Incidents in the Rue Laugier

Incidents in the Rue Laugier Maud Gonthier yearns for an escape from the cocoon of the bourgeois modesty The splendid caddish David Tyler appears to offer one In this stylish deeply knowing novel by the author of Hotel du Lac

  • Title: Incidents in the Rue Laugier
  • Author: Anita Brookner
  • ISBN: 9780679439158
  • Page: 246
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Maud Gonthier yearns for an escape from the cocoon of the bourgeois modesty The splendid, caddish David Tyler appears to offer one In this stylish, deeply knowing novel by the author of Hotel du Lac, Maud s seduction creates a chemistry of longing, sensuality, and betrayal with a surprising climax.

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      Anita Brookner

    About Author

    1. Anita Brookner published her first novel, A Start In Life in 1981 Her most notable novel, her fourth, Hotel du Lac won the Man Booker Prize in 1984 Her novel, The Next Big Thing was longlisted alongside John Banville s, Shroud in 2002 for the Man Booker Prize She has published over 25 works of fiction, notably Strangers 2009 shortlisted for the James Tait Black Memorial Prize, Fraud 1992 and, The Rules of Engagement 2003 She was also the first female to hold a Slade Professorship of Fine Arts at Cambridge University.

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    1. As I continue to read Anita Brookner s books, I find increased admiration and awe for her skill and precision in her writing Her language use is elegant and the depth of her character development is succinct and dramatic Incedents in the Rue Laugier is an absorbing study of a group of people, especially Maud Gonthier and Edward Harrison Initially as I viewed their activities, language and comportment, I had the impression that I was reading about the Victorian era However, it became evident that [...]

    2. None of the reviews here seem to mention the fact that it is an unreliable narrator telling the story of Maud and Edward Please accept me as an unreliable narrator, she even writes Their daughter, Maffy, comes across some notes jotted by her mother into a notebook and discovered after both her parents have died She transforms these 9 words into a story It is a fabrication, Maffy says, one of those by which each of us lives, and as such an enormity, nothing to do with the truth But perhaps the tr [...]

    3. Brookner is all interior characters s motivations, fears, reveries, inner dialogue This one was exquisite.

    4. This was my second Anita Brookner I wondered for a while what era I was reading about, it seems almost Victorian Mannerly Feelings withheld A jarring introduction of birth control to let me know it was 1971 A French countrified 1971 where a good marriage meant everything to an impoverished widow for a her daughter.An odd contrivance of a daughter exploring the story of her parents through a small notebook with only a few words scattered on it.Basically the story of a loveless marriage, I was bro [...]

    5. About a third of the way in, Brookner s style became tedious to me, a bit too internal and repetitious The story line and behavior of characters felt like they belonged to an earlier time, not the 1970s to millennium But novels set in England and France always appeal to me on some level In this story, people marry for the wrong reasons and stick it out, each trapped in his or her own longings for , or maybe the daughter is mistaken in her suppositions.

    6. Author has been called a latter day Jane Austen In this book she explores the consequences of sensuality, passion, betrayal, and of a surprising love affair.

    7. I normally quite like Anita Brookner novels some than others, they can get a bit same y This on the other hand I didn t like at all.Firstly, there is something really wrong with the time frames dates The scenes of Maud s parents read like the 1910s, yet are meant to be the 1940s 50s yet the war Occupation isn t mentioned The scenes from the 1970s read like the 1950s It s further confused by Maffy s character describing the events supposedly from the 1970s as 50 years ago , although the publicat [...]

    8. I ve read many of Anita Brookner s marvelous novels This one read strangely to me For a good part of the book, I thought I was in the late 1800s or early 1900s, based on the aspirations of Nadine for her daughter Maude, the clothing, the summer holiday in the country at the house of Nadine s sisters, the young men guests who seem to have all the time in the world I was stunned to find that it was actually set in the 1970s I also wondered about her use of unreliable narrator the daughter of Maude [...]

    9. The writing is totally sloppy It seems a certain sort of intimacy with the character was the aim here but it was executed in a way to render thoughts, feelings, and inner monologues of characters as impenetrable, ununderstandable, and uninviting as possible I simply chose to put this book down, instead of assuming I just needed to try harder, before I ended up throwing it across the room in anger

    10. Not my favorite Anita Brookner novel, much too sad, but yet I couldn t put it down It is a study by a daughter of her parents and her total fabrication of their lives and inner most feelings.

    11. Brookner being rather layered with her narrative structure, despite similar themes to her other work employed As always, a treat to come across another of her novels.

    12. Interesting rather than pleasurable read and I m pleased to finish his one Suspect it s close to the truth of many lives As John Lennon sang Life is what happens when you re busy making other plans To paraphrase the last page Life is brief, it s also memorable, the traces it leaves behind indelible And if the trace is inscrutable, this too may be appropriate The dead, perhaps even than the living, have a right to their mysteries And who knows We, the survivors, may be called upon to explain the [...]

    13. I agree with other reviewers that _Incidents in the Rue Laugier_ gets off to a very slow start, mainly because the frame narrative and first person narrator are unrelated to the main plot line, at least until the very end of the book Then there is still exposition within the main story, which again seems unrelated until you are well into the book It took me a couple of days just to get through the first 75 pp of this book, which is about when it starts picking up By way of comparison, I usually [...]

    14. Portrait of a MarriageDespite her Poe like title, Brookner is like a compact Henry James She writes novels about romance, but she is far from being a romance novelist The two main characters in this story, as she points out in the very first chapter, do not quite live happily ever after but instead find stability, accommodation, and a kind of contentment It is, in fact, the portrait of a marriage that lasts, deliberately contrasted with the torrid sexuality and unfocused idealism of youth The i [...]

    15. I have a feeling I might work my way through every book Brookner has ever written She s wonderful, and Incidents in the Rue Laugier was no exception I love her books for their cool, stoic outlook on love and relationships Brookner s heroines could almost make Elinor Dashwood look like a giddy schoolgirl In this novel, Maud indulges in a brief affair with a charming but rather shallowly inclined man it s possible she thought there was a future in it, but I doubt she was very surprised when there [...]

    16. This got off to a really slow start First there is an unnecessary introductory chapter and then there is a long bit about the family history before the main character is born When the book finally gets going about a quarter of the way in it quickly turns into a marvellous life story.Mostly it s a story about Maud from Dijon who doesn t quite fit into the social world that her mother, who is something like a poor relation out of an historical novel, wants her to be part of The thing that seemed o [...]

    17. Maud is raised in Dijon, France by an emotionally removed mother after her father dies at a young age The widow struggles to social climb on her beautiful daughter s coat tails within a restricted budget Her haughty well to do sister grudgingly supplements widow Nadine s fixed income While vacationing at this particular aunt s estate, Maud succumbs to the charms of renowned cad Tyler Once he flees, upstanding yet bland Edward steps up to marry disappointed Maud s pompous ass.I took off a couple [...]

    18. All life is good, even if it is ficticious Yet another wonderful book by Ms Brookner After Strangers and The Next Big Thing , it was a pleasure to read of main characters who are somewhat younger than Paul Sturgis et al I like this author best when she writes from within her characters rather from outside Incidents is essentially a tale of choices made and the consequences that the characters choose to endure and in less than 250 pages, it ranges from London to Paris to Dijon to Eastbourne to a [...]

    19. A young man and woman enter, eyes open, into a loveless marriage, which began with incidents in the Rue Laugier At another level, we see a woman the mother of the wife mentioned above whose husband dies at an early age, and who raises her daughter said wife above in an emotionally starved household The young woman marries a man whom she does not love and has a daughter The young husband dies at an early age, and the now older woman raises a daughter in an emotionally starved household My diagnos [...]

    20. Anita Brookner has become my favorite author Think Jane Austin but shorter stories This is my 4th book by Ms Brookner, and I have loved all of them I am not one to read a lot by the same author but I want to read all of hers She has such a command of the English language very powerful prose in such condensed books I started making a vocabulary list of words I have to look up from her books this book was only a little over 200 pages, and I have about 15 words The imagery and character development [...]

    21. I liked the depiction of a pre war moral heritage lived out in the libertine 1970s Their aspirational longings were thwarted but I wanted to shake Maud and say Get over it You married a good man But no, she lauded reserve and containment and thereby allowed her entire joy in life and most of her husband s to be stolen by that cad I enjoyed the comparison of Edward s warm, outgoing family with Maud s detached upbringing In the end, the emotional side became wearisome and unhelpful A lesson ther [...]

    22. This little book spanning time from the late 19th century well into the mid late 20th century is a pleasant read reminiscient of the Henry James style of interior action with a self proclaimed unreliable narrator Set in Paris and surrounding lesser cities, it exudes a Francophile s paradise in atmosphere and French phrases All who love French and France and the stories of psychological intrigue will enjoy it Those who like page turning action will nod off.

    23. Kolme nuorta, kes inen Ranska, muutama p iv Pariisissa koko el m muuttuu.Brooknerin kirja kuvaa vahvoja tunteita ja pinnan alla kuplivia merkityksi Tihe tunnelma vie tarinaa, mutta tuo mukaan my s laahaavan elementin En ehk ole ihan tarpeeksi kiinnostunut ihmissuhteiden hiljaisesta dynamiikasta nauttiakseni n in intensiivisest ja samalla tapahtumattomasta kerronnasta.

    24. I have read about 6 books by this author and I always felt smarter after having finished one I will admit that I read her books with a dictionary on hand Do not be deterred the characters are so well developed they feel like they are people you know and care about.

    25. Haven t read anything by Anita Brookner for a while This book was written in 1995 and is set in the early 1970s in England and France As most of this book it is about the complexity of relationship, our hopes and our dreams.

    26. I loved this book I loved her descriptions and the use of quirky details to really set the scene Her writing is wonderful.The ending left a little to be desired but then I don t know you d end this book properly.Really rich and wonderful read.

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