Possess Fifteen year old Bridget Liu just wants to be left alone by her overprotective mom by the hunky son of the police officer who got her father killed and by the eerie voices which she can suddenly and

  • Title: Possess
  • Author: Gretchen McNeil
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 360
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Fifteen year old Bridget Liu just wants to be left alone by her overprotective mom, by the hunky son of the police officer who got her father killed, and by the eerie voices which she can suddenly and inexplicably hear Turns out the voices are demons the Biblical kind, not the Buffy kind and Bridget possesses the rare ability to banish them.San Francisco s senior exoFifteen year old Bridget Liu just wants to be left alone by her overprotective mom, by the hunky son of the police officer who got her father killed, and by the eerie voices which she can suddenly and inexplicably hear Turns out the voices are demons the Biblical kind, not the Buffy kind and Bridget possesses the rare ability to banish them.San Francisco s senior exorcist and his newly assigned partner from the Vatican enlist Bridget s help with increasingly bizarre and dangerous cases of demonic possession But when one of Bridget s oldest friends turns up dead in a ritualistic sacrifice that mirrors her father s murder, Bridget realizes she can t trust anyone An interview with her father s murderer reveals a link between Bridget and the Emim a race of part demons intent on raising their forefathers to the earth in human form Now Bridget must unlock the secret to the Emim s plan before someone else close to her winds up dead, or worse the human vessel for a Demon King.
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      Gretchen McNeil

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    1. Gretchen McNeil is the author of the YA horror suspense novels POSSESS, 3 59, RELIC, GET EVEN, GET DIRTY, and TEN a YALSA Top Ten Quick Pick for Reluctant Young Adult Readers, a Romantic Times Top Pick, and a Booklist Top Ten Horror Fiction for Youth all with Balzer Bray for HarperCollins Gretchen s first YA contemporary I M NOT YOUR MANIC PIXIE DREAM GIRL, also with Balzer Bray, hit shelves in 2016, and her next novel will be the horror comedy MURDERTRENDING for Disney Freeform in 2018.Gretchen s novels have been published internationally in Chinese, Spanish, Turkish, and Czech The film adaptation of TEN starring China Anne McClain Descendants 2, Black Lightning , Rome Flynn The Bold and the Beautiful , and Callan McAuliffe Flipped, I Am Number Four , directed by Chris Robert for Rain Maker Films, premieres on Lifetime on September 16, 2017.Gretchen is repped by Ginger Clark of Curtis Brown, Ltd You can find Gretchen on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and on her website.

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    1. The high ratings for this book baffle me It tried to be a mystery, and action filled paranormal book but it is so unoriginal, it s a repeat of books and films seen many times before There were gaping plot holes and I guessed who the bad guy was long before the character did There are superior Nancy Drew mysteries than this.What really annoys me is the depiction of Bridget Liu as half Chinese Why bother making her half Asian when she doesn t remotely resemble one the author keeps emphasizing her [...]

    2. How much did I love this book Let me count the ways Okay, I know, cheesy But seriously I ve been in such a rut the past few weeks that I was discouraged I didn t want to start anything because I was afraid I d be disappointed with how it turned out.And after a string of meh so so books, this was a complete turn around It had everything I like in a book a main character that didn t annoy me, humor, cute boys, romance and a kickass story Which I wasn t sure about at first Though I ve always been a [...]

    3. I was so disappointed with this book I had high hopes based on the cover blurb and the cover design itself The premise sounded fairly unique something different and interesting But I really don t have anything good to say about it after reading it.The plot was completely transparent I knew the ending very soon into the book The characters had no depth, and the relationships between them were not well developed, especially not in a believable way One of your best friends since childhood is brutal [...]

    4. Ms McNeil is a master at who done its She gets me every time I loved this heroine and her love interest She s smart and sassy Favorite scene was at the end which I won t describe since spoilers Also liked her shopping for a dress with her best friend and that she went for purple Me, I always go black Brave color choice my girl.

    5. I got to read an early version It was all kinds of BADASS Scary and awesome all at once Keep this one on your radar because it s going to be BIG There s a scene in a doll store that will make you pee your pants.

    6. If you scare easily, do not read this book at night You have no idea how serious I am about this I read it in the morning and was still seriously freaked out at times although Possess was so freaking amazing that I had to keep reading That s the thing about Possess, it doesn t slow down and you will be glued to the page.Bridget lives in San Francisco, a city that has been seeing an usually high level of demonic activity lately, and attends St Michael s Prep yes, a Catholic school With her unique [...]

    7. Grabbed me from the first page I loved this book Join me at onthebroomstick for a giveaway of Possess and an interview with Gretchen McNeil The 10 Days of Halloween is in full swing Tons of giveaways from October 21 31 and into November.Check out fun at zombiegirlshambling

    8. I read an earlier version of this and it kicks total ass and so does the heroine The creepy spookiness and interesting mystery of what s behind Bridget the MC is written perfectly, not to mention a yummy romantic interest This is a must read for any YA lover

    9. I never pictured myself as a horror fan, but Possess by Gretchen McNeil converted me into a YA horror novel lover Overall 5 5 stars next up is Ten by Gretchen McNeil

    10. I didn t read this book I devoured it in one afternoon, only putting it down to take potty breaks Possess grabs you from the beginning and doesn t let go until the last Hallelujah.Bridget Liu is your typical Catholic high schooler in steel toed boots, and with an attitude to match She s just trying to survive high school as social outcast, with only her gay best friend Hector and her creepy stalker friend Peter for company She wants to be normal, but that s not what she s going to get In the fir [...]

    11. Rating 4 5Possess is the second book by Gretchen McNeil I ve read and it was much different This book has demons, exorcists, angels, Nephilim and everything in between In Possess 15 year old Bridget discovers she can hear and banish demons after her dad is murdered With the help of two priests she starts taking up exorcisting job But the possessions in her town are becoming and frequent And the demons are warning her about a King of Hell that is about to rise.Possess was really good I loved al [...]

    12. I didn t like this as much as I expected to I liked the idea a lot teenage girl has the ability to banish demons but the execution left me cold For starters, there were no surprises I spotted the bad guy on page 5.Bridget Liu is an interesting character, daughter of a Chinese psychiatrist and Irish school teacher who has always attended Catholic school, but I didn t like her much Devestated by her father s murder, Bridget is prickly She doesn t get along with anyone, only socializing with a few [...]

    13. I read two of Gretchen s other books Ten and 3 59 and I really enjoyed both I had Possess on my shelf for a really long time and I finally for around to it I didn t like it as much as Ten or 3 59 but it was still pretty good.I didn t feel like Possess was really original, it was just normal demons and exorcist stuff, and the characters were not bad I didn t really like them but I didn t hate them either Something that did bug me was how Bridget was half Chinese but it was completely ignored the [...]

    14. Possess by Gretchen McNeil was a book I have been anticipating for a long time When I finally got my hands on it, I was not disappointed Possess follows Bridget Liu, a 15 year old girl who s father was recently murdered Before long, she discovers that she has the power to banish demons back to Hell I was amazed with the story It was all that I was expecting, and There was plenty of action The demon mythology and the rest of the mythology in the book were extremely well developed, and it all tie [...]

    15. Bridget Liu is a whiner Seriously She s one of those heroine s that s all waaah, I have a special power, but I just want to be normal Just get over it I mean, yeah, of all the powers out there being able to exorcize people wouldn t exactly be my power of choice, but you ve got it, so you might as well deal with it instead of complaining about it.That s the thing, though, Bridget s pretty unhappy with pretty much everything in her life, and she whines about it constantly However, she makes little [...]

    16. I ve had this novel since it was released in late 2011, but for some reason it kept getting bumped down in my To Be Read pile Now I really regret not reading this novel sooner, because I really enjoyed it As most story workshops go at least in my creative writing courses , we always discuss the strengths of a narrative first I m not even sure where to start, because there are so many strengths in McNeil s debut novel So I guess I ll just list them in the order I have them written down in my note [...]

    17. I have very mixed feelings about this book On the one hand, I really liked this story, the plot was exciting and suspenseful and the mythology that drove the plot was incredibly intriguing I enjoyed learning about the watchers and the emmim, the mythology behind their existence was absolutely compelling It kept me wanting to know about them and their history This was a book that I wanted to keep reading, despite its flaws The action and suspense were enough to keep me fully engaged in the story [...]

    18. Initial Impressions 10 27 13 Possess was really interesting I don t read a lot of books about ghosts or possessions or demons i m too scared hahaha so a book by Gretchen McNeil was perfect because for every horror, there is a bit of humor and sarcasm I was afraid it would be too religious at first, but it really just had to be set up and once I got into the story, it was much like religious history and info the reader needs to solve the case Very fun book and a nice, mild scare Full review orig [...]

    19. After the murder of her father and the weird manifestation of her new exorcist powers, Bridget Liu was not up to dealing with much else especially the emotional loops some of the people around her were going through Her tough demeanor created the I could care less atmosphere that gave Possess some of its edge The rest came from the suspense built up from the escalating infestations of demons in Liu s side of San Francisco However, keeping secrets from the people that care about her especially a [...]

    20. WOW Where to even start with this book I only bought this book because I have been seeing it all over the blogosphere and I thought the cover was AMAZING That being said, going into this, I had no idea what it was even aboutD O M G I was BLOWN away This book is not my normal cup of tea I don t normally do thriller suspence novels, but since it had the paranormal element I love, I thought it would be ok This was as action packed and suspenseful as you can get There was even romance an All around [...]

    21. 4.5 StarsWow I really liked this one I have to say, I was a little chicken to start reading this because of the subject matter but, it was really good.Fifteen year old Bridget Liu has the power to sense, hear, and most important banish demons She doesn t come into this power or know about it, until nine months earlier, after her father was murdered by a patient sent to him for a psyche evaluation Bridget didn t even understand what this power was until it came to the attention of Monsignor Renau [...]

    22. When I came upon Gretchen McNeil s Possess, I was immediately drawn by its cover It led me to believe that it would be a dark and creepy adventure and it couldn t be truer as I got myself in between the pages All of my expectations from this genre as most paranormal YA is normally dominated by vampires, faeries, angels, ghosts, and witches were absent It was entirely different than what I thought it was going to be Possessions by demons are not new but very refreshing with the current fad of tod [...]

    23. So here is a list of things that definitely did not happen while I was reading Possess 1 I did not have to sleep with the lights on.2 I did not fall asleep clutching my rosary mumbling a prayer.3 I did not wake up in the middle of the night in a pitch black room to find glowing eyes staring at me.4 And I certainly did not screech, jump out of bed and knock over my nightstand only to realize those eyes belonged to my cat.Okay, so clearly all of those things did in fact happen But it s not my faul [...]

    24. Fifteen year old Bridget Liu has the power to banish demons Now the demon activity has increased and it has a strange connection to Bridget s father s murder dun dun dunnnn I was soooooo excited when I borrowed a copy of the book Not only was the cover amazing and an attention grabber, but the plot made it even better I would have to say this is one of my favorite female characters Bridget is a strong, independent girl trying to deal with her new powers and the strange ness surrounding her , her [...]

    25. Overall the concept was intriguing and something that I hadn t seen done This book was just okay for me I think that the heroine was interesting and the story line didn t seem to move very much until the end.Bridget seems to be very different from other heroines in Young Adult because she can hear demon voices and is trying to do good Some of the opening scenes were chiling and made me think of the excorist One of the movies that chilled me to the bone, still to this day Yet after those opening [...]

    26. I actually ran into Gretchen on twitter a few months ago and followed back to her website where I found her book trailer Once I saw the trailer, I made a point that I needed to get added to the ARC list I m so glad I did because Possess did not disappoint I would describe it as the perfect mix of YA paranormal and horror From a 3rd person POV we meet fifteen year old Bridget Liu after the recent death of her father She soon discovers that she has the ability to banish demons and that s when she [...]

    27. i really wanted to love this book but Bridget was one of the most annoying characters i have ever known Matt, the love interest, was just as bad the villian of the story was kind of obvious all of the conflicts made Bridget act like a dumbass i understand that she s a teenage girl but she s been dealing with this for months now this being hearing and banishing demons now all of a sudden it s too much for her why wasn t it too much when she first learned about it if it was too much, why did she a [...]

    28. Buffy the Vampire Slayer meets The Exorcist is the only real way I can effectively convey how awesome this book truly is.I loved and adored everything about Possess Bridget is a strong character who s really trying to accept everything about her new abilities while trying to figure out a few things in her life.Matt Oh Matt So swoon worthy, sweet, understanding, kind, not to mention completely hot He s perfect I loved this book and totally did not expect the twists and turns.

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