A Most Devilish Rogue

A Most Devilish Rogue Fans who adore Julia Quinn Eloisa James and Sabrina Jeffries will savor Ashlyn Macnamara s sensual new novel which proves that two hearts are better than one Years ago when Isabelle Mears was stil

  • Title: A Most Devilish Rogue
  • Author: Ashlyn Macnamara
  • ISBN: 9780345534767
  • Page: 229
  • Format: Mass Market Paperback
  • Fans who adore Julia Quinn, Eloisa James, and Sabrina Jeffries will savor Ashlyn Macnamara s sensual new novel, which proves that two hearts are better than one.Years ago, when Isabelle Mears was still a young miss too infatuated to know better, she surrendered her innocence to a dishonorable man Though ruined and cast out from society, she has worked hard to shelter herFans who adore Julia Quinn, Eloisa James, and Sabrina Jeffries will savor Ashlyn Macnamara s sensual new novel, which proves that two hearts are better than one.Years ago, when Isabelle Mears was still a young miss too infatuated to know better, she surrendered her innocence to a dishonorable man Though ruined and cast out from society, she has worked hard to shelter her illegitimate son, Jack Having sworn off men in her quiet but dignified life, Isabelle is unprepared for the deep longing that rips through her when a handsome stranger rescues her rambunctious six year old from the pounding ocean surf.George Upperton is a man in trouble with debts, women, and a meddling family He is, by all accounts, the last gentleman on earth Isabelle should be drawn to But loneliness is a hard mistress, and caution gives way to desire even though Isabelle is convinced that happiness can t be found in the arms of such a devilish rogue Only when Jack is kidnapped does Isabelle discover the true depth of George s devotion and how far a good man will go to fight for the woman whose love is all that matters.

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    1. Ashlyn lives in the wilds of suburbia outside Montreal with her husband and two teenaged daughters When not writing, she looks for other excuses to neglect the housework, among them knitting, reading and wasting time on the internet in the guise of doing research.Visit ashlynmacnamara book table for information.

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    1. Posted on my blog buriedunderromancespoA rogue can certainly go about living a careless life and lavishly spend money, if said rogue actually had any money left George Upperton, a charming rogue, is in desperate need of funds Not only is his allegedly pregnant mistress demanding financial compensation, but his luck at cards had deserted him as well, leaving him with few means to procure the money necessary to pay his deceased friend s debts, and enact his plan of revenge against the Earl of Redd [...]

    2. This review was originally posted on Addicted To Romance SummaryQuite a few years ago, Isabelle found herself infatuated with a young man and lost her innocence and in the process fell in disgrace and scandal and was shunned by her own family Isabelle has had to raise her son, Jack all by herself, living in a small cottage with a friend and keeping away from the village and raising her son and protecting him George Upperton has found himself spiraling out of order with gambling, debts and above [...]

    3. I ve given this a C at AAR, so that s 3.5 stars here.I enjoyed Ms Macnamara s d but A Most Scandalous Proposal earlier this year, and so looked forward to reading the follow up novel about George Upperton, just plain Mister Upperton, who featured in a secondary role in the first book.George himself is a charming character, although his situation as presented at the beginning of the book may well fail to endear him to some readers, and did, I admit, colour my opinion of him for rather a lot of th [...]

    4. A Most Devilish Rogue A Most Series 2 by Ashlyn Macnamara Author Ashlyn Macnamara Title A Most Devilish Rogue Series A Most Series Cover Rating Book Rating Buy This Book Years ago, when Isabelle Mears was still a young miss too infatuated to know better, she surrendered her innocence to a dishonorable man Though ruined and cast out from society, she has worked hard to shelter her illegitimate son, Jack Having sworn off men in her quiet but dignified life, Isabelle is unprepared for the deep long [...]

    5. I had two issues with this book, provided by netgalley The problem is there were pretty enormous issues and meant I really did not like it at all.Problem 1 The CoverI mean, just look at it It s a man s butt in tight clothing Now, I guess in theory I don t really have a problem with looking at a nice butt, but a this has got less than nothing to do with the story, and b it almost screams Read me in a way that is both desperate and very off putting as a reader It means the story has a higher hill [...]

    6. Let me start by saying that is an awesome cover Every time I look at it, I stare for a few seconds What red blooded female wouldn t want to pick up a book with that cover But, the question is, did the book live up to the cover The answer is yes, it definitely did.This book has a fairly small cast of major characters I liked them all I though they were great character But, I sometimes felt like I couldn t connect with the two main characters completely It was only a few times, so it wasn t a huge [...]

    7. George Upperton is a man down on his luck Loosing at cards has driven him to his friends country estate Little did he know a small boy and a disgraced socialite are about to capture his heart.Isabelle Mears has been hiding from her past Living in seclusion on a small surf side town she is content with life Until the day George Upperton rescues her son from drowning The romantic tension is immediate and the chemistry burns hot in A Most Devilish Rogue Taking place in the English countryside, the [...]

    8. I loved reading Ashyln Macnamara s new well, not new any, I am dreadfully behind in my reading historical A Most Devilish Rogue features George Upperton as the hero and Isabelle, an unmarried woman with a mysterious past as the heroine When Isabelle s young son goes missing, George cannot help but want to comfort her but once it becomes clear she is a woman of good breeding, he is determined to sort out the circumstances of her past as well Ashlyn provides a wonderful, poignant read in her sopho [...]

    9. I received an arc of this book from netgalley in exchange for an honest review.The word that first came to my mind after reading this book was superficial The first scene set a totally different tone than the one the rest of the story had which I found disappointing and a little jarring at first I never connected to the characters or felt that they were developed deeply They seem to fall in love almost instantly and I didn t feel that there was a real development of their relationship or any rea [...]

    10. Love this book I so enjoyed reading a non traditional Regency that pairs a ruined earl s daughter with a mere mister What an enjoyable read Ashlyn Macnamara s prose is lovely and lyrical, filled with fascinating historical detail and a dash of humor that makes for a captivating story Can t wait for the next one

    11. Ashlyn Macnamara is back And follows her spectacular debut novel A Most Scandalous Proposal with an infinitely darker view into a bygone era A Most Devilish Rogue forces us to look beyond the glitter and discover that love really can and does conquer all Isabelle Mears had it all She was beautiful, talented, came from a prominent family and most of all according to ton standards she was rich A perfect match But a series of bad choices left her alone and pregnant Her family had cast her out and t [...]

    12. One of the best I ve read in recent years I ve always been fascinated by the idea of rehabilitating a fallen woman in a Regency in this case, Isabelle was a victim, but to the whole of society including her parents she was a fallen woman Tossed into the streets pregnant with no means of support Nice, huh Most girls in that situation would have no recourse but to sell themselves Fortunately, Isabelle finds a kind woman willing to share her humble home with an outcast and her illegitimate son.Rege [...]

    13. Also posted on my blog theravishingpen 2I just happened across this book when she was doing a giveaway here on It looked interesting so I entered Much to my surprise, I actually received one, and I am now so very happy that I did This book was the first I had ever heard of Ashlyn Macnamara, so I wasn t sure what to expect Firstly, I just HAVE to mention the cover It was a nice change from the typical man and woman in a really awkward looking embrace or the man standing with hair blowing in the w [...]

    14. After finding out his mistress is pregnant, George runs off to a house party to hide from her brother who wants George to do right by his sister While at the house party, George meets Isabelle and her illegitimate son Isabelle has been cast out of society because she lost her virtue and fathered Jack, her son George and Isabelle become attached and a very cliche story ensues I liked the first book of this series so I was surprised that this book was so blah The first impression of the hero is co [...]

    15. Finally A flawed hero George has a pregnant mistress he no longer wants, her brother ready to make him pay, and gambling debts to erase He s ready to help take on the debts of a friend who killed himself, even though he s somewhat immature if he s not using the money to pay off his own debts Yes, he s a man with an airport terminal full of baggage But, he s redeemable after saving the life of Jack, Isabelle s young son.Isabelle is a single mother, trying the best she can to take care of her five [...]

    16. This is the kind of story where I like to hunker down on a rainy day and lose myself in a good read.Well crafted and beautifully written, A Most Devilish Rogue had me wanting to slap George, the hero, upside the head when the story first started, but by the time he dressed and walked out of his mistress s bedroom, I wanted to slap her upside the head instead That s good reading when an author can pull you right into the characters world.It isn t long before we are intrigued by George and his mot [...]

    17. 3.5 stars.I mostly enjoyed this book and found the hero and heroine to be quite interesting and not at all stereotypical I simply could not, however, accept the idea of a gently bred young woman falling into bed with this virtual stranger, a penniless rake at that, right after her child disappeared I like plenty of spice in my HR and granted that he was trying to help her, but in this case the story would be better if the sexytimes had been put off for a while Thank you to Ballantine Books and n [...]

    18. Poor, set upon George He s only trying to help I love Ashlyn Macnamara s all too human characters This is a definite must read.

    19. My review contains spoilers and they re mostly my thoughts as I went with the bookThe second installment from Ashlyn Macnamara, A Most Devilish Rogue started out rather slow for me I was not sure what to think of George or Isabelle or their situation for a long time It was nice and all but the real depth of the story came a little late That part of the story was pretty phenomenal took me not only by surprise but took my breath away as well Let s move on to my review, where I ll try to explain wh [...]

    20. Original post at doing some reading This is the second book in Ashlyn s series don t know the series title sadly and the second book she s published I can say that I really enjoyed this story and loved seeing past characters sprung up in this story too Well yeah, that will happen because the hero is best friends with the hero of the previous book, so duhh.But anyways, I really liked this book not because it holds only one love story, or due to the fact that the cover holds some nice buns, wink w [...]

    21. You have to love those devilish rogues, so callous and shallow to the world, but give them a true damsel in distress and I get vapors, just thinking about it A Most Devilish Rogue by Ashlyn Macnamara is a delightful, Regency romance filled with all of the pomp and frivolities of the Ton and their petty little gossips and intrigues George Upperton is the devilish rogue, handsome, charming, and in debt up to his eyeballs for various unsavory reasons Isabelle Mears is a disgraced former member of h [...]

    22. I wish I could have liked this book better, but in the opening scene, George the hero is told by his mistress that she is pregnant After her supposed brother beats him to a pulp, George goes off to a house party with his mother and sisters, hoping to win money at cards there to pay off his debts and those of a friend who was poorly treated by a very wealthy man.I was just not well disposed to care about George s story when he abandoned his mistress because he did not want to own up to fatherhood [...]

    23. We first meet George Upperton in Ashlynn Monroe s debut novel, A Most Scandalous Proposal, where George s character stood out from the others as the snarky friend of the hero who gave us much in the way of sarcasm and comic relief In A Most Devilish Rogue, George s character is subdued and austere This may be due to the facts that is life is not all he would like it to be Upon his mistress, Lucy Padgett s claiming she is with his child and the appearance of Lucy s unsavory brother Roger who ins [...]

    24. The title A Most Devilish Rogue initially drew me to this book I expected a Regency romp where the hero is dashing and debonair and the heroine is feisty and beautiful and this is exactly what the book delivers but in a unique and interesting way.After reading the whole story I m convinced the title doesn t do it justice The depth of the emotion conveyed by the writer and her clever layering of the conflicts facing our devilish hero George and our heroine Isabelle make it a far satisfying read [...]

    25. First I have to give major props for the author for taking a character like George and making him the hero of his own book In the last book, he had a bit part and he was pretty much a drunk lout So the author going against grain and taking a character that it usually just the side kick to the hero Also props for not giving him a personality change to make the book fit better He is still pretty much the same lout And he stays that way almost all the way through.He is broke, knocks up his mistress [...]

    26. Why do we read romance novels I imagine this question has different answers, but to me, we read them because of two very specific things.For the characters, first and foremost And George is a character we d been waiting to read about since A Most Scandalous proposal, the debut by author Ashlyn Macnamara We haven t been waiting THAT long, and yet, it feels like we have Maybe it s just me Maybe some books just stay with you long after you ve read them in a way that makes you wonder what happened t [...]

    27. I really loved Ashlyn Macnamara s first book, A Most Scandalous Proposal , and George Upperton was definitely a favourite of mine, so I was really excited to read A Most Devilish Rogue.Not only was I not disappointed in the least Ashlyn Macnamara s writing is as fluid and effective as ever, without a single word out of place, and descriptions and dialogue that flow naturally as you get immersed in the story but I actually enjoyed this book even than the previous It s pure romance, true, but it [...]

    28. Author Ashlyn Macnamara has been on a one woman crusade lately to Bring the Sexy back to the name George The new Prince George notwithstanding, George is sort of a bland name to me that evokes images of older men, none of them being particularly sexy unless you re remembering the former Beatle or George Clooney in his prime So what s the best way to show women that a man with a fairly forgettable name can be a memorable hero In A Most Devilish Rogue, Ms Macmanara takes a risk by introducing read [...]

    29. You know you want to read this Regency romance, and not just because of the droolworthy cover Although I have to admit that s quite the draw You want to read A Most Devilish Rogue because Ashlyn Macnamara s given us a fantastic and unusual hero and heroine in George Upperton and Isabelle Mears George is a mere mister nothing special in the ton and not exactly rich In fact, the book opens with him in quite a pickle and when he escapes to the countryside, bruised and battered, he s hardly expectin [...]

    30. A MOST DEVILISH ROGUE by Ashlyn Macnamara is an exciting Regency Historical Romance set in 1820 London A fast paced, passion filled story of love,and adventure Spend a few moments of your time with disgraced,disowned,Isabelle Mears and the handsome,sexy,deep in debt, George Upperton and of course Isabelle s six year old illegitimate son, Jack Filled with passion,secrets,danger,a kidnapping,betrayal,deceit,a lie or two,a bit of wit and lots of passion,what s not to love Who doesn t enjoy a read w [...]

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