Among Women

Among Women A modern Scheherazade in New Orleans in Alone Abandoned in New Orleans with no friends or family surviving only on her wits Pearl Caldwell has finally put herself back on the road back to the l

  • Title: Among Women
  • Author: J.M. Cornwell
  • ISBN: 9781461031345
  • Page: 344
  • Format: Paperback
  • A modern Scheherazade in New Orleans in 1984 Alone Abandoned in New Orleans with no friends or family, surviving only on her wits, Pearl Caldwell has finally put herself back on the road back to the life she wants Then she s arrested on a false charge and thrown into jail Among women of all sorts, Pearl finds a strength she never knew she had and a voice to tell her owA modern Scheherazade in New Orleans in 1984 Alone Abandoned in New Orleans with no friends or family, surviving only on her wits, Pearl Caldwell has finally put herself back on the road back to the life she wants Then she s arrested on a false charge and thrown into jail Among women of all sorts, Pearl finds a strength she never knew she had and a voice to tell her own story and the stories of the other women in the Orleans Parish jail.

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      J.M. Cornwell

    About Author

    1. I have to write so many of these and a single bio just won t do, so here goes I am a writer and have been published in numerous anthologies and magazines I write fiction and nonfiction, although the nonfiction is much easier to write and needs a lot less after work editing, proofing, rewriting, and re rewriting Fiction is trickier, but I have managed to publish two novels so far, one traditionally published Past Imperfect and one self published Among Women So far, there are fifteen books with my name in or on them and I m always working on at least two or three books all the time sometimes less than Currently, I m finishing a Victorian Gothic novel with a twist on Jekyll, Hyde, and Jack the Ripper, told by a woman, of course Delilah Makepeace is the kind of woman men will kill, mutilate, and change for She s a keeper After that, a sequel to Among Women, a post apocalyptic vampire novel with no sparkly vampires and no vampire angst , and a novel of possession, among others Stay tuned While I m avoiding writing, I m usually writing book reviews and going on and on about writing, publishing, and the usual blend of both Welcome aboard.Did I mention I live in Colorado Springs or that I am a single woman who is fine with being single I don t have to share the hot water, the covers, or the really good ice cream in the freezer That is all Disperse.

    One thought on “Among Women

    1. I was really looking forward to reading this book I had read some good reviews and the story sounded interesting, but I was a bit disappointed.My main two problems with this book were a It seemed to go slow it didn t grasp my attention to keep me turning pages but reading a few, putting it down and then coming back with just sheer determination to finish b It was a bit confusing here and there It took me a while to actually figure out what happened to get her there and everything to fall into pl [...]

    2. This is a wonderful book about a woman finding her strengths and battling her weaknesses when she is grabbed off the street by the police and locked up in a New Orleans jail At first it appears she is lost in the system and nobody seems to care She learns that friendships can be helpful, and enemies can be deadly To combat boredom, she falls back on an old pastime which inadvertently vaults her social standing within the women s jail giving her near celebrity status among the inmates.As you near [...]

    3. I must say I wasn t much pulled into the book at the beginning especially with the comments on lesbianism, when I am gay but when it got to HOW these chapters on the various women were coming about I couldn t put the book down It was one of those just the next chapter books, which is writing at its finest it was so fitting given that, in the end, the book itself was about the power of writing That really struck a cord in me and reminded me of this inner imperative of mine to just write, to get t [...]

    4. I got this book as a First Read It was an interesting read, however I wasn t completely satisfied with the ending I felt a lot was left unresolved and the background stories J.D Lorenzo confused me a little as I could never quite work out what had happened I didn t feel that Pearl s relationships were developed very much and it was about what happened once she was in jail and how other women had got there than her as a person.Saying that, it was enjoyable to read and it definitely challenges pe [...]

    5. If you are looking for pablum, easy spoon fed and forgettable lines, or mindless entertainment, this isn t it The heroine of this book isn t an idealized kewpie doll, either Pearl Caldwell loses everything at the beginning of the book and hasn t gotten much except her self respect and a new found respect for other women by the end of the book It s a fascinating read, well written and filled with vivid and sometimes disturbing characters If your idea of a good read is intelligent writing and char [...]

    6. Life in prison seen from the inside The style is a bit heavy for my taste I caught myself looking into the progress made in the book about every other minute But the stories are compelling, as if this were a compendium of what can go wrong in a female prison Women ending up in jail for all kinds of spurious reasons The author keeps a sense of respect and doesn t go dep into any personal story It s of an impressionist paintning, some paint brushes here and there and the reader gets the image.

    7. Oh Yes You Can Learn From A Fiction Novel I Just DidAmong Women J.M CornwellI have to say it s been quite some time since I ve been so personally pulled into a book that I literally felt as though I was experiencing every emotion, touch, sound, sight, taste, smell as I did while reading this book Naturally, those emotions sensations were not always pleasant However, the ability of Ms Cornwell s writing causing me to truly feel what the characters were feeling was definitely a pleasant surprise.I [...]

    8. although i don t usually read this type of book i was grabbed and pulled into the story from the first page i found myself intrigued and fasinated by the story and the characters were a joy to get to know and watch them grow into their own At first i did not like the heroine and then i found my self rooting for her on the as i watched her change and grow it was a truley wonderful book it was very easy to become emotionally connected to each of the character s and to empathize with them and what [...]

    9. Insight into the human heart seems to be one of JM Cornwell s specialties Similar to her hit Past Imperfect , Among Women is a tale of human nature, interpersonal relationships and self examination Protagonist Pearl Caldwell learns about herself by learning from others What motivates Pearl in this story really isn t very different than what motivates her fellow inmates, and Caldwell learns that life isn t always just black and white Among Women is a beautiful story of growth and perspective that [...]

    10. I really enjoyed this book At first I wasn t the biggest fan of the protagonist, but as the story developed, she changed and grew She became someone I want to befriend, and the stories she told wrote about the other inmates were completely engrossing I was not ready for this book to end when it did and was not pleased with how it ended, but it did leave me hopeful that maybe, just maybe there will be a sequel to wrap up Pearl s story.I m super glad I won this book in a giveaway and have passed i [...]

    11. I liked the general idea of the story But felt that there was no point or highlight of the story line The same things were said over and over and nothing every really happened I felt disappointed in this story, but felt like it could have gone in so many great directions I m not sure I can try and read the sequel, for fear of another long and endless book.

    12. A pretty good book showing how women s prison s are.of course, since I have never been in one, maybe I would change my review, ha I did not like how the main character was semi ignored for a large part of her time, and I found that to be pretty unbelievable If all people were treated like she was, our jails would burst Interesting side stories of other prisoners.

    13. It was a bit slow to start with but I persevered I ended up deciding that this just wasn t my kind of book, which is ok, so I didn t finish it, there s no point me reading something I m not enjoying heaps as I have a mass load of books I want to read It s all good.

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