Thick as Thieves

Thick as Thieves Ex CIA Carr is the reluctant leader of an elite crew planning a robbery of such extraordinary proportions that it will leave them set for life Diamonds money laundering and extortion go into a timed

  • Title: Thick as Thieves
  • Author: Peter Spiegelman William Dufris
  • ISBN: 9781611202922
  • Page: 221
  • Format: Audio CD
  • Ex CIA Carr is the reluctant leader of an elite crew planning a robbery of such extraordinary proportions that it will leave them set for life Diamonds, money laundering, and extortion go into a timed to the minute scheme that unfurls across South America, Miami, and Grand Cayman Island Carr s cohorts are seasoned pros, but they re wound drum tight months before, the mEx CIA Carr is the reluctant leader of an elite crew planning a robbery of such extraordinary proportions that it will leave them set for life Diamonds, money laundering, and extortion go into a timed to the minute scheme that unfurls across South America, Miami, and Grand Cayman Island Carr s cohorts are seasoned pros, but they re wound drum tight months before, the man who brought them together was killed in what Carr suspects was a setup And there are other loose ends some of the intel they re paying for is badly inaccurate, and one of the gang may have an agenda of her own But Carr s biggest problems are yet to come, because few on his crew are what they seem to be, and even his own past is a lie.

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      Peter Spiegelman William Dufris

    About Author

    1. Peter Spiegelman is a twenty year veteran of the financial services and software industries He retired in 2001 to devote himself to writing He lives in Connecticut.

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    1. Thick As Thieves is a densely plotted heist novel that locks you in quickly at the beginning of the story and then continues to ratchet up the tension as it races to a startling climax.At the center of the story is an ex CIA agent named Carr He s the new leader of a small band of elite criminals who are planning a huge score The mark is Curtis Prager, a former hedge fund manager who fell from grace and who now launders huge amounts of money for various criminal enterprises Carr and company inten [...]

    2. Thick as Thieves is a slowly plotted novel that never fails to keep you interested and delivers one surprise after another We start by getting to know Carr and his team of thieves, you are preparing one last big heist Their target is scumbag Curtis Prager, a former wunderkind who now spends his time laundering money for scumbags He is not going to be easy to get to, and on top of the job, Carr has his own problems within his team Some of the members don t trust him as the new boss and he is sti [...]

    3. A little backstory on this one if you ll bear with me Peter Spiegelman lives in Connecticut A few of our patrons have told me they really enjoyed his fast paced heist thriller, Thick As Thieves My mind begins to work I m looking for an author for our 4th Annual Connecticut Author Trail Spiegelman s from Connecticut This author, this book sounds like a marriage made in heaven Not so fast, CarolK You ve got to convince Mr Spiegelman to visit Well, that s another story Keep your fingers crossed for [...]

    4. I love suspense and thrillers and Spiegelman s style of writing grabbed me right at the start I wish I could say it held me throughout The plot has a great premise and the characters came alive on the pages But soon the flashbacks started and I was continually transported out of the immediacy of the story, as Carr lost himself in his past A few of these flashbacks would have added substance For me, the repetition far surpassed necessity and grew to be irritating The plot at times became a little [...]

    5. Suspenseful plot with lots of surprises right up to the end I would have liked to give this book a higher rating but found my interest and concern for the characters waning as the book progressed The main character, Carr, supposedly a brilliant planner, seemed unbelievably naive considering his background and training I also was not satisfied by the ending Overall it could have been so much better.

    6. A good crime novel keeps you guessing, keeps you questioning everything you read and wondering when the twists are going to come And even better, a good crime novel delivers on the guesswork, leaves you wondering how you didn t see some of the twists coming, even if you might not be exactly happy with the ultimate outcome of the book Peter Spiegelman s Thick as Thieves is definitely a good crime novel.Carr is the leader of a group of thieves planning a gigantic heist, involving money laundering, [...]

    7. Possible spoiler alert I ve enjoyed all Peter Spiegelman s books in the John March series which I would highly recommend by the way, this one took a bit longer for it to truly engage me I think this was probably due to the first half of the book being a little slow moving and repetitive as Carr reminisces about his mother and Declan the former leader of the criminal crew he now leads and probes the circumstances of his death while dealing with the deteriorating health of his father and how to ca [...]

    8. This book had been sitting on my to read shelf, both literally and figuratively, for months now It surprised me for several reasons and yes, the comparisons to Ocean s Eleven are somewhat deserved Thick as Thieves starts to distinguish itself very quickly as Carr, the lead character, tries to unravel why he s so nervous about an upcoming job It will take you in many different directions and to many different destinations Enjoy the ride.

    9. Pretty good heist caper Not as good as his Spiegelman s regular series, though The final reveal left me a little cold, for spoiler ish reasons I won t discuss As always, great characters, and I love the way that Spiegelman incorporates family history into the narrative here as well The plot is very El Leonard, but the prose is much conventional Definitely worth reading, but if you re only going to read one Spiegelman I d start with Black Maps.

    10. This was a good heist tale It was slow to begin and I wanted character development of the minor players A lot was left to the reader s imagination, and not always in a good way The end made up for the beginning and even though I somewhat guessed how it would end up, the ride there was satisfying enough.

    11. Don t get it This book was very well reviewed by a number of publications NYT, WSJ So I ordered it from the library It was so disappointing There were a gazillion flash backs glued together by tedious descriptions and characters straight out of central casting Think Ocean s Eleven The heist scenes were fast paced, but otherwise the book was dreadfully boring.

    12. While Spiegelman s book gets off to a slow start, and initially it is hard to find any sympathy for its main characters, the book soon takes off, offering twists and turns that are both surprising and logical An excellent thriller

    13. This proved to be an unexpectedly enjoyable noir ish thriller about a unit of thieves who specialize in ripping off kingpin criminals Like a Tom Clancy techno thriller whatever the heck that means , this caper globe hops from Miami to the Caribbean to South America as our thieves a hacker, two muscle men, a femme fatale, and a failed intelligence officer slowly weave their spiderweb to heist a moneylaunder par excellence who fields his own army of security specialists Twists and turns abound as [...]

    14. The author takes a break from his John March PI series with this stand alone heist caper Our hero, Carr, is the new leader of a high end, professional and very skilled burglary team These seasoned criminals target other criminals, which keeps this merry band of thieves outside the purview of law enforcement, but within the gun sights of their victims, who tend to take the law into their own hands The team is what you d expect some muscle, a techno wiz, a beautiful mysterious chameleon like femal [...]

    15. Spiegelman started the plot quite slowly too slow for my liking but as the plot builds, he managed to keep the tension going till the last page kept me gripping to my seat overall this is a crazily awesome book I will definitely find another book from Spiegelman

    16. bunch of criminals plan a heist, things go wrong, etc an entertaining read, with something of a twist at the end, but no great piece of literature reminded me of the tv show leverage

    17. Didn t finish this book, in fact, only got about 10 chapters in I like myself a good heist story, but this just felt too dense and detailed for me Also, I have 4 books waiting at the library so I think I m anxious to get to those and just call it good with this one I may pick it up later.

    18. Reviewing this about 6 weeks after listening to it It was an enjoyable caper, and I d give this author another try, I think.

    19. I m a sucker for heist movies and con artist movies, but don t tend to read their print brethren, there s something about the genre that just seems inherently visual However, I was due for a little light reading and so I picked this heist novel up It s about a gang of thieves whom we meet as they are starting on their grand finale the big job that will cap their careers, and see them all sail into the sunset, never to see each other again hmm, never heard that one before Their MO is to only rob [...]

    20. As ever, I read this book from the perspective of someone who spends her working hours battling money laundering Thick as Thieves by Peter Spiegelman has as its hero Carr like Morse, he never uses his first name , an ex CIA man now working as the organiser for a gang of thieves I enjoyed this finance based thriller lots of twists and turns, and enough back story about the hero to give him three dimensions.Carr s moral compass is a bit off kilter, thanks in no small part to the influence of his n [...]

    21. This is the story of a gang of top notch criminals who are planning a major heist They have worked together for a number of years Their previous job went badly wrong and two of their members were killed, including their leader, Declan Carr, a former CIA operative, has stepped into Declan s shoes and is co ordinating the team for one final heist a big job that will set them all up for retirement However the team are restless, paranoid and don t necessarily like Carr Carr himself is increasingly s [...]

    22. Spiegelman, Peter THICK AS THIEVES 2011 This is an excellent thriller based on a caper designed to rid a money launderer of his wealth by transferring it to the pockets of the thieves The crew is headed up by Carr, an ex CIA agent who has hand picked his crew He has attracted the right people with the promise that this job will set them up for life The number he throws out is 3.5 million, but the depth of the laundering accounts is much, much deeper than that There is also the extra allure of d [...]

    23. I was impressed by this caper thriller by Peter Spiegleman What could have easily devolved into an Ocean s 11 or Mission Impossible type gang caper played for laughs, was instead a tautly designed complex thriller with twists and turns to keep the reader turning the pages There are no real hero good guys here only bad guys and even badder guys And instead of heisting a casino these guys are after the bank accounts of a big time money launderer.Carr is a washed out CIA operative with a damaged pa [...]

    24. I came across this novel as I think possibly Sam Hawken named in a list of his favourite crime novels and I bought it right away but in truth it s sat in my reading list for some time before I eventually got round to reading it.Carr is ex CIA who leads a team of experts who specialise in stealing from other criminals The novel starts with them planning and carrying out a heist on a diamond dealer and the story pulls you in straight from the very start The team are ultimately run by the enigmatic [...]

    25. As standalone novels recounting tales of thefts go, this story of a gang that shows little trust in each other, despite huge paydays, is so riveting and well written that it deserves a sequel It tells the story of Carr, drummed out of the CIA for a temperament not deemed suitable for supervising agents or informers, but has a talent for planning and watching the slightest details during an operation, is recruited to join a band of thieves who undertake grand monetary thefts.The bulk of the novel [...]

    26. One last job and Carr is done Everyone says it at one time or another, even going as far as making a game of what they will do after Carr does none of it He has no illusions on the afterward He just knows this is it.As Mr Boyce s right hand, Tina keeps her finger on the pulse of everything concerning his interests What is going down on the Prager job is of the utmost importance.Ever since Deke s death, this job has become an albatross around Carr s neck Something about Deke s death has him quest [...]

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