The Submissive

The Submissive One word and she ll never see him again The city of New York knows Nathaniel West as CEO of a powerful corporation but Abby knows he s Nathaniel lives by a set of exacting rules From the boardroom to

  • Title: The Submissive
  • Author: Tara Sue Me
  • ISBN: 9780987436818
  • Page: 402
  • Format: Paperback
  • One word and she ll never see him again.The city of New York knows Nathaniel West as CEO of a powerful corporation, but Abby knows he s Nathaniel lives by a set of exacting rules From the boardroom to his bedroom, he must be obeyed and any woman wanting to be part of his life must submit to his will When Abby finally meets Nathaniel and agrees to wear his collar, sOne word and she ll never see him again.The city of New York knows Nathaniel West as CEO of a powerful corporation, but Abby knows he s Nathaniel lives by a set of exacting rules From the boardroom to his bedroom, he must be obeyed and any woman wanting to be part of his life must submit to his will When Abby finally meets Nathaniel and agrees to wear his collar, she has everything she s ever wanted or so she thinks.Nathaniel drives her to new heights of pleasure and introduces her to a glamorous world of power and privilege she knows only through the social pages Heeding Nathaniel s commands is never hard but before long Abby wants Her master s rules don t allow for negotiation but the heart never plays by the rules and love is the most extreme fantasy of all.

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      Tara Sue Me

    About Author

    1. Tara Sue Me wrote her first novel at the age of twelve It would be twenty years before she picked up her pen to write the second.After completing several clean romances, she decided to try her hand at something spicier and started The Submissive What began as a writing exercise quickly took on a life of its own An avid reader of all types of fiction, she soon discovered she enjoyed writing a variety as well Tara lives in the Southeastern United States with her family, two dogs, and a cat.

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    1. 5 Stellar, fantastical, panty melting stars Tara Sue Me love the play on tiramisu where have you been the past years of my erotica reading life One question people Why isn t this book all over my feeds I mean, anyone who s read and loved anything remotely similar to FSoG, you shall LOVE this I bank my GR reputation on it I HATE bringing up FSoG in a review but this book has a particular link I shall explain in the end No sidetracking yet.Meet Nathaniel West, successful CEO of an International se [...]

    2. Another fan fiction Fifty book you ask Yes is exactly that Well, not exactly Apparently, this is the book that E.L James got some of her ideas fromat and Twilight And while I didn t really get a lot of Twilight from this book, you can definitely see the things that E.L James picked out of it As far as it being a fan fiction, the only clue I had was the lack of the character s physical descriptions That being said, I really enjoyed the heck of it I m not sure what s happened but this story line h [...]

    3. I think I ve read better erotica novels than this I couldn t bring my self to finish it DNF 40% , it s hot but didn t work for me , it was one of those It s not you, it s me cases I m sorry Tara Sue me but i m going to use my safe word LeviOsa

    4. 1 2 The Submissive, book 1 of 3 Debut by Tara Sue Me Librarian Abigail King s journey of self discovery when becoming the Submissive to the enigmatic Nathaniel West If you choose to wear this, you ll be marked as mine Mine to do with as I wish You will obey me and never question what I tell you to do The Submissive Trilogy is the story of Nathaniel West, successful businessman and Dom extraordinaire and the BDSM relationship he embarks on with librarian Abigal King Books in this trilogy should b [...]

    5. I think everyone paying attention lately has some strong feelings about the spate of fanfiction largely Twilight derived getting massive publishing deals My initial feeling of distaste has evolved into a kind of reluctant acceptance Fifty Shades of Grey has changed the nature of publishing for better or for worse and if it s going to happen regardless, I d like to see it happen to good people with actual talent.Which is why it pains me to write this review.I read The Submissive when it was still [...]

    6. A cream colored rose with a touch of pink is serious business The red rose whispers of passion,And the white rose breathes of love O the red rose is a falcon,And the white rose is a dove.But I send you a cream white rosebudWith a flush on its petal tips For the love that is purest and sweetestHas a kiss of desire on the lips The Submissive, Is a book about a girl Abigail King becoming a submissive to a Dom, Nathaniel West.It starts off which her meeting him to discuss if she s a suitable sub for [...]

    7. Where to begin It s probably pointless to point out that this was written BEFORE 50 Shades and thus people should stop whining about the similarities and think for a moment This author didn t rip off your precious 50 shades Sorry, couldn t help myself, it s getting on my nerves big time and I m trying hard not to turn this into a rant against 50 shades Instead I want to focus on something else first why does everyone whine about fan fiction authors being published Is someone forcing you to buy t [...]

    8. Your safe word is turpentine.Say it and this ends immediately You take the collar off, drive away, and never return The Submissive by Tara Sue Me, already has a very special place in my heart I read this trilogy back when it was online and we had to wait chapter by agonizing chapter to find out what happens next.I can t begin to express how excited and happy I am that Tara decided to publish her original work It will be treasure among my favorites for life.I have a confession The Submissive is t [...]

    9. This book came to my attention when I noticed one of my friend reading it I decided to check it out, and I have to say that I am sure glad that I did Yes, it has a lot of similarities to Fifty Shades, but it had its own uniqueness that makes this story stand out and rise above the other book I should also mention that this book originally came out before the Fifty Shades trilogy even existed.We have a librarian by the name of Abigail King who has been made aware that a man that she has been extr [...]

    10. The Submissive A Not So Walk on the Wild SideIn olden days, a glimpse of stockingWas looked on as something shocking.But now, God knows,Anything goes.Good authors too who once knew better wordsNow only use four letter wordsWriting prose.Anything goes.If driving fast cars you like,If low bars you like,If old hymns you like,If bare limbs you like,If Mae West you like,Or me undressed you like,Why, nobody will oppose.When ev ry night the set that s smart is in Truding at nudist parties inStudios.Any [...]

    11. I have read this as Twilight Fan Fiction I will read it as published work Why Because to me this is as close as vanilla people will get to the real thing without experiencing it in real life Yes, it is not a perfect relationship and mistakes happen but that is life Life does get in the way of things and what we want has to take a back seat for a little while Trust me been there done that.In fact people who know I live the lifestyle ask me what fanfic to read that is close to what I do I give the [...]

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    13. I suppose it s worth starting off this review with the notation that I knew this was formerly a Twilight fanfic published under the same title and same penname I also knew that this was the story that inspired Fifty Shades author E.L James, so before anyone starts foaming at the mouth about how this is another knock off of Fifty Shades it s not This came first I have not read the original fanfic to compare, though I arrived to read this in a way that was completely blind didn t really know what [...]

    14. At what point in the future will all the fan fiction haters just relax and let a good book be a good book without downgrading it for how it began Who freaking cares that it was previously fan fiction I certainly do not Nor do I understand what compels the haters to rate a book that they have never read and never plan to read Authors have taken good ideas and put their own spin on it for ages, so, kudos to all the fan fiction writers for taking a chance and actually getting published I commend yo [...]

    15. First and foremost, yes, you re going to compare this to FSoG s only natural even though this chicken came before the Grey egg Will you like it less Will you like it That s completely up to you But I will say one thing when it comes to the comparisonsAnastasia Steele is no Abigail King I loved Abby She wasn t a pushover, she knew what she wanted, she was smart, she was witty, she owned her sexuality and she was confident in her skin However, the same can t be said for our leading manNathaniel W [...]

    16. Bana bir kitap i in k t densin yeter ki Hemen ne kadar k t olabilir ki Der okurum Kitap resmen ok k t yd ama Grinin Elli Tonu ndan nce yaz lm san r m ama resmen yazar alm rpm Anlat m z playa z playa gidiyor Bir ey demi , ba ka yere ge iyor sonra keyfi yeterse geri d n yor Atlad m zaten erotik k s mlar n Adam n kat hakimden a k mahmuruna d n mesi 2 sayfa s rd.Bir de bu 2 kitap da Twilight fan fiction Ya ok merak ediyorum tek meziyeti par l par l parlamak olan Edward dan b yle dominant adamlara na [...]

    17. The Nitty Gritty Its a spanking good time as a timid librarian finds her way through the dark and salacious world of BDSM Just a simple tale of a submissive trying to find her way In The Submissive we meet mild mannered librarian Abby King Seriously this is the worst characterization of a profession that I have ever seen, but that is neither here nor there.Back to my review Something is simmering below the surface however Abby has a desire to put her sexual pleasure in the expert hands of Nathan [...]

    18. Not even going there with the BDSM tag cos BDSM it wasn t.OK, got stuck right at the beginning WHY was Abigail King standing submissively in Nathaniel West s office Nope, no reason, just jump headlong into the story leaving me asking why why why on every alternate page AND, btw just sayin Abby has NEVER submitted before, is a complete novice, and totally innocent of the kinky stuff Now, Nathaniel almost made me change my mind brooding Dom, sexy manner voice, arrogance included, pretty to look at [...]

    19. A very hot and sexy read A great blend of bedroom fun, angst and sweet romance Abigail Abby King has just applied for the position as Nathaniel West s new submissive She has desired him from afar and is considered otherwise unobtainable he is rich, powerful and very in control of his life She is a librarian with a easy going disposition that is easy to like Abby takes going after what you want to new extremes entering into a BDSM relationship It starts off very professional papers to sign, exerc [...]

    20. This was a very addictive book, I read it in only two days It has very hot sex scenes, though the BDSM ones are very soft Nevertheless it s a beautiful love story, full of passion and desire There are two wonderful things for which I fell in love with in this book A White RoseTHE red rose whispers of passion,And the white rose breathes of love O, the red rose is a falcon,And the white rose is a dove.But I send you a cream white rosebudWith a flush on its petal tips For the love that is purest an [...]

    21. This was only ok for me I couldn t for the life of me connect with either Abby or Nathaniel The beginning in particular was hard, because Abby seemed to get attached to Nathaniel quickly and I just couldn t see what she was attached to emotionally The whole thing up until view spoiler Abby got in the car accident hide spoiler seemed just very clinical and detached While their relationship progresses, it still didn t feel natural to me I never really cared of they got together view spoiler In fac [...]

    22. I m in heaven right now.This is a book I couldn t put down This story is perfectly told It is perfectly paced, it is brilliantly written, and it is beautifully crafted.I liked the characters, especially Nathaniel West It go so emotional at the end I can t think clearly It s such a mess in my head right now I can t wait for the next I just need and .

    23. A grudging two stars, based mostly on technical writing and comparison to that other book This book, like many others these days in the post Fifty Shades of Grey world, started out as Twilight fanfiction This book actually inspired FSOG, so it came first The similarities between the two works are obvious, both in the set up, the various relations of each of the characters, and the progression of the story It s almost impossible for me to read this book after reading FSOG and not compare the two. [...]

    24. I tried really really hard to enjoy this book, but it was a real struggle There was just so many issues that concerned me Erotic romance is my absolute favorite when it is written properly The relationship between a D s always sends my senses tingling, leaving me wanting and anticipating the submission Sadly, I did not experience that with The Submissive Nate and Abby s relationship agreement just didn t have enough character development or connection for me to become invested in them or their o [...]

    25. I just read the fanfic a few days ago and loved it Lots of sexy times It touches on and incorporates the lifestyle with the drama and romance of the story It s the first book and I feel like it sets the stage for the sequel I am currently reading the Dom s POV and while I love reading his version of the events it seems a bit redundant in some parts Will be interested to see if the second published version is changed at all Overall I highly recommend this one So much better than Fifty SO MUCH BET [...]

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