The Unlucky Lottery

The Unlucky Lottery For Waldemar Leverkuhn the day could not have begun auspiciously He and three of his friends all retirees have just won the lottery It s a modest sum when split four ways certainly not enough to lif

  • Title: The Unlucky Lottery
  • Author: Håkan Nesser
  • ISBN: 9780230745728
  • Page: 409
  • Format: Hardcover
  • For Waldemar Leverkuhn the day could not have begun auspiciously He and three of his friends, all retirees, have just won the lottery It s a modest sum when split four ways certainly not enough to lift Waldemar out of the plain apartment he shares with his quiet, weary wife but it s enough for the old men to toast their good luck with a blowout at their favorite barFor Waldemar Leverkuhn the day could not have begun auspiciously He and three of his friends, all retirees, have just won the lottery It s a modest sum when split four ways certainly not enough to lift Waldemar out of the plain apartment he shares with his quiet, weary wife but it s enough for the old men to toast their good luck with a blowout at their favorite bar The celebration ends, however, with Waldemar drunk, stumbling, belligerent, and eventually dead in his own bed, stabbed twenty eight times in the chest with a carving knife Taking charge of the case is Intendent M nster, Chief Inspector Van Veeteren s longtime right hand man, and his beguiling colleague Ewa Moreno They seem to have a surefire lead with the disappearance of one of Waldemar s friends on the same night as the murder, but after a cursory look into his whereabouts produces questions than answers, the investigation suddenly seems to solve itself when Marie Louise Leverkuhn, Waldemar s wife, confesses to the crime and calmly resigns herself to her fate The case is, but all accounts, closed That is, until one of the Leverkuhns neighbors in the same unassuming block of apartments goes missing and turns up spectacularly, gruesomely in pieces around the city Thrown back into the fog and chasing after wisps of clues that tenuously but inextricably link the murders, M enster and Moreno take center stage in H kan Nesser s haunting new addition to his acclaimed series.

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    About Author

    1. H kan Nesser is a Swedish author and teacher who has written a number of successful crime fiction novels He has won Best Swedish Crime Novel Award three times, and his novel Carambole won the Glass Key award in 2000 His books have been translated from Swedish into numerous languages.H kan Nesser was born and grew up in Kumla, and has lived most of his adult life in Uppsala His first novel was published in 1988, but he worked as a teacher until 1998 when he became a full time author In August, 2006, H kan Nesser and his wife Elke moved to Greenwich Village in New York.Series Inspector Van Veeteren Inspector Barbarotti

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    1. As a big fan of this excellent series by H kan Nesser I readily confess to having a particular fascination with Chief Inspector Van Veeteren In this book, Van Veeteren is on sabbatical, happily wiling away the hours in Krantze s antiquarian bookshop, supping red wine and becoming acquainted with the stock Although Chief of Police Hiller is hoping that the great man will change his mind, he seems determined not to return to the travails of law enforcement after a career of than thirty years Desp [...]

    2. When I began reading in earnest a couple of years ago I never imagined for one minute that among my favourite books to read would be translations crime yes, translations no Books set in foreign countries with foreign laws, foreign foods, foreign customs and foreign sounding names Have I said foreign enough I probably have so I ll move along swiftly Although I ve only read one previous novel by H kan Nesser The Inspector and The Silence reviewed here I can safely say that he is already one of my [...]

    3. Waldemar Leverkuhn and three of his friends are thrilled to discover they ve won the lottery and go out to celebrate Returning home drunk and exhausted Leverkuhn falls into bed only to be murdered in his sleep Chief Inspector Van Veeteren is on leave so his subordinate, Inspector Munster, is assigned the case Munster soon learns that Leverkuhn was stabbed 28 times and that one of his fellow lottery winners is missing Questioning potential witnesses reveals that Leverkuhn s wife was visiting frie [...]

    4. Some readers may feel cheated in that Van Veeteren is not the lead detective in this latest story, number 6 in this series However he does hover and meet with Munster from time to time, and he is often noticed in his absence and remembered for his sayings and methods In this way we learn about him and his team blossoms in his absence.A simple story of Shakespearean quality, a clever mystery which exposes motives, responsibility and love There is misdirection from the start but this baffling of [...]

    5. With The Unlucky Lottery, I ve now read all of Nesser s books that have been translated into English, and I must say, they are among the finest novels of crime fiction coming out of Scandinavia Sadly now I have to bide my time until the next one is translated and published This novel offers its reader an intriguing mystery or two, a compelling story and absolutely some of the best characterizations in the genre The story begins when four older men realize they ve won 20,000 euros in the lottery, [...]

    6. This is the 6th entry in the Van Veeteren series I have contended that this series is plot, rather than character driven, and that is why I enjoy this series This latest novel, however, has changed my opinion of this series.Van Veeteren really is the heart and soul of this series How do I know This novel does not feature the venerable Chief Inspector and suffers dearly for it.Briefly Waldemar Leverkuhn is a man with little joy in his life When he and his three friends win the lottery, there is, [...]

    7. 3.5 starsThe first 2 3rds of this was such a chore to get through Quite slow and rehashing of the same information that became really tedious, had to skim read until it started picking up in the last 3rd It did pick up well and I d already guessed the majority of the twists but it was a fun section.Could ve lost 5 8 chapters and still conveyed the story and kept the momentum going rather than slowing it down.Maybe it reads better in its intended language, I ll blame the translation.

    8. Velmi dobr detektivka, trouf m si tvrdit, e jedna z nejlep ch, co jsem od autora etla S p ekvapuj c m d jem A tak to m b t.

    9. Excellent entry in this series I always liked sensible Munster as contrasted to VV, but especially this time as he led a tough case well.

    10. A human being is a riddle An unsolvable bloody riddle No sexto livro da s rie de Van Veeteren, encontramos o frequentemente mal humorado inspector chefe em licen a prolongada e sem inten o de voltar a trabalhar na for a policial H um ano que a sua antiga equipa trabalha sem ele, sentido muito a falta da sua experi ncia e intui o, enquanto Van Veeteren dirige uma livraria Pela primeira vez desde o in cio desta s rie, Van Veeteren est quase ausente do enredo Contudo, a sua presen a sentida e a sua [...]

    11. I really liked this installment The writing was just different than past books While the mysteries in the book are a bit grisly and do lend themselves to reading on to find out what happened a murder, missing people, suicidel related or not , there was of a light hearted feel about the investigators characters, particularly Jung and Rooth Moreno and Munster are clearly going through personal issues and VanVeeten is only there for a moment I guess to keep him in the game but that s fine And a n [...]

    12. This is the third book I ve read in this series but I never really got to grips with this one From the start I found it hard to keep track of the names of the characters who was who A combination of this the lack of interest in the rather slow story led to me not giving the story my full attention Things weren t helped by a misprint page 274 of my copy which had me confused flicking back to find out who Moritz was why I didn t recall them, well I wouldn t as it should have been Mauritz To be fai [...]

    13. I found this book when I was looking for a novel that had a character with the same occupation as me yes, for a Challenge see Fiction Fanatics All About Me challenge It was quite fun searching the library website to find a novel that appealed to my usual likes while having an ESOL teacher or a bookshop worker I was prepared to look at previous jobs as well, but found this Of course, the character working in a bookshop is really a policeman on leave Van Veeteren, the chief protagonist in a series [...]

    14. Scandinavian authors tend to combine societal questions with dour reasons for crimes to be investigated, and Munster s Case is no exception Detective Munster has served as a sidekick to the now sidelined Inspector Van Veeteren, who is on leave, choosing instead to spend his time reading and philosophizing in a bookshop he ostensibly is operating The novels are an award winning series in Sweden.This book, as one might expect first published in Sweden, begins with four friends winning some money i [...]

    15. I read all of the other titles in the Van Veeteren series and was looking forward to Nesser s latest who dunnit Sadly, and maybe because I have been spoiled by author Tana French for serious Mystery readers, you must read her work starting with _Into The Woods_ , I found Munster s Case to have many shortcomings The writing seemed slip shod, like marbles rolling out of a bag on a slippery surface and spreading out all directions The dialogue did not reflect intelligent thought of experienced dete [...]

    16. sehr guter, solider krimi interessante komissare und ebenso interessante beziehungen unter ihnen der krimi liest sich auch wunderbar hintereinander weg man ahnt ziemlich schnell, dass irgendetwas mit der familie des ermordeten nicht stimmt es muss schlie lich einen grund haben, warum die eine tochter seit jahren in einem geschlossenen heim lebt dennoch verr t nesser nie soviel, dass man seinen komissaren, insbesondere m nster, als leser einen schritt voraus sein k nnte man erh lt so das gef hl, [...]

    17. Van Veeteren is still taking time away from work to spend time in a bookstore, so Munster finds himself heading up a murder investigation into a pensioner who has just found out he is one of four pensioners to win the lottery Munster finds himself having no family time and this diminishes even when people go missing As always the characters shine through in Nesser s crime novels, the darkness of crime is balanced with the humour of the police Joy to read.

    18. I picked up this book in the laundry room of my apartment building, noticed it was a Swedish crime novel translated into English, and tucked it in my bag Not stealthily We have a book swap there And I m glad I did Munster s Case is my first in the Van Veeteren series and my first taste of Hakan Nesser I wouldn t mind reading Maybe I ll keep an eye out in the laundry room.

    19. I am somewhat ambivalent about this book It is well translated from Swedish, there are touches of humour, but it is a slow drag If most of the book contained the elements of surprise, speed and danger that the concluding pages described, then it would have been really good Unfortunately I felt that I had wasted much of my time endeavouring to reach the end.

    20. Four elderly gentlemen dabble in the lottery One day they win about 5,000 each The next day one ends up dead and another goes missing Then the wife of a third is missing What has happened Inspector M nster has to figure it out It drags a bit.

    21. Not my favorite of Nesser s I wasn t as drawn into the characters nor the storyline as other Van Veeteren Although.ere was a nice twist at the end exposing the criminal, it just seemed like too long of a road to get there.

    22. Masakr Nejd v ponur a v bec jsem nev d la, kter m sm rem jdeme Ke konci elist na zemi, husina a nespavost V ce v m recenzi na channach hakan nesser

    23. I sort of enjoyed this, it was an uncorrected proof so perhaps a good edit was in order but I found the writing style quite odd.

    24. Nesser is becoming one of my favorite Norse Noir writers He has a sense of humor, his characters come alive and his subsidiary characters have substance In this one, Chief Inspector Van Veeteren has retired and Intendant M nster has taken over, thus the title of the book M nster is interesting not only because he s a decent detective, but because he s having identity and loyalty questions with his wife Synn, who is depressed about the routine nature of their life in general Adding to the mystery [...]

    25. Hakan Nesser s crime series usually features Chief Inspector Van Veerten He is on a sabbatical, looking after an antiquarian book shop and contemplating the classics with a glass of wine at hand His absence is why this book is called Munster s Case as Inspector Munster is in charge of a puzzling murder.A man in his seventies hits the lottery jackpot with a group of his cronies Jackpot is a bit of a misnomer, in today s dollars it would be about 30,000 No, I didn t figure this out in kronors The [...]

    26. Yet another entertaining installment in H kan Nesser s wonderful Van Veeteren Mystery series And despite VV s absence throughout most of the book after all, it is M nster s Case , the presence of sardonic wit, introspective detectives such as M nster s and Moreno, an the ever present gloominess of Seeden s Autumn all serve to make for yet another great mystery The story does become bogged down perhaps to emphasize the progress o the investigation and, at times, fairly difficult to follow A few t [...]

    27. I ve read several books by Nesser and his ability to reveal the character of his characters continues with this volume Earlier works focused on Detective Chief Inspector Van Veeteren This one on one of his supporting inspectors Intendent Munster although Van Veeteren involves himself near the end, to good effect The story moves slowly at first for maybe three quarters of the book but one is shown that that is what police work is like It takes a while to get a handle on the flow up to the event [...]

    28. Inspector Van Veeteren is off on an extended leave perhaps permanent and now runs an antiquarian bookstore So when Waldemar Leverkuhn, an elderly man, is found by his wife murdered in his bed, stabbed 27 times, the case falls to Detective Munster instead Van Veeteren doesn t even make an appearance until mid way through the book, but unlike a lot of other series books, the story isn t really dependent on the usual main character Set in a fictional Scandinavian type country, this series has becom [...]

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