Give Me Tomorrow: The Korean War's Greatest Untold Story

Give Me Tomorrow The Korean War s Greatest Untold Story If I were God what would you want for Christmas With a thousand yard stare a haggard and bloodied Marine looked incredulously at the war correspondent who asked him this question In an answer that t

  • Title: Give Me Tomorrow: The Korean War's Greatest Untold Story
  • Author: Patrick K. O'Donnell
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 477
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • If I were God, what would you want for Christmas With a thousand yard stare, a haggard and bloodied Marine looked incredulously at the war correspondent who asked him this question In an answer that took almost forever, the Marine responded Give me tomorrow After nearly four months of continuous and bloody combat in Korea, such a wish seemed impossible For If I were God, what would you want for Christmas With a thousand yard stare, a haggard and bloodied Marine looked incredulously at the war correspondent who asked him this question In an answer that took almost forever, the Marine responded Give me tomorrow After nearly four months of continuous and bloody combat in Korea, such a wish seemed impossible For many of the men of George Company, or Bloody George one of the Forgotten War s most decorated yet unrecognized companies this would be their last day This is the epic story of Bloody George, Spartans for the modern age After storming ashore at Inchon and fighting house to house in Seoul, George Company, America s last reserve unit, found itself on the frozen tundra of the Chosin Reservoir facing an entire division of Chinese troops Little did this small band of men green troops who had been rushed through training to bring fresh forces to the war know, they would soon be saviors This is their story, and it will never again be forgotte

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    1. Patrick K. O'Donnell Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Give Me Tomorrow: The Korean War's Greatest Untold Story book, this is one of the most wanted Patrick K. O'Donnell author readers around the world.

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    1. My grandfather fought in the Korean War I can t really talk to him about it Couple that with my impression that he s also not going to be with us much longer, so a natural and deep desire has brewed within me to know something of what he went through This leads me to a book like Give Me Tomorrow The Korean War s Greatest Untold Story by Patrick K O Donnell I know so very little about this war The reasons for the conflict, the region, the location of individual battles, etc etc, it s all new to m [...]

    2. I have absolutely no complaints with this book, but I cannot give it than three stars It is a war book It describes in great detail exactly what happened to George Company at Chosin Reservoir during the Korean War As such, it depicts many individuals experiences and so you do NOT get close to any one person I prefer books that draw me close to the thoughts of one or just a few individuals.The audiobook s narration by Lloyd James was good.

    3. I ve read quite a few books on the Korean war over the years but not so many on grunt jarhead level so it was quite interesting to get this collection of memories linked by the narration of the author Apart from the Chosin Reservoir campaign the anecdotes on Inchon and Seoul caught my attention, notably Seoul which is a campaign often under the shadow of the main feats of Inchon and Chosin.The style is good if a bit praising and emphatic but that s to be expected in this kind of book.The link be [...]

    4. The Marines of George Company, known as Bloody George during the Korean War, survived some of the most rugged battles of that conflict During the war s first year, this green company of men was formed rapidly to fight the North Koreans as they quickly advanced to conquer most of the south Storming ashore as part of Douglas MacArthur s masterful Inchon landing, George Company fought house to house through Seoul up to the frozen Chosin Reservoir as the Chinese entered the war in force This unit he [...]

    5. This was the 1st book I had read b by Mr O Donnell.I must say that I was truely taken away and could taste the mud in my mouth and the sweat from my brow.I had never really read any books about Korea Not,that I didn t want to Just thatI had never really found one that got my interest I must say this is a fine fine book I would reccommend this book to anybody that wants a good read A good read about heores, soldiers, the bond that makes them and the blood, sweat and tears of true hero s Fantastic [...]

    6. This is an unbelievable story This is a very real, very gritty book The amount of death and misery that these men endured was completely astounding The battles they fought against a relentless and numerically superior enemy were described in great detail And when the men weren t fighting the enemy, they were fighting temperatures of 40 to 60 degrees with wind chills much lower Read this book What these men, and others, went through in this terrible war should not be forgotten.I couldn t put this [...]

    7. The Greatest Untold Story is attached to many books today to peak one s interest give and take a little they are nearly all most interesting, though their qualities as the greatest untold story are up to the reader This is not my favorite book on the Korean War At times, the importance of G Company of which the story surrounds seems blown in comparison to the other Companys and Battalions And at times the quantity of characters mixed with anecdotes were a bit incohesive and made it harder to fol [...]

    8. This is an unbelievable story of some heroic Marines but I found myself wanting a little from the book This was my first book I have read about the Korean War and I really wanted to know about what was going on A lost of the military books I have read in the past have provided indepth details about the battles and units involved This book skimmed over the details and stuck to the larger picture At times George Company would be holed up on a freezing hill and get attacked by thousands of Chines [...]

    9. After having just finished listening to the audio book, The Coldest Winter, I came across a copy of Give Me Tomorrow, and decided to read it The two books share some of the same action, but tell different stories from different perspectives Both stories are full of first hand accounts of the Korean War However, while The Coldest Winter gives a fairly broad perspective of the war, Give Me Tomorrow focuses on the action of George Company and some of the battles they were involved in I found these [...]

    10. I read this book after watching Against the OddsBloody George at the Chosin on the History Channel I must say I was not disappointed.Well researched and terrific first person accounts of some of the most horrific fighting of this or any other war I also liked the 3 MOH citations added in the appendix and the appendix of where are they now This book made me remember a Marine Sargeant Major I met on my first job in 1978 He was a member of the First Marine Division and was at the Chosin He said to [...]

    11. This book follows the men of George Company of the US Marines through their battles in Korea From the sea landing at Inchon, through their fight to get to the Chosin Reservoir, and back to Inchon again.The description of the battles they fought is matter of fact, graphic and brutal The story isn t entirely linear, and some scenes appear than once, almost as teasers to a complete scene told later We see the stories of individual men, and how they faced the challenges, and the losses that the ba [...]

    12. I have uncles and cousins who served in Korea, yet from my schooling until now this truly is the forgotten war Give Me Tomorrow is gut wrenchingly honest, poignant, and real Yet the brave men who fought with George Company Marines , as well as all the men from every branch of the military, were funny, brave and candid about their fear Their humanity could have been killed on those frozen fields in Korea, but as the men saw family pictures in some of the dead enemies pockets their hearts broke fo [...]

    13. This narrowly focused look at the Korean War through the eyes of one particular Marine company opens up into a broad vista of several magnificent and often brutal portions of the first phases of the war Though it begins sluggishly, the book quickly becomes a page turner, from the taking of Seoul to the first encounters with the Chinese in the northern hinterlands The numerous details of individual bravery performed under extreme conditions make this a book inspiring The little known recognized c [...]

    14. The Korean War is often referred to as the Forgotten War, but it is not easily forgotten by those who fought it O Donnell does an excellent job of telling the heroic story of George Company of the 1st Marines as they battled their way from the Inchon landing, through the harrowing streets of Seoul, to their epic battle near the Chosin Reservoir Through firsthand accounts, O Donnell takes the modern reader to the frozen foxholes of the Korean War as the young men of George Company struggled to su [...]

    15. Korea a forgotten war and forgotten soldiers are remembered in this book I always find in true combat stories for some the very best comes out in the most horrid circumstances I had heard of places like Chosin Reservoir and other places in the book, but I was clueless the terrible price of victory for the Marines was Well written fast paced, enough detail to get you to Korea, without too much too bog you down Started this on the Fourth of July and now I will go out and thank a vet for their serv [...]

    16. I lived in South Korea for two years, and I decided to read this to bone up a little on the history of the peninsula I hadn t realized that the Korean conflict came so close behind the end of WWII This was written from the perspective of Fox Company and the horror that they went through Written based on interviews and first hand stories, this really paints a picture of the devastation because of the conflict Living in modern day Seoul, nearly 50 years after the truce, was a stark contrast to whe [...]

    17. Awesome book I trudge through most non fiction books wishing that the topic had been interesting or that the author showed a little enthusiasm for the topic The author obviously has an interest and passion for what he writes He keeps his own opinions out of the work and lets history speak for itself I loved reading this book He made me relate to the people he was writing about and he wrote it so the reader also has the inability to read the book without some emotive response I highly recommend t [...]

    18. The book was a very readable tale of the bravery of a company of Marines in the Korean War While the book has numerous strong points that make it a worth while read, I think there was a bit of this sort of war story atmosphere to it that made me wonder if I was getting the real story or some glamorized version there of Of course, no history is perfect, but this seemed to stratal that fine line a little too much Over all it was a good book though.

    19. Excellent account of George Company of the 1st Marines as they fought from the Inchon Landing to the Chosin Reservoir This is one of the first books I ve read on the Korean War and Mr O Donnell paints a vivid portrait of the horrors of this conflict While lacking in a lot of detail that many military histories provide, this is still one of the best books I ve read about combat experience and I highly recommend it.

    20. I didn t realize that this account only provided a single campaign during the Korean War The author did a good job setting up some context for what happened at Chosin The story was a little less gory than the The Last Stand of Fox Company It was focused on the larger motion of the campaign, but I still got lost in the details In short, it was educational, but not as clear as some war accounts.

    21. I learned a good bit from this book My wife s father served in Korea and I had neglected reading much on this subject in favor of WWII and Vietnam This was a very good read, felt a little too short though, would ve like to know , so I ll probably mine some books on this subject Author did a fantastic job of conveying the difficulty of the surroundings to the reader.

    22. Maybe it was because I listened to this book instead of reading it I did not find it very engaging The writing was repetitive and not very illustrative I ll continue to look for other hopefully better books about the Korean War.

    23. I like micro histories but this one couldn t summon much drama I wondered while reading why I d never learned that American forces rammed into N Korea And that hordes of Chinese soldiers drove them out before the armistice Hmm.

    24. This was an amazing story of extremely brave men it touched me greatly to know my uncle was a part of this story and lived through this My uncle bob boulden was even credited with some of the photos.

    25. One of the many books about Marines of the first Division, in the Korean war from the invasion of Inchon and the fight to get out of the Frozen Chosen until the armistice July 1953 Many first hand accounts by veterans I joined the Marines about a year after the armistice was signed.

    26. Pretty good, but outdone by The Last Parallel Martin Russ , The Last Stand of Fox Company Bob Drury Tom Calvin and Colder Than Hell Joseph Owen Nonetheless, a story that needed to be told If you like this one, check out the excellent, but obsure, To the Last Man by Frank Kerstner.

    27. The story itself I give 5 stars The story of George Company, who earned their nickname Bloody George Impossible tasks, impossible odds, but somehow they did it The writing itself was sometimes good, sometimes wandered off for me

    28. Could never quite get into this book It was just disjointed to me Ended up skimming it Really dry almost text book writing.

    29. I bought this book to educate myself on the Korean War It most certainly did just that I highly recommend this book.

    30. Well written account of the harrowing ordeals of the Forgotten War , though not a great deal of depth around featured people and the narration feels a tad vague but still worth the read.

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