Easter Eggs Everywhere!

Easter Eggs Everywhere None

  • Title: Easter Eggs Everywhere!
  • Author: Steve Metzger Kathi Ember
  • ISBN: 9780545002363
  • Page: 366
  • Format: Hardcover
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      Steve Metzger Kathi Ember

    About Author

    1. I grew up in Queens, NY in the 1950s with my baby sister, Lois She is now a wonderful writer of young adult novels and nonfiction My mother was born in Vienna, Austria, and my father came from Brooklyn an interesting match My best friends were Neil, Robbie, Krebs, and Paul I m still good friends with most of these guys It was less hectic in those days no computers, no emails, fewer TV channels MANY fewer We had lots of fun playing ball and listening to records I ll never forget when the Beatles came to America Beatlemania After graduating from Baruch College in NYC, I didn t know what to do with my life I bounced around doing odd jobs, including taxi driver, dishwasher, and hotel desk clerk One day, while relaxing in Central Park OK, I was unemployed , I saw a group of children from a local daycare center It struck me that I always liked children perhaps I could make a career out of something I liked Eureka Ever since then, I ve been involved, in one way or another, with the lives of young children.I received my Masters in Education from Bank Street College and taught preschool kids for a bunch of years I loved the childrens innocence and vivid imaginations After moving into school administration for a few years, I began working at , where I have been ever since.At , I was fortunate to be given the opportunity to write children s books The first book that I wrote was The Dinofours I m Super Dino Twenty seven other Dinofours books followed I hope my respect and appreciation for young children shines through in my stories.Nowadays, I m lucky to be married to my beautiful and talented wife, Nancy she s also a writer In 1998, we were blessed with a terrific daughter, Julia, who helps criticize my story ideas and lets me play with her once in a while.And further any recollections of my life would not be complete without mentioning my grandmother, Mutti She was an ever present source of love, appreciation, and wisdom.

    One thought on “Easter Eggs Everywhere!

    1. Read with grade 1s Not bad but a super basic plot.Read again but this time with the kindergartens Still don t love it.

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