been a couple of years since I myself have read a new Jill Mansell novel Y see, I read To The Moon and Back and I wasn t entirely convinced Then I opened up A Walk In The Park last year and I knew immediately what was going to happen a [...]

    24. WellJill Mansell certainly doesn t disappoint in yet another brilliantly written, remarkably endearing and delightful novel I thoroughly enjoyed reading this book, becoming completely engrossed in all the characters from the very first page So it s no surprise that Jill Mansell remains to be one of my favourite chick lit authors.Meet Dex, a high flying city type with a flash car, an abundance of female attention and plenty of money to spend Not your cup of tea Me neither Or so I thought I comple [...]

    25. Jill Mansell is an author I ve dabbled with a few times find that any book she writes is easy reading fairly amusing Although I always find i pick her books up can t remember if I ve read them or not I suppose they are all rather similar chick lits Just looking on the inside cover of this one she s published at least 24 books Anyway moving on Trusty blurb goes something like this Dexter Yates loves his fun, care free London life he has money, looks and girlfriends galore But everything changes o [...]

    26. I d give this between3.5 and 4 stars.It was as enjoyable as other Jill Mansell books I ve read Lighthearted, beach reads with heart is how I would describe these books.The characters are always engaging and fun, people you d like to have in your own circle of friends The stories are usually set in small English villages which I love to read about and the small town feel always makes for interesting relationships and dynamics.This particular read centered predominantly between Molly and Dex Molly [...]

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