Rouge QUARTERFINALIST Breakthrough Novel AwardsRomance velvet sequins and murderHale Ferrer is the rising star of the hottest cabaret in New Orleans And her one goal is escape Escape from the lies

  • Title: Rouge
  • Author: Leigh Talbert Moore
  • ISBN: 1480124419
  • Page: 212
  • Format: Paperback
  • QUARTERFINALIST, 2013 Breakthrough Novel AwardsRomance, velvet, sequins, and murderHale Ferrer is the rising star of the hottest cabaret in New Orleans And her one goal is escape Escape from the lies, from the crime, and from her growing fear that one day she ll have to earn her living in the secret back rooms, where the dancers do than dance.But she won tQUARTERFINALIST, 2013 Breakthrough Novel AwardsRomance, velvet, sequins, and murderHale Ferrer is the rising star of the hottest cabaret in New Orleans And her one goal is escape Escape from the lies, from the crime, and from her growing fear that one day she ll have to earn her living in the secret back rooms, where the dancers do than dance.But she won t leave behind Teeny, the orphan girl she promised to protect.Freddie Lovel is rich, handsome, and in love with Hale, and he s ready to sweep her away with him to Paris But her heart is captured by Beau, the poor stagehand with eyes as blue as Louisiana iris flowers.Denying her fears, Hale is ready to choose love and a life with Beau, until a predator hidden in the wings launches a chain of events that could cost her everything Teeny, their one hope of escape, and possibly even her life.

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      Leigh Talbert Moore

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    1. I m the hat lady wife, mom, reader, writer, caffeine addict, chocoholic, southern expat, and beach bum LIKE my Facebook page for daily updates, new release announcements, and sale info SIGN UP for my newsletter for new release announcements not spam I LOVE hearing from readers Send feedback, ask questions, or say hello at leightmoore at gmail And I share books I think RULE right here on Be a friend THANK YOU so much for reading 3

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    1. e lyrics told the story of a cat who was so enchanted by a beautiful bird, he gave up everything, including his life, all for something that could never be You re in my arms, and it feels so right but it s simply an illusion Set in an underground theater in New Orleans,Rougeis a story of singer cabaret performer, Hale Ferrer Secretly living with her isTeeny , dirty, half starved orphan she adopted She is beautiful but talentless She d never cost the show a penny though, but soon she d be require [...]

    2. Growing up in south Louisiana, I always wanted to write a New Orleans story The city has so much history, and the residents have such character and emotional complexity At the same time it has a very dark side One cool day after a punishingly hot summer in south Alabama, where I was living at the time, I started thinking about a sad little piano player and a showgirl he would do anything to protect A tense young woman trying to escape the threats of her theater home using lies, manipulations, an [...]

    3. 3 STARS I admit, I m pretty difficult to please when it comes to romance novels The crying in the rain, the longing looks and the screaming declarations of love gives me a bit of hives This is a historical, new adult romance story set in a cabaret in New Orleans involving it s star singer, her rich French suitor, Freddie and the stagehand artist she s in love with, Beau The blurb promises Romance Velvet Sequins Murder Okay, I didn t hate it I did love Moulin Rouge outside the frenetic production [...]

    4. Review posted at Swept Away By Romance3 StarsSetting 1890s New Orleans, cabaretOverview Hale Ferrer, born and raised in the seedier side of the theater world, longs to escape her circumstances She refuses to leave behind Teeny, the young girl she rescued and helped to raise Hale, having learned to be practical and think only of survival, has a plan Wealthy Parisian businessman, Freddie Lovel, has fallen for Hale, and attends her performances most nights She has convinced him that she is a lady w [...]

    5. I had the opportunity to chat with Leigh T Moore at the 2014 Louisville Author Event We talked about our love of Indie Authors and she hinted that she might continue the Cheveux Roux series after her Dragonfly Series is completed.

    6. WOW Leigh Talbert Moore just knocked my socks off with Rouge Yep I love this novel Rouge is a totally wonderful surprise, with the story taking place in a Cabaret during 1890 New Orleans, and with what s happening off stage behind closed doors let s just say, I was not expecting this, but am so thrilled that Moore wrote this sadistic storyline with a beautiful romance between Hale and Beau Rouge s awesome storyline and amazing characters stole my heart from the first page, and I couldn t put thi [...]

    7. Rouge is a hard book for me to rate On one hand, it was well written The scenes were rich with detail and I was really feeling the late 1800s New Orleans vibe The story is well plotted and interesting On the other hand, it was so angsty that it was hard for me to read at times The book is about an orphaned, mixed race cabaret singer named Hale who lives at her performance hall in near poverty She is beautiful and talented but she lives under constant pressure to excel and make money for her thea [...]

    8. Copy provided by author for review purposes You re in my arms, and it feels so right but it s simply an illusion I just finished this book around 1 30am last night and my emotions are still a mess I read Leigh s first book, The Truth About Faking and really liked it It was a light but heartfelt contemporary story After reading Rouge I can t believe that both books are written by the same person Dark was a very dark, raw, heartbreaking, highly emotional and sometimes brutal story about a young gi [...]

    9. Rouge by Leigh Talbert Moore was nothing short of fantastic I really enjoyed her second book, and having experienced her debut novel, I find it refreshing to learn that she has a ton of talent to share Rouge is so completely different from her first story The Truth About Faking that you would never guess these two books were written by the same author I find that highly inspiring when an author can deliver two completely different voices, but still maintain that element of authenticity to her wr [...]

    10. Holy Roller coaster.This is a brilliant book that had me going up and down and biting my nails and swooning and then dying a little because it was just fantastic.A great setting and a great love story and an incredible journey of a young woman with just incredible strength LOVE.

    11. When Leigh first told me about her book, I was not disappointed, but I certainly didn t expect it a Cabaret Theater novel set in the 1890s I thought, Okay I ll read it Someday soon Then I kept seeing updates for it The cover The synopsis Her excitement for the release At the time, I was only about 15,000 words behind my NaNo goal having a two year old will do that and I had already blasted to bits my personal promise of no TV and books This book was really starting to intrigue me, and I was feel [...]

    12. Rouge is one of those books that almost got a 5 star rating from me And in this case almost is good enough It was a unique story, that had elements of things like Moulin Rouge , but only small hints It was a story that was dashed with little bits of intrigue, even up until the very last moments of the novel In the very last moments Moore threw some details at us that when carefully looked at, could lead you to the truth of the matter But it also just could have been a trick of your imagination a [...]

    13. An unlikely setting of theater and hidden brothel brought to life by romance, self sacrifice, and the basic human instinct of survival Nineteenth century flare is captured beautifully in both the world created and the prose, tugging the reader along Hale s unsure path Driven to seek a better life for herself and the young tween she cares for, Hale is willing to do almost anything to escape this world of old, where woman are seen as objects and sought after for pleasure or expected to have a hus [...]

    14. Free on This is an indie New Adult Mature YA book that I m reading right now It has sexual situations, and is romance with romantic intrigue, but I m really enjoying it so far, I m at 45% I ll review fully later today when I m finished Just thought I d mention it in case anyone else wanted to give it a shot Review I don t often read books that haven t been recommended to me by one of you GR friends, or that have reviews from people I rely on Too often randomly selecting a book turns out to be a [...]

    15. When I was contacted about reviewing Rouge I was hesitant to accept as it was a light historical theatre romance and I tend to avoid any historical books But after reading the synopsis and finding out out about the book I quickly accepted Once I began reading I soon found myself getting lost in the world Leigh has created Rouge tells us a story about Hale, a performer in a theatre that has a seedy background behind the scenes, taking Teeny under her wings Hale must find a way for this pair to e [...]

    16. Rouge is a charming, angsty read I enjoyed Moore s writing and really liked the setting I am usually not one to read historical, but the time period was not overpowering It was a light easy read with just enough spicy scenes to make delectable The story did end on a cliffhanger, and I thought it could ve been a bit longer.Cover and WritingI really like the cover to this book I think it suits the time period and the subject matter of the book, and it s just all over pretty The writing was in the [...]

    17. Leigh s talent is clear in everything she writes Polished, expert Likeable characters, well drawn plot But I have to admit, though I love all her stuff, this is THE BEST ONE so far It is historic romance set in steamy New Orleans in the late 19th century.Hale has grown up in the cabaret hall a place that carefully balances outward glamor and private sleaze The girls all need to earn their keep one way or another and only through a promise by the manager to her dying mother and a talent that keep [...]

    18. Leigh s skill at putting the reader into her characters shoes is amazing From the very first page, I was swept back in time, and completely unaware that I was reading a YA novel If you know me, you know I m not a huge fan if YA But the story was so consuming and realistic that I didn t care what genre of book I was reading What makes this book extra special is that it utilizes both plot and character to move the story forward I m a big fan of character driven fiction, and this story satisfied th [...]

    19. Review of Rouge by Leigh Talbert Moore This review may contain spoilers Rouge ebook dp This book is considered Mature YA New Adult and Contemporary Historical Fiction.Warning This book contains scenes of rape and or near rape First thoughts after finishing this book Rouge is equal parts hope and despair one of the most powerful books I ve ever read a mixture of sad and sweet Rouge is one of the first Mature YA New Adult books that I ve read, and I wasn t sure what to expect I think I like the g [...]

    20. Three and a half stars Visit the cabaret and learn the dark secrets behind the velvet curtains.Hale hurries to her dressing room after another electrifying performance She is anxious to remove her heavy headdress As soon as the showy costume is stripped away, a hesitant knock sounds at her door She opens the door to find a lavish bouquet of roses Her wealthy suitor, Freddie, beams behind the flowers For Hale, the showering of expensive gifts is something foreign to her as she is a poor orphan, f [...]

    21. BookNook Young Adult book reviews3.5 StarsWhat initially turned me onto Rouge is how much it sounded like the movie Moulin Rouge If you re not a fan of strong similarities, then I probably wouldn t recommend this book, just because they are so similar But I personally really like sticking to things I enjoy I love Moulin Rouge so I was really eager to try out this book Ultimately, I enjoyed Rouge I think the one real bummer is that I wasn t crazy about the romance, and that s the main reason I m [...]

    22. Rouge by Leigh Talbert Moore was a story that took me by surprise It was one that I ended up really enjoying A majority of the characters were engaging and full of personality Author, Leigh Talbert Moore, does a fantastic job in spinning a tale detailing how far one would go to keep someone they love safe from any harm, and to find a new life.Rouge by Leigh Talbert Moore follows the life of main character, Hale Ferrer, who is the star of the very theatre she lives in On the stage, her voice mesm [...]

    23. Yet another fine example of why I love Indie writers SO much They are seriously underestimated so often that wonderful books like this often get overlooked Well let me tell you I stand up and say no When I read The Truth About Faking by Leigh I couldn t believe that this wasn t a book that people had raved about When I was asked if I was interested in reading Rouge a NA novel I was super excited I mean YAY NA New Adult for those of you that haven t heard of this wonderful genre is something I [...]

    24. Hale is a singer in a cabaret show where her mother worked When her mother died, Gavin, the owner, promised to protect her There are many secrets to the theater though The people that live there who aren t apart of the show are basically prostitutes That is the way they earn their keep to stay there Hale refuses to let that happen to her and Teeny She is pushing a marriage proposal from Freddie while secretly loving Beau Time runs out though so she has to make a choice Will she choose Freddie an [...]

    25. If you ve read Leigh s first book The Truth About Faking, you should probably be warned This book is a lot edgy, mature and serious than the YA contemporary romance This is for the older YA readers.Leigh took a risk, a risk that takes you on a swooning and raging ride up and down A risk that every author should take to enhance their writing skills before they hit it big And this risk is Rouge.You know you ve experienced something so different when you come out of it feeling confused and all tog [...]

    26. I planned on making this my Indie Book of the Week but I just couldn t wait that long to post my review I had to get it out there for the world to see The world must know how awesome this book is I knew I wanted to read this book the moment I read the description I love books set in a different era I love the feel of them and I love it when a good writer can take me back to that different time and place and make me feel like I am a part of it Like I am right there with the main character seeing, [...]

    27. I really enjoyed this book read it straight through in one sitting I think the title, Rouge, is quite perfect, given how closely it parallels the movie Moulin Rouge I suppose, since that is one of my favorite movies, it would come as no surprise how much I enjoyed the book.The love story between the beautiful cabaret performer Hale and the stagehand Beau was beautiful and tragic all at the same time Their love was made all the tragic by Hale s desperate need to flee her cabaret life in New Orle [...]

    28. Hale Ferrer has a plan She plans to marry one of her most devoted fans and move to Paris and get Teeny far away from the cabaret house Teeny doesn t know of the horrible, disgusting things that goes on behind closed doors late at night And that is just the way Hale wants to keep it What wasn t part of Hale s plan was Beau and the feelings she starts to have for him Those feelings could jeopardize her and Teeny s future.I really enjoyed reading Rouge It is definitely different than the sort of bo [...]

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