Soldier Dog

Soldier Dog Stanley s dad hasn t been the same since his wife died and his eldest son went off to fight in the war Now Stanley s only friend is his dad s prizewinning greyhound Rocket Stanley runs away and enlis

  • Title: Soldier Dog
  • Author: Sam Angus
  • ISBN: 9781447220053
  • Page: 136
  • Format: Paperback
  • Stanley s dad hasn t been the same since his wife died and his eldest son went off to fight in the war Now Stanley s only friend is his dad s prizewinning greyhound, Rocket Stanley runs away and enlists in the army to train as a messenger dog handler, and is soon heading to France with a great Dane called Bones by his side.

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      Sam Angus

    About Author

    1. Sam Angus is a bestselling and award winning author of historical adventure novels for children of nine and over Her novels, required reading for schools across the United Kingdom, deal lightly with some of the bleakest moments of British and Colonial history Her books include Soldier Dog, Captain, A Horse Called Hero, The House on Hummingbird Island and School for Skylarks Sam Angus was born in Italy, and grew up in France, and spent much of her childhood moving from home to home and country to country, but most of her early childhood was spent in Franco s Spain She went to than ten different schools and was the naughtiest girl in all of them She then went on to read English at Trinity College Cambridge, where she secretly kept a dog in her college rooms After Cambridge she went to Central St Martins to study fashion then taught A Level English Literature for many years, before becoming a full time writer She lives between London and Exmoor and has five children, several horses and a handsome, stubborn West Highland terrier.Sam Angus s books have been longlisted and shortlisted several times for the CILIP Carnegie Medal Soldier Dog was longlisted in 2013, Captain in 2015 and The House on Hummingbird Island for 2017 She has also won or been shortlisted for many local and national awards including the North East Book Award, The Sussex Coast Amazing Book Award, the East Lothian Libraries Lennox Author Award, the James Reckitt Children s Book Award, the Hillingdon Book of the Year, and the Bath and Somerset Centurion Award, amongst others, the Cheshire Book Award.

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    1. The best novel I ve read in ages If you love dogs this is the book for you Please don t be put off by the war theme I have no real interest in war books, and chose it solely because of the dog theme I read it over 3 nights, as I found it very hard to put down, and cried at least twice each night It left me loving my own dogs even Even though I read this a few months ago, I still regularly think about this book and how it affected me emotionally This book will stay with me forever, and constantl [...]

    2. Oh my Wow I knew this book would be good Like A Horse Called Hero, I enjoyed every moment of it I was pulled in from the beginning to the end and could have stayed in longer There s so much to say, but I don t know how to put it to words Stanley I understand why he ran away and I felt so bad for him He was a courageous boy Da Although I didn t cry at any of the parts, Da just made me so sad Like Stanley, I felt so bad for him Da s sadness and bitterness tore him and his son s relationship apart, [...]

    3. I immensely disliked the actions of Stanley s father as the book began Despite the fact that Da was grieving, I found his actions unforgivable I am not fond of war stories and am repulsed by the violence and death I am extremely disturbed by cruelty toward animals The military treatment of animals is an affront to the value of life The use of horses in the story was reminiscent of the descriptions found in War Horse by Michael Morpurgo Despite the content of the book which I am sure accurately d [...]

    4. I don t know why I kept bypassing this on the library shelf, but I was persuaded I needed to read this and I gave in I listened to the audio version and recommend this as a great edition with a clear and appropriate voice, and an easy story to follow by ear.I loved this Very much in the vein of Michael Morpurgo with obvious similarities to War Horse in this case , it s a three tissue if not affair, that brings home the issues of animals used in wartime within the moving story of a family drama. [...]

    5. I was very apprehensive to start this one for the same reasons that I ve never seen War Horse I m a huge animal lover and I hate thinking of them being hurt even a little bit, let alone going through the horrors of war But, I gathered up my courage and read this one anyway And it was every bit as sad as I expected, but also interesting than I expected.This is one of those books you need to read beside a box of tissues I kept a personal cry counter on this one and I believe my final tally was 5 [...]

    6. Oh my goodness, where do I start This is quite simply the best book I have read in a long while Although recommended to me ages ago, I ve only just got round to reading this, as it s one of the two books I ll read this month for the bookclub I m a member of.I ll admit that I was initially a bit put off this book by the front cover picture and description on the back cover, as I m not very interested in books about war and fighting However, although it is set during the first world war and a lot [...]

    7. A boy goes into war to find his brother not knowing that the two dogs he trains one dies in action and one is his dog at home sons not knowing that Stanley loses his sight

    8. Recensito su ChiaraLeggeTroppo.Parto sempre un po prevenuta e molto molto molto spaventata, quando si tratta di libri per cani L averne uno, ma soprattutto l aver imboccato un determinato percorso assieme a lei, mi ha portata ad abbracciare la cultura cinofila con assoluta radicalit e il mio sguardo si fatto esageratamente critico nei confronti di qualsiasi cosa possa anche solo accennare una parvenza di ignoranza sulla materia Mi rifiuto categoricamente di leggere un libro che, per quanto osann [...]

    9. Soldier Sam Angus Bones assumiu sua coragem, seu senso de honra como sendo dele pr prio Ele sempre ser verdadeiro, leal e corajoso at a ltima batida do seu cora o ele dar e disso eu n o tenho d vida a pr pria vida por voc Seja o que for que esteja esperando por voc s dois, lembre se de que para Bones voc toda a vida dele Sabe aquele livro que desde o come o deixa o seu cora o pequenininho, que consegue atingir em cheio seu cora o e te leva a sofrer junto com o protagonista Bem assim foi o Soldie [...]

    10. I was so happy this book didn t end the way I thought it would I had no idea how important messenger dogs were and that 7,000 of them were killed in WWI It was a great historical angle for a story, but it was a slow read I put it down twice to read other books before finishing While I appreciated the themes of empathy and forgiveness along with the historical approach, it s not a book I would recommend.

    11. I had a lot of feels about this book I should start by pointing out that I m not a fan of animal books, unless they are nonfiction I don t like reading stories all about animals or from an animals point of view So, I wasn t very thrilled to see this book on the Battle of the Book List I m not even sure how to explain this book In short, it s about a boy who escapes his father by running away to war Even though he s too young they let him join and he is put in the dog messenger unit Of all the bo [...]

    12. Soldier Dog by Sam Angus is a very disconsolate yet heart warming novel which encompasses a WWI history lesson and the adventures of a young boy and dog all in one heart wrenching and fascinating tale I always had a box of tissues by my side while reading this book so the author of it definitely did something right if it was capable of touching my conscience to such extent This novel shined light on several significant topics a dog s distinguishing identity, the impacts of grief and finally, the [...]

    13. Set against the backdrop of World War I, 13 year old Stanley watches his beloved older brother Tom depart for service and soon joins him after a misunderstanding involving his father, Da.The family dog runs off and returns pregnant which Da sees as a burden He threatens to drown the puppies even though Stanley has developed a strong bond with the runt whom he has named Soldier in honor of his brother Tom When Stanley awakens one morning unable to find Soldier he believes Da has made good on his [...]

    14. This is a great book I love how the author could describe the feelings of the characters or their environment so vividly I could picture the whole scene in my mind throughout the whole story, so I enjoyed reading the book very much At one point of the story, I could feel the grief and sorrow of Stanley that I found myself tearing up while reading that page This is how well the author had describe the feelings of the characters Also, I had many questions throughout the book, but I managed to find [...]

    15. I highly recommend this book Brought tears to my eyes and has a wonderful plot twist I won t give it away During World War I, 13 year old Stanley watches his brother leave for war while he must stay behind with his temperamental father When his father s dog, Rocket, becomes pregnant from a stray, Stanley falls in love with one of her pups Stanley s father is angry that she had mixed breed dogs and gives away her puppies except for the Stanley s favorite, Soldier, who he drowns when his neighbor [...]

    16. Soldier Dog by Sam Angus was a great book This book is a story of a young boy named Stanley who runs from home after his father apparently drowns Stanley s puppy, Soldier After leaving home, Stanley join the British army to help fight in WWI In the army, Stanley joined a group of dog keepers who trained the dogs to carry messages between battalions This book goes on to be an emotional rollercoaster, at one point your happy the next your depressed, and then next thing you know your happy again I [...]

    17. A must read for dog lovers Such a great read to learn about the Messenger Dogs in the First World War Grab a Kleenex 100,000 dogs served in the Great War Of theses 7,000 dogs were killed.Page 152 Lt Colonel Thorne to Stanley, Remember that all he does, he does for you This book came from a story the author heard on the radio An Airedale named Jack, recruited by the British Army and trained at the War Dog School The idea of the messenger dog, of his intelligence, great loyalty, and of the sense o [...]

    18. This book has been one of the best books I have ever read I would definitely rate this a five I have never read a book so suspenseful, that I have enjoyed This book is about a boy named Stanley, who ran away because of the actions his dad had did Stanley went to the army and became a dog messenger He later did come home after his dad found him working and showed up with the one thing Stanley thought was dead This book would be for middle school students who like animals and the war I would recom [...]

    19. This had a kind of War Horse vibe going for it, and I never fully fell into the story Maybe it was the uneasy resemblance to war Horse that made me feel that way, but I m not sure It was good in parts, and I especially felt sorry for Bones Guessed the ending again, boo I ve got to stop imagining how books end, because I wreck them for myself Three Stars, although I tossed up between three and four shame I couldn t like this, I ve been looking forward to reading it since purchasing it a few month [...]

    20. I had to take this one slowly due to my pitiful lack of background knowledge on World War I However, Soldier, Bones, and Pistol the war dogs kept me engaged and reading until the very end which did NOT disappoint.I will gladly hand this novel to my eighth graders in the fall Vocabulary is challenging, and I don t think I would have handed Soldier Dog to one of my sixth graders last year without support This is definitely a Kleenex book you will want to keep the tissues handy while reading this o [...]

    21. I cried my eyes out a truly beautiful story that is stunningly written Every one should read this amazing novel.

    22. I love this book It is an amazing story of a boy and his dog Stanley s father s dog, Rocket, is having puppies and Stanley helps Rocket, because his father has turned away since her puppies will not be purebred Soon after the puppies are born, Da, Stanley s father,takes them away He returns with only one, Soldier, who was unwanted Da promises to drown Soldier, and one day Stanley wakes up to find Soldier gone In his anger at Da, Stanley runs away to join the army where he becomes a trainer for W [...]

    23. I struggled at the beginning because of the reprehensible actions of Da Grieving or not it was harsh War is hard, and it is well represented in this story However, as the story progressed I found myself literally death gripping my book, tears streaming down my face, and a few audible gasps and cheers escaping.

    24. Soldier Dog, by Sam Angus is the story of Stanley, a 14 year old boy who joins the Royal Engineers in WWI He s not particularly pro war He s not fighting for God and country He just wants to find his older brother as a means of establishing some family connection.Things are very different at home since his father, Da has sunk into a despairing grief over the loss of his wife He has taken his grief and formed it into an angry ball of hatred that he throws at anyone and everything, especially his [...]

    25. Soldier Dog by Sam Angus is THE BEST BOOK I EVER READ My mom had just bought me the book so this was my first time reading it,and I fell in love with the story.It was an amazing experience to read a realistic fiction book because near the ending of chapter 2,I actually cried because it seems so real.What I mean by this is Stanley runs away to join the army to find his brother Tom,talk about dedication and love For example, Stanley did whatever he could to get to Tom,which is why he joined the ar [...]

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