Survival in the Shadows: Seven Jews Hidden in Hitler's Berlin

Survival in the Shadows Seven Jews Hidden in Hitler s Berlin When Red Army soldiers discovered the Arndt Lewinsky and Gumpel families in April there were seven survivors the largest known group of German Jews to survive in hiding in the heart of the Thi

  • Title: Survival in the Shadows: Seven Jews Hidden in Hitler's Berlin
  • Author: Barbara Lovenheim
  • ISBN: 9780971068636
  • Page: 169
  • Format: Paperback
  • When Red Army soldiers discovered the Arndt, Lewinsky, and Gumpel families in April 1945, there were seven survivors the largest known group of German Jews to survive in hiding in the heart of the Third Reich In January 1943 the four Arndts went into hiding to avoid deportation and were soon joined by Ellen and Charlotte Lewinsky and Bruno Gumpel For two and a half yearsWhen Red Army soldiers discovered the Arndt, Lewinsky, and Gumpel families in April 1945, there were seven survivors the largest known group of German Jews to survive in hiding in the heart of the Third Reich In January 1943 the four Arndts went into hiding to avoid deportation and were soon joined by Ellen and Charlotte Lewinsky and Bruno Gumpel For two and a half years the group survived in the shadowy underworld of Berlin without food ration cards, identity cards, or secure accommodations less than two miles from Hitler s bunker During their perilous saga they were protected by than fifty non Jewish Germans.This is not only a story of tremendous courage, resourcefulness, and stamina during the darkest days of Hitler s rule, but it also shows that anti Semitism was not as ubiquitous among ordinary Germans as is commonly thought Ellen and Erich Arndt and Ruth Arndt Gumpel, who live in the United States, here reveal their story in detail.

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    1. Barbara Lovenheim Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Survival in the Shadows: Seven Jews Hidden in Hitler's Berlin book, this is one of the most wanted Barbara Lovenheim author readers around the world.

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    1. A moving and uplifting true account of German Jews hiding in Berlin during World War II.Barbara Lovenheim provides a harrowing, but ultimately uplifting account of the Arndt family and friends as they survive underground in Berlin during the Second World War The Jews hiding in Berlin were known as die Taucher, the divers, as well as U Boats 11,000 Jews went underground in Berlin during the war years of 1939 1945 1400 survived the war.Lovenheim takes you right into the heart of the family, their [...]

    2. Disclaimer ARC via Netgalley Lovenheim s book details the experience of the Arndt family and friends as they survive underground in Berlin during the Second World War Underground does not mean living sewers or caves it means existing in Berlin, being hidden by Germans The not only details the survival of the group of Jews but those who hidden them, though the later life of the rescuers is not fully detailed Yet, the book is entertaining and interesting It isn t so much the Arndt s that grab one [...]

    3. SURVIVAL IN THE SHADOWS Seven Jews Hidden In Hitler s BerlinAuthor Barbara LovenheimGenre Non Fiction, History Publisher openroadmedia Release Date March 2, 2015Rating 4 out of 5 stars I received this book for free from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review This is a true account of seven Jewish adults who were hidden by non Jewish Germans in the heart of Nazi Berlin during the Second World War.It is too easy for people nowadays to look back upon this bleak time in human history and think t [...]

    4. Survival in Shadows Seven Jews Hidden in Hitler s Berlin is by Barbara Lovenheim It is the story of the largest group of Jews who were hidden in Berlin under the very nose of Hitler and the Nazis Although they lost many members of their families, these seven managed to survive under the most extreme circumstances in Berlin They could not have done this without the help of many people It is estimated that at least 50 people helped but many helped by not saying anything Barbara worked with the fa [...]

    5. This is a compelling true story of seven Jews in Berlin during World War II They are forced to go into hiding and have to trust German strangers for their survival They face death and starvation daily for over 2 years This is a story about the strength of the human spirit and the goodness of people in the middle of evil.

    6. Gripping.d trueWondering, of course as a gentle, would I be a helper Would I be courageous This story rightly tells of a time when a government had to be disobeyed I am grateful for the intrepid Jews and their stories of bravery and persistence.

    7. A very different perspective on Jews in Germany This group of Berlin natives managed to go underground with the help of eventually several gentiles They were moved and employed, over a few years, by about 50 different people who knew and kept their secret in spite of the potential harm to themselves and their families The determination and cool that it took for them to be among the very few survivors in Berlin is amazing Thoroughly researched with the help of a group of the survivors who migrate [...]

    8. Survival In The Shadows starts off in a confusing manner Author Barbara Lovenheim tosses out names of individuals so fast that it s hard to keep everyone straight It was only when I reached the end of the book that I realized there was a list of both those who hid and those who helped hide On the contents page in the front of the book, click on or turn to Dramatis Personae That list will greatly help any reader who is confused in the beginning of the story The Jews in hiding were Dr Arthur Arndt [...]

    9. Fascinating and extremely well written Very absorbing book of a group of Jews who were hidden away within Berlin during the time of the Holocaust The author does a tremendous job in keeping the stories of these survivors, who were just a few of many thousands, very clear and she was able to convey the fear, the hunger as well as those isolated happier times that these survivors experienced Where there are many stories of Jews who survived the concentration camps, there were also many who hid und [...]

    10. Hidden Jews surviving the WarThis book is a learning experience about survival in a way quite different from Anne Frank These 7 Jews survived through hard work,incredible helpers, and their own desire to survive Highly recommend this book, especially in schools after reading The Diary of Anne Frank Gives another perspective of the period.

    11. Being born after WWII, I had knowledge from what happened in Germany and other European countries, but this first hand account of the survivors who lived in Berlin was eye opening to me I can t even imagine living that way for so many years I congratulate them on their ingenuity and will to live And the people who helped them they are heroes.

    12. This is the story of the Arndt family and their friends The Arndt family are Jews living in Berlin They have decided to go into hiding Their friends, anti Nazis, agree to help them in many ways Some can help them with living arrangements, food cards, jobs.

    13. I loved the perspective of those that survived the Holocaust by hiding in the cities and being helped by Gentiles throughout the war.

    14. In late 1942 the Arndt family realized that working as slave labor in German industry was not going to save their lives They were already hearing the horror stories coming out of Poland as to the murders of the Jews who had been resettled there When they were told by fellow workers that they were about to be replaces by Polish forced labor from Eastern Europe, they knew their days were numbered Thus began for these seven people, two and a half years of living underground, waiting for the Nazis t [...]

    15. This is an extraordinary account how 7 members of the Arndt, Lewinsky and the Gumpel families managed to survive through the final and most deadly years of the Holocaust by hiding together from the Nazis It is hard to imagine being able to go underground becoming U boats right under Hitler s nose and against all odds, undetected for over two and a half years This book is deeply moving.The narrative involves three voices those of Ellen and Erich Arndt and of Ruth Arndt Gumpel and is based on thei [...]

    16. Source Free ebook copy from Open Road Media, through NetGalley, in exchange for a review.Rating 5 stars for excellent.Summary The story began in the Kreuzberg district of Berlin, Germany, December 1942 There were only 33,000 Jews left in Berlin At one time there were 160,000 Jews in Berlin.Dr Arthur Arndt, wife Lina, and children Erich and Ruth are fearful they will be taken to a concentration camp Restrictions and laws for Jews have become tighter A decision to hide or be transported to a death [...]

    17. I thank NetGalley and Open Road for the opportunity to read and to review Survival in the Shadows, by Barbara Lovenheim The story was one that needs to be told that cannot be forgotten that we must do all we can to be certain is not repeated.Barbara Lovenheim happened along the story of Ellen and Arthur Arndt and five of their family members, and how they managed to survive the last days of WWII hidden right under the Nazis noses, in what the party then regarded as a Judenfrei Berlin She teamed [...]

    18. This book is a brilliant work of Holocaust history that is one of the best I ve read in this genre In fact for me, this was my favorite nonfiction read of my 2016 reading season This spectacular work tells the account how seven people who were connected as friends, partners, or relatives survived the Holocaust by hiding in Berlin throughout the war They became the largest single connected group to survive this way But what also made them unique was that they did it not only through extraordinary [...]

    19. Thank you to Netgalley for an ARC of this book received in exchange for an honest review.It is the fascinating story of three Jewish families in wartime Berlin who have to go into hiding when, after years of persecution from the Nazis, forced deportation to the concentration camps begins It brings us right up to date with their story and what happened after the war.Dr Arndt was a well respected doctor and his German friends and patients were willing to help him and his family to hide from the Na [...]

    20. A must read for studentsI am not Jewish, though my mother s step father was He emigrated following the Russian Revolution and kept his Jewishness to himself I read this book because I had visited Dachau in the 80s and saw an exhibit at the Corcoran Museum of those who hid Jews during the war There is an amazing amount of detail in this book about the only Jewish family that went underground in Berlin and was the only family of the war to remain intact The shortages and rationing during the war i [...]

    21. I read this book throughout one sleepless night I couldn t bring myself to put it down, because I HAD to know what was going to happen to the people for whom I had gotten so involved Barbara Lovenheim weaves a very real tale of the stress and distress that these people were under on a daily, and sometimes hourly basis The chapter with the girl who had a cough put me on tenterhooks for a full ten minutesI can t imagine going through it in reality for a few hours Her faithfulness to the truth of w [...]

    22. This is probably the only Holocaust book with a happy ending Seven people, some of them related, two engaged couples, hide from the Nazis in Berlin during some of the worst selection periods Some courageous moments, as when one of them impersonates an SS officer and saves several lives another when two Gentile looking women are treated to dinner by SS officers They have nothing to eat except watery barley soup and fake coffee Their survival and ultimate success come from their ability to stay to [...]

    23. A story of Survival amidst the dangers Of all the books about the Holocaust that I have read, none have been anything like this book The Jews that survived here, right in the center of Berlin were bold and fearless I m shocked the woman had the guts to appear in public, not only that but to actually eat with Nazi soldiers They did what they needed to do to survive and they did it well.Amazingly, they almost all survived.I m so glad to finally see photos at the end of the book of these courageous [...]

    24. Reading this book gave me a better understanding of life in Berlin near the end of the war This book is a remarkable true story of 7 Jewish Germans that found a way to conceal themselves, not only in Nazi occupied Europe, but in Berlin itself Yes, there were a lot of good Gentile Germans that would house and feed them and some even gave them jobs These 7 people were very industrious and were able to sense when it was time to move from one place to another A fascinating look into something I neve [...]

    25. Compelling tale of victory despite the oddsVery absorbing read on a family of Jews who hid from the Nazis in Berlin during WW2 Fascinating, heartbreaking, ultimately inspiring true story of sacrifice, hardship, tyranny, and determination It was good to know that there were many Germans who were not Nazi sympathizers, who saw the evil going on, and wanted to help, despite the risks

    26. Could not put it down Up till 2 AM finishing it.This spell binding tale of the one Jewish family to survive hidden inside Berlin during World War II came to me free courtesy of Net Galley and Open Road Integrated Media For full review seattlebookmamablog 2015 0

    27. This is the best and most well written survivor book I have read It was a combination of stories of a group of individual, Jewish people saved by Christian friends or neighbor in Berlin during World War II Their amazing stories of survival and how they kept going each day in circumstances of excessive stress and near starvation was very inspirational I highly recommend this book to others.

    28. Survival with caring peopleAs a book on the the holocaust the words sparkle with the dialog The book remains calm throughout as I am sure the main players did also Determined to sir I e they calmly did whatever need to say and do to make a time of departure that worked as carefully planded

    29. Surviving familyUnusual story of Jewish survivors in WW II, unusual because it tells of an entire family who survived for years with the help of many ordinary extraordinary Germans How they were able to stay in touch, move around the city, and even find jobs boggles the mind.

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