Palestine's Children: Returning to Haifa and Other Stories

Palestine s Children Returning to Haifa and Other Stories Short stories describing the Palestinian experience of the Middle East conflict Each involves a child a victim of circumstances who nevertheless participates in the struggle towards a better future

  • Title: Palestine's Children: Returning to Haifa and Other Stories
  • Author: Ghassan Kanafani غسان كنفاني Barbara Harlow Karen E. Riley
  • ISBN: 9780894108907
  • Page: 426
  • Format: Paperback
  • Short stories describing the Palestinian experience of the Middle East conflict Each involves a child, a victim of circumstances, who nevertheless participates in the struggle towards a better future As in Kanafani s other fiction, these stories explore the need to recover the past by action.

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      Ghassan Kanafani غسان كنفاني Barbara Harlow Karen E. Riley

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    1. Ghassan Kanafani غسان كنفاني Barbara Harlow Karen E. Riley says:

      Ghassan Kanafani Arabic Ghassan Kanafani was a Palestinian journalist, fiction writer, and a spokesman for the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine Kanafani died at the age of 36, assassinated by car bomb in Beirut, Lebanon.Ghassan Fayiz Kanafani was born in Acre in Palestine then under the British mandate in 1936 His father was a lawyer, and sent Ghassan to a French missionary school in Jaffa During the 1948 Arab Israeli War, Kanafani and his family fled to Lebanon, but soon moved on to Damascus, Syria, to live there as Palestinian refugees.After studying Arabic literature at the University of Damascus, Kanafani became a teacher at the Palestinian refugee camps in Syria There, he began writing short stories, influenced by his contact with young children and their experiences as stateless citizens In 1960 he moved to Beirut, Lebanon, where he became the editor of several newspapers, all with an Arab nationalist affiliation In Beirut, published the novel Men in the Sun 1962 He published extensively on literature and politics, focusing on the the Palestinian liberation movement and the refugee experience, as well as engaging in scholarly literary criticism, publishing several books about post 1948 Palestinian and Israeli literature.

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    1. In my first exposure to Ghassan Kanafani, I read both Men In The Sun and Palestine s Children back to back, and this review covers both The introductory essays in these works emphasized the non deterministic outlook of Kanafani that was so important to his political vision Such an outlook arguably goes against a culture that is heavily influenced by the idea of a pre determined destiny lifted from a particular interpretation of the God described in the Qur an Kanafani and I would argue that any [...]

    2. Premetto che l ho letto nell edizione italiana Edizioni Lavoro , che non ho messo per pura pigrizia, e che in questa ci sono solo due racconti Ritorno ad Haifa e Umm Saad Se il secondo racconto non mi ha colpito particolarmente ricorda un po Madre Coraggio di Brecht e La madre di Gor kij , il primo, pi lungo, stato letteralmente un pugno sullo stomaco Perch Perch ti fa pensare, ti fa riandare alla tragedia della diaspora palestinese tante volte sotto i riflettori in prima pagina e subito dopo ri [...]

    3. I have to say I thought his other collection of short stories was poignant, but I think this is pure personal choice This collection is sharper, a bit harder going down Return to Haifa is a must read I m just sorry I read the Intro first It had spoilers.

    4. Impressive short story writing, chilling topic, foreign experiences brought to me in a haunting way.I had never heard of Kanafani until reading an interview with Elias Khoury in The Paris Review I m glad I went out of my way to buy this book Unbelievable this short stories some with returning characters though have been around for so long, they re timeless and contemporary at the same time.

    5. Some stories are good while others are excellent however Returning to Haifa is a pure masterpiece Solid four stars for this collection of short stories.

    6. An awesome collection of the works of Kanafani.The novella,in particular,highlights the tension between the Arabs and the then new immigrants who will be known as the Israelis later on Returning To Haifa is an awe inspiring novella in which two fathers claim the right in a son,Khaldun.This boy is representative of Palestine,a land that has lost its authentic identity.Whose land is it Can they live in peace regardless of the filth of politics More important,how would the author portray his long r [...]

    7. I think I still prefer his Men in the Sun, which is the official Palestinian fiction to read These stories have the comfort, but also the ultimate frustration, of agitprop every one ends with a metaphor about resistance springing eternal, like as in one story green shoots from the ground Sometimes it s literal, as when people realize they should start marching and shooting The only pieces to escape this are a great little parable about an eagle, which works as both literature and metaphor, and t [...]

    8. So sad War has such an incredibly deep impact on children In these days of yet upheaval and death and destruction in Palestine, it is good to realize the long term implications for Palestine as a homeland for children who have grown up in such dreadful conditions These stories present generations, from 1936 to 1967, pivoting from 1968 with the creation of the Israeli state when Kafani was 12 There is much violence and heartache here, but it is worth reading this book, biased as it may be, to un [...]

    9. It s a great book for a brilliant author Kanafani talks to the new Palestinian generation in this book, as he predicted at that time that the new Palestinian generation who would born and raise in exile and never would get the chance to be in Palestine would be devoted to the case even than the first generation

    10. My rating on this book is specifically for the novella Return to Haifa contained in this book.

    11. Different short stories, all with different styles all from one author Amazing writes actually, I didn t understand some deff a reread.

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