Safe With Me

Safe With Me Parts and combined for sale separately at Barnes and Noble Bonus material the beginning of Part Volume Tyler Campbell is caught off guard by his sudden intense attraction to fellow stu

  • Title: Safe With Me
  • Author: Shaina Richmond
  • ISBN: 2940012318763
  • Page: 423
  • Format: Nook
  • Parts 1, 2, 3, and 4 combined for sale separately at Barnes and Noble.Bonus material the beginning of Part 5 Volume 2 Tyler Campbell is caught off guard by his sudden, intense attraction to fellow student Susanna Lombardi and is determined to make her his But she says she can not have a boyfriend for reasons she will not reveal.Tyler becomes obsessed with learningParts 1, 2, 3, and 4 combined for sale separately at Barnes and Noble.Bonus material the beginning of Part 5 Volume 2 Tyler Campbell is caught off guard by his sudden, intense attraction to fellow student Susanna Lombardi and is determined to make her his But she says she can not have a boyfriend for reasons she will not reveal.Tyler becomes obsessed with learning the secrets of the women he s fallen in love with Where does she go on her mysterious trips What s the source of her seemingly endless supply of money Why does her house have so many locked doors Does she really have reasons for never being in a relationship, or is she just protecting herself Do you want me to come on you I breathed, barely able to speak.She answered with no hesitation I want whatever you want, she said as her breasts feverishly massaged my cock It felt like a bomb about to explode.I knew we didn t have much time I wanted to come all over her chest, but even than that, I wanted to know what it was like to pound her round, gorgeous ass Stop I barely exhaled She sat back on her heals, removing her breasts from my lap as I took a deep breath to calm down Do you have any condoms I asked.She scooted on her knees to a nearby end table and opened the drawer I m pretty sure I have just one in here unless someone found it the other night She rummaged through the drawer for about 30 seconds I was glad it took a while It gave me time to settle myself down a little before the next round.She finally found the condom and handed it to me I tore the little yellow package open but decided not to put it on just yet I laid the package on the arm of the couch and stood up Your turn, I said as I reached down to help her stand up beside me First, I need you out of those clothes She showed me that sexy smile I already loved so much Whatever you want, she moaned, then took my hand and rose to her feet I pulled her pants and panties all the way down to the floor and helped her step out of them.Susie looked beautiful standing before me I swear, I had never been attracted to her body type before It was the most beautiful thing I d ever seen I studied her, trying to burn her image into my memory Susie s body was full and silky, and looked even better naked than I had imagined.I put my arms around her back as I leaned down to overtake her mouth with mine I fiercely pressed my hard body to hers, reveling in the luxurious feel of her softness against me Her breasts felt like pillows her stomach cushioned my hard c k I wanted to take her away to a deserted island and devote myself to learning everything I could about her body for a few years.I felt her hands on my ass pulling me closer She cupped my firm muscles as she moaned and breathed harder into my mouth My d k pressed harder into her stomach until I couldn t take it any Sit on the couch, I whispered.Without a word, she sat down I knelt down on the floor in front of her and gently placed a hand on each of her knees, spreading them apart I was about to reach for the condom when I caught a glimpse of the soft folds between her thighs I knew I needed to taste her I put my hands under her knees to guide her legs even further apart Then I stopped to gaze at her for a moment, admiring her naked body, trying again to burn another picture of her into my memory She half smiled at me with a dreamy look in her eyes.I loved how those big tits complimented her pretty pink p y, and the way her long blond hair framed her beautiful face as it fell around her shoulders, onto her chest I was once again reminded of a scene from a trashy magazine featuring large breasted women with their legs spread open She was a guilty pleasure come to life.I bent my head down and gave her one good, long lick from the bottom of her p y up to her cl She moaned and put her hands on the back of my head Woman, you are so wet, I said, just before my mouth began its assault on her.I took my time with her at first, licking every inch of her, my tongue lingering to enjoy her taste Every time I had done this with a woman in the past, the room was dark But Susie had the lights on, confident and unashamed It turned me on to be able to see her p y while I was licking it.I sucked on her lips for a while before I moved up to her cl Her moans got louder as my tongue moved in fast circles around it Damn it I need you to f k me, now she demanded I could hear pain in her voice I desperately wanted to f k her, but not yet I longed to get her off with my mouth before we went any further I wanted to taste her and feel her wetness dripping all over me as I brought her to orgasm.

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    1. romancenoveljunkies4.5 STARSFirst let me just say this post will be used and posted for Safe With Me part 1 through 4 When I received the book I received all 4 volumes together so for me it read like a novel I enjoyed the book In the beginning I have to admit, I wasn t sure where the story was taking me and the I read I became attached to it While reading I felt maybe it could be a 3 STAR read but I quickly changed my mind as the progress of the book became evident The story is told in a narrat [...]

    2. I love the new adult genre mainly because of the explicit sex, but the heroine anti heroine in Safe With Me was just way too skanky for me to finish the book I couldn t suspend disbelief enough to accept that a guy as hot as Tyler Campbell is described to be, would fall crazy in love with a chick who has slept with many of his friends acquaintances, who has no regrets for seducing the boyfriends of her own friends, and who lies to him throughout their relationship about who she is and what she r [...]

    3. OK, I technically haven t read this book I ve read parts 1 4 separately, and I m assuming Ms Richmond didn t make any significant changes when publishing the first four parts as volume 1.Of all the female authors I ve read, Ms Richmond has done the best job of capturing a man s feelings about meeting a woman for the first time And, since the story is told from Tyler s perspective for the most part, I was really able to get into the story There is a lot of internal dialog as well, which usually i [...]

    4. I liked this story a lot and would read it again I could not put it down and I couldn t stop thinking about it when I wasn t reading It enveloped me I loved how much dialogue there was between the two I thought the story was well written It was a Hot Steamy read Several things bothered me though Tyler was a stud in the bedroom but was such a pansy out of the bedroom Through out the whole book she was so worried about telling her secret to Tyler, then when he finds out she doesn t understand why [...]

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